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I am much more than the keys I type and the computer screen I face. I am
more than the seventeen years I’ve lived and what I have come to known thus far.
I am more than my mind that wonders off dwelling into the past and my dreams
searching for hope in the future. I am more than the A’s and 600’s I work for. I am
more than five hundred words and a 9 by 11 piece of paper. I am an influence.
I am so unoriginal because I consist of everything but myself. Let me
rephrase that. I am so original because I am a blend of a thousand different heads,
numbers, places, memories, truly anything. I am a reflection of a million faces and a
thousand of hearts. I am like the combination of DNA genes of nucleotides, the
arrangement of twenty-two divided by seven to equal pi, the constant movement of
earth within the universe- endless. I wouldn’t be myself if it weren’t the lessons I’ve
learned, the journeys I’ve overcame, and the people I’ve met. I am an influence.
I am a number. I could be application 6,732. My greatest accomplishment is
to say I am the only 2015 graduate of Wildwood Catholic, boys and girls, to earn
twelve varsity letters. Penn State University Park is approximately 259 miles away
from my house and a four hour and fifteen minute drive. I drive a 2002 BMW station
wagon that gets gas $3.03 per gallon. I won’t put a number about college tuition. My
favorite ice cream flavor from the creamery is a total of 2,720 calories per container,
but that still seems not to faze me. I am seventh in my class. I have spent at least 364
days out of this year stressing over college and SAT scores.
I am a person. My father is my idol. My 8th grade English teacher taught me to
be a humorous relaxed writer. I have a best friend who is polar opposite from me. I
love meeting new people. My chemistry teacher inspired me to love science. I
learned how to a great athlete from my soccer coach. I thought I had my “heart
broken” by a boy in sixth grade. When my parents ground me, I learn my lessons. My
little sister looks up to me.
I am a place. Over four years, I almost lost my high school and middle school
due to enrollment. I visited Italy and Greece this past Spring break. My grandmother
use to live in Sea Isle City last March, but now she lives in the Veteran’s cemetery. I
hope to live in my father’s hometown along the beach. I attend Church (almost)
every Sunday. I love to run where my eyes can follow with. My favorite restaurant is
Applebee’s. I live in the woods and have to rake leaves…constantly. I love the thrill
of stealing second base.
I am social media. I have a passion for Elton John and top music station on
Pandora is Motown. I live in a world where “likes” on a picture matter. I know half
my friends through Twitter. All of my pictures are in black and white. I have
shattered four phones and counting. My favorite movie of all time is the Lion King.
My second favorite movie of all time is the Lion King II. A big struggle of mine is
losing in Fantasy Football every week.
I am a dream and a lesson. I hope to study Chemistry and one day go into
medical school. My passion is to write. I pray to God I marry a doctor. I want to be
happy. I learned to always put 100% in my work. I’ve realized to never take
anything for granted. I know now to not care what people think, if I am happy, than
that’s all that matters.
I am much more than my five-foot stance, the 206 bones in my body, the hair
in my lungs, and everything in between. I am a number, a person, a place, a dream,

and anything I have come face to face in my lifetime. I am mixture of influential
encounters. But most of all, most importantly, I am me.

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