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What’s Your Decorating “Personality”? Hunter Douglas Debuts Exciting New Products What Is Home Theater?

Restore Your Floor—Bring Natural Stone Back To Life! Is Your Attic Infested?

Forget How Beautiful Your Pool Tile Once Was? A Remarkable, Unique Patio Opening Roof System-Adapts To The Weather, Or Your Mood Beauty Comfort And Ease—The Secret To Secret To Stylish Climate Control

When shopping for furniture, it’s important that you always have the option to express your true sense of style. A store should offer an extensive array of furniture with an inventory that gives you the perfect balance of all types of furniture, from traditional, elegant, contemporary, and more. Just like the gorgeous room on the cover, your décor should be unique and perfect for your individual lifestyle. Charles Fine Furniture is not only dedicated to assist you with finding the best furniture, but they also offer a full-service team of professionals to help you make the right design choices. For more information, you can call them in Fullerton at 714-577-5380 or in Santa Ana at 714-285-1255. See their ad on page 7.

32 K IDS
Now, You Can Have Your Very Own Treehouse Complete With Its Own Tree

Why Bring Your Dog To Daycare?

Choosing An Experienced And Qualified Cosmetic Dentist

38 A UTO
Wash And Wax To Go: Mobile Detailing Is The Answer



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What’s Your Decorating “Personality”?
of mood do you want to create in your room... calm and relaxing, or dynamic and energetic? Do you love color palettes with warm tones or cool tones? Do you lean toward traditional or contemporary? Which styles will complement your home’s architectural character? All these clues will help you pinpoint the unique decor that best suits your personality. 4. Identify and work around a focal point in each room. This can be a fireplace, a conversational seating arrangement, a piece of art, a window with a view, or many other features. 5. Keep in mind natural traffic patterns through and between rooms and arrange your furniture accordingly for ease of movement 6. A common decorating challenge is to define spaces in open floorplans. You can achieve this with furniture arrangement, area rugs, folding screens, a “wall” of tall houseplants (consider bamboo), or sometimes even a fountain or sculpture. 7. Choose your paint colors LAST! Take samples of your fabrics, wood tones, and flooring if possible when choosing paint chips, and then bring the chips home to view them in the room at different times during the day. There are many other considerations for putting together your décor, whether in one room or an entire house. If you decide to hire a designer, make sure to check their references, look through their portfolio, establish a clear budget and time-frame, and pull out that photo collection of the looks you love.
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e all have different decorating personalities. Some people change their furnishings frequently and equate home décor to fashion trends. Others buy the highest quality traditional furniture, keep it forever, and plan to pass it down to their children. And then there are those of us in between who aren’t sure when we should replace that sofa that’s just not quite right for the space. There is much to consider when planning your decorating and furniture purchases. If you’re feeling a bit lost about home decor decisions, here are some tips to help get you started. 1. Determine the real use of each room. Which rooms need to be highly functional, and which can be decorative or for special occasions? What is your family’s lifestyle? How much wear and tear will each room get

from kids, pets, or frequent entertaining? 2. Take stock of your current furniture. Do you have family heirlooms, antiques, or very high-quality furnishings? If so, you may be keeping these pieces a long time, and you have the option of reupholstering or refinishing them to freshen their appearance and function. If you’re living with furniture that you’re not fond of, doesn’t quite fit the space, or is past its prime and not worth repairing, start planning for buying some new pieces or whole sets. You can always sell your old pieces or donate them to a charitable organization. 3. Give some serious thought to your own personal style. Look all around you for inspiration and narrow down your favorite colors and interior motifs. Magazines, books, online sources, home shows, stores, and professional decorators can all give you insight into the types of décor that best suit your style and make you feel at home. Start a photo collection of styles that you love – pictures of entire rooms, particular pieces of furniture or fabrics, or even travel photos of a Morrocan palace, an Italian villa, or an English cottage. All these images will be useful for inspiration whether you are redecorating yourself or hiring a designer. Ask yourself these questions: Do you love formal settings or comfy/casual? What kind



