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open a flea market Alexander Julian / alexgi a.giuliani @ ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k INTRODUCTION I deal with flea markets since 1993. My company - Leotron - at that time develop ed a specific software for managing the flea market and over the years has expan ded to offer many solutions for this sector. Leotron was born in 1988, I created when I was 23 years and has become: was originally a software company! Today Le otron focuses exclusively on flea markets. I can say that it is the national ref erence point for the flea markets in Italy. If nothing else the number of instal led licenses of our software J2K Revolution: over 400! The secondhand style has also become my lifestyle. Contaminated with this area, I realized that very ofte n dismiss things no longer needed even though they are almost perfect and that c an be sold in flea markets. At the same time I understand that in these places y ou can do good business. And I am convinced that the trading industry is used in large developments: My intent is to contribute to the spread of this "lifestyle " through this It contains all my advice to open a flea market in comple te autonomy. As the director of a company that deals exclusively with flea marke ts, this guide may appear to conflict of interest, but I am a big supporter of O pen Source philosophy and I would then share my knowledge. In addition to this g uide you will find many insights on my site where I ke ep a micro-blog with my thoughts on what I do. And if you use Facebook, I invite you to ask the friendship. Find me at: / alexgi. I think this could stimulate the proliferation activities of DIY, but am deeply convin ced that membership in a network or as Mercatopoli Baby Bazaar, can really make a difference. My staff, in fact, alongside a fantastic network of affiliates all owing them to grow and reach profitability very interesting. ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k An entrepreneur understands the benefits of belonging to a network, especially w hen it occurs or join Mercatopoli Baby Bazaar is much cheaper to stay out! Want to bet? I must list the products Leotron specific to the flea market. ... Think of advertising. In fact you can find the site s proposals for th e flea market: Secondhand: market the program more economical, J2K Revolution: t he software market more widespread nationally; Mercatopoli: the network of marke ts' used to share experiences and knowledge; Baby Bazaar: The Market for your ba by boy becomes a shop; I put the prices of products, so there is immediately an idea! Leotron site you can find a brochure "product market" to date, with features and prices for all p roducts and services where they are analyzed with membership in the network. In Leotron we all firmly believe that technology, particularly Internet, is changin g many equilibria and that the adoption of technology within an industry such as hand market is important. ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k We are ready! And You? THE MARKET TODAY

(Click for more details. Market: the market) The second hand market for some yea rs, is growing rapidly and the turnover of those who work in this area tends to increase it. The reasons for this development are manifold: the econ omic aspect of trade which facilitates and simplifies them, the nature of buying and selling of used that combines with environmental issues, and the reduced av ailability Economic families, the size and playful exploration of who enters a f lea market, a trend trendy (modernism, vintage, etc.). the increasing flow of fo reign nationals whose use is much more rooted culture. With the development of the sector also witness to a kind of market maturity: spread hand shops organized franchise the flea markets are increasingly beco ming hand shops, flea markets are born thematic specialist areas merchandise pre cise. And it is evolving! Mainly understood as increasing the quality of the proposal is no longer time in junk stores messy and wet, with assemblages of objects crow ded each other. Today used to be fashionable, but only in shops tidy and clean, and professionally using the fundamental principles of marketing. In a few years the sales Italians came to about 2000: in Rome rose from 219 to 333, Milan from 180 to 257. The explosion also covered the Emilia-Romagna. The annual turnover at national level is estimated at over 3 billion euros. The fastest growing fran chise chains, real businesses that have organized intermediary to purchase a bus iness practice. ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k I carry a quotation published in "The Swim": "What has so far limited the sale o f used was a problem of perception. When a person goes to the restaurant is not the question arises whether the flat where he eats has been used by someone else . Yet if you ask when buying a dress or a second-hand furniture. But it is tangi ble progress towards this new way of life. "The Phenomenon" flea market "was fir mly inserted in the economic and social fabric of the country that, today, in a flea market are really all classes social. It goes to market for something speci al, not necessarily to save, to spend several hours in an area "outside time" fo r a form of evolution of each of us, who can see, in the recycling of useful thi ngs, a way to help our world to save precious energy. The flea market is an alte rnative way of shopping ... alternative to the mall! Many international brands h ave understood the evolution and diversifying by offering their customers a depa rtment Secondamano articles. See eg Blockbuster, Decathlon, Game Stop, Honey. THE SYSTEM (Click for more details. The contovendita) To understand Agency Business flea ma rket organized as a brokerage between private individuals using the system accou nt of the sale. The legal basis is Article 115 of the Consolidated Public Safety Act (TULPS). In essence, the agency is simply a structure that houses used obje cts that individuals make available to prospective buyers. The head of this stru cture is not a trader and not offering for sale goods which holds title to prope rty, but is treated as a business promoter. His work is rewarded with a commissi on percentage of the value of the transaction. E 'is essential for the proper ma nagement of a market, tracking for each item sold on the seller (the owner of th e article). This makes it possible to reimburse any seller to the value of items sold his property, such reimbursement by deducting a commission agency (commiss ion). ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k The customer's marketplace can be a seller or a buyer. Sellers are basically pro

