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Kravitz Personal Injury Law31 Clapperton StBarrie, Ontario L4M 3E6(705) 881-1512http://www.kravitzlaw.caThe legal experts of Kravitz Law are a committed team of support staff, paralegals, law clerks, and specialists who have devoted their careers to helping victims of personal injury. Getting the emotional and fiscal relief that casualties as well as their families deserve is the driving force behind every case that we take on. We are dedicated to our customers, and our obligation to ensure that they receive the very best possible results is unyielding.



Do You Have A Case of Wrongful Death? Seek An Injury Lawyer Barrie
Any situation where a person dies because of negligence or actions of another may lead to
lawsuits related to wrongful death. You will need to contact injury lawyer in Barrie in such
situations. The reasons for this of course vary and only an experienced attorney will be able
to guide you. Some of the main situations where such lawsuits originate are the following.

Automobile collisions
Product liability
Medical malpractice
Drug reactions
Construction injuries
Pet attacks

If your situation falls under any one of the above categories, you should not waste time in
contacting injury lawyer in Barrie. Each of this case is due to neglect by another party that
led to the death.
Automobile Accident
This is the commonest reason for this kind of lawsuits as people die every day in road
accidents caused by the negligence of the drivers. In order to ensure the best chances at
getting the compensation amounts the lawyers put together strong evidence. After this,
they can approach the insurance company and the defendants ensuring that they get no
chance to escape.
Product Liability
Your injury lawyer in Barrie can help you with product liability cases where wrongful death
has occurred. Suppliers and makers are accountable legally for manufacturing and supplying
damaged or faulty items that led to a person's death. This can include substandard parts of
the car, medicines, construction scaffolding, medical equipments, and malfunctioning of
safety products. Collect all the evidence that you can to put up your case strongly.
Medical Malpractice
This happens when the doctor or the hospital where your loved one underwent treatment is
at fault or responsible for the death of the patient. You can bring a medical malpractice case
against them. It can be negligence of all kinds such as not offering the right treatment or
ignoring the condition. Wrong diagnosis of an ultimately fatal condition and surgical errors
also belong to this lawsuit category. In many cases, wrong diagnosis or blotched surgeries
lead to death or long term disabilities. It is perfectly within your right to sue the hospital or
Drug Reactions
Also related to medical malpractice your injury lawyer in Barrie can also bring such wrongful
death cases against pharmaceutical companies or the drugstores that supplied the
medicine. Willful prescription of wrong drug in spite of knowing that the patient can have
allergies or side effects due to it makes the practitioner guilty of negligence. Loved ones can
immediately pursue cases against the responsible parties.

Construction Injuries
Accidents at construction site result in numerous deaths. If your injury lawyer in Barrie is
able to prove negligence or use of faulty equipments getting, the due compensation is not
going to be difficult.
Pet Attacks
If the attack of dogs or any other pet animal led to the demise of a person, this surely is a
case of wrongful death. So do not dally in pursuing it.

Does Injury Lawyer in Stouffville Deal with Medical Malpractice?
Medical malpractices can destroy the life of the patient. They can turn even the healthiest
person into a chronic sufferer. When something such horrendous act happens to you or
someone beloved, do not waste a minute in contacting injury lawyer in Stouffville. What is
medical malpractice? When someone related to medical profession violates laws of this
practice it rationalizes the term. Depending upon the circumstances related causes may be
indirect or direct. When your physician violates such formalities, you as the patient become
susceptible to injuries. Litigation processes belonging to this category pursued by injury
lawyer in Stouffville may involve several concerns. Some of these are,

negligence in elder care
prescription errors
birth problems
surgical inaccuracies

When something like this happens, you as the patient undergo distress. Certified and
experienced lawyers will help you to deal with your condition better and pursue litigation
against the guilty party. So does your case require the services of a lawyer? Here are some
common reasons why people do so.
Improper Treatment
Why do you seek the help of a physician or get yourself admitted to a hospital? People do
this to treat the conditions they suffer from and feel better. If this does not happen and you
are unable to get back to your normal life after the treatment, this means that the physician
has not done their job right. Not every case is ideal for injury lawyer in Stouffville though. If
the hospital has administered wrong medication that has caused side effects or have
performed incorrect procedures, you are sure to get your due. Do not forget to take all
documents related to the treatment when visiting your attorney. They will do an in-depth
research in your case to chalk out the plan.
Sometimes, your physician may somehow fail to undertake a procedure even when it was
necessary. This will also have negative impact on your health making a case for personal
Failure In Correct Diagnosis
This is another reason why may you need to contact injury lawyer in Stouffville. Wrong
diagnosis or absence of the same both can prove to be highly debilitating. It is important for
pinpointing diseases and health issues well within time. So, if the medical service provider
has failed to do this they have been negligent in performing their duty.
Failure To Communicate Risks
You underwent a procedure at the hospital but did not know anything about the associated
side effects. Now, when complications occurred, the management and the physicians in
charge are the ones to blame. They were negligent in what is expected from them. As such,
you can easily take them to court with your injury lawyer in Stouffville now, for all the
mental and physical anguish that you have suffered. Under the tort laws you are eligible for
justice and compensation for the trauma and loss of wages.

