Personal Injury Claim

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Personal injury claim: A safer side for your losses!
A personal injury claim as the name suggests, does not include a claim for damage done to property, be it automobiles or any
other property though it does also takes into consideration of the death of a family member.
Basically, personal injury claims result due to the carelessness of the other person. Some common sources of personal injury
claims can be enlisted as follows:
-edestrian accidents
-Automobile accidents
-!efecti"e product claims
-Slip and fall claims
-#edical malpractice
Important persons in"ol"ed:-
$laimant: %he person who is making the claim under an insurance policy is the claimant. &sually it is the "ictim 'you(.
articipants in a Personal Injury Claim
As many as nine persons are referred to as participants in a personal injury claim and they are as follows:
Attorney: erson who is licensed to practice law who represents a $laimant or a party to a lawsuit.
Adjuster: erson who is hired or employed by an insurance company to settle a claim. %he adjuster)s main function is to a"oid
paying out money under the claim, or to pay the minimum possible.
*irst arty Insurance: claimant+s insurance.
%hird arty Insurance: %he other person)s insurance.
laintiff: %he party to a lawsuit who files the suit 'claimant(.
!efendant: %he person who is being sued.
arty: A plaintiff or a defendant.
,ow to make a personal injury claim:-
$laiming compensation:
,undreds and thousands of people are injured in accidents each year - at home, at work, or outdoors. In many cases, it is just not
their fault and the injury is caused by another person. In this case the accident "ictims ha"e a right to compensation. Although the
personal injury law is a tad complicated, but with the right ser"ices of a solicitor the process of making a claim can be made simple
and less cumbersome.
Searching for a solicitor:
In case we don+t ha"e a solicitor, there are numerous options a"ailable to find one with the help of certain websites and phone
-hat a solicitor needs from you:
-e need to furnish full details of our case and that would include-
-the date of the accident, where and how it occurred.
-the contact details of witnesses, if any.
-the details of our injuries, medical diagnosis and treatment. and
-whether we are a member of a trade union, as this may entitle us to free or reduced legal cost.
Also to kept in mind by the solicitor are-
-If there is any proof of our loss of earnings and other financial e/penses caused by our injury.
-if there any documents relating to any insurance policies we ha"e to check whether these will co"er the legal costs of our claim.

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