EVERY YEAR, HUNTER DOUGLAS INTRODUCES A RANGE OF NEW OFFERINGS THAT DEMONSTRATE WHY THE COMPANY CONTINUES TO BE NORTH AMERICA’S LEADING MANUFACTURER OF CUSTOM WINDOW COVERINGS— AND 2010 IS NO EXCEPTION. WITH INNOVATIVE NEW DESIGNS THIS SEASON, THE COMPANY’S COLLECTION CONTINUES TO EXCEED CONSUMER EXPECTATIONS FOR DESIGN AND FUNCTIONALITY AT THE WINDOW. The latest additions include: An enhanced offering for Nantucket™ window shadings; a collection of Silhouette® window shadings that is streamlined and casual. The new 2010 collection includes Nantucket Sunscreen privacy shadings, which combine the look of a screen shade with the added benefits of superior light control and complete privacy. What’s different about them? Like all Nantucket shadings, this product features soft fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabrics. Yet, instead of both fabrics being similar sheers, the rear fabric is an innovative sunscreen-like fabric. The vanes tilt to direct sunlight, while the tinted sheers diffuse and disperse sunlight throughout the room. Sunscreen shadings also provide nighttime priORANGE COUNTY LIVING • SEP/OCT 2010

vacy not available with screen shades. Providing legendary Hunter Douglas quality and a streamlined selection process with exceptional value, the 2010 Applause® honeycomb shades offering includes a new Vintage™ fabric, the only honeycomb shade on the market made with recycled materials. Created using 40 percent recycled polyester fibers from post-consumer textiles, such as water bottles, Vintage is as beautiful as it is sustainable with a contemporary linear pattern. It is available in 10 neutral colors and in 3/4-inch and 3/8-inch pleats in semi-opaque and blackout fabrics. PowerRise® 2.0, one of the most advanced battery-powered wireless motor control systems on the market, is another innovative leap forward for the category. Built on the patented Platinum™ Technology platform and operated by remote control or wireless wall switch, PowerRise 2.0 quietly raises and lowers shades while precisely controlling vane tilt for many Hunter Douglas window fashions, including Silhouette® window shadings. Additionally, PowerRise 2.0 systems will easily integrate with most home automation systems, offering the ultimate in control possibilities. Featuring soft adjustable horizontal fabric

vanes attached to a sheer backing, Pirouette® window shadings are now available for the first time with motorization—the new advanced PowerRise 2.0 with Platinum Technology system. Also new, specialty shape options for arched and angled windows. From casual to traditional settings, the combination of grasses, woods, reeds, and bamboo in Provenance® Woven Wood shades offer unique textures, rich colors, and unmatched sophistication. There are now five new fabrics—new bamboo choices, Corner Market and Patagonia; the natural feel of the reeds offerings, Colfax and Cypress; and Hatteras, a grass pattern that is sure to inspire. Also new, four decorative valance options—Angled, Stacked, Double Hobbled and Triple Hobbled—that are the perfect complement to any shade. All Hunter Douglas products are backed by the exclusive Hunter Douglas lifetime guarantee. To see Nantucket window shadings and other Hunter Douglas products, you can visit Don’s Drapery Service, Inc., and authorized Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Gallery showroom, located at 1261 N. Lakeview Ave., Suite M in Anaheim Hills. You can also call 714-577-9192 ext. 2 for more information.


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Many people desire the services of a professional interior designer.


he question is: How are you to afford it when budget is more important than ever? Given our current market conditions, Interior Affairs has created innovative and exciting products to suit your overall design needs.

Design Delivered you the opportunity to participate in offers the design process and generate big savings! With Design Delivered, projects can be managed by you— leaving you in charge to complete the project as your time and budget permits. The design program also gives you the option of selecting the portions of the design plan you wish to manage, while handing back to Interior Affairs portions of the project you choose not to manage. This is truly a win-win situation.

Tangible guidance key ingredient that empowis the ers you to finish any design project with complete satisfaction and the professional end result you are seeking. Interior Affairs supplies you with the tangible guidance your project requires. Depending upon the design package you choose, space plans, color palettes, fabric samples, and much more are provided. In most cases, even a shopping list is included. Interior Affairs has been designing homes in Southern California for nearly twenty years. Why not give us an opportunity to help you with all of your “Interior Affairs?” For more information on Design Delivered and other products, services, and Interior Affairs offers, please contact us at 714-970-8000 or 949-640-5000.


