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Wilhelm Reich
Orgone Energy, and UFOs
By Peter Robbins © 2011 All of Wilhelm Reich’s many books begin with this particular quotation: !o"e# work an$ knowle$ge are the wellsprings of our !ife% &hey shoul$ also go"ern it%' &his lecture is $e$icate$ to li"ing that i$ea% (t is fair to say that the past century saw more scientific a$"ances than any prece$ing it% )ut perhaps its most important single# unifie$ bo$y of scientific knowle$ge remains its most contro"ersial% &he common functioning principle unifying this science# which its pioneering foun$er# *r% Wilhelm Reich# name$ orgonomy# is the stu$y of how energy functions in the li"ing an$ the non+ li"ing realms% ,rgonomy offers us groun$breaking applications in fiel$s as $i"erse as biology# psychology# meteorology# cancer research# sociology# human se-uality# chil$ rearing# political science an$ ufology# among other areas of stu$y% )ut orgonomy was not well recei"e$ into the times it was born% .ome of its key fin$ings challenge$ the basic precepts an$ physical laws our e-isting scientific or$er is built upon# while its bio+energetically base$ critique of mystical an$ mechanical thinking woul$ ha"e ma$e it anathema to the ma/ority of people in Western culture% .o# it shoul$ not surprise anyone to learn that orgonomy has been ignore$# $istorte$# attacke$ an$ confoun$e$ since it was first co$ifie$# by both the scientific mainstream an$ by establishment thinking% &he percei"e$ threat it represente$ was so pronounce$ $uring the 0isenhower A$ministration# that more than eight tons of Reich’s har$co"er books# monographs an$ other original literature were consigne$ to go"ernment incinerators because bureaucrats at the 1e$eral *rug A$ministration ha$ targete$ him as a me$ical frau$% &his# to the best of our knowle$ge# without e"er ha"ing attempte$ to replicate any of his publishe$ e-periments + the pre"ailing thinking being: Why bother2 3e was a quack%' *uring his lifetime *r% Wilhelm Reich was the target of attacks from both the right an$ the left4 but his work an$ his fin$ings were especially re"ile$ by uncomprehen$ing liberals# communists an$ acti"e .o"iet agents# who

more than un$erstoo$ the $anger his work represente$ to their cause# especially as articulate$ in such books as The Mass Psychology of Fascism% Reich’s blasts at .o"iet+style communism ha"e often been $ismisse$ as the paranoi$ $elusions of a great min$ finally unhinge$# but we can confirm that such obser"ations were hyper accurate# an$ some e"en prophetic% )ut it was Reich’s acceptance of 51,s as a physical reality that $ealt his professional reputation its most stunning blow% When you stu$y the progression of his scientific work an$ thinking# it becomes ob"ious that his in"estigation into the phenomenon was merely the logical e-tension of a common functioning principle that ha$ gui$e$ him throughout his almost forty years in professional life4 that is# how energy functions in the li"ing an$ non+li"ing realm% 6onetheless# one of ufology’s most significant chapters continues to remain one of its least known: in the early nineteen fifties Reich $e"elope$ the clou$+buster# a simple yet effecti"e apparatus which# when properly employe$# was capable of altering weather patterns in the surroun$ing atmosphere% 7ore# some of these weather mo$ification operations attracte$ 51,s + first o"er southern 7aine in 189:# then abo"e Ari;ona in 189<% ,n *ecember 1< of that year# this series of clou$+busting operations culminate$ in what can only be characteri;e$ as a battle' in the skies o"er &ucson% Wil$ as these allegations may soun$# they were well $ocumente$ an$ multiple+witnesse$% What were the scientific $ynamics that allowe$ such a $ecepti"ely simple apparatus to alter entire weather fronts2 An$ why $i$ this acti"ity seem to attract the appearance of 51,s2 What were the $ocumente$ specifics of his contacts with the 5nite$ .tates Air 1orce# an$ of his relationship with Albert 0instein2 (s there any reason to suspect that 7=+12 was aware of + or intereste$ in > Reich’s work2 An$ are there any realistic reasons to suspect foul play in his $eath2 &his paper $raws from a number of printe$# archi"al an$ human sources ?all [email protected]# inclu$ing correspon$ence with A%.% 6eil an$ Albert 0instein4 Reich’s final book# Contact With Space4 an$ Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War# by my frien$ an$ colleague =im 7artin# who is also foun$er of 1latlan$ )ooks% ( am also in$ebte$ to Reich biographer *r% 7yron .charaf# an$ to Reich’s long+time first assistant# *r% 0lsworth 1% )aker# for ha"ing taken the time an$ for ha"ing ha$ the patience to answer many of my questions%

=erome 0$en was an author# e$ucator an$ ufologist# an$ use$ to refer to 51,s as the i$iot chil$ of the me$ia% (f this characteri;ation is accurate# an$ many of us woul$ maintain that it is# then ( respectfully submit that the truth about *r% Reich’s 51,+relate$ obser"ations# fin$ings an$ conclusions are the i$iot chil$ of ufology% &he intention of this paper is to help familiari;e the rea$er with the specifics of this remarkable episo$e in Aost+War 3istory% &o best appreciate this account# howe"er# it is important that we "iew it in some conte-t% 7ore# that we ha"e a basic un$erstan$ing of how Reich came to arri"e at that quietly historic moment in 189: when he first pointe$ a series of long metal pipes at an unknown ob/ect high abo"e his rural 7aine property an$ obser"e$ that the ob/ect reacte$ as a $irect result# then upon re+ aiming# react again# an$ again% Background Wilhelm Reich was born in the Austro+3ungarian 0mpire in 1B8C% 3is father was a stern go"ernment bureaucrat# his artistic mother# was a piano teacher% Willi' an$ his brother Robert grew up on the family’s rural estate obser"ing nature an$ natural+functioning first han$ on a $aily basis4 an$ both recei"e$ e$ucations from pri"ate tutors% (n 181<# the )alkans erupte$ in flames# an$ o"er the ne-t four years Worl$ War ,ne swept the empire an$ the rest of ol$ 0urope into obli"ion% Reich ser"e$ with $istinction as an artillery officer in the Austro+3ungarian Army until war’s en$% With all of the family’s property an$ hol$ings "apori;e$ in the empire’s $efeat# Reich ma$e his way to Dienna where he enrolle$ me$ical school# supporting himself as a tutor for the $uration of his stu$ies% Reich was $rawn to Dienna in part because of his intense interest in the pioneering work of *r% .igmun$ 1reu$% 1ollowing his gra$uation from me$ical school he became a pupil of 1reu$’s# then went on to work as 1reu$’s assistant for the ne-t si- years% &hey parte$ ways in 1828 when Reich# after much clinical work an$ obser"ation in the early psychoanalytic tra$ition# presente$ case fin$ings to 1reu$ supporting his "iew that literally all human neurosis were# at the $eepest le"els# roote$ in some form of se-ual $ysfunction# a ra$ical notion for Dictorian Dienna an$ mental health professionals of the 1820s% 1reu$ an$ his followers belie"e$ that many neuroses ha$ a se-ual basis# but certainly not all of them% Reich’s ra$ical "iew that the social problems of in$i"i$uals an$ go"ernments were caught up in the $ynamics of se-ual repression estrange$ him from his analyst colleagues% Reich’s $eparture from the 1reu$ian ranks create$ a backlash of

