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Pastor Jan Marcussen - P O Box 68, Thompsonville, IL 62890 - Phone 618-627-2357 - Fax - 618-627-2712 My web-sites are Reg6.com and WBNS.US This is your 463rd letter Mid August Y2K+8 The AT Radio Network is on the air at Atradio.net

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Exhibit #1 - A brand new 1930 Pontiac cost about $600. You can get gas for 10¢ per gallon.

Exhibit #2 - The brand new 1938 Oldsmobile now has automatic transmission. It cost $860. There has been 8 years of growing demand, but the price of gas is still 10¢ per gallon.

against the wall. . . LORD, in trouble have they visited thee, they poured out a prayer when thy chastening was upon them. . . . Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain. . . . Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead. ”
Exhibit #3 - The brand new 1948 Oldsmobile cost $1230, and after 18 years of growing demand, you can still get gas for 16¢ per gallon. Exhibit #4 - The new 1958 Chevy. “See the USA in your Chevrolet” with gas at 24¢ per gallon. After 28 years of growing demand, it has risen only 14¢. How then could it rise this very year by that amount in just days, and on July 16, a barrel of oil drop in price $6.38 in ten minutes? You’re about to get an amazing hint that will show you that the coming of Jesus in the clouds of heaven is getting closer and closer.

Dear SDA friends around the world. Read all the boxes in this letter, then come back here and we’ll talk about what’s happening. Faith: In a former letter we saw that Satan is fighting against dear Jesus through his girlfriend the Vatican, and how the harlot used the Mafia to put certain people to death in Rome’s work of controlling oil to try to “regain control of the world” {GC 565}, and hinder God’s work. In a recent Senate hearing, many learned that “speculation” in the stock market is what’s affecting oil so rapidly. But what helped to lay the foundation for the many things that are now controlling it? And what does it have to do with the soon appearing of Jesus in the sky? Pastor Jan: Are you ready? Here we go -

Lindsey Williams: I hope that you are at least partially knowledgeable of the fact that [according to prophecy] there is a plot for the destruction of your freedom. Jonathan May is a citizen of England. He has traveled the world and is knowledgeable from his dealings with people in the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission, as to what the internationalists intend to do worldwide. It so disturbed him that he decided that he would attempt to counteract the game plan of these people with the help of certain Arab sources that he knew. The internationalists [controlled by the Vatican through secret societies,] indirectly control the governments of the world [as much as God allows.] He decided that he would try to counteract what they were doing by establishing a world-wide Federal Reserve. [The Federal Reserve in the U.S. is a private corporation that is no more part of the federal government than is Federal Express.] Lindsey Williams He knew that this private corporation had fooled the masses until it has been given power to control the lifestyle of every person in America. He decided to establish a world-wide Federal Reserve in order to help save certain nations. He met with Arab leaders and persuaded them to give a large amount of money to help create it. At the point that the Arabs were to give this money, the internationalists in England found out about it. They threatened the life of Jonathan May, and would not allow the Arabs to transfer the money into England to start it. So Jonathan May came to America to save his life from these people in England. He didn’t know that the same powers that control England likewise control America. So in August of 1986, Jonathan May was arrested and put in the federal prison in Minneapolis, MN on false charges. [You need not worry about these things one bit because nothing can touch you, or any one Jonathan May with the Arabs of God’s faithful people without God’s personal permission. In the face of the horrors surrounding us, as long as you are walking and working with Christ to help save souls, you may “Be careful for nothing,” Phil. 4:6; “Rejoice in the Lord alway,” Phil. 4:4; and be as happy as a lark. Only if you are living for “self” do you need to fear the devil’s power. How many are working with Jesus for souls? How many live for self?] I was not allowed to go to the federal prison to see Jonathan May, but I was able to get an interview with him by telephone. In this conversation, he tells the game plan and the inner manipulations of the power elite of the world as he learned it. Before this interview, I thought that I knew most of the things that these people