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BPC Injury Law Firm1000 Finch Ave West Floor 5Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J 2V51-800-571-0693 personal injury lawyers at BPC Injury Law Firm have served customers throughout the greater Toronto region for almost 20 years and have made an important difference in the lives of many individuals as well as their families who were devastated by another business's or individual's neglect. Our lawyers represent each client aggressively in court or in the negotiating table in order to make sure that their relatives and they receive the care, damages, and support that they are deserving of. We'll make sure your rights are protected regardless of what sort of personal injury case and promise we are coping with and that justice is served.



How Do Personal Injury Lawyer In East Gwillimbury Handle Injury Cases Of
Getting minor bruises and bumps are a part of the growing years for children. The parents
or the guardians are used to deal with these minor injuries almost daily that the children
encounter. But when the child gets seriously injured in an accident due to the negligence or
fault of someone else, then it is time to contact a competent and an experienced Personal
Injury Lawyer in East Gwillimbury. The lawyer should be sensitive to your overwhelming
emotions as well as your feelings of guilt, anger and fear.
In the Ontario province, the law regarding the personal injury claims in case the child is
injured is very complex. Hence only a lawyer who has the necessary experience in
successfully dealing with such cases should be approached. This is of tremendous help if the
Personal Injury Lawyer in East Gwillimbury has deep knowledge about the various laws that
govern such cases and how to get maximum compensation using these laws.
A child who is below the age of 18 years is considered to be „minor‟ in the eyes of laws and
his/her parent or guardian would be considered as the litigation guardian. Under the law, all
the settlement offers that have been made should be for the benefit of the injured child and
keeping his/her best interest in mind.
Moreover, all the settlements that the litigation guardian and the Personal Injury Lawyer in
East Gwillimbury arrive at with the defendant need to be approved by the Court. Thus the
Court always tries to ensure that the settlements have been fair and that the injured child
will benefit from it.
Amongst the various causes of injuries that the child suffers from, the majority are due to
falls and motor vehicle accidents. The other major causes of grievous injuries are due to the
negligence in the school premises. If the child is injured in the school premises due to the
negligence of the school staff or their improper supervision, then you can always file a case
of negligence against the concerned school with the help of your Personal Injury Lawyer in
East Gwillimbury. When your lawyer files the case for damages, he/she will collect the
relevant evidences to prove the case for negligence through:

Duty of Care And Its Breach: It is the duty of the concerned school or daycare to
take of the children under its care and your lawyer will have to prove that the school
failed in its duty of taking proper and adequate care of your child. This breach in care
has resulted in your child receiving the grievous injuries.

Causation: Your Personal Injury Lawyer in East Gwillimbury will have to prove the
point where the negligence or improper supervision took place.

Injury: With the help of the medical reports, your lawyer must prove that the
injuries received by the child are grievous to warrant filing the personal injury case.
These injuries not only include the physical injuries but also the psychological impact
of the incident on the impressionable young mind.

How Can Personal Injury Lawyer Elmira Help After An Accident?
If you have been unfortunately injured in an accident due to the negligence of someone
else, then you are entitled to file for compensation against the offending party. You may get
your compensation either when you win your court case or in an out-of-the-court
settlement. But starting a civil lawsuit in personal injury cases is a very serious affair that
has long term consequences for all the persons involved. If you are not well-versed with the
labyrinth of the judicial system, then it is prudent to consult a good Personal Injury Lawyer
in Elmira.
Under the provisions of the law, you are free to file the personal law suit against a business,
a government or a private organization, insurance company and even against an individual.
When you are planning to file the case, you should always keep in mind that there are
certain limitations that will decide if your case is admissible in the court of law. Amongst
these limitations, the most important is the Statute of Limitations.
The Statute of Limitations is a time frame within which you have to file your lawsuit
otherwise it would not be entertained. This timeframe varies with the type of personal
injury, its causation and the province where you will be filing your case. When you are
starting a personal injury claim lawsuit, you are actually suing the defendant for negligence
for failing to take adequate precautions or for omissions and commissions. Though you can
file a case for negligence and claims without any legal representation, it is always advisable
to seek assistance of an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Elmira.
It is advisable to do so even if you are filing your case in the Small Claims Court. Doing so
will save you from lot of potential embarrassment. You can also find out if your lawsuit
would be admissible in the court of law and how much compensation amount you can
expect. You should always bear in mind that if the court deems your case as frivolous, it
would be constructed as an abuse of the judicial system. For this you will be held
responsible and heavily penalized. For your personal injury lawsuit to be successful your
Personal Injury Lawyer in Elmira will have to prove the following points.

The defendant you are suing owed „duty of care‟ towards you. This means that the
defendant had an obligation to see that you do not receive any injuries.
You will have to prove that the defendant had carelessly or knowingly violated the
laid down standard of care.
You will also have to prove that the defendant had failed to take proper action and
care that directly resulted in causing your injuries. It also means that you have to
prove the direct relation between your injuries and the defendant‟s actions.
Most importantly you have to prove that you have actually received injuries and are
suffering from them.

