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Looking for an online comprehensive solution to manage Internet banking. This will be accessible to all customers who have a valid User Id and Password. This system provides the following Facilities: Profile management Balance Enquiry Funds Transfer to another account in the same bank Request for cheque book/change of address/stop payment of cheques Viewing Monthly and annual statements. Loan Enquiry and Installment payments Complaints and feedback Managing other payment portals like Electricity Bill , Phone Bill , Insurance Premium , etc.

Current System: To understand the need and benefits offered by Internet – Banking .We need to know and understand traditional form of Banking , its limitations and shortcomings. The customer need to visit a branch to open his account, he needs to agree to the terms and conditions. To withdraw or deposit or transfer funds from one account to another he need to fill up a form for every individual transaction. To submit a cheque book request, a new form has to be filled and the user needs to wait for verification. The customer has to always visit a bank to make simple changes: like change of address etc. The list of transaction made is very important for every organisation or individual and he has to get it from the bank, if it is saving account, a new form is filled. In case a cheque is lost or the whole cheque book gets lost, the customer needs to go through the various procedures of bank for stopping the payment of cheques. The customer has to visit the bank to get his updated balance in his account, he/she needsto get the entries of the transaction in the passbook regularly.

Drawbacks Customer need to visit to the bank regularly. Customer has to wait in a queue for his turn.

Customer needs to get his passbook updated regularly. Customer needs to fill up various form before his query is resolved . Customer has to visit the bank if he needs to update his/her address. For every individual transaction, a new form has to be filled.

Proposed System: Proposed system is fully automated system which provides customer better services. Customers are provided with a username and password. They can visit the sites and login into their accounts. Customers are provided with a common username and password for all his accounts. Proposed system has the following procedures to overcome the drawbacks of the existing system: 1.Balance Enquiry: Customer can view his updated balance from online service anytime. 2.Funds Transfer: Customer can transfer funds from his account to any other account in the same bank. 3.Request for cheque book: Customer can submit a request for cheque book. At a time only one cheque book request can be submitted. 4.Change of address: Customer can change his postal/current address anytime. 5.Stop payment of cheques: Customer can stop the payment of any cheque or a range of cheques issued to him anytime.

6.Accept Cheque book request: Administrator can accept the cheque book request any time from his online account. 7.Administrator: Administrator can perform all the functions that can be done by customers except online fund transfer.

FEASIBILITY STUDY Here we estimate whether the identified requirements may be satisfied using current software and hardware technologies within the given time and budgetary constraints. The outcome of the research would offer the best available system and help us in the decision of whether to go ahead with sufficient confirmative logics. System scope and objectives Here we define the scope and boundary of the automation of the current system. We also define human machine interface. Users Demonstrable Needs Here we identity the main objectives and functionalities of our system that are seeked by various end users. Our system must implement them successfully to be accepted by the user 1.Customer must have a valid User Id and password to login to the system 2. If a wrong password is given thrice in succession, that account will be locked and the customer will not be able to use it. When an invalid password is entered a warning is given to the user that his account is going to get locked. 3.After the valid user logs in he is shown the list of accounts he has with the bank. 4.On selecting the desired account he is taken to a page which shows the present balance in that particular account number

5.User can request details of the last n number of transactions he has performed. A report can also be taken of this 6.User can make a funds transfer to another account in the same bank. User is Provided with a transaction password which is different from the login password. User can transfer funds from his account to any other account with this bank. If the transaction is successful a notification should appear to the customer, in case it is unsuccessful 7. a proper message should be given to the customer as to why it failed. 8.User can request for cheque book/change of address/stop payment of cheques. Client/Server System In a multitier client/server system, the client application logic is run in 2 locations. The first location is the thin client (browser), which is run on the users local computer and is focused on displaying results to the user. The second location is the server where the procedures for business logic are located. Thin client request various functions from the server application, which is itself a multithreaded application capable of working with many concurrent users. The server application is the one that opens connection to the database server and can be running on the same server as the database, or it can connect across the network to a separate server operating as a database server.

Processor RAM Hard disk Monitor Keyboard : : : : : X86 Compatible processor with 1.7 GHz Clock speed 512 MB or more 20 GB or more VGA/SVGA 104 Keys


: 2 buttons/ 3 buttons

Operating System : Windows 2000/XP Front End : PHP , HTML Back End : MY SQL. Hosting Server : XAMP / WAMP

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