were doing. But after this interview with Jonathan May, where he told me things that only top executives in the oil companies had told me, I knew that what he said was true. For the first time, Jonathan By ADAM SCHRECK May put together some pieces of the puzzle that allowed me to see the The Associated Press complete picture that I had never been able to put together since 1973 July 23, 2008 when I first sat in the board meetings with the oil company officials and NEW YORK - Oil prices shed nearly found out that there absolutely was a plot for the control of America and $4 Wednesday, tumbling below $125 the world by a group of power elite, and heard the top oil company officials saying it, and telling about it in their own words. a barrel for the first time since early I have in my hand a tape recorder from which I’m going to play June on growing fears that high for you now my interview with Jonathan May. The world’s top echelon prices and the weak economy are would be very startled if they knew that these things were known. destroying demand. In other Nymex Jonathan May: The final stage of the global system’s plan was put trading, heating oil futures lost 12.8 into effect when a tactical official, and three U.S. government officials cents to settle at $3.5501 a gallon, went to the Prime Minister of Nigeria and paid him fifty million dollars to while gasoline futures shed 11.26 more than double the price of light crude oil. cents to settle at $3.0344 a gallon. Lindsey Williams: Light crude is the most valuable oil in the world. As an SDA minister, I have nothing to do All other oil in the world is priced in accordance with the price of light with the stock market, but I show you a few crude. Now the Arabs come into the picture. lines from this Associated Press article to Jonathan May: At the same time, George Bush Senior, and others of the reveal that the second part of what you’ve Trilateral Commission were in the middle east, persuading the middle eastern seen happening with oil is because of gamblers on the stock market whom the nations and England to consolidate OPEC. The deal made with the middle devil and his Vatican new world order eastern oil producers was that the oil buyers were prepared to pay higher people are using to help do what the nation prices for the oil, provided that the middle eastern nations supported America has been seeing recently concerning oil. by investing their money from oil in the big banks in America. How could the price of oil “tumble” because of “fears?” Notice that they are not Pastor Jan: It’s revealed on the video “9/11 - Road to Tyranny,” that the buying oil, but buying “futures.” What does Bush family is into oil; became friends with the Bin Laden family; had the article mean by “futures?” It’s just a picnics and outings with them; the Bush children, including George W., kind of legal “gambling” on the “future” of innocently played together with Osama bin Laden and his brothers at these what the “speculators” think it will be. The higher it goes, the more they bet on the outings; the half-brother of Osama bin Laden {Salem bin Laden} came to the “futures” of it - which makes it go even U.S. and helped George W. Bush start his oil company by the name of higher. I could see that unless God did something, it would keep getting bigger and Arbusto = meaning “bush” in Spanish; Some of the Bin Laden family were in the U.S. the day of 9/11/01, and were flown out of the country on that day bigger like a great snowball rolling down a mountain. In a Senate hearing the other even though all other planes in the U.S. had been grounded. day, a number of senators said that if there Wikopedia, the online encyclopedia says, “Arbusto Energy (sometimes was a law to limit this “speculation” in the referred to as Arbusto Oil) was a petroleum and energy company formed in stock market, the oil problem would be Midland, Texas, in 1977, by future U.S. President George W. Bush and a corrected. Some questions are, 1) I mentioned that this is the second part of group of investors which included James R. Bath. Bath made an investment of the situation, but what was the first part? 2) $50,000 while representing Salem bin Laden of the Saudi Binladin Group. Since our kind Father is over all, why is He This fact became controversial after the September 11, 2001 attacks due to allowing it? 3) Is this one of the Salem bin Laden being an older, half-brother of Osama bin Laden. Upon “abominations” of Rev. 17-18 that Rome is the mother of? 4) Is it part of Rome’s plot Salem bin Laden’s death in a 1988 airplane crash, in Texas, his interest in to “regain control of the world?” GC Arbusto (along with other Binladin Group assets), passed to Khalid bin 565,566? 5) How will it all turn out? In this Mahfouz.” letter you’ll get a hint.