viders of marketplace, bringing the goods to be sold. Buyers are those who buy. Each customer, in his first report with the Agency Business, must be encoded wit h the compilation of the relevant data sheet. It is important to identify the cu stomer through a valid document of identity for customers and even vendors is re quired by law. This phase is also required to inform the customer that their per sonal data will be kept under the Privacy Act. Normally, the operator shall issu e a special card aimed at customer loyalty and deliver and explain the "instruct ions". If the customer is carrying of objects (and hence is a seller) is require d to sign a warrant of sale (contract through which the Agency may sell its item s) with the definition of commission rates of the various objects. Usually the a rticles are categorized by category, which corresponds to a specific commission. €It 'can then load the items for each setting its selling price. Once the loadin g phase, you need to print labels to be applied to objects and the "list items r eceived, to be delivered as a reminder to the seller. At this point the goods wi ll be exhibited and then sold. The mean sales are exempt from emission of receip t, ticket and document transport, since the merchandise is private. At the reque st of a customer purchasing, the Agency may issue a sales receipt, which is not valid for tax purposes. After a few days after the sale of objects (or at the en d of the month) the agency provides reimbursement to vendors and the related sta tement of their commission payable. We simplify everything with an example. A se ller brings an item that is priced at Euro 80,00 with a commission of 35%. Artic le marketing is done several days later and the agency collects 80.00 euros. Aft er several days, the agency reimburses the seller for 52.00 euros and an invoice for commissions Euro 23.33 + VAT 20% for a total bill of 28.00. The repayment of ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k seller is then executed by deducting the commission and the agency issuing the i nvoice for that commission, headed to the seller. An effective system also provi the seller wishes to take possession of a des the following special cases: ll or some items on display, the buyer leaves a deposit for the subsequent purch ase of one or more items, the buyer makes the items already purchased . All movements on the articles should be listed in the "Register endorsed busines s, which must be printed on a daily basis (see study site). Finally, it is impor tant to stress that the contract between the agency and the vendor must provide in order to make it more attractive unsold items, a price decrease as a percenta ge, after which a number of days from the load . ACCOUNT BUY SELL OR SELL? The need to evacuate a cellar, an attic or even an entire apartment, is met, usu ally by broker. Normally goes to the customer's home, takes a look object, consi der the cost of transport and provides a sum for all that the customer no longer needed. If all goes well. Other times the broker offers the service in exchange for clearing the goods: free! Buy in cash (or cleared free) and then resell. Th e items collected will varied shopping streets: direct marketing, the antiquary, the Market Square. Obviously, the broker charge on each object its margin, the amount of money wants to earn, and so will any Market Square or the antiquarian. The broker is a true expert, can know at a glance valuables and then try for th e item purchased, the shopping is best suited to maximize their profit. It is th e buying and selling, in which for obvious economic reasons you buy at the lowes t price for resale to the highest. Quite different is the formula contovendita, where the owner of items to sell and the seller together seek to achieve as much as possible and then divide the collection. The owner owns the objects, but the trade organization for the sale is becoming increasingly significant. ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin

