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Bergman Law - Markham20 Main Street NorthMarkham, Markham, ON L3P 1X2(289) 301-4844 you are searching for a personal injury lawyer in Guelph, look no more. Our lawyers have a proven track record of successfully recovering maximum compensation for our clients.



Does Pe rsonal Injury Lawye r Markham Helps Streamline Defamation Suits
You may be falsely accused by another person. Under such a case, you can approach the
Personal Injury Lawyer in Markham so that he can help you f rame a defamation lawsuit
against the person who has accused you falsely. It is not an act of physical injury, but the
repercussions are as damaging as the latter. The false accusation may end up damaging
your reputation, and hence, you have the right to seek recompense. It is evident that the
person has a malicious purpose to serve, and you need to pinpoint your righteousness. The
lawyer not only spearheads your cause and commit ment but also pinpoints the malicious
intent of the wrongdoer.
An Inte resting Aspect
The c ompensatory damages are of two basic kinds. On the one hand, the victims can seek
monetary compensation from the faulty party, and in the cases of egregious violation, the
faulty party is also accountable for meeting the punitive damage compensation. Since yours
is a case of a batt ery; so the accusation maker has to bear the brunt of the punitive
damage. The Personal Injury Lawyer in Markham highlights the angle of the punitive
damage. His job is to establish the maliciousness of the other party, and how the inaction
has ended up hurting your reputation.
A Suitable Instance
There are occasions where false information is openly published about the person, at fault.
One of the local dailies may be thus responsible for publishing a false report. If you happen
to be at the receiving end; then, it is all but natural for you to get the pinch. The local daily
has know ingly ended up damaging your reputation. Before taking the matter to the court,
you need to bank on the advice and expertise of the Personal Injury Lawyer in Markham.
The law of the land is in your favor, and w ith the help of an injury lawyer, you can establish
the crux and content of the defamation case. It will help you get the compensation that you
Involvement Is A Must
As said before, you have the legal entitlement to seek monetary relief. Similarly, you also
have the option of bringing criminal charges against the victim. The Personal Injury Lawyer
in Markham helps highlight the legal breaches and takes the issue to the law court. Left to
yourself, you will not know how to use and apply the legal codes and the battery-related
statutes. Then, it is just not possible to delve into the civil and the criminal angles of the
respective case. So, from the very word go, you should be consulting the lawyer. The latter
will serve as a bridge of contact between you and the disputing party. Likew ise, the lawyer
will channelize the court proceeding, and act as a connective bridge between you and the
jury that is responsible for finalizing the verdict.




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Ma rkham

It is necessary to find out if the Injury Lawyer in Markham has the specialized expertise to
tackle your case. Yours may be a case of the medical malpractice. But if the concerned
lawyer is yet to settle complicated issues of medical negligence; then, it is always better to
think of the next line of option. Even within the common bracket of the injury law; there are
legal specializations of various kinds. It is preferable to hire the service of a specialist
lawyer. There are two broad categories of injuries. Most of the injuries are physical, in
nature. Likewise, there is a fair share of nonphysical injuries. The latter type affects you
emotionally while the former affects you physically.
Specialization Is Necessary
A lawyer who has the specialized potential in solving battery and the defamation charges
may not be too willing to solve car accident cases. Similarly, the reverse is going to be true.
So, the first rule of the game is to locate a specialized Injury Lawyer in Markham, who ha s
the interest and competence in solving your case. You can go through his portfolio, and thus
gain a clear insight into his ability and experience. How many cases has he solved? What is
his success rate? What do the clients and customers have to opine regarding the lawyer-toclient equation? These questions are of vital significance.
Kind of Expertise
Unless you get a satisfactory answer to all these questions; it will not be wise to finalize the
deal. The Injury Lawyer in Markham may not have the expertise in solving workplace
injuries. His area of expertise may involve battery charges and defamation lawsuits. In that
case, he is not supposed to mislead you. In fact, if you go through the region’s bar
association, you will come across specialized c ategories of the lawyer. The best option is to
pick and choose the portfolio that fits the bills of your legal requirements.
Ask The Following
The fee structure of the Injury Lawyer in Markham also merits your special attention. In
most of the cases, the lawyer is supposed to be paid, on the contingency basis. You will not
make your payment until and unless the lawyer helps fetch the monetary relief. But then,
the contingency payment prospect has interesting angles to present. After recovering the
claim amount, what is going to be the basis of your payment rate? Will you be paying, at a
flat rate, or will you have hourly payment rate to bear?
Does the lawyer provide you with a precise cost estimate, well in advance of time? What is
going to be the ancillary expenses of the project, at hand? In the course of the first round of
consultation, you are supposed to get a clear hang of all the aspects. See if the lawyer
provides you with a crystal clear perspective.








