People Should Be Doubted

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People should be doubted. Don’t get me wrong here. I don’t intend to take it literally. People should be doubted not because you don’t trust them but because you trust them. I know I had lost you there for a second. The word “doubt” is misunderstood by many people. But fully trusting a person is actually giving up on knowing him much better. Once you trust someone and never question what they do, they occupy less space in your mind. They become less important. But then again can we relate this to God? If I may say, Yes. Doubting God isn’t all wrong but by doing so you find yourself with a lot of questions. But these questions will even support our love and trust towards Him. What do we do if we face “doubt” in our hearts for God? According to Proverbs 3:5 our action is clear. Trust is equal to acknowledge then act not the other way around. To acknowledge God without acting is nothing more than being idle. To act without acknowledgement is nothing more than acting without eyes. But to acknowledge and act is to say you truly trust God. You see doubting doesn’t mean ending a relationship with someone especially God. It’s what we do that matters. It is what we presume after we doubt. Doubting a person is knowing this person more. Doubting God is the same. You seek answers and to just find it in your heart. You kept your distance from Him yet he was always in your heart. You tried to leave yet he welcomes you with open arms. I leave this question for you to ponder. For you what does it mean to trust God?

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