Home Theater?
ered 2nd or 3rd zones, HDMI or component video up conversion, XM Radio compatibility, and automatic calibration. The final facet of home theater is furniture. Furniture is often considered the most important element due to its longevity—it often outlasts several TVs—and its impact on the home’s décor. Since it is the only part of a home theater that cannot be turned “off”, it needs to enhance the beauty and style of the room. Exceptional home theater furniture will attractively conceal the electronics as well as address their unique installation, ventilation, and wire management requirements. Consumers often search for advice by visiting several different retailers (i.e. electronics superstores, specialty audio boutiques, and furniture department stores). However, knowledgeable help is hard to find and recommendations are often conflicting. The best option is to seek one company that can pair a coordinated electronics package with specialized furniture for a complete home theater solution. Professional installation, personalized instruction and single remote control operation will ensure ease of use and enjoyment. Diamond Case Designs, Inc. is a one-stop shop with expertise in all facets of home theater. They carry premium electronics brands such as Yamaha and Mitsubishi’s Diamond Plus Line along with their own complete series of proprietary award winning furniture. You can visit their showroom M-F from 10 am to 6 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. They are located at 655 N. Shepard St., Anaheim. You can call 714-630-8100, or check out their virtual showroom at O

What Is


ven though the term “home theater” has become common, its definition is unclear. Some feel it is a big screen TV, while others define it as surround sound. Many believe it is the ability to attractively integrate electronics into a home’s décor. In fact, to have a successful home theater experience you need all three: big picture, surround sound, and specialized furniture. The question then becomes, “How do you coordinate all three items?” To find the answer, it is important to seek professional advice. Any TV over 30” can serve as a centerpiece to a home theater. When shopping for TVs, you should be offered a clear explanation of the major high definition technologies: LCD, DLP, CRT, and plasma. HDTVs with a digital cable card slot provide a handy way of receiving premium channels without a cable box. For the finest picture quality ask about new 1080p HDTVs with twice the pixel density of standard HDTVs. To ensure future compatibility, get a TV equipped with the latest HDMI and IEEE 1394 connections. The second facet of home theater, surround sound, is the re-creation of movie theater-style multi-channel audio that “moves” with the image. These spatial effects are accomplished with a surround sound receiver and a set of speakers. Competent receivers will offer an array of Dolby Digital and DTS surround modes. However, only a few will provide pow-



After M



Restore Your Floor


Bring Natural Stone Back to


atural stone has quickly become the most common form of flooring in our homes. It’s a favorite of builders and homeowners alike because of its beauty and durability. Travertine, limestone, marble, and Mexican pavers are the most popular natural stones. While the most common use is in flooring, natural stone is also used in showers, countertops, outside patios, fireplaces, and walls. The list is as long as the imagination. To the average homeowner who may have recently purchased a home with stone or had new stone installed, the question heard the most is, “How do I take care of such an expensive investment?” Many floors over time lose their luster, become dingy, and never seem to look clean. You try every cleaning product you can but can’t seem to get the look you want. Typical questions heard from clients are, “Shouldn’t stone resist stain?” “Why does it get dirty so fast?” “Isn’t the stone hard enough to keep from anything staining or soaking in?” The reality is that natural stone can wear, stain, and dull rather quickly if not taken care of. A beautiful natural floor can dull with regular cleaning. Showers are prone to heavy calcium deposits and build up of soap scum. After time outdside patios get water and sun damaged. Fortunately, all stone can be brought back to its natural beauty and it can be done for a fraction of the cost of replacement. In most cases, you can have a beautiful, long lasting, fully protected, and restored Before After

floor, shower, or countertop in one day. The process of restoring stone is done in three simple steps. First is cleaning. The cleaning process entails scrubbing the stone, using mild non-acid cleaners strong enough to remove dirt from the face. A high-pressure steam machine is used to penetrate deep into the stone, removing all the dirt and grime from holes, cracks, and any indentations. Grout is scrubbed with specialty brushes, ensuring all grout joints are cleaned. The second step is polishing. Polishing requires a circular marble machine and a special polishing compound that is worked evenly into the floor, creating a natural shine. The third step is protection. A sealer is lightly sprayed onto the floor and buffed in with a specialty pad allowing even distribution throughout the whole stone. Up to 1500 sq. ft. of stone can usually be restored in just one day with very little mess. As a California-licensed restoration contractor, Blue Steam Tile & Stone has been helping clients transform their floors from dull to better than new for many years. With offices In San Diego and Palm Desert, Blue Steam Tile & Stone covers all of Southern California. They offer free estimates and guarantee all of their work in writing. You can give them a call at 800-781-0648. Your new floor is just a phone call away. H Before After




