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project on online advertisment for mba and bba students. summer internship



The main goal of the paper is to obtain quantitative evien!e es!ribing the a!tualit" of
internet shopping in the !ase of the U# an China in orer to e$plain the evelopment of
internet shopping an its impa!t on !onsumer behaviour% The paper buils on the relevant
literature an at the same time e$amines !onsumer behaviour b" questionnaires%
&urthermore' the future evelopment of internet shopping (ill be measure' an a eep
!omparison of !onsumer behaviour bet(een these t(o !ountries is also anal"se% To
rea!h those ob)e!tives a !o*integration anal"sis an quantitative resear!h methos are
use to ientif" all aspe!t of the internet shopping an impa!t on !onsumer behaviour%
The ata results obtaine reveale in the paper support the resear!h questions that
in!luing re!ent trens an various issues of in internet shopping' an prin!ipal fa!tors
for !onsumer behaviour%
The paper' therefore' provies information for anal"sing these resear!h questions to
!on!lue the status of internet shopping an its impa!t of !onsumer behaviour among U#
an China !onsumers% More spe!ifi!all"' the empiri!al results suggest ho( the E!ommer!e
!ompan" ma+e mar+eting strategies a!!oring the resear!h ata an anal"sing
The ob)e!tive of the stu" is to fin an anal",e the status of !omputeri,ation in
lo!al private organi,ation in -arbhanga Cit"%
This main ob)e!tive is sub ivie into follo(ing three sub ob)e!tives
• To Study The Impact of computerization in organizations
• To Study the status of computerization in local private organization in
• To #nalyze the ata Collected from Survey done for the purpose to fine
the computerization status in ar!hanga"
New opportunities, new
measurement challenges
Today the internet is at the core of
communication and consumption
behaviour. For example, internet
users in the U.S. spend 58 minutes
watching video or surng on
the web!. "8# of internet users
state that they consult a website
before buying a product5.
$s social networ%s develop, the
&eb has also become a place
where a brand’s reputation
and image is shaped.
$dvertising formats are more
developed, videos more sophisticated
and targeting tools more focused.
'ow that advertisers are better
e(uipped for communicating
on the &eb, they are gradually
directing their budgets towards
online advertising. )easuring
online advertising performance is
therefore becoming critical for them.
For display advertising campaigns,
the clickthrough rate remains the
most widely used indicator, but
is not without its limitations. *n
+,,-, only ./# of internet users
clic%ed on advertisements/. *n
addition, this rate gives no indication
of the impact of a campaign on a
brand0s image or on the consumer0s
subse(uent browsing or purchasing
behaviour. So there is now a real
need to nd other solutions...
Starting point:
a clear online strategy
1eveloping the brand
experience, growing online
or o2ine sales, generating
leads, reducing ac(uisition
costs... an online campaign
can have many objectives.
*t can have many resources too,
including brand websites, search
tools, rich media campaigns,
presence on community networ%s
and website sponsoring.
&hich online resources achieve
the best performance in terms
of a campaign0s ob3ectives4 5ow
much of the budget should be
allocated to each resource4 For
advertisers investing .,#67,# of
their budget in online advertising,
and up to 5,# in some campaigns,
these (uestions are crucial".
Faced with this realm of
possibilities, the advertisers
who were interviewed identied
two %ey imperatives8
9 1ening a clear and measurable
online strategy with indicators
tailored to each ob3ective
9 )easuring the &eb0s performance
together with that of other media,
in terms of coverage, impact on
the brand and additional sales
Measuring the impact of
campaigns on the brand
61% of American advertisers nd
that the internet meets branding
imperatives such as awareness,
recognition, brand loyalty and
purchase intent. Several studies
demonstrate the impact the &eb has
on a brand. For example, an analysis
conducted on a campaign run by
a catering rm reveals that brand
identication improved by .,#8.
Similarly, a luxury goods campaign
achieved a rise of -#. :y studying
display advertising campaigns run
by four advertisers from di;erent
industries, )<diam<trie 'et=atings
revealed that the purchase intent
of internet users who were exposed
to these campaigns increased
by ..#. *n a study of "7 display
advertising campaigns reaching
.,,,,,, internet users, United
*nternet )edia found that the
internet enabled the rate of aided
brand awareness to 3ump by +/#-.
!ost"test studies continue to be the
benchmark method for evaluating
the impact of campaigns on a brand.
*n this respect, it is increasingly
common for advertisers to carry
out specic analyses on the &eb.
*ndicators other than the
clic%through rate can however
help determine the impact online
advertising has on branding. #y
measuring e$posure, advertisers
are aware of the actual visibility
of a display advertisement and
the average time during which
internet users are exposed to the
advertisement. This indicator
will continue to develop in the
future with the standardisation
of measurement methods.
%easuring interaction also provides
an initial analysis of the impact
a video or rich media campaign
has on a brand. Several studies
have revealed a close correlation
between interaction and impact on
a brand0s reputation and image.
$dvertisers can also assess the
impact of their branding campaigns
by internet users’ engagement
on a website. This is achieved by
analysing every aspect of their
browsing behaviour, including
depth, duration and actions.
