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Content I believethatthis web siteisfocused in thetechnology and I can seethatthemainobjectiveof the ICT4LT istoprovideinformation and training materials in ICT forstudents and teachers of Foreign Languages. Itisalsohelpstodevelopthematerialsforstudentsto use in differentonline courses. Thematerialsare,used in many ares of teaching, however, studentsstillneedinstructions. -integration-and-adult-learning TechnologyIntegration and adultlearning, thiswebsideisabouthowtechnology has improvedpeoples¶ life, and alsohowlearning has beenincreasingusing digital means. Thissite shows howadults can learnusingthebenefits of technologyapplayingexperinces and criticalthinking. This website is about a power point presentation for EFL/ESOL classroom. This is really interesting because it contains information about some levels and exercises for teachers and English students It has information of some areas such as grammar and pictures.

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