k In a world of wonderful offers, unbeatable, even below cost, where you can alway s find someone selling the same item at a lower price, it is easy to think that the task of a subject who sells second hand is quite difficult. This figure brok erage must have an appropriate structure to promote items for sale, exposing thi ngs the best way, so as to capture the attention of the prospective buyer and se ll the item. The difference between "buy sales" and "consignment" lies in the ro le of one who sells the item. The role of the broker is to sell to marginalize t he role of those who pursue the activity of consignment selling is to earn for h imself and his client. The flea markets offering items on consignment are prolif erating and junk dealers are disappearing. Darwin's theory on the evolution of s pecies is also a commercial! ANTIQUES OR USED? A flea market is very different from a flea market.€It 'true that in some flea m arkets are antiques at very good prices and often the operator of the market is quite an expert on style and value of objects and furniture from another era. Am ong other transmission shops Mercatopoli may rely dell'affiancamento an antiques expert who can issue an expertise. But the system, if you want to earn, is very different. The objective of a flea market with items on consignment is to optim ize the timing of stock of the exhibits. The gain is represented by the commissi on, so the more exposure "run", the manager earns more. It 'a fly, sometimes it takes a little' time to start, but when fully implemented, a mechanism is very p rofitable. All decisions of the entrepreneur must then represent this philosophy . If prices are low, items will be sold more easily and will free space for othe r items. Visitors to the exhibition market will always renewed, always different and will be inclined to return more often to not miss the opportunities in a fl ea market can be very frequent. ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k Setting your hand market as an antique shop is a choice that has often proved wr ong. The question is an antique buyer needs right willing to pay the price, but fairly high, and this type of buyer is not found every day. The show then become s static and the influx of people behind the success is inevitably slow. Flea ma rket and antiques are thus two very different trades and these should remain. FIRST STEPS If you've read so far is definitely a good thing, it means that what I wrote is interesting. Now we have to take the first step: deciding whether to open a flea market. To facilitate your decision I made a list of topics, divided into posit ive and negative, that might help. Negative arguments: It 'hard work: if you open a flea market you will not be sitting comfortably behind a desk. If you wa nt this all wrong. 8 hours per day are not enough. Being entrepreneurs today is to put effort and passion. If you think the closure of the store all end up with six counts of collection on the wrong track. You must assemble furniture, arran ge transportation, make external evaluations, clean and tidy. Sure you can ask s omeone to do it, but only if, economically, you can afford. It is not speculativ e activity. The flea market will ensure a profitable and rewarding work, but the activity should not be regarded as speculative. It 'true that some people in a few years, has bought a house or even local, but remember that success depends a lmost exclusively on the skills of the entrepreneur. It is a job that requires d irect contact with the public. May like it or not. If you do not like redirected to another activity. Prepare psychologically and economically, because the resu lts usually come after the second year of operation.

~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k Positive arguments: It is a work in-house. You will not have heads or directors and the decisions you have to take you, and take on the honors. It is wonderful activity. Open a flea market is difficult and requires a large initial capital. But you must have some money. The business risk is very low. Not havin g to invest in goods (the leading private) do not have to invest nothing and col lect the money before paying. It is a job that involves contact with the public, if you like, you'll enjoy. THE SEARCH OF LOCAL (Click for more details. Market: the room) to find the suitable place to open a flea market is, in my opinion, the hardest thing. Some entrepreneurs have opened in the wrong location soon found themselves in difficulties. The choice of plac e can not be wrong, there's a second chance. Before setting out in search consul ting listings, real estate agencies by calling or telephoning friends and relati ves, must know some things. 1. You must know the destination requested by the ur ban municipality in which you want to open. Legally, the activity of intermediat ion between private (flea market) is a service activity, and each municipality€a llocates the service activities under its plan. Some municipalities provide for the establishment of service activities in an area with urban destination or bus iness executive. Other municipalities, with more flexible rules, allowing the es tablishment of this activity in production areas (or industrial). To my knowledg e, such activity can never be carried out in a local residential. It is therefor e necessary to inquire the Technical Office of the City. Remember that if the Ci ty calls for commercial use or management may not be necessary that the whole su rface is so stacked. Often it is enough that these are areas where they will be completed trade (load and sales). The exhibition of furniture and / or of decora tive articles can, in this case, be located in production area or warehouse. To avoid surprises, however I have prepared an opinion to be submitted prior to the City to learn more about their needs for town planning. Normally a request for prior opinion the City should respond in writing. ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k 2. It is to decide what the size of the store. One entrepreneur who wants to ope rate a flea market generic (clothing, gifts, furniture, appliances, etc.) must m ake do with 300 square meters. Large surfaces (more than the market is great, be tter work) should be managed by several people. If you intend to operate a flea market theme, such as a baby market, may be sufficient area of 120 square meters . If you operate a Mercatopoli, remember that all local waste less than 300 squa re meters. If you open a Baby Bazaar is the minimum area of 120 square meters. S hould I open a Mercatopoli (besides managing my wife) directed me to a local min imum of 700 square meters, if it were a baby bazaar, look for a local least 200 square meters. More challenging to manage but more profitable! 3. It is importan t to know that over 400 square meters, the law requires that the premises are vi able from the standpoint of fire prevention. Consider carefully this limit can b e expensive to adapt to new local laws and not always the property owner is will ing to do so at his own expense. Obtained this information, you must start looki ng whereas the localization is much more important the smaller the store. Large markets can afford a location will be less focused because of the range to attra ct customers. Think about where you are located in your vicinity, and Blockbuste r Ikea: Ikea, great, is localized in a way, Blockbuster needs instead of a very different position. It should also set a budget, as determined by several parame ters. Here are some tips: Central Local (shop). Shopping area or the outskirts.