La wyer



A roadside collision ends up damaging the rear end of your car. The perspective has two
crucial angles to present. First, you may have had a role in accentuating the accidental
collision that has taken place. Secondly, the full responsibility may lie with the other driver
against whose car you may have collided. The Personal Injury Lawyer in Guelph studies the
antecedents and consequents. He notes down the facts and figures, and w ith the help of
these, he ascertains the involvement level of both the parties.
A Note Worthy Point
You think that you have the right to get the compensation from the faulty driver, but the
evidential instances may have something different to say. Under such a situation, the
Personal Injury Lawyer in Guelph should inform you of the existing reality. That’s because
by framing a lawsuit and staking the claim for compensatory relief, you may be doing
yourself more harm, than good. There is little or no point in wasting your time. If you are
found to be negligent; t hen you will have little or no gains to make, and the jury may
dismiss the appeal that you have made.
One of The Common Factors
The defending party may be successful in proving the point, with the defendant Personal
Injury Lawyer in Guelph providing him able assistance. More often than not, in the cases of
backside collision; the so-called faulty party has the following defense to make. The party
nevertheless needs evidence to prove that the accident was unavoidable, and there was
little that he could do to avoid the turn of events. Though the collision had taken place, it
may have helped avert a major accident. In this way, it is legally feasible to rule out the
negligent factor. Do remember that the party establishes that the accident was inevitable.
The weather condition might have been instrumental in causing the collision. Hence, it is
necessary to give a thorough analysis of the antecedents that lead up to the accident.
Role of Police Records
The other party’s negligence may have little or no role to play, but even then, you are
supposed to notify the law enforcement official of the mishap that has taken place. Even
before you reach out to the Personal Injury Lawyer in Guelph, it is necessary t o inform the
police. If you have not informed the police of all that have taken place, it will not be possible
to get going with the claim recovery process. Even if you talk to the injury lawyer, then
also, he will ask for the copy of the collision report. Recording the accounts of the witness is
equally important. In fact, the police report that is going to be made will include the
answers and testimonies of the witness. So, you can use both these aspects to prove the
standpoint of your case.

