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Palm Vein  Authen  Au thentication tication Stanislav Novák  Novák 


Palm Vein Authentication Authentication Stanislav Novák 

Principal Business Developer Solution Business Group CEMEA&I Security Solutions Solutions Fujitsu Technology Technology

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU  

Palm Vein Authentication Authentication Fujitsu PalmSecure ®  

“the key is your hand”  hand”  


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Introduction Biometric technologies are being used to identify a person through their unique characteristic characteristic physical features

p lm vein

The use of biometric technology drastically increases the security for many different applications and further simplifies the necessary procedures with added cost benefits.


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


 Authentication accuracy High

False Acceptance Rate (FAR) & False Rejection Rate Comparison (FRR)

Face recognition   y    t    i    l   a   c    i    t   c   a   r    P

Voice pattern

Palm vein

Authentication Authenticatio n Met Method hod Face recognition

Signature Iris/Retina






If FRR (% (%)) =

~ 1.3 1.3  

~ 2.6  2.6 

~ 0.01  0.01 

~ 0.3  0.3 


~ 0.001 

~ 0.1

Finger vein vein

~ 0.0001

~ 0.01


~ 0.0001 

~ 0.01 

Voice pattern

Finger vein

FAR (% (%)) =

Fujitsu Palm vein

< 0.00008

~ 0.01

Fujitsu PalmSecure is one of the most accurate and most practical technology.


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Palm vein authentication advantages High Safety & Permanence  – advantage  –  advantage of veins


High Accuracy – Accuracy – advantage  advantage of a palm over a finger

High Acceptance



Hidden under the skin makes forgery very difficult

Palm vein patterns are complex >5 million reference points

Very hygienic due to non-contact operation

Unique even among identical twins

Palm contains thicker veins than fingers – fingers  – easier  easier to identify

Very easy and intuitive to use

Never changes stays same throughout life

Detectable only when

Palm veins are insensitive against environment (cold temperature, creamy hands, skin scratches)

blood is flowing


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


How the palm vein process proces s works Vein Palm positioned 5-8 5- 8 cm over the sensor‘s surface  surface 

Life detection and focusing starts

Sensor emits near infra red light to the palm

De-oxygenated blood makes palm vein pattern visible for the sensors camera




1axz 001y The 1-3 KB encrypted biometric template can be stored on either a PC, Server, token or smart card

 AES encrypted encrypted da data ta is converted and compressed into a biometric template which is then AES encrypted again

 AES –  AES  –   Advanced Encryption Standard

The AES encrypted data will be transferred to the PC/Server or Notebook for biometric template generation and compression

Inside the PS sensor  AES encryption encryption o off the raw palm vein image begins


ISO/CC Security Certification

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


PalmSecure Palm Secure Technolog Technology y The Product

 

Compact USB device – device – 35mm  35mm x 35mm x 27mm

Infra -red captures the veins inside the human body and uses the biometric Infra-red data making it very secure

Very accurate – accurate – very  very low FRR/FAR 0.01%/0.00008%

High usability with very low FTE(failure to enrol) rate

Immune from dirt, dust, dryness, moisture

 

Fast, ergonomic design makes its application highly adaptable Contactless/hygienic, very high accurac accuracy y

Non intrusive unlike other technologies

There are >30 million active users of Fujitsu PalmSecure in the world.


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


PalmSecure Product Portfolio PalmSecure OEM Sensors

Time & Attendance

Match On Device

Physical Access Control Contr ol

PalmSecure Log In/SSO solutions

PalmSecure Keyboard for Log In/SSO

PalmSecure Notebook/Tablet (BTO planne planned) d)


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Main Applications & Solutions S olutions Time / Attendance

Physical Ac Access cess Control Main Server

Main Server

 Authentication Server Server T/A for employees, security staff and for cleaning staff

T&A Terminals and Controllers

Log In / SSO

 Application Server Server High security access control to access different locations within the company or data centre

 Access Control Control T Terminals erminals and Controllers

Preventing privacy information and trade secret breach;  Accelerate internal processes

(Thin) Clients


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Logical access control

In this example an enterprise is using biometric login / SSO instead of using les less s secured and more expensive password password / token to ken / smartcard solution for login / SSO


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


W ide range of application areas Financial  

On-line Banking

 ATM/VTM,  ATM/ VTM, Counte Counterr

Personal Record Management 

Social Security

National IDs

Deposit boxes

Health care


Military, Prisons

Information Access Management 


Log In, SSO  Airports, rts, Authori Authorities, ties,   Airpo Construction area 

Time attendance system

Cashless & Cardless Payments 

Retail stores

 

Gas stations Catering

Rental Car


There are 30 million active users of Fujitsu PalmSecure in the world. w orld.