Visible. Easily accessible. Parking. 120 square feet to 1,200 euros per month. Local discreetly located (store / warehouse). Shopping area. Visible. Easily ac cessible. Parking. 300 square feet to 1,500 euros per month. Local discreetly located (warehouse). Shopping area. Visible. Easily accessible. Parking. 500 s quare meters for 2,300 euros per month. ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k Local discreetly located (warehouse). Shopping area. Visible. Easily accessible. Parking. 1,000 square meters to 4,000 euros per month. With this budget you will leave with a degree of calm, because it will not be so difficult to "be there inside." But it is not easy to find local at these price s, I know. Many people think "but in my city is difficult, prices are skyrocketi ng," I can assure you that everybody says so! With patience and a little 'luck y ou can find the right place. The most important factors for the choice are: The budget: to be as close as recommended; visibility: visible and must be abl e to establish very clear sign; The accessibility: customers must be able to rea ch the place without difficulty. Local hidden in areas with limited traffic on o ne-way streets or highways with central reservation are usually to be discarded; Parking: If there are not customers; The catchment area: residents must be at l east 35 .000 inhabitants within twelve minutes by car; The aesthetics of the loc al run-down premises, humid and unhealthy are to be discarded; on "street level" there should be no stairs to get there. Normally be discarded, except in specia l cases, the premises on several levels because it is too difficult to manage. B asements should be carefully evaluated.

FINANCING Do not think of operating a store financed by future cash receipts is a recurren t error that you pay dearly. Much better to resort to an institution that can pr ovide financing. Starting without enough resources you may have to cut advertisi ng, which is represented by at least 6,000 Euros per year (double the first year ) and this means being unable to "leave" the business properly. Consider also th at the first year will close at a loss. Next you will find resources to start th e business and to "eat" at least for the first year. ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k Yes, because the first year you work for free! Finding funding in Italy is not e asy. You can begin to occur at the Chamber of Commerce in your area if there are calls for financing to suit you. Or you can contact Invitalia (formerly Develop ment Italy), a government agency made up. The last possibility, that indeed is t he most widely used is that of access to bank credit. In any case, the document prince to apply for funding is the business plan. The accurate implementation of a business plan ensures the Institute of Credit good business credibility and s ignificantly increases the chances of obtaining proper financing. THE BUSINESS PLAN (Click for more details. Market: business plan) Before the conclusion of the lea se, I highly recommend the establishment of a Business Plan, a document for the planning of which shows what you spend and what you get. The conditional is obvi ously mandatory. The Business Plan is an important document that every entrepren eur should prepare before starting any activity. Open a flea market without this planning document is like driving a car at night without headlights. Where are

