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1. Did you know that the sea broder in Rijeka spreaded all the way to the the
clock tower which is situated on today's street of “Korzo“? This is
probably the main reason why Rijeka was one of the biggest and most
important European seaports in the past. In comparison with the past,
today's situation is quite different. The sea is some 500 metres away
resulting the decrement of the port. It is considered that the land wich was
filled over the sea, giving the possibility of expanding the city, had started
when followers of the Orthodox religion threw a rock in the sea, and said
that they will build their church on te spot where the rock fell. This church
is on that same place today.
2. Humphrey Bogart died of lung cancer, but has allways said that “smoking
is his passion“. The group of people involving passionate smokers is
probably not the largest in the world, but there are definitely those who
smoke for pure enjoyment. Regarding many others who say that they
smoke for pleasure it is usually not issued as correct considering that
stress, anxiety, addiction and even smoking beacuse others in the
observated party are doing so is involved. Yet, those people who
ultimately enjoy in the smell and taste of a cigarette are probably the most
addictive to it, but do not see the addiction from that perspective. For
them it is a lifestyle.

Ivo Pejković

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