From our meetings with advertisers,
we discerned a strong tendency to
develop these online indicators,
which provide a responsive
interpretation of the impact
on their brands and can be
monitored over the long term.
Do online campaigns
generate ofine sales?
&n '((), '*% of +rench internet
users interviewed by &+,!
responded that they could
be enticed to buy a product
advertised online. -he same
percentage of respondents
said that -. advertising could
in/uence them in the same way1(.
*n +,.,, eight out of ten internet
users interviewed by )<diam<trie
reported consulting a website
before purchasing a product...
This trend is conrmed by
assessing the impact that online
advertising campaigns have on
o2ine sales. $fter analysing the
purchasing behaviour of a panel of
.85 million consumers, comScore
showed that exposure to display
advertising campaigns resulted in
a .,# increase in shop sales.+.
The ob3ective of online advertising
is therefore not 3ust to boost web
tra>c and online sales. *t also
has real leverage to boost sales in
bric%s6and6mortar distribution
channels. :ut how can this be
demonstrated and evaluated4
!ost"tests assess the impact of
advertising campaigns on consumer
behaviour and purchase volume.
0conometric models can be used
to measure the impact of advertising
on the &eb and other media on
sales over time, but they re(uire a
relatively long observation period.
*n general, advertisers often
use an empirical measurement
method by cross6chec%ing sales
data against media campaign
strategies. )any advertisers feel
this method could be improved
as a number of organisational
and technical issues ma%e the
indicators di>cult to implement.
Finding the most
efectie mi! of the
"eb and other media
)edia use is becoming increasingly
interlin%ed. *n +,,-, !,# of
?uropean consumers watched T@
at the same time as browsing on
the internet at least once a day.7.
The &eb is viewed as a means of
both e$tending coverage and
optimising performance with a
$ed budget. $ study carried out
by 'ielsen for an alcoholic beverage
manufacturer revealed that by reallocating
.,# of the T@ advertising
budget to the &eb, the advertiser
succeeded in increasing its audience
by 7.!# and boosting the campaign0s
total A=B Cgross rating point 6 see
denition on page 7,D by +,."
points. )ixing media is an e;ective
means of branding, which in some
cases can enhance brand awareness
and loyalty by up to +,#.!
)edia agencies propose di;erent
techni(ues for measuring the
impact of media mixes that show
the impact of a shift to more
fre(uent and repeated &eb use.
These decision6ma%ing tools can
be complemented by conducting
post6tests on the contribution made
by di;erent media to branding
ob3ectives. *n spite of this, comparing
the e;ectiveness of T@ and online
data presents a real challenge to
advertisers, ",# of whom say they
would li%e to be able to compare
more easily the e;ectiveness of
online and T@ advertising.5.
"hat impact does
display adertising
hae on the behaiour
of internet users?
?xposure to advertising has an
impact on the behaviour of internet
users on the brand website. $ study
conducted in +,,- by the Enline
Bublishers $ssociation reports that
the time spent by internet users on
websites is on average 5,# higher
following exposure to a display
advertising campaign./. $dvertising
generates activity on the website
which has to be measured on all
levels8 depth, duration of visits,
purchases and registrations
generated. Trac%ing, whether it
be focused on websites or users, is
commonly viewed by advertisers
as a %ey means of measuring
and monitoring performance.
Enline advertising exposure also
stimulates online searches. 1isplay
advertising triggers a signicant
rise in the number of campaignrelated
searches, demonstrating
the intrinsically complementary
nature of display advertising and
search. $ccording to comScore,
the probability that consumers in
?urope perform a search on the
brand, or %ey words relating to the
brand, is multiplied by +.7 after
exposure to an online advertising
campaign.". $dvertisers should
identify and assess this impact,
so as not to undervalue display
advertising in relation to search.
)ulti6exposure analysis can enable
advertisers to dene the right
level of message repetition and
the most e;ective combination
of online advertising resources.
"hat is the impact of
targeted adertising?
:ehavioural targeting is expanding
rapidly. $ccording to e)ar%eter,
it will grow annually by +7# over
the next ve years in the United
States.8. =etargeting, in particular,
is advancing exponentially and is
generating up to ./ times higher.-
post6clic% conversion rates. Enline
retailers closely monitor its impact
on conversion, but its impact on
brands is seldom measured by
brand6focused advertisers. *n
the future, measuring the impact
of behavioural targeting will be
essential because real time online
auctions will promote its wider use.
"hich are the most
efectie adertising
&t is estimated that video and
rich media will represent 61%
of the 0uropean market in +,.!,
compared with !,# today+,.
?ven so, in certain cases a static
banner remains the most e;ective
way of conveying a message.
$dvertisers should therefore
measure the impact of di;erent
formats in order to choose the
ones best suited to their needs.
'ew methods are emerging for
measuring the impact of rich media.
$s the clic%through rate proves to be
an inade(uate form of measurement,
the interaction rate and time are
becoming %ey. )easuring interaction
enables the impact a video or rich
media campaign has on a brand to
be analysed. *t is especially relevant
for advertisers who do not aim
to increase web tra>c or website
engagement. &ith the emergence
of these new formats, creativity
once again o;ers the means to stand
out from the crowd. $pproaches
designed to pre"test the impact
of online creations may develop
further in the years ahead.