resentment an$ the origin of the myth of his mental instability% After all# why else woul$ he ha"e split with the great 1reu$2 &he rumormongering an$ the innuen$o begun by former psychoanalytic colleagues woul$ follow him for the remain$er of his life% (t was about 182C when Reich first became in"ol"e$ with the Austrian Eommunist Aarty# his intention being to marry the re"olutionary mission of their alrea$y+e-isting mental health clinics to those of healthy se-ual functioning for workers% 3ere# responsible se-+ e$ucation an$ contracepti"es were freely $isseminate$% &he popularity of these .e-pol' [email protected] clinics e-ten$e$ into Germany an$ then the .o"iet 5nion# an$# for a time# they were allowe$ to thri"e% 7uch to the $isappointment an$ upset of the communists# howe"er# se-ually healthy workers an$ party members ten$e$ to put their personal happiness an$ goals abo"e those of the party# a tra"esty that coul$ not be allowe$ to stan$: by 18:< Reich ha$ been e-pelle$ from the Eommunist Aarty# their rationale for his e-pulsion being that# yes# the once+brilliant young scientist was now manifesting symptoms of insanity% &he essence of his allege$ mental illness is reflecte$ in this ob"iously unhinge$ statement: &his is what ( am fighting for: the pre"ention of emotional human misery by the establishment of a normal an$ natural + that is# orgastically satisfying + human life in the masses of people%' &o any group or in$i"i$ual intent on controlling the li"es an$ thoughts of others# these are the wor$s of a truly $angerous man% &he party ne"er forga"e him this tra"esty an$ efforts to $amage his reputation an$ impugn his work became commonplace from 18:< on% !ater that year# Reich immigrate$ to .can$ina"ia% 3ere he continue$ with his e-periments an$ therapeutic practice with a core group of colleagues# $e"oting much of his e-perimental work an$ stu$y to the $ynamics of cancer formation% 3is outstan$ing books The Impulsive Character# Character nalysis# People In Trou!le# The Mass Psychology of Fascism an$ The Cancer Biopathy all came out of this perio$% Reich immigrate$ to the 5nite$ .tates in 18:8 an$ was in"ite$ to /oin the faculty of 6ew Hork Eity’s 6ew .chool for .ocial Research the following year% 3e settle$ in 1orest 3ills# a then+quiet $istrict in the )orough of Iueens where he went into pri"ate practice# wrote# an$ refine$ his character analytic therapy# or me$ical orgone therapy as it became known% 0nergetic functioning in people was now his primary interest an$ his key efforts were $irecte$ towar$ $issol"ing the chronic muscular contractions of his patients: this human armoring' ser"e$ to block natural feeling an$ hol$ neurotic beha"ior in place%

The "rgone #nergy ccumulator (t was $uring this time that he $isco"ere$ the specifically biological energy that he calle$ orgone# an$ a $ecepti"ely simple therapeutic an$ e-perimental $e"ice that coul$ concentrate the energy an$ allow it to be measure$ in a laboratory setting% 3e name$ it the orgone energy accumulator# or ,RAE% &hinking in$i"i$uals in many cultures ha$ long pon$ere$ this energy% 0arly 3in$u te-ts referre$ to it as the Arana#' while Dictorians name$ it the ether#' but the former ten$e$ to mystify the concept while the latter mechani;e$ it% &he si;e of the accumulators Reich an$ his associates constructe$ o"er the years "arie$# from that of a small bo- up to a large room% 3owe"er# the ,RAE most people are familiar with was $esigne$ to hol$ a single person an$ was about the si;e of a small phone booth% A properly constructe$ accumulator is ma$e up of alternating layers of organic an$ inorganic material4 steel wool an$ fiberboar$ were foun$ to be i$eal for the purpose% &he non+metallic [email protected] material ten$s to attract an$ hol$ the atmospheric energy# while the metal ?inorg[email protected] also attracts the energy# but unable to absorb it# rapi$ly reflects the energy% .imply put# the accumulator works on the basis of what Reich terme$ the orgonomic potential% &hat is# unlike the con"entional energy systems we are accustome$ to thinking in terms of# i%e%: electromagnetic energy mo"es from the stronger system ?the [email protected] to the weaker + orgone energy flows from the weaker system to the stronger one% .itting in an accumulator has a most percei"able result for many# inclu$ing myself% &he weaker energy fiel$ ra$iating from the inner layer [email protected] is $rawn to the stronger fiel$ of the in$i"i$ual insi$e% &he flow of the fiel$ is e-perience$ as a warming or tingling sensation% An in$i"i$ual with a naturally high energetic charge may begin to feel uncomfortable fairly quickly# possibly e-periencing some $i;;iness# or the sensation of some pressure in the hea$% Any such feelings quickly $issipate when you e-it% A person with a low energy charge# howe"er# can remain in an accumulator much longer while feeling little if any $ifference% &he number of layers use$ in the $e"ice’s construction contributes to its relati"e power4 the more layers# the higher the energetic potential% *epen$ing on the person# effects can be felt within a few minutes% A small accumulator can be use$ to germinate plant see$s at an accelerate$ rate while a slightly mo$ifie$ "ersion spee$s the healing time of woun$s an$ burns% ( speak here from many well+ $ocumente$ user an$ in"estigati"e accounts# as well as from personal e-perience% &herapeutically# sitting in an ,RAE has an e-pansi"e effect on

the organism# especially in terms of the bloo$ "essels% (t also increases the bio+energetic le"el of the person un$ergoing the e-perience by charging the tissues an$ the bloo$% &here is no set or prescribe$ length of time for its use# though fifteen minutes to half an hour once or twice a $ay is not an unusual routine% Reich perse"ere$ with e-periments $esigne$ to isolate an$ confirm the reality of orgone energy# but# aware of the contro"ersy the announcement of such a $isco"ery might create# he continue$ to "erify his fin$ings without fanfare or public acknowle$gement% ,ne of the e-periments was calculate$ to measure the heat insi$e an ,RAE an$ compare it with the temperature insi$e a control bo-% &he e-periment was name$ &o+& ?& oh minus &@% Reich an$ his colleagues obser"e$ that a change in the atmosphere woul$ alter the temperature $ifferential# an$ &o+& is a reliable pre$ictor of changes in the weather% (f there is a con"entional e-planation for this temperature $ifferential# one that can be $emonstrate$ un$er laboratory con$itions# ( am not aware of it% The #instein ffair (n late *ecember 18<0# Reich sent a carefully wor$e$ letter about his work to Albert 0instein% &he letter# written in German# sai$# in part: .e"eral years ago ( $isco"ere$ a specific biological energy which in many ways beha"es $ifferently from anything that is known about electromagnetic energy% &he matter is too complicate$ an$ soun$s too improbable to be e-plaine$ clearly in a brief letter% ( can only in$icate that ( ha"e e"i$ence that the energy# which ( ha"e calle$ orgone# e-ists not only in li"ing organisms# but also in the soil an$ in the atmosphere4 it is "isible an$ can be concentrate$ an$ measure$ ?emphasis [email protected]# an$ ( am using it with some success in research on cancer therapy%' &he physicist respon$e$ by letter si- $ays later# apparently intrigue$ enough to in"ite Reich to $emonstrate the e-istence of this energy in person% &he meeting was arrange$ through 0instein’s secretary+assistant# 3elen *ukas# an$ set for =anuary 1:# 18<1% &he two men met for more than four hours that afternoon to $iscuss Reich’s work an$ fin$ings% 3e ha$ brought se"eral e-perimental $e"ices with him to $emonstrate his fin$ings# an$ 0instein obser"e$ the glowing orgone energy for himself through a laboratory apparatus $esigne$ for that purpose% .eemingly unwilling to belie"e his own eyes# the great physicist acknowle$ge$ the $eci$e$ glow# but refuse$ to rule out what he $escribe$ as

