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For over 60 years Magana, Cathcart & McCarthy law firm is internationally recognized for devoted representation of Accident Claims and Personal Injury Claims, with an extensive trial experience which is virtually unmatched in the U.S. Contact for more information:Magaña, Cathcart & McCarthy1801 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 600Los Angeles, California 90067-5899Phone: 1-800-742-1019



ÞroLecLlng 1he 8lghLs Cf AccldenL vlcLlms Slnce 1946
Ai Magana, CaiIcari & McCariIy, wc lcgin
cacI casc wiiI a dciailcd invcsiigaiion io
dcicrminc wIai migIi Iavc causcd or
coniriluicd io an accidcni.
%rusi, Knowlcdgc,
Eסcricncc and
Fcsulis arc iIc
foundaiion of
Magana, CaiIcari &
c arc in iIc uniquc ¡osiiion io offcr your
clicnis iIc iimc, cסcricncc, lnowlcdgc and
financial sircngiI ncccssary io dclivcr rcsulis.
Faoul D. Magana (1911 ÷ 2007}
Magana, CaiIcari &
McCariIy was foundcd
in 1946 ly Faoul D.
Magana, wIo lcgan Iis
¡raciicc ¡roicciing iIc
lcgal rigIis of injurcd
railroad worlcrs ai a
iimc wIcn mosi wcrc
noi fairly com¡cnsaicd
for iIcir losscs.
%IrougIoui iis Iisiory, iIc firm Ias lccn
¡rivilcgcd io rc¡rcscni iIousands of clicnis,
sccuring sulsianiial awards iIai causcd
cor¡oraiions io considcr iIc safciy and
¡roicciion of consumcrs in iIc dcsign and
manufaciurc of iIcir ¡roducis.
c worl wiiI an
c×icnsivc nciworl of
csiallisIcd cסcris
io analyzc all as¡ccis
of a casc, iIcrcly
cnsuring ma×imum
rccovcry for iIc
clicni from
allcul¡allc sourccs.
f you or a lovcd onc
Iavc lccn involvcd in
an accidcni and
susiaincd scrious
injurics, iIc aiiorncys
ai Magana, CaiIcari &
McCariIy arc
availallc io addrcss
any qucsiions you
may Iavc.
%Ic aiiorncys ai Magana, CaiIcari &
McCariIy Iavc cסcricncc wiiI loiI iIc
mcdical issucs wIicI may arisc in an
auiomolilc casc, as wcll as iIc cnginccring
issucs iIai Iavc lcgal significancc.
%Ic aiiorncys ai Magana,
CaiIcari & McCariIy Iavc
¡ariicular cסcriisc in
rc¡rcscniing iIosc wIo
Iavc suffcrcd scrious and
caiasiro¡Iic injurics in an
auio accidcni, including
iraumaiic lrain injurics,
s¡inal cord injurics and
¡aralysis, and scvcrc
Magañaţ Cathcart Ǝ McCarthy
1801 Avenue of Lhe SLarsţ SulLe 600
Los Angelesţ Callfornla 90067Ŵ3899
1elť 310Ŵ333Ŵ6630
1oll lreeť 800Ŵ742Ŵ1019

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