Lindsey Williams: After they got the price of light crude more than doubled, they then went to the Arabs and told them that they would take the price of oil as high as they wanted it to go if they would invest some of that money in their banks in New York in 30 year time certificates. This is why the price of oil in the 1970s started to go up. When you learn what they intended to do with those 30 year time certificates, you begin to get a picture of what’s happening. Jonathan May: The Arab oil ministers did not know until late in the 1970s that the controlling people in the prime banks in New York were also the same people who had gotten control of the major oil companies. George H.W. Bush meets with Arab Lindsey Williams: The Arabian sheiks did not know that they were leaders. On Sept. 11, 1991, ten years to being gypped, and neither did they understand that America’s major oil the day before the 9/11 attacks, he spoke companies were controlled by the money of the international bankers in New to Congress very positively about a New World Order. He said, “What is at stake is York. more than one small country, it is a big Pastor Jan: Neither did most of them know that Rome was seeking to idea - a new world order. . . . When we are ruin America and take it over through these developments, and help control successful - and we will be, we have a real their attack from New York City through the Catholic Cardinal there. I chance at this new world order.” How could he be so positive that it was praise our kind Father that He has allowed the papacy’s own sex scandals possible? Because he knew from the (which fell at the feet of Cardinal Egon in New York City) to slow them result that down so that God’s work can go forward - as four mighty angels are holding he had of his meeting with the Arabs, for it. helped to lay the groundwork the winds. Concerning this, the prophet of God cries out In a minute, you’re going to read what Jonathan May said about this meeting, “Four mighty angels are still holding the four winds of the earth. Terrible and what was going on. destruction is forbidden to come in full. The accidents by land and by sea; the loss of life, steadily increasing, by storm, by tempest, by railroad disaster, by conflagration; the terrible floods, the earthquakes, and the winds will be the stirring up of the nations to one deadly combat, while the angels hold the four winds, forbidding the terrible power of Satan to be exercised in its fury until the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads. “A terrible conflict is before us. We are nearing the battle of the great day of God Almighty. That which has been held in control is to be let loose. The angel of mercy is folding her wings, preparing to step down from the throne and leave the world to the control of Satan. The principalities and powers of earth are in bitter revolt against the God of heaven. They are filled with hatred against those who serve Him, and soon, very soon, will be fought the last great battle between good and evil. The earth is to be the battlefield – the scene of the final contest and the final victory. “While their hands were loosening, and the four winds were Dear July 9, 2008 about to blow, the merciful eye of Congress just compromised your rights by passing the FISA Amendments Act. Yesterday, President Bush signed an unconstitutional domestic Jesus gazed on the remnant that were wiretapping bill and one hour later, ACLU lawyers filed a landmark lawsuit to not sealed [Praise God!], and He challenge its constitutionality. raised His hands to the Father and The fight over FISA now moves from Congress to the courts. The lawsuit pleaded with Him that He had spilled was filed on behalf of an impressive array of professionals -- journalists, human rights organizations and lawyers -- whose ability to perform their His blood for them. Then another work will be greatly compromised by this new law. Our clients include The angel was commissioned to fly Nation magazine and two of its contributing journalists. swiftly to the four angels and bid Because of the nature of their calls and e-mails, our clients believe that them hold until the servants of God their communications are likely to be monitored under the new law. Even the looming possibility of this surveillance disrupts their ability to talk with were sealed with the seal of the sources, locate witnesses, conduct scholarship, and engage in advocacy. living God in their foreheads.” My [Nazi Germany could not do this as well as they can.] Life Today, p. 308. May our kind Electronic surveillance is a necessary tool in protecting our nation’s Father help us to reach the dear security, but spying on Americans without warrants or judicial approval is an invitation to abuse and that’s exactly what President Bush and Congress people with His very message have authorized. through which He will seal them! The new wiretapping law -- which legalizes many of the most outrageous Lindsey Williams continues abuses of the Bush administration’s once-secret NSA warrantless spying Lindsey Williams: Though the program -- fails to provide fundamental safeguards that the Constitution clearly requires. Arabs got rich, much of the profit Anthony D. Romero from their oil was coming back to the Executive Director, ACLU international bankers in New York City. These Arabs, not understanding any of this