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Pennsylvania - This is the life August 12 Today I moved into my new home at the state of Pennsylvania. What a peace! Everything here is so beautiful. The mountains are so majestic; I can¶t wait to see them covered in snow. I¶m Glad to have left behind the heat, humidity, traffic, violence, floods, pollution and those rude Brazilians from Rio de Janeiro. This really is life! Pennsylvania is the most beautiful place I've ever seen in my life. The leaves have gone through all shades of color between red and orange. How nice to finally have the four seasons. I went for a walk through the woods and first saw a deer. They are so agile, so elegant, is one of the most colorful animals I have ever seen. This must be paradise. I hope it snows soon. This really is the life! November 11 Soon start the hunting season for deer. I cannot imagine how someone could kill one of God's creatures. Winter has arrived. I hope it snows soon. This really is the life! December 2 Last night it snowed. Woke up to find everything covered with a white layer. Looked like a postcard ... a picture. I left my home to dust the snow off the steps and shoveled the entry. I rolled it and then I had a snowball fight with the neighbors (I won) and when the shoveling truck passed by again, I had to go back to shovel the steps. What a beautiful snow. It looks like cotton balls scattered everywhere. What a beautiful place! Pennsylvania rocks! December 12 Last night it snowed again; what a charm. The shoveling truck passed by again and threw snow all over my door steps. But well ... what can we do? This really is the life! December 19 Last night it snowed again. I could not fully clear the entry because before I finished, the truck passed by again, so today I could not go to school. I'm a little tired of shoveling this snow. Damn truck! But, still, what a life! December 22 Last night snow fell again ... My hands are so sore after repeatedly shoveling this snow. I think the truck watches me from the corner and waits for me to finish shoveling the snow to pass again. Go to fucking hell! December 25 Merry White Christmas, but really white, because this shit is all over the place. Faggot! If I catch

the bastard who runs this truck, I swear I'll kill him. I cannot understand why they don¶t put more salt on the streets so this shit can melt faster. December 27 Last night fell even more white shit. Haven¶t left home for three days. The only thing I do is to clean my door steps after damn truck passes by. I cannot go anywhere. My car is buried under a mountain of white shit. The news said tonight it will snow about 10 inches more. I cannot believe it! December 28 The idiot of the news was wrong again. There weren¶t 10 inches of snow ... 34 inches fell over this shit! Fuck off! If it keeps like that, we will have snow during Summer time. Now follows that the truck broke down near here and the bastard driver came to ask me for a paddle. What a bastard! I told him I had already have broken six shovels cleaning up the shit he had left me on a daily basis. So, I broke the shovel on his head. That sucks. That sucks, What the fuck! January 4 Finally, I could leave the house today. I went to the groceries and, out of the blue, a deer showed up in front of my car and I ran over him. Shit! Fixing the car will cost me about three thousand dollars. These animals should be poisoned. I wish the hunters had finished with them last year. The hunting season should last the whole year. March 15 I slipped on the ice there is still left in this shit town and broke a leg. Last night I dreamed to be under a palm tree. May 3 When I recovered from my leg injury, I took the car to the shop. He said the flatwood was all rusty underneath because of the salt that was threw on the streets. Do these pricks have no other way to melt ice? May 10 I moved again to Rio. This really is life! What a delight! Heat, humidity, traffic, violence, flood, pollution and lack of education. The truth is that anyone who imagines living in this shitty Pennsylvania so lonely and cold is a moron ... or gay, or must be crazy! This really is the life!

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