Five levels for e;ectively measuring online advertising
Company 'rofile
(%I#) SO*TEC+ 'VT" ,T"
'erfection -iving 'erformance
I$ O&% B&SI$ESS .E %#CE #-#I$ST T+E C,OC/ BEC#&SE .E
Mria, Softe!h .rivate /t is a leaing IT enable servi!e .rovier Compan"
situate in -elhi% 0ur mission is to provie !ost*effe!tive (eb an es+top
servi!es' !reative an po(erful qualit" flash banner internet avertisement
solution that target "our business mar+et% 1e evelop (ebsite a!!oring to "our
business nature' streamline in*house operations' an evelop "nami! (eb
About Us
Mria, Softe!h .rivate /t is a leaing IT enable servi!e .rovier Compan"
situate in -elhi% 0ur mission is to provie !ost*effe!tive (eb an es+top
servi!es' !reative an po(erful qualit" flash banner internet avertisement
solution that target "our business mar+et% 1e evelop (ebsite a!!oring to "our
business nature' streamline in*house operations' an evelop "nami! (eb
Mria, Softe!h has a (ell equippe team of User E$perien!e Consultants% 0ur
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(hi!h in result helps our !lients in our higher revenues% The four fa!tors (hi!h
help Mria, in proviing unique (eb ieas (hether in terms of (ell roote 1eb
Con!epts or innovative 1eb Solutions are the ei!ation' motivation' passion an
the aim of oing the best% Mria, Softe!h is forme (ith the in!lination an
eagerness of proviing the best possible Iea suite to the !lients Ieas an
turning the ream into realit"%%
0ur Strengths
One0Stop .e! Solutions Company #nd *ull0Cycle evelopment Services
1hether "ou nee a simple "et appealing (ebsite esign or !omple$ multi*tier e*
!ommer!e (ebsite or !ustom soft(are evelopment using latest te!hnologies an
inustr" trens * MS./ has require e$perien!e an e$pertise to o it all%
1e support a full*!"!le evelopment pro!ess from requirements efinition an
spe!ifi!ation' ar!hite!ture esign' !oing' testing an valiation to prou!t
maintenan!e an support%
2ualit" Stanar
1uality #ssured Service 'rovider
3aving over 4 "ears of e$perien!e in proviing internet servi!es an solutions an
having !omplete various pro)e!ts in ifferent omains% 2ualit" personnel'
2ualit" .ro!ess an 2ualit" Communi!ations% Ea!h pro)e!t at MS./ is monitore
for qualit" at ea!h phase of the evelopment !"!le%
1e are !ommitte to elivering ma$imum value to our !lients helping them
su!!ee in a !ontinuall" !hanging an emaning bi, (orl% 1e as !ompan"
unerstan the fa!t that our su!!ess is tie (ith su!!ess of our !lients%
Our /ey Business 'rinciples #re
Unerstan Clients 5ees 6*
1e !arefull" stu" the requirements of ea!h !ustomer to unerstan the !lient7s
nees an ob)e!tives an eliver a reliable solution% 1e ma+e our !lients a(are of
all available options an provie them (ith a !ompetent avi!e enabling them to
ta+e a (ell informe business e!ision%
.artner (ith Clients 6*
1e are !ommitte to be!oming "our long*term' reliable partner% 0ur priorit" is to
not onl" provie "ou (ith professional servi!es an solutions but be!oming a
!ompan" "ou !an epen upon to meet !urrent nees an help "ou ta+e !are of
"our gro(ing business nees in future%
Earn Clients Trust an Confien!e 6*
0ur aim is to earn !ustomer7s trust an !onfien!e through personal attention for
their nees an !ommitment to long*lasting relationship% 1e (ill go an e$tra mile
to eliver "ou a effe!tive an reliable solution an help "ou aopt an su!!ee in
the internet%
Our 'roducts
Mria,A!aemia is (ino(s base appli!ation soft(are for S!hools' Colleges
an Institutions% This provies a best an ver" fle$ible solution for a" to a"
e$er!ise in a s!hool%
This soft(are in!lues 7stuent amission7' 7stuent re!or maintainer7'
7e$amination an !lass s!heuler7' 7result tabulator an publisher7' 7emplo"ee
re!or +eeper an 3R management7' 7a!!ounting an assets7 as main moules%
Mria,Aarog"a is (ino(s base appli!ation soft(are for hospital' Clini!s an
nursing homes% This is ver" eas" to use an intera!tive soft(are to automate the
entire hospital%
This soft(are in!lues 7I.-7' 70.-7' 7Ele!troni! patient re!or7' 7.athologi!al
Raiologi!al an other Test Moules7' 7Appointments' registration an patient
billing7' 7emplo"ee re!or +eeper an 3R management7' 7a!!ounting an assets7 as
main moules%
R%8% Memorial 3ospital the &irst an 0nl" &ull" Computeri,e 3ospital in 5orth
8ihar is using this Soft(are ver" su!!essfull"%
Mria,Aushah is (ino(s base appli!ation soft(are for pharma!euti!als Store%
This enables the store +eeper to +eep re!ors of sales an sto!+s an helps him to
o other (or+s (hi!hever is require for a pharma!euti!als%
This soft(are in!lues 7Sales' orer an !halan7' 7pur!hase7' 7sto!+s7' 7billing an
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Mria,Aatith"a is (ino(s base appli!ation soft(are for 3otels' Motels' an