US Health Care Patient Registration Customers

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Turkey Health Care System Solutions for all citizens 

Implementation of Biometric Patient Authentication System for SSI 

Over 150,000 Thin Clients FUTRO

Over 150,000 sensors

Over 150,000 hand guides

81 cities, services in more than 28,000 places

2700 private hospitals

1200 state hospitals

22,000 clinics

24,000 pharmacies


 Application  Applicatio n to ban banking king areas areas Fujitsu’s PalmSecure technology uses biometric sensors to authenticate individuals and control physical, logical and device access. Banking applications include:  

 ATM/VTM  ATM/ VTM Internet Banking  

Staff log-on  PC and laptop  Office and home working  Time and attendance monitoring   

Online Corporate banking Online Private Banking

 Access to personal information  Administration  Administra tion Secure Printing

Controlled access  Safe deposit areas  

Office and branch buildings Data Centre

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Deployed branch solutions - Bradesco, Brazil 

 Brazil’s second largest private bank, with 4,400 branches, over 40,000 Bradesco Expresso units;

Operates more than 33,000 ATMs, of which 90% are palm-vein enabled;

Some 10 million customers use the palm vein-enabled system, with more than 700 million transactions completed without a single case of fraud;

Since October 2012, has offered customers the option of cardless transactions, using just Palm vein technology, account number and password.


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Deployed ATM solutions – Ziraat, Turkey

Fujitsu Palm Vein reader

Ziraat is state-owned state-o wned and is Turkey's second-larg second-largest est bank;

Began rolling out palm vein technologies in early 2011, to its 1,300 branches; 50 (soon to be 1,000) staff less microbranches; 2,900 ATMs; ATMs; and 30 video-teller machines;

 Aimed to have 1,400 desktop palm readers deployed by January 2012


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Deployed access solutions – Sber Bank, Russia 

Founded in 1841, Sber Bank is Russia’s largest bank with 242,000 employees, 19,000 branches and 100 million customers;

Sber Bank uses palm vein technologies to control access to, and within, Europe’s largest data processing centre;

Opened in November 2011, the centre processes personal and business loans sourced from Sber’s regional operations. 


Berlin Brandenburg Airport 

 30.000 employees and delivery/service staff

 Biometric template in Legic smartcard

 130 security points po ints

 Other airports investigating now

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


easyGym- New chain of UK Gyms   

easyGym is a new chain of Gyms from the easyGroup (Stellios) 4 Gyms already established in the UK and 10 more to open before the end of this ye year ar.. Originally were using Finger Vein Access Control terminals to control turnstiles – all now replaced with PalmSecure


Fujitsu Workplace W orkplace Pro Protect tect

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Fujitsu Workplace W orkplace Pr Protect otect 

Preinstalled on all new desktop systems systems ESPRIMO from 06/2013

Preinstalled on LIFEBOOKs LIFEBOOKs of the advanced and superior segment in 10/2013

 Advanced Face Recognition needs an additional license key after 30 days

Enterprise version (with SSO) is planned for Q1/2014

PalmSecure Sensor Guide Kit (S26381-K436-L100) Contains 1 x PalmSecure™ PalmSecure™ Sensor, Hand Guide, Sensor Holder, USB Cable

PalmSecure driver download at our support pages


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU


Summary of PalmSecure technology benefits 

Small Sm all foot pri print nt sensor - easy and flexible to integrate

Best FAR/FRR/FTE FAR/FRR/FTE specification specification among all biometric bi ometric technologies

Full contactless and hygienic operation, biometric feature inside the body

Very high applicability appli cability rate and once in a life l ife time enrolment

High speed and high accuracy operation for security and for convenience

Template on Card, Match on Card, Match on Devi Device ce or Central Database solutions solution s

SDK for developers, rapid development and integration into solutions/applications

Security certified - Common Criteria Cri teria EAL 2 for HW and algorithm algori thm

Recommended Recomm ended biometric product and approved by several international banks in real installations and and in pilot projects

Same price level as a high level fingerprint sensor, less expensive than Iris 23


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU

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