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All workshops will meet at Sproul steps. If the steps become too crowded, the instructors are welcome to move their workshop (after meeting up) to the grass, lower Sproul, or another suitable outdoor location. TIME 9:00am TITLE INSTRUCTOR DESCRIPTION Capitalism: Systems Dr. Mark Outline of the structure and of Power and Mason function of capitalist political and Indoctrination economic power, with notes on the public school as a doctrinal delivery system. Oakland Police: Cynthia Morse Explanation of Oakland PDs Autonomous Class history--abuse of POC Enforcer communities, contempt for courtordered reforms, current escalation of abuses, and ties to national and international corporations. Art is a Hammer: Josh Healey If politics is the art of what's Spoken Word, possible, let's use art to expand Storytelling, and those possibilities. This is about #SOCIALCHANGE re-definition and selfdetermination. Jon Stewart and MIA. Join this interactive spoken word workshop as we write, discuss, and share new creations -and discover how to use our own stories to reshape the political narrative towards social justice and solidarity. BP Out of UC Dr. Benjamin Privatization, Global Warming and Lynch and building an international anti-racist Taran Singh environmental movement. From 'student Philippe The ASUC views itself as a government' to Marchand 'student government', the primary 'student union': is a purpose of which is to create a student strike miniature political system. This possible in discussion/workshop will invite California? participants to think about the steps students, here at Berkeley and across the UC, could take to move our student associations towards a 'union' model, and whether such a structural shift is worth the effort of existing informal student movements.



10:00am 10:15am


Lessons from the Chilean Student Movement

Katy FoxHodess


Language Environment

Hoda Cox Paola Bacchetta

11:00am  Constructing Alliances: Gender, Sexualities, Race and Space in Convergence 

11:00am  Stop the Resegration of Higher Education  11:00am  Communist Manifesto Primer and Discussion 11:00am  Occupying Democracy

Attorney Monica Smith and Matt Williams  Callie Gabriel Hetland

We will examine how Chilean students were able to organize a mass movement for public education that brought millions out into the streets and resulted in a seven month long student strike. In the second half of the workshop, we will consider the implications of the Chilean movement for student organizing in California. Does the evolution of language define our environment or respond to cultural need? This workshop will consist of a discussion about the place of gender, sexualities, race and space in forming alliances necessary to open up, sustain, and bring forward the movement as a site of political action, but also of struggle and transformation, together. Double underrepresented minority student enrollment now and over turn Prop 209! We will be discussing Part I of the Communist Manifesto (Bourgeois and Proletarians) An introduction to participatory democracy, and specifically participatory budgeting. I will briefly speak about participatory budgeting in Venezuela where I've done research, and then discuss ongoing efforts to bring it to Oakland, and possibly to the academic workers union and/or the University of California.


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