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the pea!e of min to the staffs of the hotel for +eeping re!ors an maintain the
rooms an guests%
This soft(are in!lues 7Che!+I57' 7Che!+0ut7' 7Room Servi!e7' 7#it!hen7' 7&ront
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Mria,-istributor is (ino(s base appli!ation soft(are for -istributers of an"
T"pe of .rou!t% This enables the store +eeper to +eep re!ors of sales an sto!+s
an helps him to o other (or+s (hi!hever is require for a -istributor%
This soft(are in!lues 7Sales' orer an !halan7' 7pur!hase7' 7sto!+s7' 7billing an
a!!ountings7' as main moules%
Mria,*E*.ost is a (eb base portal to +eeping re!ors of the !ouriers in an
organisation (here ail" !ouriers are in bul+ amount an the re!or +eeping of the
sent an re!eive !ouriers be!ome a heaa!he li+e ban+s' travel agen!"' Insuran!e
Compan"% This reu!es the time !onsume in +eeping re!or of !ourier an
bugeting of the !ourier%
*F*F* Brudential is using this portal very successfully and they are
saving time and money consumed before for couriers. in this
portal the budgeting and courier record %eeps the employee
informed that the couriers sent and received by him is %nown
to admin and he avoid to send the personal couriers from
Mria,Ah"a"an is (ino(s base appli!ation soft(are for /ibrar"% This
provies a best an ver" fle$ible solution for a" to a" e$er!ise in a /ibrar"%
This soft(are in!lues 78oo+ Re!or7' 7Reaers an Members7' 78oo+ Transa!tion7'
75e(sletters an ;ournals7' 7emplo"ee re!or +eeper an 3R management7'
7a!!ounting an assets7 as main moules%
Mria,*E*S!hool is a (eb base information s"stem for the s!hool% This enables
an information s"stem for s!hool to publish the s!heules of !lass' E$ams'
holia"s' invents' va!ation home (or+s' results an man" more to the (eb an
also provie an ele!troni! ata base to +eep the reports an re!ors online%%
.ortal have moules li+e aministrative moule' stuents an parent moule'
a!!ounting moule' reporting moule' librar" re!or +eeper' noti!e boar'
tea!hers an a!aemi! moule' hr moule et! (hi!h is ver" !arefull" esigne to
eas" usabilit" for an" t"pe of user%
Mria, .atholog"
(ridaz *und #llocator
Our Services
#pplication evelopment
Mria, provies full servi!e of 1eb -esign' Appli!ation -evelopment an
Soft(are solutions helping all an meium si,e businesses to laun!h an prosper
online% The !ompan" provies !orporate ientit" esign servi!es' afforable
offshore (ebsite esign an evelopment' e*!ommer!e (eb esign an soft(are
evelopment along (ith frienl" !ustomer servi!e at best rate%
The soft(are enterprise oes (hat it oes best * ientif" mar+et nees an
generate ieas to evelop a ne( prou!t% 0ur team is !apable of unerstaning
these ieas an translating them into the (orl*!lass prou!ts that are rea" for
mar+et% 1e also have the e$pertise to sele!t the appropriate te!hnolog" for
builing robust prou!ts b" using (ell*efine methoologies%
Mria,7s (eb appli!ation evelopment ivision uses the most appropriate
te!hnolog" to evelop "our soft(are so that "ou have less maintenan!e (or+ an
e$!ellent business results% Mria, all buil an spe!iali,e se!ure e*!ommer!e
appli!ations% 1e ma+e !ustom mae appli!ations to suit "our nees% 1e also
e$ten our e*!ommer!e e$pertise be"on the business*to !onsumer retail moel to
meet the nees of business*to*business transa!tions an other !ommer!e*relate
.e! evelopment Services
Mria, Softe!h shapes "our iea into realit" (ith our professional e$perts an
innovative methoologies% 8eing a leaing bran in this fiel' Mria, offers
optimum servi!e along (ith online business servi!e% 0ur team in the fiel is time
teste% 1ith its unmat!he servi!es in various omains< proviing qualit" (eb
esign solutions in Inia' Mria, is all set to len its servi!es for the global
• 0ur Servi!es are
• 1eb -esigning
• 1eb -evelopment
• -omain Registration
• Sear!h Engine 0ptimi,ation
• Sear!h Engine Submission
• 1eb .romotion
• AS.%5ET 3osting
• Uni$ 3osting
• E*Commer!e 3osting
• 1ino(s 3osting
All (e +no( that sole +no(lege an ri!h business unerstaning along (ith a
number of methos that go behin the (ebsite bringing in realit"% Mria, Softe!h
(ith its proven tra!+ re!ors an repeat business establishes itself as a leaing
1ebsite -esign Compan" in Inia% 1e strive to provie the best an +eep the
basi!s simple an !risp%
&e( of 0ur 1or+

In the fiel of ele!troni!s (e offer these stuffs
• The home an offi!e automation an safet" installations
• The Mi!ro!ontroller=mi!ropro!essor=./C base inustrial automation
• Computer base s"stem esign an evelopment for automation an safet"
• .rogrammable logi! !ontrollers
• -esign an evelop !ustomi,e ele!troni! an ele!tri!al equipments an
&or implementing these to the !ustomer en (e have a !are of (ell s+ille