the sub/ecti"e element%' (t was towar$ the en$ of their meeting that Reich tol$ 0instein of the measurable heat create$ insi$e the ,RAE% Eon"ersation then shifte$ to the implications of such a $isco"ery# something not lost on either scientist% Reich note$ in his $iary that 0instein’s reaction ha$ been: &hat is impossible% .houl$ this be true# it woul$ be a great bomb ?to [email protected]%' An un$erstan$able reaction# gi"en that the heat $ifferential that ha$ been repeate$ly obser"e$ by Reich an$ his assistants $uring &o+& "iolate$ the .econ$ !aw of &hermo$ynamics + that is# that equal "olumes ten$ to equali;e in temperature% (n anticipation of the meeting Reich ha$ note$ in his $iary: ,rgone constitutes the Jfiel$’ that 0instein is searching for% 0lectricity# magnetism# gra"itation# etc%# $epen$ on its functions%' 0instein wante$ to "erify this temperature $ifferential for himself# an$ Reich returne$ to Arinceton the following week to $eli"er the necessary equipment% We $o not know what 0instein wrote about this meeting# or about Reich% Author =im 7artin note$ that 0instein’s archi"es ne"er respon$e$ to any of his information requests# making them the only archi"e to ignore a research inquiry $uring the preparation of his book# Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War% (t is fair to say that in 18<1 Albert 0instein was the best+known scientist in the worl$4 he ha$ been so since his &heory of General Relati"ity first began to make worl$wi$e scientific news in 1818% 0instein arri"e$ in America from Germany in 18::# along with his assistant an$ secretary 3elen *ukas% While the 1)( was aware of the physicist’s left+leaning sympathies# they strongly suspecte$ 7s% *ukas of being an acti"e asset of .o"iet intelligence since at least 1828% )oth 7s% *ukas an$ *r% 0instein were put un$er fairly close obser"ation by the 1)( from the time that they entere$ this country% ?&he 1)( woul$ soon begin to buil$ a huge file on Reich as [email protected]% .ur"eillance increase$ following his /oining other physicists in signing a secret letter $ate$ *ecember :0# 18<0 a$"ising Aresi$ent Roose"elt to authori;e $e"elopment of an atomic bomb pro/ect# this as the Germans might be mo"ing ahea$ on /ust such a "enture ?they [email protected]% 0instein spent a week con$ucting an$ stu$ying &o+&# an$ on 1ebruary C wrote Reich that he ha$ confirme$ ?an$ [email protected] that the accumulator registere$ an a"erage 0%:+0%< $egree temperature [email protected] higher than the control bo-# confirming Reich’s assertion# an$ the obser"ations of numerous others of the past si-ty years% )ut then one of 0instein’s assistants offere$ a simple e-planation% &he $ifferential was cause$ by con"ection' + that is# the $ifference between the air temperatures un$er an$ abo"e the table the

accumulator ha$ been place$ on: 0instein ha$ set one bo- on a table an$ suspen$e$ another in the air% 3e close$ the letter# ( hope this [email protected] will awaken your sense of skepticism# so that you will not allow yourself to be $ecei"e$ by an illusion that can be easily e-plaine$% Alease ha"e someone pick up your instruments# since they are of some "alue% &hey are un$amage$% With frien$ly greetings# A% 0instein%' .tung# Reich wrote back imploring 0instein to re+con$uct the e-periment# but this time following the strict protocols $e"ise$ to eliminate such a false e-planation% Reich e"en $escribes his ha"ing repeate$ly an$ successfully con$ucting &o+& with both bo-es burie$ un$ergroun$# thus eliminating any possibility of con"ection#' but 0instein woul$ hear none of it% Reich thought it as memorable that 0instein ha$ been so willing to accept the first rationale that ha$ come along# as his e-pressing no interest in re+con$ucting the e-periment un$er more controlle$ con$itions% &he letter en$e$ with a mo"ing plea for some respect an$ consi$eration# but no $irect response was e"er forthcoming% We $o not know if 0instein e"en saw this letter: at the time# all of his mail woul$ ha"e been screene$ by 3elen *ukas# who may ha"e ha$ her own reasons for not wanting 0instein to confirm Reich’s fin$ings% !etters from Reich an$ his colleagues# an$ 0instein an$ his assistants continue$ to change han$s o"er the ne-t few years# but no resol"e was e"er achie"e$% =im 7artin writes in Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War: Reich’s letter to 0instein in response to Jcon"ection’ is the most eloquent e-ample of scientific $ialogue ( ha"e e"er rea$% (n$ee$# Reich’s $escription of the issues in"ol"e$# the e-perimental protocols to test the ob/ection# an$ the $esign of new e-periments to she$ light on the question# so inspire$ me when ( first rea$ The #instein ffair that ( set up the e-periment at home% ( confirme$ the basic fact# for myself# an$ ha"e sought a rational e-planation that fit into establishe$ physical science# without success% !ike so many of Reich’s $isco"eries# this has been completely ignore$# but ne"er e-perimentally refute$%' Anyone intereste$ in learning more about this equally compelling an$ frustrating footnote to the scientific history of the &wentieth Eentury can secure a copy of The #instein ffair from the Wilhelm Reich 7useum bookstore in Rangeley# 7aine% &he publication# which contains the complete Reich+0instein correspon$ence# inclu$es all the protocols necessary for con$ucting the &o+& e-periment4 it is written in a manner that will allow any intereste$ layperson to con$uct the e-periment for his or herself%

Mrs$ Brady and the F% &he 1e$eral *rug A$ministration began to buil$ its case against Reich in 18<C% &he re$ flag that alerte$ them to the $anger Reich an$ his work pose$ to the American people was an e-traor$inarily "icious smear article written by a far+left+leaning /ournalist# 7il$re$ 0$ie )ra$y% The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich appeare$ in the 7ay 2K# issue of The &e' Repu!lic4 other biase$ an$ $istorte$ articles followe$% Time Maga(ine)s offering was entitle$ The Marvelous Se* Bo*% )ra$y’s article was a masterpiece of $istortion that attacke$ Reich’s se- racket4' while trumpeting an out+an$+out lie + namely# that he ha$ state$ the orgone accumulator was a cure+all% 7rs% )ra$y was not your routine freelancer4 she was# among other things# a respecte$ member of the $rug regulation elite an$ acti"ely helpe$ to create 1*A legislation as early as 18:B% .he was also a foun$er of Eonsumers 5nion# a communist+ $ominate$ organi;ation that ha$ broken away from Eonsumers Research# (nc% in 18:9% )ra$y was also professionally associate$ with one of Reich’s lawyers: Arthur Garfiel$ 3ays was a .ponsor of Eonsumers 5nion% 1ormer Eonsumers Research boar$ member# =%)% 7atthews# wrote that in the nineteen thirties 3ays was known to support the Eommunist Aarty "ia its unite$ front' organi;ations% Reich was unaware of his attorney’s politics# an$ of his association with 7rs% )ra$y% &here is no question that The &e' Repu!lic article was clearly libelous# an$ Reich instructe$ 3ays to initiate libel action against 7rs% )ra$y an$ the maga;ine% 3is me$ical colleagues agree$ an$ likewise wrote to )ra$y in support of Reich’s $ecision% (ncre$ibly# 3ays talke$ his client out of pressing the action# an$ the scientist# unfortunately# took his counselor’s a$"ice% &his pro"e$ to be a crucial misstep an$ other scurrilous articles followe$ o"er the years that the 1*A quietly went about buil$ing its case% 3ays ne"er tol$ Reich that he knew an$ worke$ with )ra$y# but in an equally pronounce$ tra"esty of /ustice# one of Reich’s other lawyers# Aeter 7ills# woul$ go on to become the prosecuting attorney when Reich finally came to trial% )ut there were greater factors at play here as well% =im 7artin’s tenacious in"estigati"e scholarship has establishe$ that The &e' Repu!lic)s owner# 7ichael .traight# was $eeply connecte$ to the members of the Eambri$ge 1i"e .o"iet spy ring# an$ a legal action against )ra$y an$ the publication might well ha"e put .traight on the stan$% With 3ays successfully con"incing Reich to wai"e any legal action# a trial+base$ opportunity to re"eal the $egree to which .o"iet intelligence ha$ penetrate$ )ritish intelligence was lost%