we going? Which way to go? We go wrong? These are fundamental questions and the only document that can give a definite answer to these questions is precisely th e Business Plan. I stress that this document, important before starting a flea m arket, it becomes essential even once started: it allows to compare the expected results with real ones. If these differ from the forecasts will be analyzed and the reasons should be taken the necessary steps. The Business Plan allows you t o estimate costs and revenues of the first five years of activity. Obviously you need a little 'experience. My goal in this, is to analyze the factors to consider. Ultimately, the Business Plan is the document that the bank, the fina ncial and the Chamber of Commerce will require if you apply for funding. The Bus iness Plan is a formal document that must follow a precise and, above all truthf ul. When you set up a business plan must consider that those who ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k read knows the business and the document must then be convincing, especially if the reader must decide whether to finance the operation. Normally the Business P lan is composed of several sections that you list below. The business idea. Analyze the concept and innovation in the market that makes this idea. The flea market is a great business idea that straddles the increasingly common instances of ecology, reuse, recycle. Subjective components. Why do you want to open a fl ea market? Are you experienced? Like the idea? This section must be analyzed all the components that made you decide to open a flea market. Objective components . Why do you think your business is successful? What is your vision of the marke t? Legal structure. What will the legal structure of your flea market? Sole prop rietorship? Partnerships? Capital company? License and TULPS. In this section ar e detailed bureaucratic aspects of your business or license required and the ref erence standard. How does a flea market. This is the most important.€You'll need to explain in detail how your flea market. And you must be convincing. Curricul um vitae. It should be absolutely included in the business plan because then the reader can get a clear idea of your "thick" and your past experiences. Location . Where you open your hand market? Market segments. What are your customers? Be categorized and analyzed. Marketing and Advertising. What will you do promotions ? Obvious reference to the market just discussed. Products and commissions. What will the treated products? What are your fees? Technology. What kind of technol ogy will go to use to manage your flea market? Barcodes? SMS? Internet? Card? An alysis of the competition. Here it gets a bit 'more concrete. You'll have a list of those who presume will be your major competitors in the area. Short and medi um term objectives. Be analyzed, we want to go. Strengths. What are the strength s of your business to market and the competition? Weaknesses. What you are "weak "? Lack of experience? Threats. What will be the things that could jeopardize th e success of your flea market? The mentality of the people?

~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k

Opportunities. What are the opportunities that will arise and that could mean th e success of your store? This documentary is part of the Business Plan: the detailed analysis of what are you going to do. Your business plan must contain an analysis of financial needs , ie how much money needed to start the business. Obviously, the variables are m

any, but all are analyzed. Here's a series of items that normally make up the fi nancial requirements. Security Deposit. The amounts paya ble to the owner of the club "to get the keys." Normally the deposit is equal to 2 / 3 months' rent. Guarantees. In some cases, especially for areas medium - la rge, the owner requires a guarantee, a bank or insurance. Constitution society a nd bureaucracy. Represents the cost required to build the company (legal fees), for the opening of the vat and the chamber of commerce. Setting accounting. Is i t cost for the Accountant, to set tax asset. Works there. Represent the costs th at you incur in order to arrange the room (painting, masonry, lighting adjustmen t, etc.). Utilities connections. Telephone, electricity, natural gas, water. Pro ductions store. Area box, shelving, fittings department. Teaches and external vi sibility. Sign, road signs, road signs. Promotion boot. Everything you need for good publicity push your hand market. I advise you to provide, for the first yea r, at least 6,000 euros. Burglar alarm. Is it cost for a facility that provides sleeping "soundly". Hardware and Software. Investment required to properly manag e the business and a competitive advantage over the competition. Entry fee. If i t is your intention to join a franchise, you can put the cost of membership. The needs analysis is necessary to know in advance the amount of investment. The total requirement is then divided into monthly installments, depending on the l ength of the lease. The monthly fee is then calculated by adding the other month ly costs. ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k Obviously the business plan should analyze the costs that your monthly flea mark et will bear. Again the variables are many and are analyzed correctly. Rent. It is the most important item, but also easier to plan. Promotion. It cost promotion activity, approximately 6,000 Euro per year (the f irst year and then go under 6000 + 6000 Euro). Maintenance and repairs. Represen t the costs incurred for the maintenance of installations and repairs. Postal an d telephone charges. Include the cost for any Internet connection. Utilities con nections. Telephone, electricity, natural gas, water. Accountant.€Charges for ke eping accounts and statements of shareholders. Insurance. The insurance premium for insurance of the shop. Energy. Covers electricity and heating costs and / or cooling the room. Tax burden. Taxes fixed as solid waste, corporate taxes, INPS . Support Software. Includes costs for service and maintenance management softwa re. Canon Network. If it is your intention to join a franchise, shall be entered into the annual fees or royalties. Depreciation needs. Ie the share calculated on the basis of competence requirements. Officials and Employees. In the present case were these figures are considered at low cost. Remuneration entrepreneur. Or the "salary" for the holder. All these items are the costs. Know precisely the size allows you to plan proper ly the resources available. Evidently this is the hardest part, but a business p lan which will need to have revenue of the store. The accuracy in determining th e income of a flea market depends on a number of objective factors but especiall y on a subjective assessment, based on experience, the following factors: th e visibility of local basin 's users; ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k