engineers an te!hni!ians% 1e also provies training to this fiels to the stuents
pursuing their te!hni!al egree in Inia%
Welcome to Softech Campus
Softe!h Campus ' is the flagship Computer Training program from Mria,
Softe!h .vt% /t% a (ell re!ogni,e an servi!e e$!ellen!e a(ar (inner soft(are
!ompan" in -elhi an 5CR region%
Mria, is involve in the !omputer training an eu!ation programs sin!e >??>
(ith the name of Mria, Eu!ation Servi!es% The name of training program (as
!hange in &ebruar" >?@? to Softe!h Campus%
0ur !ourses are ver" prou!tive a!!oran!e to the s+ille an traine te!hni!al
staffing in man" (ell +no(n soft(are !ompanies% All the !ourses are esigne as
per the requirement that not onl" the theoreti!al +no(lege is suffi!ient for the
te!hni!al training the real time environmental training is also a main ingreient to
the best traine stuent (ho (ill have a !onfien!e of +no(lege an e$perien!e
of real (orl (or+ environment' an (ill give his best to his emplo"er an gro(
(ith the organi,ation in (hi!h he (ill (or+ (ith a avantageous s+ills evelope
(ithin him%
New ways of using the
internet help boost
the deelopment of
online adertising
2imultaneous use of the
internet and -. is becoming
more widespread
The emergence of the internet
has not replaced the use of other
media, particularly T@. =ather
than competing, these two media
complement each other. The
internet acts as an extension to the
T@ experience. $s demonstrated
by a )icrosoft $dvertising study,
"8# of internet users believe that
watching videos online complements
their T@ use. *nternet users loo%
out for specic, unusual and
previously unavailable content+..
This simultaneity in media
consumption enables the brand
experience to be prolonged
through online media and
encourages advertisers to mix
the &eb with other media.
-he internet asserts
itself as an essential
tool for in/uencing and
preparing purchases
Today, the internet is at the heart
of purchase processes. The +,.,
F?@$16)<diam<trie barometer
shows that "8# of internet users
consulted a website before buying
a product++. The &eb is becoming
a highly inGuential medium, in
the same way as T@. *nternet users
%now how to ma%e the most of the
numerous resources available to
them, including retail websites,
consumer reviews, comparison
websites and forums. This trend has
been strengthened by the crisis, the
slowdown in household spending+7
and the development of HhunterI
or opportunistic behaviour.
This development underpins the
importance for advertisers to
conduct as detailed an analysis
as possible of the multi6channel
purchasing path used by buyers. *t
is vital to understand the impact
advertising has on o2ine sales
and in particular its ability to
foster consumer engagement and
inGuence consumers0 decisions.
2ocial networking
o3ers advertisers a new
platform for e$pression
*nternet users spend a tremendous
amount of time using exchange
and communication services on the
&eb. $ccording to )<diam<trieJ
'et=atings, internet users spend
on average 7 hours !, minutes per
month on instant messaging, ! hours
8 minutes on community networ%s,
+ hours !, minutes on emailing
and . hour .5 minutes on online
auctions or classied ad websites+!.
This new use of media, including
community and social networ%ing
sites, generates additional
advertising space which provides
advertisers with remar%able
targeting opportunities Cthrough
a greater targeting capacity
and increased exposure timesD.
'evertheless, advertisers must assess
the relevance and e;ectiveness of
these new spaces in relation to their
own communication ob3ectives.
“Advertisers are aware
of the large number of
resources available to
them for measuring the
efectiveness of online
advertising. It is up to each
one of them to select the
most useful indicators for
their interactive strategy and
develop an online culture
within their environment.”
-hierry 4imousin
1igital 1irector, Samsung
Formats and targeting
techni#ues are eoling
-he increased number of
advertising formats and
spaces re5uires the actual
visibility of advertisements
to be measured
Fontinuous innovation and
greater choice in formats mean
that analysing the actual impact
of di;erent advertisements is a
complicated procedure. This impact
depends on at least two factors8 the
screen space, or proportion of the
screen used by the bannerK and the
duration of the advertisement.
&ith webpages becoming more
elaborate, it is necessary to
measure the di;erence between
the impressions delivered and
the impressions seen by the user.
*n fact, only the latter are li%ely
to have an impact on the user.
:ased on these ideas, resources are
emerging for measuring advertising
exposure which help improve
measurements of the impact of
advertising in terms of branding.