Wilhelm Reich and +F"s 'What $o they want for Aroof2 &here is no proof% &here are no authorities whatsoe"er% 6o presi$ent# no aca$emy# court of law# congress or senate on this earth has the knowle$ge or power to $eci$e what will be the knowle$ge of tomorrow% &here is no use in trying to pro"e something that is unknown to someone who is ignorant of the unknown# or fearful of its threatening power% ,nly the goo$# ol$ rules of learning will e"entually bring about un$erstan$ing of what has in"a$e$ our earthly e-istence%' Wilhelm Reich, Contact With Space Reich mo"e$ from 6ew Hork to an area /ust outsi$e the town of Rangeley in rural southern 7aine in the early nineteen fifties% 3ere he built a new home an$ laboratory personally $esigne$ to integrate home an$ laboratory into a single# brilliantly practical buil$ing# now the home of the Wilhelm Reich 7useum% Another laboratory was a$$e$ soon after for stu$ents% &his structure was the setting for the so+calle$ ,ranur 0-periment# a chilling e-ample of the accumulator’s un$eniable ability to concentrate energy% &he e-periment calle$ for the placing of a "ery small amount of ra$ium in an accumulator# the une-pecte$ result of which was to to-ify a surprisingly large area of southern 7aine surroun$ing his home an$ laboratory# one that took se"eral months to $issipate% An$ so we come to it: Reich’s interest in 51,s $ates from 189:% Why $i$ he become intereste$ in them# an$ how $i$ he arri"e at his conclusions concerning them2 5ntil 189: there is no written or anec$otal in$ication that he ha$ pai$ any attention to all the publicity surroun$ing flying saucers#' e"en when# in 1892# some "isitors to his home an$ laboratory reporte$ seeing shining ob/ects in the sky that were $eci$e$ly not stars% (n 6o"ember 189:# though# he rea$ one of the best books a"ailable on the sub/ect at the time# Flying Saucers from "uter Space% &he author# a retire$ 7arine Eorps 7a/or name$ *onal$ Leyhoe# was a highly respecte$ an$ $ecorate$ Worl$ War (( fighter pilot an$ pioneere$ much of the basis for mo$ern scientific 51, stu$ies% Reich’s writings in$icate he was intrigue$ by Leyhoe’s obser"ation that the maneu"erability# spee$ an$ silence of the unknowns repeate$ly $efie$ con"entional laws of mechanical flight% At the time# Reich wrote: ( ha$ not stu$ie$ anything on the sub/ect: ( knew practically nothing about it% )ut my min$# use$ to e-pecting surprises in natural research# was open to anything that seeme$ real%'

Leyhoe’s book was followe$ by 0% =% Ruppelt’s book: The Report on +nidentified Flying "!-ects% Ruppelt was a retire$ 5.A1 Eaptain who ha$ hea$e$ the Air 1orce’s ongoing 51, recor$+keeping ?an$ public [email protected] program# Aro/ect )lue )ook# an$ his book prompte$ Reich to note: &he Ruppelt Report on +F"s clearly re"eals the helplessness of mechanistic metho$ in coming to grips with the problems pose$ by the spacemen% &he cosmic orgone energy# which these li"ing beings are using in their technology# is beyon$ the grasp of mechanistic science since cosmic laws of functioning are not mechanical but what ( term Jfunctional%’ &he helplessness of mechanical thinking appears in the tragic shortcoming of our fastest fighter /ets to make an$ hol$ contact with 51,s% )eing una"oi$ably out$istance$ is not a flattering situation for military pri$e% &he conclusion seems correct: 7echanistic metho$s of locomotion must be counte$ out in coping with the spaceship problem%' ,ne night as he sat on the steps outsi$e his home in 7aine# something flashe$ by at great spee$# its beha"ior not suggesti"e of a comet# meteorite# or shooting star% Reich reporte$ the sighting to the Air 1orce )ase at Aresque (slan$# 7aine4 it was the first of many sighting reports he woul$ forwar$ to the Air 1orce% 1ollowing his report# he was aske$ to fill out an official questionnaire% (n 7arch 189<# Reich sent a copy of his sur"ey on 51,s to the Air 1orce% &he sur"ey was actually a manuscript $etailing his theoretical conclusions of them as spacecraft% &he questionnaire came out of A1R 200+2# the Air 1orce’s regulation regar$ing the reporting of 51,s that ha$ gone into effect in August of that year% Reich ha$ fille$ out copies of the form following a number of sightings% 3is $aughter# *r% 0"a Reich# now a retire$ physician li"ing in 7aine# recalle$ that: &he interest of the Air 1orce in 51,s was being totally suppresse$ at that time% When you reporte$ a 51,# they came to you with this questionnaire# an$ tol$ you it was secret# an$ ha$ you fill it out% &hen they took it away4 what happene$ with it# nobo$y knows% When Reich publishe$ the questionnaire in Contact With Space# he re"eale$ a big secret%' )asic to this scientist’s un$erstan$ing of the uni"erse was the per"asi"e presence of energy ?which he terme$ orgone [email protected]# implying the possibility of life in space% At this time his questioning encompasse$ the galactic currents# the formation an$ $estruction of star systems# an$ the origin of the uni"erse itself% Along with his $eepening in"ol"ement in clou$+ busting# Reich now began a careful e-amination of the stars an$ set about

pro"ing that some stars' $i$ not beha"e like others% &he metho$ he use$ was nocturnal# time+lapse photography% (n this in"estigati"e technique# the camera is carefully set to face the night sky with the shutter open: the e-periment procee$e$ with une-pecte$ results% .ome of the stars $i$ not pro$uce the white lines cause$ by the 0arth’s rotation% &hese stars simply "anishe$ in$icating they were something else% 3e now began to won$er in earnest what they might be# an$ specifically what they were $oing in the skies o"er 7aine% Reich saw the ,ranur 0-periment# with its massi"e pollution of the 7aine area# as the cause of their imme$iate interest in the region% Eonsi$ering his own obser"ations# those of a number of co+workers# an$ in$epen$ent reports of 51, acti"ity o"er 7aine# it was har$ly egoistic that he shoul$ assume that his acti"ities might be the sub/ect of their special attention% (f these craft ha$ harnesse$ the sea of energy per"a$ing the uni"erse# what might be the effect of training a clou$+buster on one2 % &he results of this action were both profoun$ an$ $isturbing% 3e writes in Contact With Space: ( hesitate$ for weeks to turn my clou$+buster pipes towar$ a Jstar’ as if ( ha$ known that some of the blinking lights hanging in the sky were no planets or stars but space machines% With the fa$ing out of the two Jstars#’ the clou$+buster ha$ su$$enly change$ into a space+gun% When ( saw the Jstar’ to the west fa$e out four times in succession# what ha$ been left of the ol$ worl$ of human knowle$ge after the $isco"ery of orgone energy# tumble$ beyon$ retrie"e% 1rom now on e"erything# anything# was possible% 6othing coul$ any longer be consi$ere$ Jimpossible%’ ( ha$ $irecte$ the $raw+pipes connecte$ with the $eep well towar$s an$ or$inary star an$ the star ha$ fa$e$ out four times% &here was no mistake about it% &hree more people ha$ seen it% &here was only one conclusion: &he thing we ha$ $rawn from was not a star% (t was something else + a 51,% &he shock of this e-perience was great enough not to repeat such an action until 10 ,ctober 189<%' Arece$ing this# on ,ctober 9 an$ K# three large# yellow 51,s hung low o"er the southern hori;on with another o"er the obser"atory on Reich’s property% ,n ,ctober 10# a large re$$ish 51, ho"ere$ /ust to the south of the property% At this point# the clou$+buster was traine$ on it an$ it mo"e$% &he unknown became less re$ as the $e"ice kept its aim# then mo"e$ higher# an$ later sank $own below the hori;on% .hortly thereafter# a secon$ light [email protected] appeare$ in the west% After two minutes of $irect $rawing# it fa$e$# came back# flashe$# pulsate$# an$ wobble$ while mo"ing irregularly from south to north% &here was for Reich the $istinct# sub/ecti"e impression of a