Is Your Attic Infested?
The Facts About Rodent Cleanup and Decontamination everything—cleaning, decontamination, insulation removal, and proofing. Cleanup. First, your attic will be evaluated. Then, by using a HEPA filter vacuum, a healthy environment is maintained while removing everything and the possibility of air contamination is eliminated. Decontamination. After rodents and droppings are removed, parasites and diseases are not eliminated and will search for a new home— you, a family member, or a pet. It’s crucial to decontaminate and free your attic of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew, and more. Once thoroughly vacuumed, the entire attic is fogged using a state-of-the-art Atomist Electric Fogger utilizing an earth-friendly product, BioShield, that contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents. Insulation removal. Whether your insulaMOST PEOPLE ARE NOT AWARE THAT ALMOST EVERY HOME HAS HAD A RODENT INFESTATION AT SOME POINT. From roof rats and raccoons to birds and opossums, your attic may serve as a home for an assortment of critters. Dust, allergens, and rat droppings are just a few examples of things that may be hidden in your attic, not to mention the damage that can be caused to the structure of your home. You might be exposing yourself and your family to bacteria and viruses without even realizing it. In order to prevent further infestation and protect your health, simple pest control is not going to do the trick. The solution is a complete process that includes

tion is simply old, your attic is covered in debris, or your home is suffering from a major infestation, insulation replacement will bring you many benefits. All new insulation installed is rated at R-30, and a variety of different kinds including batt and blow-in are available. Afterwards, you will have a clean attic that’s completely safe. Proofing. It’s vital to find out how rodents have gotten into your home and seal each and every entry point to keep them out permanently. Rats are nimble creatures, and it takes very experienced professionals to get this job done right. Serving all of Southern California, Attic Guys gained over 10 years experience in pest control before specializing in rat cleanup and exclusive rodent contamination services. If you have any kind of infestation or would like to have your home evaluated, you can call Attic Guys for a free estimate at 949-585-9300.





Forget How Beautiful Your Pool Tile Once Was?

Protect Your Investment With Pool Tile Cleaning


hen you spent the extra money on the beautiful pool tiling that added that extra, artistic element to your pool design, you may not have expected or planned for the natural effects pool water has on most surfaces—the calcium buildup and other deposits that deceptively make your pool tile look prematurely old and less attractive than it once was. For a fraction of the price of replacement, BEFORE


AFTER you can get rid of that buildup in about an hour and a half with a safe, quick and efficient process, which is not only effective on tile, but also brick, coping, natural and artificial rock, flagstone, quartz and Pebble Tec. This process does not require that your pool be emptied. The water level is simply lowered six inches and then environmentally safe glass beads are sprayed on the surface at low pressure to ensure that no damage is done to the tile or surface being cleaned. After the cleaning is complete, the glass beads and buildup, which has sunk to the bottom of the pool, are vacuumed up, the water level is returned to normal, and the surrounding area is cleaned, leaving you with swim-ready water and the beautiful tile/stone you used to have. To prevent any disruption in your personal schedule, it is not necessary for you to be home for this service to be performed. All the top quality tools of the trade are self contained and mobile in a trailer. When considering a company to return the surfaces of your pool to their original beauty, you should look for one that is the leader in the pool tile cleaning industry, not only for the extensive amount of pools serviced but also for their dedication to customer service. A company that has professional relationships with other companies in the pool service field, that allows no inconvenience to your life and home, and has no long waitlist for pool servicing will make the experience painless and satisfying. The quality of your water determines how quickly calcium and other deposits accumulate on the surfaces of your pool. On average it can be as soon as six months to a year. To keep your tile and other surfaces looking nice after you have had them serviced, you can have them maintained for a reduced rate, so the extensive buildup does not take over your pool again. If you have forgotten how beautiful your pool tile and other surfaces were when they were new, you can contact Precision Pool Tile Cleaning at 1 (888) 300-TILE (8453); or visit them online at




