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PARAGRAPHS Library and its Uses The library is a storehouse of books. One can read books, magazines, journals and periodicals in the library. We find books on all important subjects in the library. The variety and diversity of the books add much to the value of a library. The library is of immense help to students. They can read reference books in the library and borrow useful books for reading at home. The latest editions of dictionaries and encyclopaedias come in handy for enriching one's knowledge. Many cannot afford to buy costly books. They have to depend on libraries. delight and enlightenment to me. The Value of Sports and Games “A sound mind in a sound body”, so goes an old saying. This shows the importance of sports and games in our life. Our ancestors knew about this. In the ancient gurukuls, sports and games were a part of the curriculum. Nowadays most youngsters watch the TV or play games on their computers. They should be made to understand that sports and games freshen up our mind and body. They should be encouraged to play indoor and outdoor games like table tennis, football, badminton, hockey and cricket. This will cultivate in them the spirit of competition, friendship, fair play, and cooperation. They will be able to lead a happy life blessed with good health. It is a good sign that some schools and colleges have made sports and games a compulsory subject. Book Fair A book fair is organized periodically in different parts of the country. Many publishers exhibit and sell their publications. Everyone gets an opportunity to browse through rare and useful books. A book fair is very useful to us. Reading makes one perfect. Book fairs at Guwahati and Dibrugarh attract a large number of people. Publishers from the whole of India and outside bring their books for sale. Seminars, cultural programmes and competitions are held on the occasion. Held in the month of December, it is a rare opportunity for all of us. A large number of people visit the book fair. Books are sold at reduced rates. Rare and new books by reputed publishers are put up for sale. Many people get the opportunity to buy them. The Value of Books Books are very useful to us. They are indeed our never failing friends. They add much to our happiness. They give us the power of knowledge. Students who read books come up in life. I am a lover of books. I visit our college library every day. I enjoy the company of books. Storybooks entertain me. Books on puzzles and crosswords give work to my mind. Books on philosophy sharpen my intellect. on different subjects. ones corrupt our mind. Your First Day in College My first day in college is one of the happiest moments in my life. When the much awaited day came, I went to college in a happy mood. The first bell rang and we Religious books enlighten me. I have my own library at home. I do not read all the books that I come across. There are millions and millions of books One should be careful in the choice of books. I am very selective in reading books. We should remember that good books educate and entertain us whereas bad Our college has a good library with a huge collection of books. These remain useful sources of

entered our class. The opening class was held in a big hall. Our first class was English. The whole lecture was interesting. I could understand everything easily. The English teacher introduced himself first. Then we were asked to introduce ourselves. After English, we had other subjects. Each class was a new experience. Before the classes were over for the day, I could meet many of my old school mates who had also joined arts stream. Soon, my first day in college came to an end. I went back home in a mood of absolute happiness. I still remember my first day in college.

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