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Weiss and Christensen Personal Injury Attorneys have been serving the Las
Vegas Valley for a combined total of more than 40 years. We are different than
the typical high volume law firm. When you choose us, you’ll meet directly
with our attorneys. And as your case progresses, you’ll find that we return
your phone calls promptly and courteously.

Jim joined the firm in 2005, leaving a practice with a
large national law firm. Before going to law school, Jim
earned a graduate degree in management and served a
number of years in the software industry. Jim then
obtained his JD at Gonzaga University School of Law,
magnum cum laude, where he served as an associate
editor of the Gonzaga Law Review and member of the
Gonzaga University’s Board of Regents and National
Order of Barristers.

Jim entered private practice after fulfilling a clerkship under Justice Cliff Young of the
Supreme Court of Nevada. He is experienced in trial and appellate procedure, managing
many million dollar cases involving products liability, insurance coverage, medical
malpractice, personal injury, bankruptcy and employment law. Jim is licensed to
practice in all state and federal courts in Nevada, and he is admitted to practice before
the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Paul Weiss is a founding member of Weiss & Christensen
and a long-time resident of Las Vegas. During high school
and college, Paul served as a medic in the Arizona,
Pennsylvania and New York Army National Guards. Paul
graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, magnum
cum laude, with a BA in English. Paul then attended
Vanderbilt School of Law, earning his JD and serving as an
associate editor of the Vanderbilt Law Review. Paul began
practicing law in Mississippi at a large regional firm
before moving to Las Vegas to start a personal injury law
firm with his cousin.
Paul limits his practice to personal injury, where he has secured tens of millions of
dollars in recoveries for his clients.

Paul Weiss started the firm with his cousin in 1994. Founded with the intent to
cultivate stable relationships within the community, the firm emphasizes quality of
representation over advertising campaigns. Weiss & Christensen insists that clients
meet personally the lawyers and paralegals working on their cases. Clients are
encouraged to consult with the firm during the course of legal representation.
We believe in a hands-on approach that dates from when the firm began, when Paul
handled every aspect of his clients’ cases, from answering the first phone call to
concluding litigation. Most of the firm’s employees have spent the majority of their
professional careers with the firm.

Drunk drivers kill dozens of Americans every day. Drunk driving is a common
occurrence in Nevada, where access to alcohol, at any time and in almost any location, is
common. Nevada penalties for drunk driving, however, can be significant. When a drunk
driver causes an accident, he or she can be subject to both civil and criminal penalties.
And if you are injured by a drunk driver, you may be entitled to both compensatory and
punitive damages. We can inform you of your rights and take the steps necessary to
secure compensation for you.

Claims involving faulty drugs or other products can implicate both state and federal law, and
they may be handled in accordance with a number of liability theories, including negligence,
breach of warranty, strict liability, and others. In addition, manufacturers, distributors,
suppliers, retailers, and others may be held liable for damages caused by a defective
product. We have over twenty years’ experience representing parties in product liability
actions. We are familiar with proper liability theories and can calculate a proper measure of
recovery in your case.

Commercial truck drivers undergo special training and carry a special license to drive,
but they are not exempt from causing accidents. Drivers of large trucks may not even
be aware they have caused an accident, and they may leave the scene of a collision
without exchanging information. Furthermore, although trucking companies can be
very difficult to deal with when they are presented with a claim, we have experience
tracking down and identifying negligent truckers, and we have brought many
successful actions against them.

Taxi cabs are common in Las Vegas, and accidents which involve aggressive cab drivers
are common. If you are visiting Las Vegas when you are injured by a taxi cab, you will
need to contact a local attorney to identify the negligent parties and force them to take
responsibility for damages caused by the accident. We are familiar with local taxi
companies and the claims adjusters they employ. We can make a claim on your behalf
and secure compensation with minimal inconvenience to you.

While all drivers are required to maintain auto liability insurance, a great number of
drivers in Nevada do not, and if they do have coverage, they carry coverage which is
insufficient to adequately compensate injuries parties. You can purchase
underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage to protect yourself when you are injured by
an uninsured or underinsured driver. While you may be unaware of whether you have
such coverage, or are concerned whether making a claim will raise your insurance
premiums, we can easily help you identify your coverages, explain their application, and
apply these coverages without causing any rate hike.

Great efforts have been made to make motorcycle use safer. Education and training are
emphasized more than ever, and new fabrics and materials provide greater abrasion
resistence, weather protection, and visibility. Despite this, motorcycles are still involved
in a higher percentage, per mile driven, of accidents in general and fatalities in particular.
Evidence suggests that more than half of these accidents involve an automobile driver
who failed to see the motorcyclist. We have represented many motorcyclists. We
understand the unique challenges motorcyclists face on the road, and we provide
representation tailored for their needs.

2300 W. Sahara Avenue, Ste. 420
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Tel: (702) 933-5500

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