international finance, fell for the plot of the international bankers, and little by little, the story becomes more bizarre. Jonathan May: Because the Arab oil nations were locked into the 30 year time deposits, which was money from the increase in oil prices paid by the American people, the U.S. bankers were able to make loans to the poor third world nations. Lindsey Williams: Those third world countries which were loaned that money are going broke today. But the bankers wanted those countries to go broke. Jonathan May: The international bankers loaned this money to these third world countries, knowing and relying on the greed of the leaders of those nations to mishandle the money loaned to them. Dear A. Jan Marcussen, Lindsey Williams: The international bankers wanted the third world I received your book “National countries to misuse those funds. They intended for them to go broke. [It Sunday Law” in the mail and put it on was similar to what recently happened to millions of Americans in the the shelf. One day I found your book housing industry from the hands of these men who knew that they would on the shelf, and started reading it. I not be able to pay off their loans when they gave it to them, so that the read it several times. It was shocking, yet, for the first time, it all made sense crooks would get both their money and their homes. Who would ever to me! Since reading “National guess that Rome had anything to do with it?] These countries had just Sunday Law,” I have re-renewed my recently gotten their independence from some other nation, and the new relationship with Christ and I now live leaders of these countries had never governed any country before. in a way which honors Him. I’m also The reason they formed the bank holding companies was so that they sharing this book with others in hopes that their eyes will be opened. Thank could not be held responsible for what happened to the money the Arabs you for writing such an incredible had invested with them. They would loan out money to the third world book! It’s just what the people need! countries - knowing that the third world countries were going to go broke. T.F.S. Other holding companies were formed by them to buy many thousands of

acres of farmland in the U.S., and to buy out other banks - so that these globalists could control American. Jonathan May: In 1985 we were approached by the President of Indonesia with a severe problem that they had. This was one of the third world nations which was going broke after borrowing from the bank holding companies. So they wanted to borrow more money, but the IMF would not approve unless they 1) eliminated their own currency, 2) went on the standard of the U.S. dollar, 3) eliminated cash altogether, and went onto a credit card system - which would be part of their identity system. [Rome and the devil know that such things will be necessary to help enforce the coming Sunday law so that no one can buy or sell who is not in the “system.”] Lindsey Williams: The leaders of both Indonesia and the Philippines came to Jonathan May and said, “A representative from the international “Justice moved from its exalted throne, bankers’ banks in New York has just come to us and said, “We will forgive and with all the armies of heaven all of your loans. You cannot pay them back. You cannot even pay the approached the cross. . . Justice bowed in interest. But we’d like to make you a bargain. We will forgive your loans reverence at the cross, saying, ‘It is [which had been loaned to them from the money deposited with them by the enough.’” 7BC 469. Every hope of the race hangs upon the cross. . . When the Arabs from the increased prices they made from the American people at the sinner reaches the cross, and looks up to gas pumps. And Jesus said to us, “You cannot pay your debt. You will die the One who died to save him, he may in your sins. I will die in your place.” That is the real “bargain” that we see rejoice with fullness of joy; for his sins are pardoned.” OHC 46 Praise God! in the picture to the right that the lovely Jesus makes to us! He died for you!] The international bankers said, “You never have to pay it back if you will do the following, 1) do away with your national currency, 2) go to a debit card system, and 3) give us perpetual rights to all natural resources in your countries. [Rome knew that this type of thing would be part of the controlling mechanism for God’s people to not be able to buy or sell after the Sunday law. This kind of slavery is the devil’s “bargain.”] Marcos in the Philippines told the international bankers to get out of his country. He would not give them sovereignty over his people. And here’s what happened Jonathan May: Marcos was sharp enough to pick up the word “perpetual,” and realized that in so doing, he would be signing away the sovereignty of his nation. It was only a matter of weeks after that, that Marcos was deposed by riots that were incited. Through our connections in London, we were aware of this offer made by the IMF. And we were also aware of the Arab connections that had happened earlier. When we learned these things, we immediately could see that the international bankers would end up owning and controlling those nations. [God’s prophet revealed in GC 565,566 that Rome is seeking to regain control of the world, but who would suspect that they would use such complex