struggle% (t came back again shortly after# an$ again# became fainter an$ smaller after $rawing on it% &he remaining four unknowns ?to the north# south an$ [email protected] then remo"e$ themsel"es# $isappearing from sight% ,n ,ctober 10# for a secon$ time# Reich $imme$ stars' an$ in$uce$ them to mo"e# as if in flight in $ifferent $irections%' 3e again conclu$e$ they were machines# an$ not ones of terrestrial origin% While it might seem nai"e to some# Reich choose to $irect his written concerns regar$ing this likelihoo$ $irectly to Aresi$ent 0isenhower% &he White 3ouse response aske$ him to sen$ such communications to the Air 1orce# an$ to the E(A% As a result# a letter articulating his obser"ations of# an$ concerns about 51,s was sent to the *irector of the Eentral (ntelligence Agency# a career 6a"al (ntelligence officer name$ Roscoe 3% 3illenkotter% Reich woul$ ha"e ha$ no way of knowing# but in more rarefie$ circles the *irector was sometimes referre$ to by another title: 7=+1% 6ot only ha$ Reich ina$"ertently ma$e contact with a member of the Aresi$ent’s 5ltra .ecret 51, working group# he ha$ reache$ out to its top man% Was the information Reich supplie$ a contributing factor in 3illenkoetter’s becoming such a "ocal opponent of 51, secrecy following his stepping $own as *irector# or was this simply part of a plan to allow an e-tremely highly place$ operati"e to insinuate himself smack in the center of ci"ilian 51, counterculture2 ( cannot say# but ( am con"ince$ that if the members of 7=+12 were not aware of Reich’s 51,+relate$ acti"ities prior to ,ctober 189<# they were from that time on# an$ woul$ ha"e i$entifie$ him as a man whose actions bore monitoring# an$ possibly worse% (n Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War# =im 7artin i$entifies one other plausible link between Reich an$ 7=+12# an$ his name was !ewis W% *ouglas% Reich refers to him briefly in Contact With Space as the *irector .a"ings an$ !oan# an$ as a close associate of Aresi$ent 0isenhower% 3e was also *irector of Research for the (nstitute of Atmospheric Ahysics in &ucson an$ a man "ery intereste$ in weather control% &heir first contact $ates from 189< when Reich ha$ his assistant# William 7oise# attempt to contact *ouglas an$ arrange a meeting with him% (t ha$ not been Reich who suggeste$ to 7oise that he get in touch with *ouglas4 it ha$ been Eharles Gar$ner# =r%# 0-ecuti"e .ecretary of the A$"isory Eommittee on Weather Eontrol for the go"ernment4 an$ the 6ational Weather )ureau’s liaison with the (nstitute of Atmospheric Ahysics% Gar$ner ha$ actually written to 7oise on 7arch 21# 1899 saying: We appreciate being informe$ of your acti"ities%' *ouglas’s

secretary wrote up 7oise’s calls in the form of memos% &he first one rea$ in part: 3e M7oiseN ha$ /ust come from Washington an$ ha$ spoken to people in the *ept% of Agriculture# Weather )ureau an$ in 7r% Gar$ner’s office about weather control% &hey suggeste$ that 7r% * M*ouglasN might be intereste$ in information he ha$%' )ut no answer was forthcoming until =uly 2C when *ouglas cable$ 7oise# an$ Reich an$ *ouglas began to correspon$% &hey likely woul$ ha"e met in &ucson later that year# but *ouglas ha$ to be hospitali;e$ for ma/or surgery $uring the time Reich "isite$ Ari;ona% 7y colleagues =im 7artin an$ Lenn &homas ?archi"ist# author an$ conspiracy+relate$ [email protected] ha"e engage$ in some e$ucate$ speculation on the possibility of a link between !ew *ouglas an$ 7=+12# an$ it is worth relating here% ( $raw $irectly from 7artin’s publishe$ comments in $oing so% *ouglas was known to be "ery close to 0isenhower an$ ha$ a well+known interest in weather control% &he *ouglas+7oise 7emo is $ate$ =uly 1<# 189<# only ten $ays prior to the seminal 6ational Archi"es’ 7=+12 $ocument# the Eutler+&wining 7emo% &homas remin$s us that Robert Eutler ha$ been with the E(A as a psy+ops ?psychological [email protected] e-pert# an$ instrumental in bringing 0isenhower’s Atoms for Aeace' to completion% (n his memo# Eutler informs 5.A1 General 6athan &wining ?7=+<@ that a sche$ule$ meeting is being change$# an$ that the .pecial .tu$ies Aro/ect' woul$ now meet $uring the alrea$y sche$ule$ White 3ouse meeting of =uly 1K# rather than following it as pre"iously inten$e$%' What the actual reason for this change# it insure$ that Aresi$ent 0isenhower woul$ be in atten$ance% Iuoting 7artin: &homas suggests that the timing of this sequence of e"ents might in$icate that *ouglas# as a member of 0isenhower’s Jkitchen cabinet#’ may ha"e been pri"y to or associate$ with the 7=+12 group% ( agree that *ouglas# one of the most powerful men in American politics at the time# woul$ ha"e known about 7=+12 if it e-iste$% &homas argues that *ouglas# ha"ing been briefe$ about the meeting of 7=+12 members on =uly 1K at the White 3ouse# $e"elope$ a more serious interest in Reich’s planne$ operations in &ucson on the basis of ReichOs obser"ations of 51,s% &his woul$ ha"e e-plaine$ the su$$en change in attitu$e on =uly 2C# 1899# when *ouglas sent a telegram to 7oise in"iting further correspon$ence% After all# *ouglas ha$ hire$ a J51, nut#’ =ames 0% 7c*onal$# to hea$ the (AA in 189<%' Eonspiratorial musings or groun$e$# informe$ speculation2 Aersonally# ( subscribe to the latter% 1or the recor$# 7artin establishes that Reich $ro"e

through Roswell on his way to &ucson% &here is some intriguing anec$otal e"i$ence that he returne$ there# but it is not inconclusi"e% Reich’s point of "iew on 51,s shifte$ between 189: an$ 189C% At first he theori;e$ they were benign obser"ers# but gra$ually became con"ince$ that# either by intention or acci$ent# they were contributing to the pollution accumulating in the atmosphere% Contact With Space# pri"ately publishe$ after his 189C $eath# $ocuments early weather mo$ification# or E,R0 ?cosmic orgone [email protected] operations an$ the 189<+99 clou$+busting e-pe$ition to Ari;ona% &he book# publishe$ in an e$ition of only fi"e hun$re$# $etails a great $eal more information than this paper is $esigne$ to co"er# an$ it is not my intention here to synopsi;e this sweeping te-t# only that Reich’s scientific obser"ations of# interactions with# an$ fin$ings on 51,s chronicle$ in Contact With Space ma$e it in$ispensable in the preparation of this article% &he following $ay# ,ctober 11# Reich authori;e$ his frien$# research associate an$ son+in+law ?who was a traine$ clou$+buster [email protected]# to call the Air &echnical (ntelligence Eomman$ ?A&([email protected] in *ayton# ,hio# an$ make an appointment to $iscuss the $isabling of the 51,s the pre"ious $ay% 7oise was in ,hio on his way to Ari;ona at the time% A meeting with a General Watson was agree$ upon on for ,ctober 1<% ,"er the phone Watson aske$ 7oise# if necessary# coul$ their conference be continue$ into the e"ening# an$ how $i$ Reich know that the 51,s ha$ been $isable$2 7oise arri"e$ at the facility early on the 1<th# where he was met by a *r% )yers# who was a physicist employe$ by the comman$% )yers escorte$ 7oise to the conference# also atten$e$ by a 5.A1 Eaptain 3ill an$ a ci"ilian name$ 3arry 3aberer ?K:[email protected]% Asking where General Watson was# 7oise was tol$ that he was unable to atten$% Angere$# 7oise left an$ returne$ to his *ayton motel% &he ne-t $ay 7oise recei"e$ a phone call from Eaptain 3ill con"eying Watson’s apologies# an$ was aske$ if the report coul$ be ma$e to A&(E *eputy Eomman$er Eolonel Wertenbaker% 7oise agree$ an$ they met later that $ay% Aresent were Eaptain 3ill# *r% )yers# 3aberer an$ the Eolonel% 7oise ga"e an oral presentation an$ all took notes e-cept the Eolonel% 1eeling that this ha$ been a significant meeting# that at least some breakthrough ha$ been ma$e in interesting a branch of the go"ernment in Reich’s obser"ations of the in"ol"ement with 51,s# 7oise wrote that: &he contact with Eol% Wertenbaker was e-cellent throughout the conference% 3e was serious# intent an$ looke$ at me while ( talke$% 3e was the only one who $i$% 3is e-citement increase$ as the report progresse$%'