Judge Our Quality By The Company We Keep

Visit our showroom and you’ll find only top quality names. In hand-crafted cabinetry, top of the line appliances and fixtures. An excellent indication of the level of quality we’ll bring to your kitchen or bath remodel. I Kitchen & Bath Displays I Complete Services from Professional Design to Expert Installation



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Vergola Open–Full Shade

Vergola open for full sun

A Remarkable, Unique

Patio Opening Roof System
Adapts to the Weather, or Your Mood


he Vergola Opening Roof System is constructed of color bond steel louvers that rotate from completely closed to 155° open, by use of a small motor. It is safe to use and incredibly easy to operate. The motor is powered by being connected to 110 volts main supply. A portable-remote controls the operation of the louvers. Rain sensors are standard to close the louvers during periods of bad weather. Each Vergola unit is also equipped with a control box to adjust the position of the louvers several times a day for optimal protection and ventilation. The Vergola offers many benefits, including: Versatility. It can be built as a patio roof or commercial cover, or to cover a swimming pool. It can also be installed flat, pitched, or used vertically as a privacy screen.

Heat control. The slim louvers can be positioned during winter months to cast the sun’s natural warmth into rooms to save on energy costs. During the summer, they can be moved to block direct sunlight to protect your home from unwanted solar heating. Light control. With the push of a button, the louvers can be moved to give the desired amount of light into your residence. This is a great way to naturally illuminate work or living areas while cutting back on power consumption. Ventilation. During the summer months, a place in the shade is where you want to be. The Vergola provides this by angling the louvers to a partially open position. Even in light rain, the louvers can be left partially open and the water will drain away in the contours of the louver. Rain protection. The Vergola Opening Roof System has a uniquely designed louver

that provides complete overlap to help prevent rain penetration. Shade control. You can also control the amount of shade needed. The amount of heat and light can be varied for work or relaxation. For those with sensitive skin or those concerned about health risks associated with sun exposure, the Vergola is an ideal solution. Full light can be enjoyed without direct sunlight. Imagine being able to control heat on your patio at the touch of a button. With the Vergola system, you can enjoy the outdoors year-round and worry-free. For more information or a demonstration of the Vergola Opening Roof System, you can visit the 5,000 square foot showroom of All-Pro Remodeling at 706 North Tustin Street in Orange, (714) 288-1314. You can also visit their website at

Lighting & Textured Ceilings with Just One Call

4-6' Lights, Refinish Drywall, Newly Textured Ceiling.
(Crown Molding Not Included)

All this for only



• Light & Shadow Throughout Your Home • Reflect Your Style

References Available 20 Years Experience

• Custom Textures Applied • Wide Range of Texture Choices • Int/Ext Painting • Friendly, Professional & Experienced Staff

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The Skylight Pergola Awning Open

Beauty, Comfort, and Ease

The Skylight Pergola Awning Closed


The Secret to Stylish Climate Control

Installing retractable awnings can also help improve the energy efficiency of your home. You can reduce air conditioning costs and hen intense heat and glare keep you from enjoying fading of furnishings in the summer with an awning that blocks your outdoor space, you start to feel trapped inside undesirable heat and ultraviolet light. During the cold winter months, your air conditioned home. Don’t let the sun drive having the ability to retract your awnings allows the warmth of you indoors and make you miss out on the sun to enter the home and keeps heating The Continental Patio Awning Open outdoor activities with family and costs down. friends. You can take back your Awnings come in a wide variety of shapes outdoor space with European-style and sizes, and can be made for many differretractable awnings made in the ent applications. You can opt for a motorized U.S.A. awning or a manual crank, and hardware is These attractive awnings are offered in anodized aluminum, white, beige, available for patios, windows, lattice or dark bronze finishes. Designer fabrics for covers, sunrooms, and other the awnings can be acrylic or high-tech applications. They can help increase see-through mesh fabric available in hunyour comfort and enjoyment of your dreds of colors and patterns to best suit your home and yard. home and personal style. Patios, picture windows, sunrooms, and other areas of your home As with any type of movable equipment, durability and trouble-free tend to gather heat and glare, making these areas difficult to enjoy, performance are important. Retractable awnings should be made from especially in the hot summer months. Retractable awnings are easy to top quality aluminum castings and extrusions, and be offered with an use and can be opened or closed as needed, allowing you to control excellent warranty. temperature and light to increase comfort. Retractable patio awnings are available in projections of 5’3” to 13’ and widths of 6’6” to 40’ and beyond. The retractable window awning is available in projections of 1’6” to 4’ and widths of 3’ to 15’. Retractable, roll-up, vertical systems and skylight/pergola awnings designed to mount on top of lattice structures or sunrooms are also available. For more information about high-quality awnings like the SunTamer ® line of retractable awnings, you can contact Alpha Productions, Inc. at 800-223-0883, or visit them at Alpha Productions’ products have been made in the U.S.A. since 1978. They design, manufacture, and install The Continental Patio Awning Closed all of their products.