methods by their banking slaves Dear Pastor Jan, which almost no one could trace behind the This is your secretary. A man named Ernest from Detroit called. Here’s what he said scenes?] “Whoever put this book “National Sunday Law” together is truly Lindsey Williams: It was announced on blessed! I got it six months ago and saw it lying here and decided to the news that Brazil and Argentina said that read it. Wow, this was what I was looking for to put it all together! In they would not pay their debt. But they didn’t 1983, I was in a big church; I mean a mega-church of 4,000 people. I was in all kinds of activities with this church and was sitting up on tell the people that agreements had been the platform behind the pastor. As I was sitting there, one word made with those countries to forgive their came into my mind, ‘Change.’ It was like the wind blew through my loans if they would sign away perpetually the spirit. Immediately, in my mind, I said, ‘Yes.’ For two weeks I prayed, rights to their natural resources. We’ve seen a and then I went to my pastor and told him that I was called out. He wanted to know where to. I told him I did not know, but that I was to rash of third world countries not paying their be like Abraham. I was impressed like in Revelation to ‘Come out.’ debts. Because of this, the bank holding All I knew was that I was sitting in a Sunday-keeping church, companies - made by the international realizing the worship was not effective. bankers, are also designed to go broke, and “I have spent a lot of time, a lot of money, doing this study, doing that study, getting college degrees, you name it - and now I myself watch the events from that point on am a pastor. Well, I have a family of 5, a wife and children. I told my Jonathan May: It became clear that the wife we had to leave and go. She just went right along because we forgiveness of the third world debts would are spiritually together, even my children. I turned our house over to eliminate the assets of the holding companies my mother, lightened the load, and we went to another state just wanting to serve the Lord. Also, I didn’t like what I was seeing in the - leaving them only with the liabilities which public schools, so we put our children in private schools and home were owed to the middle eastern Arab schooled them. nations. Since the third world countries “Anyway, now we are back in Michigan and here comes this book cannot repay the holding companies, National Sunday Law! I read it, and said, ‘O my Lord, it is over!’ This book is nothing but total truth. NOW I know what the Holy Spirit therefore, the holding companies cannot meant that day when ‘change’ came into my mind. And I know that repay the Arabs. true love is willing obedience, and by His grace, I’m going to be Lindsey Williams: So far, there have obedient. My children are obedient to me. My family love me and been 12 of these third world nations that have they are obedient to me. So now I will be obedient to God.” He said, “When did Jan Marcussen write this book?” When I told announced that they cannot, and will not him, it really blew his mind [because that’s the very year that the repay their debts, and if just a few more of Holy Spirit spoke to him to come out of his Sunday keeping church.] these countries do this, the bank holding He said, “I could not arrange this truth so eloquently and orderly as companies will say, “We are bankrupt.” Jan did. People are being stirred!” He requested 100 books to give to others as soon as he gets them. He also wanted Great Then, the international bankers will tell the Controversy and the newsletter. One last thing. He said, “A laborer Arab nations, “The bank holding companies is worthy of his hire, and this Jan Marcussen is. If I go to a that we gave your money to under those 30 restaurant for bread, I pay for that bread, and if someone is giving me year time deposits just went broke. So sorry the pure bread of life, he needs to be supported. This book and this man are teaching TRUTH. I will be calling again soon.” Arabs, but as of today, you are bankrupt.” Pastor Jan, I praise God for shorthand writing. I told him I was Can you see a little of the utter degradation of writing this all down and giving it to you for your newsletter. He said the power controllers of the world? They “OK,” and we were praising the Lord. YOU TWO LOVEBIRDS HAVE built up the Arab nations by financing and A WONDERFUL SABBATH! constructing their oil rigs for them, and now they’re breaking them by a designed plan - -

Dear A. Jan Marcussen, This book “National Sunday Law” is so as they are planning for America. amazing and shocking that I could not believe Jonathan May: When this happens, it will cause a chaotic condition what I was reading! I stopped, and went back in society, and then, the plan is that the international bankers will come and reread the page. It was so shocking that I to their rescue by proposing to eliminate cash, and to stop drug put the book away, and then went back and trafficking, tax evasion, [and illegal immigration] with plastic credit ID found it again. I tried to forget what I had cards. [We have part of this now.] read, but I couldn’t. Now, I believe it, and am Lindsey Williams: He said that when this happens the international reading it again along with my Bible. I’m bankers will blame it on the Arabs. Would the average American