Diversifie d Service Brac ket Of The Injury La wyer In Guelph
Tort cases are relatively simpler than the criminal cases. The former involves the cases of
civil wrongdoing. Though the civil issues are free from the complicacies; then, also you will
come across a diverse array of topics and trademarks. The Injury Lawyer in Guelph is
responsible for handling large numbers of odds and issues. Ranging from stray cases of
slipping and falling to those related to the premise and product liability; the tort law
includes a wide gamut of issues. In this context, it is worth remembering that even the
cases of assault; include the bracket of personal injury.
Two of The Varieties
The wrong that has been caused may be intentional, or it may be unintentional, by nature.
Either of the two options can be tried and tested by the Injury Lawyer in Guelph. Even if
someone infringes upon your privacy; then also, you can seek the assistance of an injury
lawyer. Physical injuries are of several kinds. Road accidents are not the only cases of
personal injury. Animal bites, accidents incurred in the course of traveling and the abuses
that have taken place in the nursing home are some of the other aspects to reckon with.
The personal injury attorney is supposed to analyze the basics of each and e very injury
Conside r The Instance
It is important to analyze the circumstances of the dog bite case. The Injury Lawyer in
Guelph finds out if the owner or the caretaker was aware of the biting propensity of the dog.
If the owner manages to prove his ignorance; then, he can assuage his penalty, to a great
extent. The dog bite related injury law varies from the case to the case, and so, it is
necessary to take note of the legal clauses and stipulations. In most of the cases, the legal
stipulations are pretty stringent, and as the owner, you need to take total responsibility for
the omission that has been caused.
Responsibility of The Caretake r
There is one more instance to note. The dog may have been under the supervision of the
premise caretaker. The owner may have given the responsibility to the caretaker so that he
can keep a thorough vigil on the animal’s activities. Under such a circumstance, the premise
caretaker may have a liability to fulfill. Here again, the Injury Lawyer in Guelph pinpoints
the breach that has taken place. It is the lawyer’s job to highlight the responsibility of the
concerned premise caretaker. The rightful owner of the dog may have a part to play, as
well. But the maximu m responsibility to clear up the claim compensation lie s with the
caretaker. No two injury cases are precisely same. Within the same category of the animal
bite, you will come across widespread variations and specialties. Without understanding the
subtle nuances of the legal terms; it is just not possible to realize the difference. Hence, the
involvement of a lawyer becomes necessary.

Does Injury Lawyer Of Etobicoke Epitomize The Essence Of Justice?
The fallouts of the car accident may not have left you overwhelmed. You may have only
received minor sprains, here and there. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore your legal
right. You do have the right to seek the accident relief. With the helpful intervention of the
Personal Injury Lawyer in Etobicoke, you can reimburse the medical expenses that you have
borne. The first party insurance provider is legally bound to clear the compensation.
Secondly, if you prove the negligence of the faulty party; then, the latter party’s insurance
provider is also supposed to compensate you.
Maximizes The Amount
It doesn’t matter whether it is a simple case of bruise or burn; or a major case of spinal
dislocation. In both the cases, the Personal Injury Lawyer inEtobicoke is expected to provide
you with the necessary guidance. The purpose is to seek justice. In your ca se, the justice
comes in the form of the medical rehabilitation. Now, the question is who is supposed to
provide for your medical rehabilitation? What is the respective role of the first and the
second party insurance provider? All these issues merit in-depth analysis and evaluation.
The lawyer’s focus is to maximize the extent of the claim compensation.
Some of The Loopholes
On the other hand, it is worth remembering that the insurance providers may try to give
you a raw deal, playing down the limit that you rightfully deserve. So, having word w ith the
insurance provider minus the support of the Injury Lawyer in Etobicoke is not the wisest
thing to do. The lawyer serves to protect your rights and interests. The logic is not hard to
realize. That’s because the legal professionals are committed to defending the rights of the
injured person. But the insurance facilitators have profit making interests to serve. If the
lawyer gets you fare compensation; then, he knows that he too will receive a part of the
amount that goes down to you as the compensation.
Makes Up For The Lapses
There is one more aspect that proves to be beneficial. The Injury Lawyer in Etobicoke has a
strong network of support. If necessary, he can solicit the guidance of the medical
professiona l. The professional in turn, can help him ascertain the extent of the injury. The
legal facilitator is ready to visit the injury victim, at the healthcare center. You cannot
expect this kind of cooperation from your insurance provider.
As said previously, the latter has prof it-making interests to serve. Secondly, the insurance
dealer may not have the legal know ledge to help you understand your rights and options.
Neither w ill it be possible, on part of the insurance provider to analyze the nature of your
injury. All said and done, it is not possible to avoid the involvement of the first party
insurance provider. But you can cover up the lapses and loopholes by taking the clues and
guidance of the injury lawyer.

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