Now, You Can Have Your Very Own Treehouse Complete with its own tree.


magine having your very own treehouse ready to be enjoyed by your entire family. This unique clubhouse is authentic to the core... the log a real, old fallen tree, actually hollowed out using a chainsaw. And the charming house that jauntily crowns it is made from old, recycled barn wood. Armed with the acceptable password, simply enter the door in the hollow log, climb up the ladder in its center, and pull yourself through the trap door in the clubhouse floor. Just as no two trees are exactly alike, each house is a unique creation. The recycled barn wood varies as well, with colors that range from old barn-red to a natural, weathered look. Although each differ, they’re all extraordinary... and extraordinarily fun! The standard reaches about 14’ tall, with logs about 5’ in diameter and 6’ tall. It’s a snug fit, but a large adult can easily climb inside and stand straight up in the middle with room to spare. Standard options include a front porch, fireman’s escape pole, flip down loft bed, rope swing extending from the side of the log, a roof dormer on one or both sides, and a slide coming out of the back of the clubhouse. Nothing is more exciting than the challenge of a custom order, though! So clear out the cobwebs and stir your imagination. If

you can describe it, they can build it! The treehouse can be shipped anywhere in the country and comes in two units: the clubhouse, and the log. Installation services are available and lead time runs between 6-8 weeks. For more information on The Ultimate Treehouse, you can call (888) 612-7400 x 307, visit, or email [email protected]. A child’s dream, it’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

• •

3 panels, 1/4” mirror Two 4” beveled mirrors over laid at seams • Ground floor, installed • Extra charge for taller walls, woodwork and cutouts { 8’ w x 8’ h: $649 } { 10’ w x 8’ h: $749 }



CALL NOW AT: 1-800-MIR-O-WALL • 1-800-647-6925 •




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Why Bring Your Dog to Daycare?
THE MORE WE UNDERSTAND ABOUT OUR BELOVED CANINE COMPANIONS, THE HARDER IT IS TO LEAVE THEM HOME ALONE EVERY DAY WHILE WE ARE AT WORK AND PLAY. Many people will have a dog before they have children (or instead of children) and many will have a dog long after their children have left home. A dog is less likely to be seen as just a dog than as a member of the family. We would like to think of Fido having fun rather than sitting in a crate or tearing up the house while we are gone—and, while we love our dogs, we also like the occasional night off from playing ball or going for a mile-long walk. It can be taxing at times to come home after a hard day's work—and an often lengthy commute—only to find Fido hyper and ready to romp and play for an hour when all you want to do is kick off your shoes and relax. Occasional trips to your local camp may mean a night or two of rest and relaxation with a dog that is more apt to snuggle than drop a ball at your feet every ten seconds. Others are using daycare as a way to feel better about working all day and having the occasional night out—leave Fido at daycare while you are at work, and he will be more than happy to sleep at home while you go out to dinner. It is true that a tired dog is a well-behaved dog. For people who need a couple nights away or even a week’s vacation, but are hesitant about asking friends and family to take care of their pooch, some doggy daycares provide boarding as well with webcams so you can see that your pooch is safe, having fun, and getting lots of exercise. For more information on how to get excellent daycare or boarding services for your dog, you can call Camp Bow Wow Anaheim at (714) 533-2267 or visit