fall for going to give these books out to people. I use blaming the Arabs for this [or for 9/11]? to go to church on Sunday. No more! Now I Jonathan May: At this point they plan to implement a mandatory have to find a Saturday church to go to. Until then, I’ll keeping praying and reading my government issued credit ID card, which will be satellite linked. Bible. All this truth took a while to sink in, Lindsey Williams: Those of you who know the scriptures, know that but it has. I want everyone else to believe it God has revealed that the control of those who do not receive the mark too! God is good, and Jesus is a good Lord of the beast will take place. Jonathan May has found out from people in and Saviour! Thank you so much for the the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, that book. Geraldine Davis 60% of the work of the satellites in the sky has to do with the transfer of funds from all over the world, and that only 40% has to do with defense. Jonathan May: It is a world design. It is a world order. It is a world program. We know that our information is true, though we do not know the exact time frame that they plan to carry it all out. Pastor Jan: Now it’s my turn. What you just learned has only been partially fulfilled - because everything is under the control of the King of Dear A. Jan Marcussen, Kings and Lord of Lords - the lovely Jesus. Isn’t that comforting! ( Let me inform you that I was given the What they said about the existence of these globalists and poor book “National Sunday Law” by a friend who international banking fiends is true. They do exist. And what we had read it. After I read it, I gave it to another learned about the foundation work to unify the Arabs and OPEC is true. friend of mine. He is a strong Catholic. After In order to control the price of oil they had help unify the oil producing he read it, he gave it to other members of his nations. Rome calls it “solidarity.” That’s where the friendly, unifying Catholic family. I have given some of these work of George H.W. Bush came in. What Jonathan May revealed books to other people as well. Surely you are concerning third world nations getting loans from these people, and then helping to preach to my area here in Kenya, going broke is also largely true. Now, stock market “speculators” are East Africa. I’m in a densely populated area, cooperating with the Vatican work of GC 565,566 whether they know it and through this book, I can spread the three or not. What these people do not know is that God is overruling it all to angels’ messages to many homes. I’m going drive people to dear Jesus, and to inspire His people to reach the masses to be holding evangelistic meetings. May God be with you. Yours in Christ, Zacchaeus with His last message of love and warning - hastening Christ’s soon Kinuthia coming. The main things that our mighty God has not yet allowed the Vatican controlled globalists to accomplish, are the ultimate goals that he spoke about. So far, angels of God have thwarted those ultimate goals. What were they? 1) Their plot to make the Arab nations go broke - causing riots and chaos there. 2) They failed to get possession of all the farmlands, farms, and homes of America - although recently we have seen them trying again by tricking millions of Americans to get “sub-prime” loans - which the crooks knew they probably could not pay off - similar to their plot with the third world nations. 3) Though they failed to get the world on their credit and debit system, and get national ID for identity and monetary control, now they are trying again by working to use our own drivers’ licenses to accomplish it. As the weeks go by, our kind Father will allow the poor Vatican new world order fiends to do quite a bit of what they want, but as of now, mighty angels are holding it back a little longer - until God’s honest people can be enlightened with His love and His seventh-day Sabbath in His holy law. That’s where you and I come in. If we Seventh-day Adventists don’t reach them, who will? Have you ever thought of that? Will angels come down from heaven in human form and talk with them? May God help us quickly to reach them is my prayer! You might be bashful to talk with people. You might not Dear A. Jan Marcussen, know what to say with your tongue. That’s why many use the I’m in a California prison. I’m thanking God that I little NSL preachers. They know just what to say. They never got a chance to read “National Sunday Law.” I want get tired, hungry, thirsty, scared, or nervous. They’re always of to thank you for making this book possible. I now good cheer. As we read these testimony letters, it makes us of know the truth thanks to you. When I get out on good cheer! God gets all the praise. With an average of 3 people parole, I’ll be sure to order “Great Controversy.” I in each home, 1000 of them will reach about 3000 souls. All currently have no money, but I’ll have a job when I who get 1000 from now until the end of the month will get 100 get out. Thank you again for showing me the truth. extra ones free, as well as all 15 of the CCA video series which Without you I would have been lost. May God bless exposes the Roman Catholic Attack against God’s SDA church. you. Bernard Now look at what our mighty God will do ““In the vision given me in Battle Creek, I was shown this earth, dark and gloomy. Said the angel, ‘Look carefully!’ Then I was shown the people upon the earth: some were surrounded with angels of God, others were in total darkness, surrounded by evil angels. I saw an arm reached down from Heaven, holding a golden scepter. On the top of the scepter was a crown studded with diamonds. Every diamond emitted light, bright, clear, and beautiful. Inscribed upon the crown were these words, ‘All who win me are happy, and shall have everlasting life.’ “Below this crown was another scepter upon which was also placed a crown, in the center of which were jewels, gold and silver, which reflected some light. The inscription on this crown, was, ‘Earthly treasure – Riches is power. All who win me have honor and fame.’ I saw a vast multitude rushing forward to obtain this crown. They were clamorous. Some in their eagerness seemed bereft of their reason. They would thrust one another, crowding back those who were weaker than they, and trample upon those who in their haste fell. Many eagerly seized hold of the treasures within the crown, and held them fast. The heads of some were as white as silver, and their faces were furrowed with care and anxiety. Their own relatives, bone of their bone and flesh of their flesh, they regarded not. Their eager eyes would often fasten upon the earthly crown, and count and recount its treasures. “Images of want and wretchedness appeared in that multitude, and looked wishfully at the treasures there, and turned hopelessly Dear Pastor Jan, away as the stronger overpowered and drove back the weaker. Yet Tony and I worked together. When I told him they could not give it up, but with a multitude of deformed, sickly about Jesus and about His seventh-day Sabbath, and aged, sought to press their way to the earthly crown. Some he just laughed at me and made fun of God’s died in seeking to reach it. Others fell just in the act of taking hold Sabbath. Twenty years went by. Many things of it. Dead bodies strewed the ground, yet on rushed the multitude, happened to us. Then one day Tony received the trampling over the fallen and dead bodies of their companions. book “National Sunday Law” in his mail box. He Every one who reached the crown possessed a share in it, and were asked me if I sent it to him. I said, “No.” He read loudly applauded by an interested company standing around it. the book. He read the whole thing. He learned the “A large company of evil angels were very busy. Satan seemed truth of God. He learned about the Sabbath of God to throw a peculiar charm upon those who eagerly sought it. Many and the mark of the beast. He believed and who sought this earthly crown were professed Christians. They accepted God’s holy Sabbath. After earnestly would look wishfully upon the heavenly crown. While one hand studying the Bible, he was baptized as a Seventhwas reaching forth languidly for the heavenly the other was day Adventist, and now Tony is also spreading the reached eagerly for the earthly, determined to possess that, and in good news of God’s love, and is spreading the their earnest pursuit for the earthly, they lost sight of the heavenly. book “National Sunday Law” to many people. We They were left in darkness. praise God that He is now using Tony to spread the “Some became disgusted with the company who sought it so Gospel. Allen CA eagerly, and they seemed to have a sense of their danger, and

1) If you give copies of this letter to others, I believe that turned from it, and earnestly sought for the someone will be in heaven who would have been lost. And heavenly crown. The countenances of such soon you’ll have great joy! changed from dark to light, from gloom to 2) God is blessing in the great 40 Million Man March so that cheerfulness and holy joy. now we have about 30% of what we need to reach another one million souls in Disney’s land of magical wizards - Orlando. If “A company I then saw pressing through the our kind Father impresses you to help us reach this goal, just crowds of people with their eyes intently fixed mark it below. upon the heavenly crown. [Praise God!] As they 3) I will still give the entire 15 part CCA video or DVD series earnestly urged their way through the disorderly free, {with the new #16 free also} to all who get 1000 NSL crowd, angels attended them, and made room preachers to help save people in heaven instead of hell for a donation of 39¢ each with free shipping in the U.S. From through the dense throng for them to advance. As benches, phone booths, door steps, bulk mailings, they neared the heavenly crown, the light laundromats, parking lots, side walks, restrooms, and any emanating from it shone upon them, and around place people walk, sit, wait, or go, our kind Father is using the them, dispelling their darkness, and growing clearer NSL preachers to reach millions for Him. and brighter, until they seemed to be transformed, 4) “Come join our happy crew, we’re bound for Canaan’s shore. The Captain says there’s room for you - and room for and resembled the angels. They cast not one millions more!” lingering look upon the earthly crown. Those who were in pursuit of the earthly, mocked them, and threw black balls after them, which did them no injury while their eyes were fixed upon the heavenly crown. But those who turned their attention to the black balls were stained with them. The following scripture was presented before me: “Matt. 7:19-24: ‘Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth . . But lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal; for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. . . No man can serve two masters; for he will either hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.’ “Some, I saw, who professed to be the followers of Jesus, are so ambitious to obtain earthly treasures, that they lose their love for Heaven, act like the world, and are accounted of Heaven as of the world. “Those who were shown me clamorous for the earthly crown, were those who will resort to any means to acquire property. Their whole thoughts and energies are directed for earthly riches. Satan and his evil angels are satisfied. They know that such are surely theirs, and are Satan’s powerful agents. “Those who became disgusted with the company clamoring for the earthly crown, have seen they were never satisfied, and they became alarmed, and separated themselves from that unhappy class, and sought the true and durable riches. “While the eyes of the righteous are fixed upon the heavenly, priceless treasure, they will be more and more like Christ, and will be transformed, and fitted for translation. “As the members of the body of Christ approach the period of their last conflict, ‘the time of Jacob's trouble,’ they will grow up into Christ, and will partake largely of his Spirit. As the third message swells to a loud cry, and as great power and glory attends the closing work, the faithful people of God will partake of that glory. [Praise God!] Their faces will shine with the glory of that light which attends the third angel. [Would you like that? Those who give that message will shine with it.] “I saw that God would in a wonderful manner preserve his people through the time of trouble. As Jesus poured out his soul in agony in the garden, they will earnestly cry and agonize with him day and night for deliverance. The decree will go forth that they must disregard the Sabbath of the fourth commandment, and honor the first day, or lose their lives; but they will not yield, and trample under their feet the Sabbath of the Lord, and honor an institution of Papacy. Satan's host, and wicked men, will surround them, and exult over them, because there will seem to be no way of escape for them. But in the midst of their revelry and triumph, there is peal upon peal of the loudest thunder. The heavens have gathered blackness, and are only illuminated by the blazing light and terrible glory from Heaven, as God utters his voice from his holy habitation. “The foundations of the earth shake, buildings totter and fall with a terrible crash. The sea boils like a pot, and the whole earth is in terrible commotion. The captivity of the righteous is turned, [Praise God!] and with sweet and solemn whisperings they say to each other, ‘We are delivered. It is the voice of God.’ With solemn awe they listen to the words of the voice. The wicked hear, but understand not the words of the voice of God. They fear and tremble, while the saints rejoice. Satan and his angels, and wicked men witness the glory conferred upon those who have honored the holy law of God. They behold the faces of the righteous lighted up, and reflecting the image of Jesus. Those who were so eager to destroy the saints, could not endure the glory resting upon the delivered ones, and they fell like dead men to the earth. Satan and evil angels fled from the presence of the saints glorified. Their power to annoy them was gone forever.” 4bSG, pp. 106 - 114. Praise God friend! Praise God.


Your friend in Christ, Pastor Jan

Please send me 1000 NSL preachers to help save souls for a donation of 39¢ each, and the free things that I’ve checked in the box to the right__. Send me 2000 NSL preachers for a donation of 38¢ each with free shipping, plus the free things in the box, __ plus to come free to our next one week medical missionary soul-winning school __. Send me 10,000 NSL preachers for a donation of 37¢ each with 1000 extra free __. Please send me the 15 part CCA video/DVD series, plus the new one, for a donation of $10 per video or DVD __. Send me 100 NSLs for a donation of 54¢ each with free shipping __ . Send me 200 NSL preachers for a donation of 49¢ each with free shipping __. Send me Pastor Jan’s song CD entitled “Songs That Touch Your Heart” for a donation of $10__. Send me the NSL audio-book on 2 CDs in a nice case for my donation of $15 with free shipping in the U.S.__. Please use this donation to help bulk mail NSL preachers to reach another million souls in the Orlando area in the great 40 Million Man March ___.

Mark the things you want free because you are getting NSL preachers to help save souls. Send me 100 extra NSL preachers free because I’m getting 1000 for soul-winning __. Send me the 15 DVDs free, entitled “Catholic, Charismatic Attack (on God’s SDA church)” plus the new one free because I’m getting 1000 NSLs to help save souls for a donation of 39¢ each __. Send me 1000 NSL preachers free because I’m getting 10,000 for a donation of 37¢ each & free shipping in the U.S.__.

Number of books _____ videos ___ Amount of donation $___________ U.S. Name ____________________________________________________ Phone ________________________ City Address Make checks to M.V. Society of SDAs, P. O. Box 68, Thompsonville, Il. 62890 Zip 8.5.08

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