.e"eral $ays later# the Eolonel wrote to the *irector of (ntelligence for the Air 1orce + somehow this note en$e$ up in the 1oo$ an$ *rug A$ministration’s case file on Reich% (t rea$ in part: General Watson $i$ not talk personally to 7r% 7oise# ( am happy to say# but ( inter"iewe$ this personPthe information gi"en us by 7oise $efies $escription an$ (Oll not attempt to gi"e you the $etailsPthe Air 1orce will $o well to a"oi$ entanglements but what is absolutely necessary from the stan$point of goo$ public relations%' *r% )yers# the physicist# tol$ 7oise that he was familiar with Reich’s work% 3arry 3aberer# the ci"ilian in atten$ance# was $escribe$ as working on the history of 51,s with the Air 1orce% !ea"ing ,hio# 7oise continue$ on to Ari;ona% 7eanwhile# Reich# his son Aeter# an$ se"eral others were $ri"ing west as well% 0ach "ehicle carrie$ an appropriate assortment of laboratory equipment an$ ha$ a clou$+buster in tow% &hey arri"e$ at the lease$ property ten miles outsi$e of &ucson on ,ctober 18# 189<% ,nce settle$ in# they commence$ $rawing operations# regularly obser"ing the atmosphere with their meteorological instruments% Recor$s were kept in accor$ance with strict scientific metho$% (n$i"i$ual /ournals were also kept% Robert 7cEulloch# another traine$ clou$+buster operator# assiste$ Reich an$ 7oise in the operation% *rawing began at the en$ of ,ctober an$ many 51,s were obser"e$ $uring the nights of ,ctober :1 an$ 6o"ember 1 o"er the area% )y 6o"ember C# moisture in the atmosphere ha$ risen from the usual 19Q to K9Q# an unhear$ of relati"e humi$ity for &ucson% *rawing continue$# mostly from the southwest $irection% ,n 6o"ember C# the first clou$s were forming thickly an$ soon co"ere$ the sky# in$icating rain% &hen# without apparent e-planation# the clou$s began to $ecompose% &hat e"ening# a large# bright 51, was seen coming up from the north% (t mo"e$ slowly southwest until it stoppe$ an$ ho"ere$ for se"eral hours ten to fifteen $egrees abo"e the southern hori;on% A connection between the $issipation of clou$s an$ the presence of 51,s in the skies seeme$ una"oi$able after this sequence of e"ents continue$ to repeat% Weather mo$ification was a sub/ect of genuine interest to a number of military an$ ci"ilian offices within the 0isenhower A$ministration# an$ the &ucson+base$ (nstitute of Atmospheric Ahysics was foun$e$ in 189: as a $irect result of the Aresi$ent’s 189: A$"isory Eommittee on Weather Eontrol% An atmospheric physicist with a backgroun$ in 6a"al intelligence was appointe$ to the committee as Associate *irector# an$ at some point $uring that 6o"ember or *ecember he might ha"e met Reich% 3is name was

*r% =ames 0% 7c*onal$# an$ we know him to be another scientist of great courage an$ passion# one who# like Reich# ha$ the temerity to work towar$ bringing the sub/ect of serious 51, stu$ies to the American public# much to the $etriment of both their careers% 0"a Reich recalle$ that 7c*onal$ ha$ "isite$ the clou$+busting site when a &D crew came to film their operations# an$ that both he an$ Reich ha$ been inter"iewe$ for the report% )ut the footage was ne"er aire$% 1rom what we know of *r% 7c*onal$# there is likelihoo$ that he woul$ ha"e ha$ cause for serious interest in at least two areas of Reich’s work% .till# we $o not know conclusi"ely whether the two actually met# an$ possibly talke$ that $ay# or whether their paths ha$ merely crosse$ on the e$ge of that $esert% )ut there is the a$$itional factor to consi$er as well + that at the time 7c*onal$ was working closely with# an$ for# the pre"iously $iscusse$ !ew *ouglas% )y 6o"ember 1:# the relati"e humi$ity ha$ risen to KCQ an$ rain seeme$ imminent in a location that ha$ seen none in fi"e years% )ut by that e"ening the humi$ity ha$ $roppe$ twenty points to <CQ% &he ne-t $ay# two bright# pulsating an$ flashing 51,s were seen low in the eastern sky% 5pon $irect $raw# the first $imme$ after an initial stronger blinking# then remaine$ $im% &he secon$ wobble$# then it too# $imme$ marke$ly% .u$$enly# a thir$ came up in the east# as if from nowhere% 0arly on the morning of the 1Bth# a 51, was seen on the hori;on an$ within two hours an Air 1orce aircraft was seen circling the area% 7ore 51,s continue$ to be obser"e$ in $irect relationship with the $estruction of the relati"e humi$ity% ,n the morning of 6o"ember 28# Reich# looking at the eastern sky through a three+an$+a+half inch refracting telescope# obser"e$ a fully articulate$ cigar+ shape$ craft% (n his notes he writes that he first refuse$ to accept the notions# but win$ows were clearly obser"e$ on the ob/ect an$ recor$e$ in his $rawings% &he ship was obser"e$# as clou$ co"er woul$ allow# off an$ on between *ecember 1 an$ *ecember 1C% Eharts of its mo"ements were kept% )y *ecember 1<# the atmosphere in the area of the base camp# an$ in$ee$# in &ucson itself was oppressi"e an$ $ea$ening% =ust prior to this Reich’s associate# *r% .il"ert# ha$ transporte$ a small amount of ra$ioacti"e material that ha$ been e-pose$ in an accumulator from 7aine to the &ucson site% &he material ha$ to be towe$ on a cable one hun$re$ feet behin$ a hire$ airplane# as its lea$ shiel$ing was unable to contain its altere$ reaction% At about <::0 A7# a huge black clou$ forme$ o"er the &ucson area# gra$ually turning $eep purple with a somewhat re$$ish glow% &he backgroun$ ra$iation count in the

area /umpe$ to an alarming one hun$re$ thousan$ counts per minute% &he usual backgroun$ count ha$ been hol$ing at si- to eight hun$re$ counts per minute% &wel"e Air 1orce planes o"er flew the base camp an$ their contrails ?ma$e of water "[email protected] quickly $issol"e$% &wenty minutes after both clou$+ busters began $rawing# the skies cleare$% At 9::0 A7# four )+9K bombers flew in low o"er the area% Reich felt that this clou$' maske$ the presence of other 51,s% (f so# this inci$ent was in$ee$ properly categori;e$ as a battle% (nterest in the newly arri"e$ an$ highly aggra"ate$ ra$ioacti"e material was a suspecte$ cause of their appearance% As these historic e"ents were transpiring# the 5ni"ersity of Ari;ona’s weather mo$ification stu$y was ongoing an$ in process% Aart of the stu$y in"ol"e$ the time+lapse photography of /et planes contrails% As recor$e$# Reich ha$ obser"e$ an$ reporte$ their presence $uring "arious clou$+busting operations# an$ ha$ obser"e$ the $isintegration of their contrails $uring operations in Ari;ona% 3e e"en won$ere$: Whether the Air 1orce ha$ actually such problems in min$# ( cannot tell%' (n"estigati"e author =im 7artin was able to locate color film from the fifties in the 5ni"ersity of Ari;ona’s Ahysics an$ atmospheric .cience )uil$ing showing Air 1orce /ets being use$ in weather mo$ification e-periments# as Reich himself ha$ won$ere$ about% &hese an$ other such fin$ings le$ me to belie"e that our go"ernment ha$ a "ery real interest in *r% Reich’s 51, obser"ations an$ fin$ings# as well as in his weather mo$ification work + from the Aresi$ent on $own% )y way of one last e-ample ?or [email protected] we shoul$ take note that on 6o"ember 22# 1899# Aresi$ent 0isenhower’s proposal for the peaceful use of atomic energy was accepte$ by the 5nite$ 6ations% (t was calle$ Atoms for Aeace%' .ome months prior to this# Reich ha$ sent 0isenhower a copy of his paper $ocumenting the ,ranur 0-periment# an$ the operations an$ e-periments that ha$ sprung from it% &he paper was entitle$ Atoms for Aeace%' &he literature generate$ about Reich’s contempt trial is consi$erable an$ any treatment here must o"ersimplify its many comple-ities% While intereste$ rea$ers shoul$ try an$ locate a copy of =erome Greenfiel$’s book# Wilhelm Reich versus the +S # among other works on the sub/ect# the basics are as follows% &he 1e$eral *rug A$ministration ha$ begun accumulating information towar$ buil$ing a case against the scientist shortly after 7il$re$ )ra$y’s article appeare$ in 18<C# but it ha$ been slow going% 6one of Reich’s past or current patients or any of those with the physicians he’$ traine$ in me$ical orgone therapy ha$ registere$ a complaint with the 1*A# or any other authority for that matter%