the size of the local type of advertising planning envisaged, the system adopted by the outlet. Obviously, based on the "sold" the store, you must calculate the net revenue, wh

ich is the selling of stolen funds refunded to customers: the net revenue is the n represented by the commission. Gross commission should be hived off from the V AT. The result is the mail opposing the costs to see if the business will be pro fitable or not. Obviously it is considered that, over time, costs tend to rise w hile revenues in the first years of operation, will certainly not up to speed. J ust to be practical and based on statistical data, I can say that a flea market run well can easily sell goods in an amount varying from 50.00 to 150.00 Euro pe r month per square meter of surface area, the third year . At least these are my goals when I follow the start-up of a Mercatopoli. 50 to 150 Euros there is obv iously a big difference, I know. As I said, it will be necessary to compare actu al results with your hand market as envisaged in the Business Plan in order to t ake the necessary measures in case of deviation costs or revenues. The lease Identified the location is good though proceed with caution. You need to have a plan and re-contact the Technical Department of the City to verify the correctne ss from the perspective of the local register. We got the go ahead by the city a t the turning point, the fateful moment when you must decide whether to continue the adventure and then fix an appointment with the owner. The points at issue w ill still be many, here is the key: ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k

The rental price is negotiable? Usually the owner and the person asks sell. You could try to bid lower than the demand, many times you save (money saved and the first were the first earned). The lease as there are monthly deposit to be paid ? The owner may in fact require a deposit of 2 or 3 month deposit which will be made to the restitution of the premises, after the owner has verified the condit ions of that. In practice you should return the local as you received. You need a bank guarantee? Many owners protect themselves from any customer not punctual in paying the rent through a bank guarantee. In practice, the bank provides for you, only to retaliate against you in the event of irregularities. Normally the surety, if required, it is up to 6 month and the bank charges (annual) operation is around 2-3% of the guaranteed amount. Any renovations (electrical, painting, extraordinary maintenance) who makes them? And above all, who pays them? If the room is floor area exceeding 400 square meters€the owner is willing to bear the burden to the Fire Prevention Certificate? Who will have to follow any practice ? It also seeks to address the effect of the lease. If you have work to do you m anage to rip one or two months bonus. Check if the requested amount is to be add ed or not the VAT of 20%. From the economic point of view is irrelevant (the VAT you download), but from the standpoint of capital is instead quite different (t he VAT you have to anticipate it). If the property is entrusted to an agency, the points at issue will be the same, but you must include the cost of the commission that usually amounts to one mon th's rent or, more rarely, 10% of the year. Always pretend that the agreements a re entered into the lease: often not enough to shake hands! Explain that you ope n a position VAT and that the contract will be signed by your company. Defined points, you must sign a preliminary lease agreement or a lease that prov ides for the possibility of removal in case of refusal of municipal permits.

~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k A VAT registration number (Click for more details. Market: Atecofin) Open a VAT is very simple and the act ivity code to use is 46.19.02. If you form a company, she must be made before a notary, before application of VAT. In the case of companies would do well to cho ose an accountant who can advise you. Personally I do not recommend anything, ex cept in exceptional cases, the formation of a Limited Liability Company (Ltd). I t 'much more expensive both the Constitution and management. Corporations are in fact required by law to keep records of ordinary type, instead of the simplifie d accounts, usually for sole proprietorships and partnerships. An ordinary accou nting is certainly more complex and costly to manage. Together with the accounta nt can evaluate the system of minimum, although in most cases not applicable, es pecially if the rent of the premises is substantial. You should now have in hand vat and lease. It is time to present the Declaration of Common Home Activities. ACTIVITIES DECLARATION START '(D.I.A.) (Click for more details. Market: Public Safety) presented to the City (Commerce office or OSS) and ask for a form for the start of activities of Agency Business exercised pursuant to Article. 115 T.U.L.P.S. (Consolidated Public Safety Act) and begins to fill. The compilation is not difficult, they are in fact self-cert ify the obvious. The modules, however, change according to the City. ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k You must also submit the annexes, which generally consists of: lease , floor plan of the premises; certificate of viability of the local fire prevent ion certificate (only for sizes above 400 square meters) of table operations and tariffs (table commissions); register to endorse the business. 30 days after submission of the DIA, without further formalities, you can make o perating your flea market. Municipalities normally do not issue any written cons ent in fact, using the silent consent, if the municipality does not say anything , okay! TABLE Commissions Table fees to be added D.I.A. and contains a list of transactions made with the commission rates that apply. An example of table commissions can easily be downl oaded from my site. REGISTER OF BUSINESS (Click for more details. Market: business register) The register of business is a register established by law, which will be branded in common and on which you must report all transactions made with the Agency Business. So loads, discharges , returns and price changes. It is clear that the amount of work required is imp ossible, even for the smallest flea market, manually compile this register. If y ou decide to use a software developed by Leotron, to manage the market, you can contact the company toll free 800 915 160 and you send the Register of Business, already made out with your information. The registry for any required manual (m y personal wishes) it is also available in stationery tax specialist.€Some munic ipalities require a stamp for every 100 pages of the register. This stamp duty i s not payable. Following analysis of the issue made by our office ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k

