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Whether you were injured in the metro Detroit area by car accident, slip and fall, work accident, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, or a victim of police assault/misconduct, we are here to help.



“Aggressive and Affordable Michigan Lawyers – Going To Battle For Your Rights

!"#T$%& '&LAY&' $# !"#T$%& '&($&' FREE consultation, (313) 213-5 !5 (2" hours)

About - The Cromer Law Group, PLLC

“The Call is Free. The Advice is Free.”
The %ro)er Law Grou*+ ,LL% are e#perience$ an$ aggressi%e &ichigan law'ers, who stri%e to $eli%er e#ceptional pro(essional legal ser%ices an$ at a((or$a)le costs that won*t )rea+-'our-)an+ or (orce 'ou to (ile (or )an+ruptc' ,ust to preser%e 'our legal interests. -our emplo'ment, police )rutalit', $i%orce, personal in,ur', criminal or small )usiness emergenc' or $ispute are %er' important an$ 'ou $eser%e an attorne' 'ou can trust will protect those precious rights. .he /romer 0aw 1roup, 200/ represent clients o( $i%erse si3es an$ nee$s inclu$ing in$i%i$uals, small )usinesses an$ closel' hel$ corporations, pro(essional corporations, go%ernmental entities, political o((icials an$ cele)rities. FREE consultation, (313) 213-5 !5 (2" hours)

About - Ronnie E. Cromer, Jr.,

Areas .f ,ractice
/i%il Rights 0itigation 2olice &iscon$uct/4ssault/5rutalit' 6e#ual 7arassment / Retaliation / 8histle)lower / 0aw'ers Emplo'ment 9iscrimination an$ Retaliation 5usiness Emergencies : 9isputes - 2reliminar' ;n,unctions .emporar' Restraining <r$ers an$ En(orcement For(eitures (/i%il : /riminal) &unicipal 0aw 2ersonal ;n,ur' an$ 8rong(ul 9eath /riminal 0aw (6tate an$ Fe$eral) Famil' 0aw - 9i%orce &e$ical &alpractice 5an+ruptc'

Ronnie &- %ro)er+ !rAttorney and %ounselor at Law #enior ,artner

Follow Me FREE consultation, (313) 213-5 !5 (2" hours)

The Cromer Law Group, PLLC – Practice Area

9eci$ing to hire a law'er can )e e#hausting, especiall' where 'ou $on*t ha%e a goo$ re(erence. .he )est practice is to (irst $etermine i( the law'er speciali3es an$/or regularl' practices in the area o( law that interests 'ou. 4(ter re%iewing the rele%ant practice sections )elow an$ learning more a)out The %ro)er Law Grou*+ ,LL%, please (eel (ree to contact one o( our law'ers (or a FR&& initial consultation: 5usiness 0aw 6ection /riminal 0aw 6ection Famil' 0aw an$ 9i%orce 6ection /i%il, 2ersonal ;n,ur' an$ Emplo'ment 0aw 6ection Give us a call for a FR&& consultation and get answers (./0 123435647865 9office:; or 9<=<: 1=<4>38> 912 – hours: FREE consultation, (313) 213-5 !5 (2" hours)

The Cromer Law Group, PLLC – Services

Race / Religious / =ational <rigin 9iscrimination 0aw'ers 2olice 5rutalit' an$ 2olice &iscon$uct 0aw'ers 6e#ual 7arassment / Retaliation / 8histle)lower / 0aw'ers >?; .4& &ichigan 4ttorne's 4ttorne' 2ersonal ;n,ur' &ichigan &ichigan 5usiness 4ttorne's &ichigan 9i%orce 4ttorne' &ichigan 9run+ 9ri%ing 0aw'er &ichigan 6mall 5usiness 4ttorne's &ichigan Real Estate 0aw'er Frau$ 9e(ense 4ttorne's in &ichigan =on-/ompete 4greements 9etroit &acom) /ount' 9i%orce 0aw'er &ichigan /hil$ 6upport 4ttorne's /hil$ 6upport 4ttorne's in &ichigan FREE consultation, (313) 213-5 !5 (2" hours)

Persona !n"ur# Attorne# $ichi%an
.ur *ractice+ includes+ but is not li)ited to+ the following ty*es of *ersonal in?ury cases6lip : Fall/2remises 0ia)ilit' 2olic' 5rutalit'/8rong(ul 9eath &e$ical &alpractice 5ac+ : =ec+ ;n,uries 5irth ;n,uries 5ro+en 5ones/Fractures 5urn ;n,uries 5us 4cci$ents 4utomo)ile an$ &otorc'cle 4cci$ents 8or+place ;n,uries/8or+ers /ompensation /onstruction 4cci$ents 9og 5ites : 4nimal 4ttac+s 7it : Run /laims &e$iation/4r)itration =ursing 7ome 4)use an$ =eglect 2e$estrian 4cci$ents 6e#ual 4)use an$ 4ssault 6pinal /or$ ;n,uries .rain 4cci$ents .ruc+ 4cci$ents

The %ro)er Law Grou* ,LL% 8hether 'ou were in,ure$ in the metro 9etroit area )' car acci$ent, slip an$ (all, wor+ acci$ent, nursing home a)use, me$ical malpractice, or a %ictim o( police assault/miscon$uct, we are here to help. 6ustaining a personal in,ur' in an acci$ent can )e a %er' $i((icult time in 'our li(e. 8e ma+e oursel%es a%aila)le 2"-hours a $a' to answer @uestions i( 'ou )elie%e 'ou ma' ha%e a personal in,ur' case. 8e o((er in-home an$ in-hospital consultations (or those who are too in,ure$ to tra%el. FREE consultation, (313) 213-5 !5 (2" hours)

Contact &s

[email protected]& %R.M&R LA/ GR.",+ ,LL%
2"AB1 =<R.78E6.ER= 78-. 6?;.E C12, 6<?.7F;E09, &;/7;14=, " B!5 /all our o((ice .<94- (or 'our FREE initial consultation. <FF;/E: (2" ) BA-C!AB (o((ice) E&ER1E=/- 7<.0;=E =?&5ER: (313) 213-5 !5 (2"-hours) Email:

'o ow &s FREE consultation, (313) 213-5 !5 (2" hours)

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