Reich an$ his associates ha$ broken no laws# but gi"en that the 1*A knew he was a quack an$ orgonomy a frau$# it stoo$ to reason there was no nee$ to put any of his allege$ e-periments to the test% &heir responsibility was to bring this se-+obsesse$ me$ical menace to /ustice an$ they remaine$ un$eterre$ in their efforts% An$ so the 1*A went to the fe$eral court an$ brought a complaint against the interstate shipment of accumulators or any components thereof% &heir break came in 1899 when one of Reich’s physicians# *r% 7ichael .il"ert# $i$ /ust that# an$ Reich# then in"ol"e$ in the &ucson clou$+busting operation# took legal responsibility for the in/unction’s "iolation% .ilbert felt that allowing the matter to go to court woul$ be the equi"alent of a$mitting they were in the wrong% Reich# after $ue consi$eration# agree$ an$ wrote to the /u$ge e-plaining his $ecision noting that his argument might be re/ecte$4 they $i$# an$ the complaint became an in/unction% 1*A agents began showing up on Reich’s property# but he refuse$ to allow them access to any of his apparatus# or written materials# an$ continue$ with his e-periments% &his resulte$ in a contempt of court citation4 an$ while their original legal parry ha$ been ci"il# it ha$ now gra$uate$ to a criminal an$ a court $ate was set% Gi"en the betrayal of his lawyers# Reich $eci$e$ to represent himself# an$ against the a$"ice of some of those closest to him# chose to make the trial a forum for the "ali$ity of his research an$ fin$ings% 0loquent though he was# the /u$ge woul$ ha"e none of it an$ he was con"icte$ an$ sentence$ to two years in !ewisburg 1e$eral Aenitentiary in !ewisburg# Aennsyl"ania% 3e was fifty+nine years ol$% ,nce in prison Reich un$erwent psychiatric e"aluation% .taff psychiatrists note$ that he ga"e no concrete e"i$ence of being mentally incompetent#' but $iagnose$ him as being a paranoi$ schi;ophrenic# this while a$mitting their fin$ing was not base$ on physical e"aluation%' 0arly release was $enie$ an$ the .upreme Eourt chose not to comment on his final writ% 3e was foun$ $ea$ in his cell on 6o"ember :# 189C# /ust se"en $ays before his sche$ule$ release $ate% Conclusions .ince his $eath# most accounts of *r% Wilhelm Reich’s life an$ work# be they supporti"e or otherwise# follow a similar logic: that the le"el of importance which he ascribe$ to his 51, obser"ations ?an$ his allegations that the communists were out to get [email protected] were# in themsel"es# a means of pro"ing#'

or at least suggesting that he ha$ gone quite ma$ $uring his last years% .uch material is often presente$ in a manner suggesting that a goo$ $eal of fairness#' ob/ecti"ity an$ patience were spent in sorting all this out’ for the rea$er% .ome writers $on’t e"en bother% With no real interest in fair scientific inquiry or metho$# an$ no serious groun$ing in 51, stu$ies# orgonomy# or the $ocumente$ specifics of the conspiracy to $estroy his reputation an$ $iscre$it his work# Reich’s $etractors accuse an$ rant# e-posing the ma$ness they percei"e% ,ften written in angry $isplays of public+spirite$ concern# they warn the goo$ rea$er away# like police at the scene of an acci$ent% ,ther accounts are simply inaccurate% (n Contact With Space# *r% Wilhelm Reich’s reflections on the possible implications of an e-traterrestrial reality are often mo"ing# profoun$ an$ $isturbing% 3e $ares# as a scientist# to e-ercise a most precious right: the right to challenge an establishe$ an$ accepte$ belief# the right to think a thought# no matter how others might percei"e it# recor$ing that thought for publication an$ stan$ing by it in the face of almost uni"ersal criticism% Rea$ out of conte-t + that is# without benefit of any serious stu$y of his pre"ious writings# metho$ology or $isco"eries > e"en the most intelligent an$ percepti"e rea$er may fin$ it preferable to $ismiss his obser"ations an$ conclusions as bearing witness to a great min$ finally $eraile$# rather than e"en consi$ering them seriously% &he "ery act of claiming to ha"e obser"e$ 51,s# an$# o"er time# their beha"ior# interacting with them "ia the clou$+ buster# ascribing to them intelligence an$ intention# keeping the Air 1orce# the Eentral (ntelligence Agency# the 6ational )ureau an$ the ,ffice of the Aresi$ent appraise$ of his acti"ities# an$ finally# the posthumous publishing of Contact With Space# pro"e$ intolerable to all by a few% 0"en A% .% 6eill# the $istinguishe$ )ritish e$ucator who was Reich’s loyal frien$ an$ colleague of many years# seeme$ con"ince$ these fin$ings woul$ only pro"e to be an embarrassment to orgonomy% )ut not at first: in 7arch of 1899# 6eill wrote to Reich as follows# &hanks for the saucer book which came a few $ays ago% (t sure ma$e me sit up% .o much Air 1orce testimony can’t be ignore$% (ncline$ to accept your opinion that they are benign ?an opinion which change$ [email protected]# the only problem ( can imagine woul$ be their arri"al here to stop the ine"itable atomic $estruction of all life% 7utual fear won’t stop war% Almost looks as if 1reu$ was right in saying there is a $eath instinct when one sees the whole mass of people thinking of football an$ ra$io etc% at a time when the sinking of a 5%.% aircraft carrier off 1ormosa or the enthusiasm of a 5%.% pilot might set the light to the

gunpow$er barrel% 3ence ( say: let the spacemen come4 they might sa"e us an$ if they came as $estroyers they coul$ not be more $angerous than man himself%' ( shoul$ stress here that Reich ha$ few frien$ships or professional relationships of such $uration an$ $epth4 an$ it is not my intention to put a particular cast on 6eill here% (t is /ust that he articulate$ the pre"ailing attitu$e so well% (n *ecember 189C# a month after Reich’s $eath# 6eill wrote this to (lse ,llen$orff# Reich’s former wife an$ co+worker: &he $ifficulty will not be to separate what’s "aluable from what isn’t% &he i$ea that the trial was orchestrate$ from 7oscow is /ust bunkum# an$ we ha"e no proof of flying saucers anyway% Why shoul$ Reich’s great work be mi-e$ up with either factor2 &hat Reich later ha$ some illusions ( think right# but they $on’t so anything to lessen his work% We all ha"e illusions an$ maybe the greater we are# the greater the illusions% )ut that 0"a MReich’s $aughterN# 7oise ?his [email protected] an$ .teig ?cartoonist an$ illustrator of Reich’s book .isten .ittle Man# an$ a financial backer of the Ari;ona [email protected] shoul$ go on ha"ing illusions is ba$# ba$ for the future of Reich’s acceptance as a scientist%' An$ there’s the rub: )a$ for the future of Reich’s acceptance as a scientist' + a consi$eration not taken lightly by 6eill an$ others $eeply concerne$ about the future of orgonomy% ( can only won$er how 6eill woul$ ha"e reacte$ ha$ he been in the room when stu$ents an$ faculty members at his belo"e$ .ummerhill school $escribe$ the 51, sightings they ha$ ha$ from the .ummerhill property in !eiston# .uffolk on the occasions ( was a speaker there% Author *a"i$ )oa$ella sums the conun$rum up: Why $i$ the ortho$o- scientists an$ psychologists con$emn Reich2 Why $i$ they $ismiss him as a paranoiac while Raknes ?a 6orwegian [email protected] an$ *r% 3oppe of (srael an$ lots of the sane American surgeons an$ physicians an$ ( thought him to be the most important thinker of our time2 ( must face the question that was so often raise$ by his enemies + his sanityPApparently he belie"e$ that flying saucers were from other worl$s without $ue proof% Het when the /u$ge or$ere$ him to be e-amine$ by a boar$ of psychiatrists# they pronounce$ him sane%' &hey were not alone% &he great Reich scholar# Arofessor Aaul 7atthews of 6ew Hork 5ni"ersity obser"e$ in his 18C: re"iew of )oa$ella’s book# Wilhelm Reich, The #volution of /is Work : Reich’s scientific integrity# creati"ity# an$ genius# e"en to the en$ of his life# nee$ no $efense or confirmation from me4 nor $oes his sanity nee$ $efense in the opinion of those who were closest to him an$ in a position to gauge his mental status# character structure# an$ work capacity at that time%'

