Out To Lunch St

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Out To Lunch
All morning, all that Ted could think about was eating lunch. He got up late and did not get a chance to eat breakfast before the school bus arrived. Ted was hoping to have a Ham sandwich. Ham is Ted's favorite lunchmeat. Ted also enjoys apples, but doesn't like the yellow or green ones. At lunchtime Ted ran to the cafeteria. When he got in line he asked for Ham sandwich, but they only had Tuna and Turkey. Ted is allergic to Tuna, so he asked for the Turkey. He ate the sandwich so fast that he gave himself the hiccups.

ANSWER THE QUESTIONS: 1. Why is Ted so hungry for lunch? a. He hasn't eaten in days c. He didn't eat lunch yesterday 2. What is Ted's favorite lunch meat? a. ham b. turkey c. salami d. bologna b. He didn't eat breakfast today d. He didn't eat dinner yesterday

3. What color apple might you find in Ted's lunch box? a. yellow b. green c. red d. Ted doesn't like apples

4. Which lunch item should Ted never eat? a. ham b. turkey c. apples d. tuna

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