office, I made available on an application submitted jointly by to avoid payment . DEPOSIT Some municipalities, for a legacy of previous legislation, demand a deposit, whi ch receipt should be submitted together with the DIA This security is not due. F ollowing analysis of the issue made by our legal department, I made available on an application submitted jointly by to avoid payment. SETTING TAX The Agency Business is a business like many others. Tax is set as a service comp any. A private door to the flea market of used items and requires the provision of a service: the display and sale of its object. Therefore, the flea market, wh en it takes responsibility for the objects of a private company that offers itse lf as the intermediary service, for which his compensation is represented by a c ommission. Indeed, the Agency Business operates on behalf of a private client, s o that, upon repayment of the sum payable to the seller, that amount is consider ed "off-Vat. Different is instead the commission is charged to the customer regu larly seller. The commission, representing the fee for a service, is subject to VAT which is currently 20%. Assuming, for example, selling an object to 150 Euro s, 50% commission: 75.00 Euro represent payment to the seller (VO VAT) 75.00 E uro represent provision for the flea market (subject to VAT 20%). So there mus t be to execute a spin-off of VAT: the example (75.00 * 100/120). So, given the sum of 75.00 euros before VAT, applying the hive-off indicated, you get a commis sion of 62.50 euros and 12.50 euros net of VAT payable to the Exchequer. The com mission must be charged to the client seller, which is then subject to tax "refe rence. ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k If you have been in a flea market, organized as the Agency Business, you may hav e noticed that shopping is not releasing the receipt. That approach is incorrect because the market by means of a contract of mandate, acting on behalf of a pri vate party. Reference to VAT legislation provides that sales made by a private e ntity are exempt from issuing the ticket. Dealing with only one agent for a priv ate entity, the Agency Business provides a service whose "price" is represented by a commission calculated on the sale value of the property. This commission is then recognized by the seller, tax entity reference for which the Agency Busine ss issues an invoice for services rendered and therefore subject to VAT at 20%. Usually the flea market orders to issue a "sales receipt", as a valid certificat e of purchase, but that does not represent any value in terms of VAT. One of the aspects usually neglected by the operator of a flea market, but that tax is ver y important, is the custody of the amounts collected on behalf of the client. Wh en the flea market and sell goods, in fact, a sum collects on behalf of a privat e client and for which he becomes keeper until the end of the service. These sum s "guardian" must be properly documented. In addition to a tax value, to know th e total amount stored is certainly important for the manager as a good manager s hould always know the amount of "debt" of the company. The bill "Sums of Thirds" is an e-book that one part is loaded with cash and the other will discharge ref unds and billing of commissions. Obviously if the flea market takes a regular ac counting type is necessary that these movements records are properly highlighted . In the case of simplified accounting system, it is appropriate to establish a Registry of Third Somme "highlighting these capital movements. ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any modification,€including the elimination of the source or link INDOOR ACCOMMODATION