)ut $oes all this really come $own to a question of Wilhelm Reich’s sanity2 7e$ical researcher !u$wik 1lek notes in his 18C8 book# The 0enesis and %evelopment of a Scientific Fact: What we are face$ with here is not so much a simple passi"ity or mistrust of new i$eas as an acti"e approach which can be $i"i$e$ into se"eral stages% A contra$iction to the system appears unthinkable% What $oes not fit into the system remains unseen% Alternati"ely# if it is notice$# either it is kept secret# or $iscre$ite$% !aborious efforts are ma$e to e-plain an e-ception in terms that $o not contra$ict the system% *espite the legitimate claims of contra$ictory "iews# one ten$s to see# $escribe# or e"en illustrate those circumstances which corroborate current "iews an$ thereby gi"e them substance%' &hus the unacceptable + or the unacceptable theory + is e-clu$e$% &he in$i"i$ual who persists in putting forth such a theory may ultimately be e-clu$e$ an$# in a number of historic inci$ences# $eclare$ to be out of touch with reality' or insane% Hou may ha"e the knowle$ge of a master scientist an$ still not be able to analy;e or e"en see beyon$ the accepte$ theories of your own era% Reich’s work $eman$s that we $o /ust this% *o *r% Reich’s obser"ations# $e$uctions an$ conclusions concerning 51,s all conform to the best contemporary knowle$ge on the sub/ect2 7any of them $o# an$ are "irtually i$entical to those of countless other in$i"i$uals% Ean we say with certainty that his $eath was the result of a conspiracy or foul play tracing back to 7=+12# the 1*A# the Eommunist Aarty# the 3oo$lums (n Go"ernment' ? 3(G.#' as Reich terme$ [email protected] employe$ by the 1*A# or to that powerful segment of society who ten$ to mystify biology# then mechanically attempt to impose their own se-+negati"e morality on the rest of us2 6o% &he fact is that at the time of his $eath *r% Reich ha$ high bloo$ pressure# was o"erweight# an$ a chronic smoker% )ut base$ on what he represente$ to such $i"erse an$ powerful groups# woul$ any ?or [email protected] of the aforementione$ ha"e $esire$ his $eath an$ ha$ the will an$ means to implement it2 ,h yes: without a $oubt% An$ with the official cause of $eath liste$ as a heart attack# the question of mur$er is likely to remain an open one% Regar$less of whether he was mur$ere$ or $ie$ of natural causes# humanity lost a brilliant an$ courageous thinker in 6o"ember 189C# an$ one whose 51,+relate$ work remains an e-tremely significant area of stu$y for any stu$ent of ufology% ( hope this paper will encourage rea$ers to seek out the truth of this matter for themsel"es# through rea$ing an$ practical application% While the most recent of the e"ents $escribe$ here linger in the mists of history nearly fifty years past# they continue to remain

as shattering an$ rele"ant as if they ha$ occurre$ last week% Lnowle$ge is often its own rewar$ an$ anyone who takes the time to un$erstan$ Reich’s work will only benefit from it% &o ignore the profoun$ truths it embo$ies affirms the actions of those who array themsel"es against all that is life affirmati"e# an$ again sets the stage for the worst aspects of history to repeat themsel"es% Remember: !o"e# work an$ knowle$ge are the wellsprings of our !ife% &hey shoul$ also go"ern it%' References:
1% .charaf# 7%: Fury "n #arth, Biography of Wilhelm Reich# 6ew Hork# .t% 7artin’s AressF7arek# 18B:% 2% Reich# W# an$ e$ite$ by )oy$ 3iggins# 7%# an$ Raphael# E%: Passion of 1outh, n uto!iography% 6ew Hork# 1arrar# .traus# Girou-# 188B% :% Reich# W# an$ e$ite$ by )oy$ 3iggins# 7%: merican "dyssey, .etters and 2ournals3 456784569# 6ew Hork# 1arrar .traus Girou-# 1888% <% 7artin# =%: Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War% 1t% )ragg# Ealifornia# 1ort )ragg )ooks# 2000 ?6ote: !ike Reich’s Contact With Space# Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War was publishe$ in an e$ition of 900 copies# with all copies of 7artin’s book going to subscribers who un$erwrote the cost of his research% An unlimite$ e$ition of this important book shoul$ be a"ailable in the not too $istant future%@ 9% Robbins# A%: Wilhelm Reich and +F"s% The 2ournal of "rgonomy# Dolume 2<# 6umber 2# 6ew Hork# ,rgonomic Aublications# (nc# 1880% K% Robbins# A%: Wilhelm Reich and +F"s3 Part II, #*amining #vidence and llegations% The 2ournal of "rgonomy# Dolume 29# 6umber 1# 6ew Hork# ,rgonomic Aublications# (nc# 1881% C% Reich# W%: Wilhelm Reich Biographical Material, /istory of the %iscovery of the .ife #nergy : merican Period3 45;5845<=># %ocumentary ?olume 8 @I 8 ## The #instein ffair% Rangeley# 7aine: ,rgone (nstitute Aress# 189:% B% Reich# W%: Contact With Space% Rangeley# 7aine: ,rgone (nstitute Aress# 189C% 8% 0$en# =%: Planet in Trou!le, The +F" ssault on #arth# 6ew Hork# &he 0-position Aress# 18C:% 10% Greenfiel$# =%: Wilhelm Reich ?S$ The +$S$ $# 6ew Hork# W%W% 6orton R Eompany# (nc%# 18C<% 11% Westrum# R%: The Blind #ye of Science# The Whole #arth Revie'# 6o% 92# 1all# 18BK% 12% )oa$ella# *%: Wilhelm Reich, The #volution of /is Work% !on$on: Dision Aress# 18C:% 1:% Eroall# =% ?e$%@: Record of a Friendship, The Correspondence Bet'een Wilhelm Reich and $S$ &eill% 6ew Hork: 1arrar RGirou-# 18B1% 1<% Eroall# =% ?e$%@: ll the Best# 6eill% !on$on# Watts# 18B<% 19% 7atthews# Aaul: Book Revie'# 2ournal of "rgonomy# [email protected]# 6o"ember 18C:%

About the author: Aeter Robbins was intro$uce$ to the books of Wilhelm Reich as a teenager% (n 18CK he met *r% 0lsworth 1% )aker# Reich’s first assistant for the last ele"en years of his life% .oon after he became a patient of *r% )aker an$ entere$ into almost se"en years of me$ical orgone therapy with this $istinguishe$ practitioner% Robbins went on to enroll in the classes 6ew Hork 5ni"ersity offere$ in scientific an$ social orgonomy with Reich scholars# Arofessors =ohn )ell an$ Aaul 7atthews% &hey in turn in"ite$ him to become a member of the ongoing .eminar in .ocial an$ .cientific ,rgonomy# patterne$ after the seminars which .igmun$ 1reu$ presi$e$ o"er $uring the nineteen twenties% Robbins spent much of the nineteen eighties in"ol"e$ with this group# presenting a "ariety of papers to his fellow members un$er 7atthews’ an$ )ell’s gui$ance an$ lea$ership% Aeter was a "olunteer fun$raiser for the American Eollege of ,rgonomy’s ?AE,@ )uil$ing 1un$ an$ ha$ two papers on Wilhelm Reich an$ 51,s publishe$ in the =ournal of ,rgonomy% 3e was part of a select group of "olunteers in"ite$ to witness a clou$busting $emonstration an$ presente$ on the sub/ect of Reich an$ 51,s at the AE,’s Arinceton 6= facility% 3e has also been an in"ite$ lecturer at international conferences on the life an$ work of Reich in 6ew Hork Eity# Ashlan$ ,regon# 6iece 1rance# an$ Lara"omilos Greece% 3is talks on Reich an$ 51,s ha"e been well recei"e$ at numerous 51, conferences# pri"ately organi;e$ e"ents aroun$ the country# an$ at select "enues across Great )ritain% 3is articles on the sub/ect ha"e been inclu$e$ in a "ariety of publications an$ websites both here an$ abroa$# an$ his paper# Aolitics# Religion an$ 3uman 6ature: Aractical Aroblems an$ Roa$blocks on the Aath &owar$ ,fficial 51, Acknowle$gement' is sche$ule$ to be publishe$ in the upcoming issue of Annals of the (nstitute for ,rgonomic .cience%

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