Your Pool Safety Solution

License # 663809


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en and women today are far more health and beauty conscience than ever before. Because of this, the quest for recapturing youth in terms of health and appearance is relentless and widespread. Every industry involved in health and beauty is trying to provide what the public desires by developing products and techniques that may be the answer to the proverbial fountain of youth. We see this every day with advertisements for cosmetics that reverse the wrinkling effect on the face, gym equipment that will give you the six pack you’ve always wanted, and a variety of plastic surgeries that will rejuvenate virtually any part of your body. There is now an overwhelming responsibility for the public to discern which of these modalities will best solve their health and beauty deficiency. This also leads to the question of whether or not these products or services are being administered by a qualified and adequately trained professional. Cosmetic dentistry falls into the abovementioned techniques in that there are several new materials, treatments, and pieces of equipment available today that include porcelain veneers, tooth-colored restorations, Wearable Smile Design™, and digital technology. Innovative tools like these can correct most every dental cosmetic and health deficiency that one may suffer from.

With the assistance of the media (TV shows such as “Extreme Makeover,” for example), the public is becoming aware of what is available in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Because of these new contemporary aesthetic dental therapies and the public’s awareness of what is attainable, there has been a tremendous increase in patients seeking out different dental cosmetic procedures. The dental community now has a responsibility to acquire the proper training and knowledge of these newer treatments, materials, and technologies before they treat patients seeking cosmetic dentistry. The majority of dentists who are providing their patients with cosmetic dentistry at a better-than-average level have completed some form of continued education in the field of contemporary aesthetic dentistry. It becomes a serious problem for both the patient and the dentist when a patient has a cosmetic problem and their expectations are not met after treatment. However, unlike the field of plastic surgery in medicine, there is no state or national certification in the field of cosmetic dentistry. As a result, any dentist is allowed to market that they are a “cosmetic dentist.” This becomes a serious dilemma because the general public has no barometer or standard to determine if

the dentist that they are seeing is qualified in providing aesthetic dentistry at an acceptable level. Several organizations and private schools cater to cosmetic dentistry whereby dentists can gain continuing education and clinical experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry. One such organization, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), also provides an accreditation certification for those dentists who complete and pass a rigorous examination process in the field of cosmetic dentistry. To date, there are about 7,000 members in the AACD and about 275 who have attained accredited status. For those seeking out a cosmetic dentist who can provide the latest in cosmetic dentistry at a superior level, one can go to the AACD website,, to locate either an accredited member or a general member in their community. For more information on choosing a cosmetic dentist or for any other dental cosmetic procedures, you can contact Dr. Jack Ringer, DDS at 714-974-0313 or visit Dr. Jack Ringer, who has appeared on the national TV show “The Doctors,” is an accredited member of the AACD and can help you get that perfect smile! H



Prices were quoted over the phone and are subject to change. Miller's quoted $30 extra per room for truck mounted units, so we estimated an average. All companies quoted have been in business over 25 years. Coit, Sears, and Quality Carpet offer a 30–day guarantee and routinely do all 5 steps. Sears and Quality Carpet use residue—free green cleaning products.

Actual Avg. Cost–6 areas $180.00

Company Name Miller's Carpet Care Coit

Vacuuming Extra Included Included

Spotting Extra

Agitation Extra Included Included Included Included

Steam Clean Included Included Included Included Included

Finish Touches Included Included Included Included Included

Company Phone Number 800-559-9090 800-367-2648 800-675-7768 800-400-9404 800-935-4488

Quality Carpet Cleaning, Inc. Stanley Steemer Sears Carpet and Upholstery Care

Included Included Included Included

$234.00 $149.00 $224.00 $230.00

Not Available Included

Evaluation: Based on information above, only Sears and Quality Carpet do all the proper steps and use green cleaning products. Since Quality Carpet also has the lowest price, it gets my BEST BUY recommendation on all counts.


Wash and Wax to Go:
Mobile Detailing is the Answer


obile auto detailing companies will service your car at your home and of course, bring every piece of equipment they need along with them. Talk about convenient. Detailing a car is more than simply washing it. The best detailers begin by washing the car by hand. After the car has been professionally detailed and protective coatings applied, soapless washes are then preferred to preserve the car’s finish. Waxing to remove minor scratches, oxidation, and embedded dirt followed by an application of a teflon-type coating is the important next step. Since this special Teflon coating fills in minor ridges, when polished the finish looks like glass with a definite high gloss and added color depth. Applied twice a year, this Teflon coating helps the glossy shine stay year round, serves to protect the car and makes overall maintenance a snap. To apply wax and Teflon coating more effectively, professional detailers change buffing pads several times while working on the car. By doing this, rocks and grit are not allowed to gather in the pads only to be ground back onto the finish.

