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2007 - 2010 Consumer Source Holdings, Inc, Norcross, Ga Payroll Manager * Independently transitioned, without supervision, the Payroll Department from N YC to Norcross during November and December of 2007. * Since January 2008, developing and creating processes for the payroll function in Georgia. * Payroll processing for1,000 employees independently with direct reports. * Ceridian System reconciliation and correction of employee federal, state and l ocal taxation, state withholding and state unemployment. * Prepare tax reconciliation using Ceridian reports and Excel spreadsheets to id entify tax discrepancies between the system and W2 production. * Implementation/Upgrade from Ceridian Source product to Ceridian HR/PR Web prod uct, mid 2009. * Implemented Ceridian Self Service product and produced a paperless pay payroll with online check view and online W2s * Managing the day to day payroll function with very hands on in the process and application. 2006-2007 NetBank, Alpharetta, Ga - severed employment Bank went in to Receivership Payroll Manager * Managed day to day process of payroll and very hands on for all aspects of pay roll. * Improvement of process, checks and balances * SOX controls year end processing, balancing, * Crystal Adhoc reports as requested. * Payroll tax project reconciling taxes and filings for all federal and state ag ency forms from 2004 -2007 tax years as well as * Analyzed system for compliance and made changes as necessary. Ceridian ESourc e, 2000 employees (Bank went into receivership 09/28/2007) 2005-2006 Bolton Group, Atlanta, Ga Payroll Director * Contract with NDC Healthcare * Managed and mentored staff and overseeing day to day processes and controls. * Lawson Payroll System checks and balances, reports, year end processing * Oracle G/L reconciliations, 2000 employees * W2 accuracies and balancing for the correct placement of wages and codes withi n the W2 2000-2005 cate to Atlanta Hanover Companies, Houston, Texas - left employment to lo

Payroll Duties * Managing employees - Personnel issues, out of office schedules, training, job performance, salaries * Evaluate Systems and processes to ensure the accuracy of payments to 3000 empl oyees * Development of payroll so that it is accurately prepared and distributed timel y. Ensure procedures are legally compliant * Major Role Player implementing Oracle G/L and interfacing to Oracle from ADP. Oracle changes - Consolidated 12 ADP Companies into 3 Companies through impleme ntation and parallel testing * Random system checks for accuracies and compliance * Approve and reconcile all ADP biweekly invoices for 12 Company Codes as well a s extra, special billings * Sarbanes Oxley procedures and controls implementation for 2004 * Process stock option exercises and taxation on those exercises * Review wires from ADP - Wires that effect bank accounts through invoices from

ADP, child support, stale checks, tax adjustments, direct deposit * Resource for escalation of problems that can't be resolved through payroll per sonnel * Workload delegation - Monitor workload assignments of payroll staff, cross tra ining and reorganization * Research payroll laws and regulations - Utilize BNA's payroll library as well as other outside and Web resources including the American Payroll Association, l ocal and national * International Payroll - Working with Int'l HR to implement changes as well as providing documentation for expatriates and foreign nationals * ADP Connection Project - Implementation of system and software to ensure ADP C onnection is efficient and the data is flowing efficiently from Oracle to ADP * ADP Client Services - Communicate with ADP Client Rep to resolve issues outsta nding and continue a beneficial ongoing relationship * Prepare and Communicate to others within Hanover's organization payroll inform ation, updates, offer understanding of the way things are done, etc. * Setup of all state and federal tax accounts for payroll reporting. * 401K policy, procedure, and administrator reporting and balancing. * Responsible for some tax reporting and reconciliation due to acquisitions. * Review of all reports produced by ADP PC Payroll for Windows prior to check ge neration. * Responsible for research to state and federal regulations changing. * Constantly monitoring payroll processes and procedure for cost effective chang es * Payroll department annual budget determinations General Accounting Duties * Loan reconciliations - Constant updates with team to clear and reconcile loan balances * Special Projects - Internal, External Audits, Special reports, * Journal Entry/Allocations - Review and approve/sign all journal entries and mo nthly allocation entries * Management Reports - Fluctuation of salaries effecting the Financials * Oracle G/L loading and Testing - Implementation (Payroll piece of Oracle Finan cials Implementation), costing information loaded to Oracle, check G/L soft copy and hard copy * Oracle Project - Ongoing, through year end to efficiently help implement the O racle Financial Suite which includes, time and labor, General Ledger, Human Reso urces, Payroll * Oracle Costing Changes - Stay on top of changes to costing information to addr ess errors and training. * Reconciliation of all operating payroll bank accounts for 12 companies. * Receiving, posting and reconciliation of general ledger interfaces from ADP fo r all 12 Hanover Companies. 1980-2000 as Aramco Services Company, Houston, Tex

I was reassigned a number of times within the Finance Department due to my flexi bility, ability to learn quickly, and a broad range of experience. Each reassign ment entailed a broader range of responsibilities. During my tenure at Aramco, I have had extensive experience in the following areas: Payroll Functions * Relief Supervisor * Prepared all payroll tax returns and deposits (federal, multi-state, city and local) for Aramco Services Company and it's subsidiaries * Process foreign direct deposit payrolls transmitted into the U. S. * Prepared deposits of net pay, credit union, IRA, ACH, savings bonds, etc.

* Reconciled savings plan system activity to payroll deductions and bank deposit s * Prepared payments to all medical insurance carriers through reconciliation of payroll deductions and benefit forms * Contact with ADP for system administration and building the vendor relationshi p * Prepared detailed Excel worksheets balancing payroll system to ensure gross le ss all deductions equals net pay * Converted GCS Payroll System to an MSA system with parallel runs during conver sion and then to ADP system conversion. * ACH routing and tracing * Calculation and production of manual checks including expatriate special pays and deductions * Reconciliation of all payroll liability accounts as well as some cost sheet an alysis * Manual Executive payroll (generation of checks through the accounting process) * General Accounting Functions * Relief Supervisor * Interfaced payroll with general ledger * Reviewing expenditures prior to disbursement (company policy, required approva ls, use tax, duplicate payments, system keying, etc.) * Accounts Receivable invoicing and journalizing * Production of large volume of vendor checks * Analyzed payroll general ledger accounts and prepared detailed Excel worksheet s of outstanding items and balances * Responsible for various routine and non-routine journal entries * Responsible for accounts payable functions which included processing invoices for payment, journalizing vendor payments * Reconciliation of all operating bank accounts * Personal expense accounting (examination of expense reports for regulatory com pliance and A/P disbursement)


Member of the National American Payroll Association since 1990 North Harris Kingwood College Ceridian Esource Certified 10/2007 ADP PCPW Certified 05/2006 Received accreditation as Certified Payroll Professional in June of 1990 Re-cert ified - June 1995, December 2000, December 2005 Skills t, Windows 3.1, Software: ADP, Lawson, Ceridian, MSA, Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfec Suites (9

Windows 95 & 98 & XP, and Microsoft Office 5, 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007) ADP Connection Oracle G/L and HR modules System Implementations Complex Payroll Tax/Returns/Reconciliations

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