Call Personal Injury Lawyer In Orillia In Car Fires And Compensation Claims
Do you know car fires constitute 2% of all fatal crashes? This of course makes a case for
personal injury lawyer in Orillia. To prevent this most automobile manufacturers introduce
new safety standards. However, not all makers are this conscious and so problem continues
to occur. There is a need of a strict regulation in place that ensures that fuel system or fuel
tanks remain located at specific areas only. Until this happens, you require the services of
personal injury lawyer in Orillia to help you get at least the financial justice for loss of a
loved one or a debilitating injury.
Other reasons for the occurrence of car fire are leakage in the fuel tank. This may occur
immediately after the collision. Once this happens, starting of fire becomes a major
possibility. Design defects in the tank may be one of the reasons for this. For example, its
presence in an area where folding up of the tank is easy, leading to puncture and leakage.
Absence of adequate protection, improper welding, defective fuel lines, improper line
locations, poor design, and construction are some of the other reasons. These will allow the
electrical fuel pumps to pump fuel continuously across the lines after collision increasing the
chances of the fire buildup.
Your injury lawyer in Orillia will help you to set up the case and pursue compensation
demands from your insurer and the car manufacturers. When you find yourself in a car fire
situation, injuries can be quite grievous and even fatal. Even in the severest of the crashes
chances of fatalities increase due to the presence of fire. It also increases the seriousness of
casual collisions. Studies show that for the occupants, chance to experience serious injuries
becomes 3X to 4X more once the fire starts. Similarly, those caught in moderately severe
collisions also double the chances of serious injuries in such situations.
With something as grievous as this, the faster you contact your injury lawyer in Orillia the
better will it be for your case. Besides being dangerous for obvious reasons these fires
become quite serious for both the passengers and the vehicle. Some of the reasons for this
are as follows.

High-speed crashes increase the chance of fatalities due to car fire by 30%.
2 ½ times to 5 times more damage than normal is possible due to fire.
Vehicles involved in car fires are 70% to 90% more likely to be single crashes
involving stationary objects.

The direction of the collision along with the impact also has a big role to play in starting the
fire as your personal injury lawyer in Orillia knows very well. Most of these, almost 60% to
70% occur due to front-end collision. If you or a loved one has been in such an accident, it
is best not to waste anytime but call in a lawyer to represent your rights.

Learn About The Factors Affecting Verdict From Personal Injury Lawyer Stouffville
As any personal injury lawyer in Stouffville, is going to tell you the verdict in such cases is
dependent upon a variety of factors. Will the court give you the extract compensation
amounts that you claimed, or will it be something less than that? How strong are your
chances of winning? Such injuries always lead to emotional and physical anguish even if the
associated degrees may vary. Injuries can be due to worksite negligence or faulty products
among others. The compensation amounts will of course depend upon the charisma of your
personal injury lawyer in Stouffville but there are other factors as well. These are,

injuries you received
treatment methods sought
existing laws and regulations

If you have some pre-existing condition, then your lawyer will also have to consider this
when planning the case. This will have a big impact on the verdict. The attorney will do a
comprehensive research related to,

determining the fault
reasons for the harm levels
personal injury type

What kind of evidence will be admissible in the court? Have you suffered emotional,
physical, or mental anguish? Personal injury lawyer in Stouffville will find the cases dealing
with physical injuries the easiest, as there is clear evidence available for view. Medical
records containing expert opinions document what you have undergone and the treatments
received. Being irrefutable getting your due compensation with positive verdict is not that
hard. Even after many days following the injury, you still may be carrying the scar or
Sad though it may seem more the number of times you have received treatments for the
injuries, better are your chances of getting the compensation. Also, your personal injury
lawyer in Stouffville will need to prove that such medical attention is well within reasonable
limits. Any mismatch in the suffered injuries and received treatments will spell disaster
when it comes to verdict. Everyone is quick to spot these, minimizing your chance of
receiving damages. Do you suffer from any pre-existing conditions? You should
communicate this to your lawyer from the first. Such conditions greatly affect verdict. The
onus lies upon you to prove that the defendant is the only one responsible for the injuries
that you have suffered.
If you already have certain medical conditions relevant to this case, your personal injury
lawyer in Stouffville will have a difficult time to prove the exclusivity of the defendant's
guilt. What the verdict is going to be depends upon the rapport between the plaintiff and the
lawyer. It is better that your wavelengths match; it will be your chances of winning the case
is higher. Also, transparency is a big factor. If you are not communicating everything
related to the case to your attorney it is sure to show when the verdict comes out. When
you work with a lawyer who charges on contingency basis, you know that the financial
burden is not on you.

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