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Not to be confused with the plural form of Personal computer (PCs).
PCS may refer to:

Science and technology
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Picture communication symbols, drawings used to communicate with autistic pe
ople and in other alternative communication systems
Post-concussion syndrome, a set of symptoms that a person may experience for
weeks, months, or even years after a concussion
Postcholecystectomy syndrome, the presence of abdominal symptoms after surge
ry to remove the gallbladder
Precordial catch syndrome, a common cause of chest pain complaints in childr
en and adolescents
Peace and conflict studies, an inter-disciplinary inquiry into war
Permanent Change of Station, to be permanently moved to a new post
Personal Combat System, a designation of British Army uniform
USS PCS-1376, a United States Navy patrol boat
USS PCS-1379, the fourth of twelve Patrol Craft Sweepers constructed by Whee
ler Shipbuilding Corporation
The ticker symbol for MetroPCS Communications Inc., a publicly traded compan
Pacific Collegiate School, a grades 7-12 charter school located on the wests
ide of Santa Cruz, California
Partito Comunista Sammarinese (Sanmarinese Communist Party), a former politi
cal party in San Marino
Personal Communication Sector, a former division of Motorola, now renamed Mo
torola Mobility
PhillyCarShare, a non-profit organization providing car sharing services in
the Philadelphia area
Polish Council of State, a council that existed between 1947 and 1989
Portland Center Stage, a theater company based in Portland, Oregon since 198
Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, a Canadian corporation that is the world
's largest producer of potash
Presbyterian Christian School
Professional Children's School, New York City
Public and Commercial Services Union, a trade union representing UK public s
ector workers
Science and technology
Partitioning Communication System, a high-assurance communications security

Patni Computer Systems, a provider of information technology services
Periphere Computer-Systeme, a German manufacturer of UNIX-based computers in
the 1980s and 1990s
Personal Communications Service, a set of wireless communications capabiliti
es that allows some combination of terminal mobility, personal mobility, and ser
vice profile management. E.g. Sprint PCS mobile phone service.
Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
Physical Coding Sublayer, an Ethernet Layer 1 (PHY) sub-layer
Plant Cell Structure
Polar coordinate system, a 2D or 3D coordinate system, determined by an angl
e and a distance
Power & Communication System, also called power/data grommets, convenience o
utlets for cables in furniture
Process Control System
Parsecs, units of measurement used in astronomy
Profile connection space, an intermediary form for color-data used when perf
orming conversions between color spaces
Pacific Central Station, a railway station in Vancouver, British Columbia
Photo City Sagamihara, awards for photography given annually by the Japanese
town of Sagamihara
Pinball Construction Set, a computer game by Bill Budge published by Electro
nic Arts
Program Component Score, part of the ISU Judging System for figure skating c
Preferential creditor status, also called preferred creditor
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PC (disambiguation)
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