Now that the paperwork is completed we need to focus on local. Assuming that the local has chosen a fairly regular shape (rectangular), it is necessary to estab lish reception desk / cash in a position to take a view of almost all local, how ever, near the entrance to the public. The cash desk is large enough to work les s bulky goods (clothing, objects). It is therefore necessary to organize a work plan sufficiently wide to a height of 110 cm. Below there must be another shelf at desk height to accommodate the keyboard, monitor and other office materials. Furthermore, it should get a small store behind the counter or near the same. Th e cash desk must have taken power (on the work itself) and telephone for the ope ration of computers and electronic equipment for testing. Today, ADSL, and then fast connection to the internet, is essential. The provision of goods should tak e into account the size of them, according to an ascending as one moves away fro m the reception desk: the objects and small items should be placed on tables or on shelves next to it, while furniture are placed in the most distant. Therefore to avoid corners out of sight for objects. With these few tricks you get exposu re orderly and pleasant, increasing the pleasantness of the store for the custom er and reducing the risk of breakage, damage and theft. Council, however the inc lusion of a dedicated video surveillance system with recording images to limit t he issue on shoplifting. TECHNIQUES FOR EVALUATION The evaluation of the articles to be taken into care is one of the more subjecti ve aspects of the management agency. The price of the objects should be as high as possible while remaining within the limits of affordability. To consider is t he relationship between the quality and marketability ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k object, which determines the most appropriate price. The quality is influenced b y the material and the condition and efficiency of the object, while the marketa bility is determined by public demand for that article. Age affects the value of the article, but to the point where the old man does not become "old." From tha t moment on, the object begins to appreciate in value, if they persist with the criteria of quality and the good state of preservation. The qualitative assessme nt of the goods always requires a thorough examination of the same. Do not be sw ayed by the praise that the owner makes to their goods: the sentimental value is not salable! It is important not to hurry to fill the store or prefer a careful and fair assessment of incoming items. Submit Articles dirty, poor quality, lit tle or sold at a price disproportionate, can give a business which then will be very difficult to change. Your store should not be a stock broker, must be a nic e shop! Clean goods, working appliances and clothing perfect, washed and ironed. Obviously everything has to be the right price. FINDING OBJECTS USED Finding the goods in the opening phase of a flea market is not difficult. Since the submission of D.I.A. (Statement login) is required, by law, wait 30 days bef ore opening. During this time you create the setting of the shop and started mar keting activities aimed at obtaining the goods, eg distribution of flyers and ad vertising. Following these activities will multiply the contacts and the flea ma rket in a short time, will be sufficiently prepared to make a good impression. R emember that it is not difficult to find the goods, it is difficult to select. A good selection of items sold and at the right price is a prerequisite for the s uccess of the store. Do not make your selection and fill the market with items t hat were not likely to be sold may affect the profitability of your flea market and represents a very serious mistake. ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k

At a later stage will be very difficult, in fact,€"Straighten things out" becaus e, inevitably, it will create false expectations of sellers who will be unhappy and not loyal. CONCLUSIONS I'm at the end of this in which I tried to analyze the problems to open a flea market. Open flea markets is my work for many years. It is a job I love an d gratifies me and I think in the near future will see a real "boom" in the indu stry. Naturally open a flea market is not synonymous with it work well. The advi ce I have given are for those who want to open a shop like this but obviously I can not take any responsibility for the accuracy or efficacy of what I wrote, bu t they remain always available for any criticism or advice. You can contact me v ia e-mail address a.giuliani @ My site shows several insights www.a these concerns all for free and without obligation. If you opterai for business collaboration, me and my staff will be at your disposal, wi th a number of interesting products that can significantly increase your chances of success. But now comes a little present: certainly deserve it if you came to read so far! When you have made your operating flea market, go and subscribe ww your store to the site. It's quick and free. Help me build a complete archive of flea markets in Italy available to potential customers. F inally I ask you a favor. If you this helpful (but even if it was not) le ave a comment on your site at ; is the only thing that I ask in return for the work I did. ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k Obviously I'm also willing to receive criticism: it is through these that I can improve my work and, consequently, this! Thank you for reading and "good luck" for your business! Alessandro Giuliani P.S. The last advice to you is to consider accession to the network Mercatopoli and Baby Bazaar: not expensive and can really make a difference, trust is not ju st advertising, try to seek information from the manager of a store near you! Editorial e. Book: June 21, 2008 Last updated: November 10, 2009 ~~~~~ © 2009, by Alessandro Giuliani - Verona This document is freely distributa ble but is prohibited any change, including the elimination of the source or lin k

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