6ich media and video
advertising o3er new
brand e$periences
=ich media formats have advanced
considerably over the past ve years.
This progression heightens the
communicative potential of online
advertising. Lin%s to a brand website
are no longer the be6all and end6all
of developing a brand experience.
The clic%through rate no
longer provides an ade(uate
measure of the impact of these
advertisements. *ndicators therefore
need to be put in place in order
to gauge the interaction with
advertisements. *t is also necessary
to analyse the impact these new
formats have on reputation,
recognition and brand loyalty.
These enriched formats bring
the creative dimension of online
advertising to the fore. )easuring
the e;ectiveness of creative
approaches and the ability to adapt
is now a critical performance driver.
7evelopments in behavioural
targeting increase the
e3ectiveness of campaigns
:ehavioural targeting has become
far more widespread these past
few years and is used in advertising
campaigns to reach out to the
right audience. :y examining the
browsing behaviour of internet
users, proles can be established
for which display advertisements
can then be designed in accordance
with the internet users0 interests
or purchasing habits. For years,
media planners have been
searching for useful targeting
methods and have often had to
ma%e do with information on
gender, age and socio6professional
groups. :ehavioural targeting now
provides an answer to their needs
and often generates signicantly
higher conversion rates. *t can also
be used in branding to draw the
consumers0 attention to a product
while they are shopping and tends
to have positive results in terms of
brand recognition and opinion.
$ccordingly, behavioural targeting
is perceived as a means of bolstering
the e;ectiveness of online
advertising in the future, although
its impact has to be measured.
Monitoring the
performance of online
adertising is becoming
a $ey challenge
Advertisers see measuring
the e3ectiveness of
their campaigns as a key
challenge in their interactive
communications strategy
The internet is reputed to be
a (uantiable medium but
advertisers are still dissatised
with the tools available to them
for evaluating its performance.
Faced with an overwhelming
amount of generated data, they
express a need for transparent
and comparable information.
The ma3ority of advertisers
with whom we met conrmed
that measuring e;ectiveness is
instrumental to their online strategy.
Some advertisers wish to further
broaden their measurement tools,
for example by analysing web tra>c
or assessing engagement more
systematically. Ethers highlight
the need for a better handling of
available data. They also insist on
the need to converge &eb data with
data from other communication
sources in order to enhance
multi6channel monitoring.
8umerous metrics
are available, but the
clickthrough rate is still the
most widely"used indicator
$ study conducted in )arch
+,., by e)ar%eter+5 reveals that
/,# of respondents rely on the
clic%through rate to measure the
e;ectiveness of their interactive
mar%eting campaigns (Figure 1.
This indicator is measured much
more extensively than other metrics
such as the amount of incremental
sales generated, the campaign
=E*, the brand0s reputation and
the engagement on the &eb.
The tendency to use this indicator
can be explained by its userfriendliness
and by the di>culties
experienced by some advertisers
in implementing more suitable
or transversal indicators.
-he clickthrough rate
underestimates the
actual impact that display
advertising has on the brand
$ study carried out by comScore in
+,,- indicates that the number of
Hclic%ersI is declining progressively.
The number of internet users
clic%ing on advertisements decreased
by 5,# between +,," and +,,-
and in +,,- only ./# of internet
users clic%ed on advertisements.
)oreover, a small portion of internet
users accounts for almost all clic%s
on online advertisements C8# of
users produce 85# of clic%sD. The
proles of those internet users that
do clic% on advertisements are also
(uite specic Cyoung people between
the ages of +56!! with income of
less than US1 !,,,,, per yearD
and do not always correspond to
the advertisers0 target audience+/.
This study also outlines the
numerous e;ects brought about
by display advertising which are
not ta%en into account by the
clic%through rate. For example,
a signicant portion of internet
users return to the website several
days after being exposed to the
advertisement. *t also appears
that prior exposure to display
advertising campaigns has a positive
impact on search behaviour.
Berhaps the most limiting factor of
the clic%through rate is that it does
not provide any information on the
%ind of impact that exposure to an
advertisement gives rise to, whether
this is in terms of awareness, recall,
engagement or purchase intent.
Fustomised measurement tools
are therefore re(uired in order
to e;ectively monitor online
advertising8 we have identied seven
%ey approaches for this purpose.
