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Domestic Violence In Orange County, CA - Orange County Divorce Attorney

By Tom Kin -

As awareness for the crime of domestic violence began to increase during the 1980s, law enforcement agencies stepped up their efforts to stem the tide of this dangerous epidemic. Orange County Divorce

Attorney In 1994, the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman propelled the problem into
the national spotlight. With a heightened focus on the issue, social, religious and government agencies began working together to bring a solution to the problem. Orange County has specific procedures in place for prosecuting offenders and helping crime victims.Domestic violence typically encompasses verbal, written or physical abuse toward a current or former romantic partner.

A victim of abuse can obtain a restraining order that will protect not only them but other family members, such as minor children or parents in the household.Orange County provides numerous services for victims of domestic violence. They can obtain a restraining order through the Lamoreaux Justice Center located in the Superior Court of Orange County. They can also contact the Anaheim Family Justice Center for additional resources. The Mariposa Women and Family Center and the Vietnamese Community of Orange County offer counseling and support for victims. They can find legal resources through the Legal Aid Society of Orange County, the Public Law Center and the Orange County Bar Association.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline will provide them with general resources on a national level. Orange County Shelters include Human Options, Laura's House, The Sheepfold, Women's Transitional Living Center, Interval House, Safety on Shore and Home of Green Pastures, which serves only Korean clients. Shelter and bed space availability varies. As of December 2012, the Orange County Community Resources funded four of these domestic violence shelters in Orange County. The monies for the shelters come from marriage licenses fees and court fines assessed to domestic violence defendants. The shelters offer victims a myriad of resources, such as support services, childcare and vocational and legal assistance.

The women may stay at the shelter for up to 45 days but the program offers a long-term phase for those who need further support.A restraining order keeps the restrained person from contacting those covered in any way, even through electronic means. The restrained person may not live with the victim and must continue to pay child support as directed. Orange County has two types of restraining orders: criminal and family orders. Criminal orders can expire while a judge must intentionally terminate a family order. However, in the case of discrepancies between the two orders, the terms of a criminal order will supersede those drafted in family court. Victims may request both types of orders. Victims, who already have a case with the Superior Court of California, such as divorces or paternity cases, may file the case in that court.A temporary restraining order goes into effect immediately while the permanent order is being processed.

The Domestic Violence Assistance Program Office helps victims with filling out the correct forms as there are more than a dozen forms that can be confusing to complete. The forms are available in several languages although they must be filled out in English.There is no cost to file the forms. After they are filed, the Superior Court judge will schedule a hearing date. Orders can last for a maximum of five years. Victims can be accompanied to court by a support person or by an attorney. In some cases, the restrained person must be served the order in person, but in most cases, the order can be served by mail after the judge modifies any information at the hearing. The O.C. Sheriff will also serve the order without charge. In court, the defendant has the right to contest the allegations set forth in the order of protection.The judge will give the victim a certified copy of the restraining order, which the victim should keep to show police in the event of violations. Victims should contact the police immediately if the defendant contacts the victim, and they will respond to the case. A restraining order can be renewed for either five years or permanently even if the defendant has not demonstrated any further violence.Family Court also provides a unique program called the Domestic Violence Prevention Services Project (DVPSP) for cases involving children. In some situations, the court will interview children regarding the issue of domestic violence. Skilled investigators will make recommendations for the safety of children and victims, especially as those relate to visitation.

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