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The illegality of marihuana in most of the countries in the world reminds very clearly
the prohibition era in USA that was the period from 1920 to 1933 in which alcohol was
illegal. First of all, both marihuana and the alcohol can be named metaphorically “the
forbidden fruit”. It always happens that when people are not allowed to do something,
that’s exactly the thing they want to do and eating on purpose that fruit makes the
market demand increases directly proportional. Secondly, there is the high price of
marihuana that recalls the prohibition of alcohol. Considering that marihuana is sold on
the black market, the bidders are in danger of being punished by the law for the
production, transportation and sale of the forbidden. The fact that price of beer
increased approximately 700% during the Prohibition era clearly illustrates this
observation. Last, but not the least, besides the effect on price and quantity, the illegality
of marihuana that can be also called a prohibition is an indirect factor that has the
potential to increase non-violent and violent offenses. Participants in the illegal trade
cannot use the legal system to solve disputes, so they look for other methods such as
violence. An example of how it occurs could be a conflict between the producer and the
consumer that bought a fake marihuana or a bad diluted wine and wants to sue the
manufacturer but he can’t do it without incriminating himself as well. Summing up, it’s
obviously that the illegality of marihuana is similar to the prohibition era in USA
because of their typology, price and negative effects.

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