*ndicators used by advertisers in the US$ to measure the performance of
their online mar%eting campaigns
%ESE#%C+ (ET+O,O-2
• 0b)e!tive of the Resear!h a!!omplishe
• Resear!h -esign
• -ata Colle!tion
• 2uestionnaire
• Sampling .ro!eure
The ob)e!tives of our resear!h are to6
To ientif" the mar+et' prou!t an ma+e an in epth !omparison of the
same on !ertain parameters' (hi!h (ill be efine in the ue !ourse of the
To as!ertain potential mar+et an !ompetition%
As!ertain the !onsumer preferen!es an satisfa!tion fa!tor%
To highlight the per!eption of the !onsumers for the internet%
9ather useful information an provie a !riti!al anal"sis through the use
of various te!hniques%
%ESE#%C+ ESI-$
1e !arrie out the resear!h using a !ombination of primar" an se!onar" ata%
Thus (e esign our resear!h on a !ombination basis of
 E$plorator" Resear!h esign
 -es!riptive Resear!h esign
E3',O%#TO%2 %ESE#%C+
As I (as una(are of the mar+et for Internet' e$plorator" resear!h helpe me to
gather information from the se!onar" resour!es% I referre to various maga,ines'
internet' an inustr" asso!iation reports et!% an (as able to gather information
on the s!ope of e*mar+eting%
After !onu!ting the e$plorator" resear!h' for further !on!rete etails regaring
s!ope of e*mar+eting I resorte to the -es!riptive -esign of mar+et resear!h%
Uner this I have anal",e the !onsumer behavior on ifferent parameters% The
-es!riptive esign has given me a better insight of s!ope of e*mar+eting b"
bringing to the fore man" minute etails regaring the !onsumer preferen!es% It
has further helpe I in a !areful anal"sis of the se!onar" ata an also refining
the esire ata b" ma+ing the ob)e!tive !learer%
I !onu!te the -es!riptive -esign using the follo(ing methos6
@% &o!us 9roups
@% Surve"s
ata Collection
The (hole resear!h base on primar" ata as (ell as se!onar" ata%
.rimar" -ata6 .rimar" ata !olle!te through the questionnaire from the various
users : non*users of Internet
Se!onar" -ata6 Se!onar" ata !olle!te through the maga,ines' ne(spapers'
shop+eepersA !atalogue an the avertisement%
Sampling 'rocedure
Sampling is a ne!essar" an inseparable part of human affair% sample the +in of
performan!e an servi!e (e !an e$pe!t from internet' a (ine b" a fe( sips an a
restaurant b" a first meal an a ne( a!quaintan!e b" an initial meeting% If all
possible information neee to solve a problem !oul be !olle!te' there !oul be
no nee to sample' I !an rarel" o this' ho(ever be!ause of limitations on the
amount (e !an affor to spen' the time (e !an ta+e or other reasons' (e
therefore must ta+e sample%
Census versus Sample
It is sometime possible an pra!ti!able to ta+e a !ensus< that is to measure ea!h
element in the group or population of interest%
Surve" of inustrial !onsumer or of istributor of !onsumer prou!ts are
frequentl" in the form of a !ensus% More often than not' ho(ever one or more of
number of reason ma+e it impra!ti!al or even impossible to ta+e a !ensus% These
reasons involve !onsieration of !ost' time' a!!ura!" an estru!tive nature of the
Cost an Census versus Sample
Cost is an obvious !onstraint on the etermination of (hether a !ensus shoul be
ta+en% If information in esire on gro!er" pur!hase an use behavior Bfrequen!ies
an amount of pur!hase of prou!t !ategor"' average amount +ept at home' an
the li+eC an the population of interest all house hol in Inia the !ost (ill
pre!lue a !ensus being ta+en% A sample is the onl" logi!al (a" of obtaining ne(
ata from or population of this si,e%
Time an Census versus Sample
The time of !ost (e have )ust !onsiere is an out la" !ost% The time involve in
obtaining information of either a !ensus or sample involves the possibilit" of also
in!urring an opportunit" !ost%
A!!ura!" an Census versus Sample
The time of !ost (e have )ust !onsiere is an out la" !ost% The time involve in%
obtaining information from either a !ensus or sample involves the possibilit" of
also in!urring an opportunit" !ost%
A!!ura!" an Census versus Sample
A stu" using a sample ma" involve sampling error% Therefore other thing the
equal' a !ensus (ill provie more a!!urate ata than a sample but it is !ostl" an
time !onsuming%
Steps escription
@% -efine population The population is efine in terms of BaC
element BbC Units B!C E$tents BC Time%
>% Spe!if" sampling frame The means of representing the element of the
population e%g%% telephone ire!tor"' Map%
D% Spe!if" Sampling Unit for sampling (hi!h hols the sampling
househol elements e%g% !it" blo!+' househol%
4% Spe!if" sampling
The metho b" (hi!h the sampling unit to be
sele!te is es!ribe i%e% probabilit" = non*
E% -etermine Sample Si,e The number of elements of the population to
be sample is !hosen%
F% Spe!if" sampling plan The operational pro!eure for sele!tion of
sampling units are sele!te%
G% Sele!t the sample The offi!e an fiel (or+ ne!essar" for the
sele!tion of the sample are !arrie out%
To solve m" resear!h problem' a !ensus of all the !onsumer of musi! s"stem in
5orth 8ihar is ta+en
S#(',E SI)E:
• Roun about 4? !orresponents%
• It is base on the !onvenient sampling%
• Reasons for sele!ting !onvenient sampling%
• Time !onstraint
• Resour!e !onstraint
• Cost !onstraint