If you are successful in proving the above points, then you are entitled to compensation.
The compensation amount you receive will depend on various factors that would be
explained by your Personal Injury Lawyer in Elmira.

Can Personal Injury Lawyer In Erin Help In Cases of Serious Injuries To
Being highly active, the children are bound to get injuries almost on a daily basis. But there
are certain injuries that are serious in nature and are due to the fault of someone else.
Some of the various ways by which the children can get injured are in road accidents as a
passenger, pedestrian or a cyclist, accident in school, daycare or college, accidents in
amusement park, funfair or escalator or even accidents due to falls caused by trip or slips.
If your child has sustained grievous injuries then you should immediately contact an
experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Erin to know how to proceed in such circumstances.
If your child has not attained the age of 18 years, then he/she will be considered as a
minor. If he/she has been working and has suffered injuries at workplace, then you can file
for worker‟s compensation on his/her behalf. Similarly if your child is suffering due to
medical negligence, then also you have full rights to claim compensation on his/her behalf.
But if you have not made the necessary claims for compensation, then your child is fully
entitled to do so when he/she reaches the age of 18 years. Your child has a small window
period known as the Statute of Limitations after reaching the age of 18 years within which
he/she can file for compensation.
You should always remember that the personal injury laws regarding the child injuries are
complicated and hence you should hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Erin only after due
diligence. Just as in any other personal injury claims, there is Statute of Limitations
applicable in child injury cases too. Hence you should clearly discuss the various options
that are available with your lawyer clearly and in detail. You should always choose the
option that is best for your child in long term depending upon his/her injuries.
You must keep in mind that there is no fixed amount of compensation that is awarded. Your
Personal Injury Lawyer in Erin will help you in computing the compensation amount
depending upon various factors. The amount depends upon the circumstances surrounding
the accident when your child got injured as well as how much life-altering effects it has
caused on his/her future independence and well-being. The compensation amount will also
cover the funds required for future care and rehabilitation needs.
You must keep in mind that since you are the legal guardian of your child, you cannot just
arrive at a settlement and forget about it. The settlement that you have reached with the
defendant has to be approved by the Court and the amount is transferred to the Court
funds. Here the compensation amount is deposited into the “Special Investment Account”
that the injured child can gain access after they reach the age of 18 years.
If the circumstances are unique and the injuries are very grievous enough that the child
requires special education and constant medical attention, then the Court through your
Personal Injury Lawyer in Erin may release small amount of funds as necessary to meet
these needs.

Advice on Orthopedic Injuries By Professional Personal Injury Lawyer In
Accidents be it on the road or due to the medical negligence can be a real trauma for the
victim resulting into not just mental set back but also in all kinds of injuries. Among the
most common types of injuries in such accidents are the orthopedic injuries. Ranging from
fractures to strains and sprains on any part of the body, these orthopedic injuries can be
really painful but the mental stress related to them can be released a bit if these injuries are
compensated in the right way. In this article, we aim to provide you with all the useful
advices related to Orthopedic Personal Injuries as shared by an expert Personal Injury
Lawyer in Frankford.
Orthopedic Injury Law
Owing to the fact of an increase in the number of personal injury accidents in Canada, the
government introduced an Orthopedic Injury Law. According to this law, anyone found
guilty for the orthopedic injury of a person intentionally or unintentionally due to negligence
either on the road or in a hospital will be liable to pay the compensation to the victim or his
or her family members; however, like in any other law, in this law too there are some
limitations and only an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you know about them.
Extent of Damage Claims
Fractures and orthopedic injuries can result from a number of personal injury accidents like
a car accident, slip and fall accident or medical malpractice, so the extent of damage claims
can vary accordingly. According to an expert Personal Injury Lawyer in Frankford, the claim
can be calculated after observing the exact injury. For instance, if it is a mere fracture with
a broken leg, knee, hand, ankle or any part of the body, then the claim will be in
accordance with its treatment and suffering. On the other hand, if the injury is as big as a
neurological disorder or displaced bones that can‟t be repaired, then the extent of damage
claims can include the medical bills, lost wages, caregiver expenses and all the surgical
expenses as well. In other words, if the orthopedic injury is short lived then the claim will be
comparatively less than a long lasting or recurrent orthopedic injury.
Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer Frankford
The main role of a specialized orthopedic personal injury lawyer is to help the victim in two
ways; firstly, by maximizing the compensation for the accident and secondly by ensuring
the best possible medical treatments and diagnosis. For this, your hired lawyer must be
skilled enough to investigate the case thoroughly and then he or she should be able to
present the facts to claim for the compensations legally from the guilty party. In such cases,
an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Frankford will check out the different parameters
like the financial loss, emotional loss and physical loss in terms of broken bones, single or
multiple fractures, severe strains, disc hernia ion or neurological disorders.

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