As a result of their smaller, more personalized service, quality mobile care detailing companies can offer Teflon car coating at tremendous savings when compared to car dealers’ costs. Rubber dressing of all rubber seals and tires happens next. Make sure the detailer you hire uses a non-silicone based rubber dressing, as dressings with silicone tend to cause the rubber to crack and wear out. A complete car detailing appointment can include as little or as much as your car needs. Exterior detailing includes washing, waxing, application of a teflon-type protective coating, and an application of a rubber dressing to the exterior rubber items only. Interior and exterior car detailing includes all the exterior detailing items plus shampooing the interior carpets, dressing all interior rubber parts and door jams, and cleaning or conditioning every part of the interior. A quality mobile car detailing service in your area is Wally’s Mobile Auto Detailing. You can call toll free at 1-888-527-3430 or email them at [email protected]

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2 Nights + Bath for $99.00
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Why Socialize

Your Dog?
Having a well-behaved dog is important to most of us who share our homes and our lives with a canine companion. As obedience classes, puppy play times, dog day cares, dog parks, and other dog-oriented activities (on- and off-leash) become more prevalent and popular, the idea of a well-socialized dog has gained in popularity as well...
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“I wouldn’t consider purchasing or having my vehicle serviced at any other place!”

Feel Empowered and Part of the Exclusive Family When You Go See Ron Erickson!
Mercedes-Benz and Lexus owners: have a cost-effective alternative right down the road You at Exclusive Motors near Lakeview and La Palma at 1961 E. Miraloma Ave., Suite A.


on Erickson, owner and operator of Exclusive Motors, began his career in 1980 as a ser vice tech at local Mercedes dealers. He saw enough unnecessary inflation of pricing, lack of dedication to the job, and the need for

additional customer service. Hence, in 1988 he opened his own independent service facility—Exclusive Motors. Ron cares truly about his customers and his 20-year outstanding reputation is a testimony to his commitment to service. “When you trust me with your vehicle,

I treat it like my own,” says Ron. He personally inspects every vehicle that comes in, whether for one of his value-priced maintenance service packages or for a repair. Additionally, he backs up his service with an unheard of two-year or 24,000-mile warranty!

"When I take my vehicle in for service. I know I am getting exactly what I ordered and not a sales pitch or 'scare' pitch intended to sell me what I don't need. Ron, my hats off to you and your team there!" Kent Watanabe - Irvine

Compare These Prices to Those at the Dealer
Call Shelli at 714-524-7071 to Book Your Appointment!
Mercedes-Benz A Service—Factory-approved oil and filter change (synthetic oil/fleece filter). Inspect all fluids, brakes, and rotate tires. Safety inspect vehicle and reset FSS counter........................................................................ Only $120.00 Mercedes-Benz B Service—Factory-approved oil and filter change (synthetic oil/fleece filter). Inspect all fluids, brakes, and rotate tires. Inspect cooling and brake fluid system and air filter. Replace interior dust filter. Safety inspect vehicle and reset service indicator..........................................................................Only $195.00 Lexus 5,000 Mile Service—Safety inspect vehicle and reset FSS Counter. ...................................................................................................Only $68.00 Lexus 15,000 Mile Service—Factory-approved oil and filter change. Complete safety inspection. Inspect all fluids, brakes, and rotate tires. Inspect air filter. Drain and refill transmission fluid. Service differential. Reset service indicator. .................................................................................................Only $275.00 Lexus 30,000 Mile Service—Factory-approved oil and filter change. Complete safety inspection. Inspect all fluids, brakes, and rotate tires. Replace air filter. Drain and refill transmission and differential fluid. Inspect coolant systems for leaks and replace coolant. Service brake fluid. Reset service indicator..............Only $475.00

For First-Time Customers!
Mention this ad and receive a $100 gift certificate good for labor on your vehicle.
Limit one per customer.


First-timers—use your $100 OFF on any above package!

Exclusive Motors • 1961 E. Miraloma Ave., Suite A • Placentia, CA 92870 • 714-524-7071

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