• The results through the questionnaire not al(a"s !orre!t%
• Convenient sampling some time leas to the istortion in results%
• The sample si,e of 4? !onsumers not suffi!ient for e$a!t results
%egional limitations
In !onu!ting the mar+et surve" on s!ope of e*mar+eting I foun regional
limitations as our resear!h (as limite to -arbhanga% Although I !onu!te
telephoni! intervie(s in ifferent states' but our statisti!s hols a greater
per!entage of -arbhanga%
Sample size
The sample si,e ta+en for this mar+et resear!h (as 4?% 8ut this sample si,e is too
small to be a true representative for population si,e% The ata !olle!te from this
sample si,e !annot be generali,e for the population%
.. :rea%down of advertising expenditure and advertisers0 mar%eting ob3ective
:rand recall at 1M. of viewers exposed to a T@ or online video
@ideo ad recall rate after exposure
%ES&,TS 4 *I$I$-S
I foun ver" interesting fa!t about this sub)e!t that the organi,ations in -arbhanga
are ver" a(are about the !omputeri,ation most of them are !omputeri,e an
man" are planning to )oin the !lub%
@% H?I of organi,ations are using !omputer for ata re!or
storage an other purposes%
>% There I foun J organi,ation in (hi!h all the staffs are
familiar (ith !omputer an H organi,ation have no staff (ith the +no(lege of
!omputer an in rest organi,ation fe(*most staffs (ere +no(ing to use
D% EEI organi,ation are using internet in their ail"
operation an other purpose%
4% There are F organi,ation (ith more than E !omputers
an H (ith no !omputers an rest have less than E !omputers in operational
E% /ess than E?I of organi,ations are using appli!ation
soft(are for their operational or other business use% 8ut rest are either not
using the soft(are or !omputer or using MS offi!e for the purpose%
F% So (e !an !on!lue that onl" E?I of them are
!omputeri,e an rests are )ust using the !omputer%
G% 0ut of @G organi,ations (ho are using appli!ation
soft(are E are using !ustom mae an rest are using .re*Release soft(are
li+e Tall"%
H% All the @G are using the soft(are for a!!ounting
purpose ' 4 of them are using for operational ' @ for 3RM an @> for other
J% More than E? I of organi,ation (hi!h are not using
appli!ation soft(are are (illing to have this for their organi,ation% An fe( of
them are planning to have this in !urrent finan!ial "ear%
@?% The buget for the appli!ation soft(are are @???? to
>???? for F organi,ation an more than >???? in E organi,ation' onl" one
organi,ation have buget less than @???? for this purpose%
@@% All of them (ill use the appli!ation for a!!ounting
purpose an most of them (ill use that for the other purposes li+e operational'
3r et!%
@>% I sho!+e +no(ing that onl" @?I of organi,ations have
their (ebsites an onl" 4? are (illing to have their (ebsite%
@D% The organi,ations having (ebsites are ver" up*to*ate
an regularl" moif"ing their (ebsites%
&hich indicators should be paired with which ob3ectives4
(ridaz Softech 'vt" ,td"
Vocational Training of (anagement Student of ,"$"("&" ar!hanga
-ear Sir
I am a stuent of Management BM8A*Mar+etingC in /5MU -arbhanga% I nee to
!omplete m" vo!ational training to fulfill m" M8A% Sir pleases fill*up this Surve"
2uestionnaire to !omplete m" vo!ational training% I (ill be ver" than+ful to "ou%
Basic Information:
1. 8ame of
'. #usiness of ,rgani9ation:
1. Address of
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;!in: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
*. !hone<=ontact 8o.:
>. 0"
/no5ledge a!out Computer:
1. 7o your sta3 know to operate computer: ?7on’t
include class * or group 7 sta3 @
a. Aes all sta3
b. 8o 8one
c. +ew of
'. 7o you use internet and email facility in your
a. Aes b. 8o
Computerization related
1. 7o you use computer for data record keeping<book
a. Aes b. 8o
'. Bow many compute is in operation in your
organi9ation: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
1. &s your organi9ation is using application software for
the purpose of automation of paper works
a. Aes b. 8o
If yes then0
1. is this application customi9ed or pre"released
a. =ustomi9ed b. !re C 6eleased
'. name of software you are using
1. Dhich !ortion of your organi9ation is computeri9ed
ii. Accounts
iii. ,perational
iv. Buman
v. ,thers !lease
If $o then
1. Are you willing to computeri9e and have customi9ed
software in near future
a. Aes b. 8o
'. &f yes then when you want to computeri9e your
organi9ation : ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
1. Aour #udget for the computeri9ed software ?apro$@:
*. Dhich !ortion do you want to computeri9e rst
a. Accounts b. ,perational
c. ,thers : please
.e!site %elated:
1. 7o your organi9ation have website
a. Aes b. 8o
If 2es then
1. 8ame of the website ?7omain@:
'. &s your website is Ep"-o"7ate
a. Aes b. 8o
1. 7o you want to 6enovate your website:
a. Aes b. 8o
If $o then
'. 7o you think website will help your organi9ation to
make a global identity
a. Aes b. 8o
1. &f yes when you planning to have your website:
*. #udget for the
Than6s for your co0operation please sign !elo5" I 5ill !e very than6s full
to you"
Seal and Signature of 'erson Contacted
$ame of the person:
esignation of the person:
Contact $o:

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