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1. In which three Mill will be installed that is 22 mm x 158 mtr excluding electrical room. 2. After receiving of coils it will be binded in a coil form that’s area is distance from 20 mtr from electrical room that will be treated as coil store at that point a slitting unit of 5 MT will be installed in area of (7mtr x 13 mtr). 3. For three Mills requirement of welding at pipe mill – (a) 150 KVA (Induction welder) (b) 150 KVA (Induction welder) (c) 200 KVA (Induction welder) (For this we require 1000 kW power) 4. At the side of tube mill two EOT crane capacity of 7.5 MT & 5.0 MT required. There two crane will be treated for uncoiler to finish products. 5. Two compressors are of 20 kg/cm2/HP will be required to operate the mills pipe. 6. Cooling tower will be installed after C.O.C of pipe mill No. (4) that should be treated urgently. 7. After cutting of pipes each mill should carry end facing machine & hydro testing machine for facing and testing of pipes. 8. Stock of pipes will be kept towards the last pillar before starting of road(Weigh bridge side). That place will be most efficient for stock of pipes upto 800 MT/1000 MT. 9. Raw materials as strip to downloaded upto stock of 300 MT. 10. Our plan is to generate 5000 mt strips of various sizes and to roll in three mill. 11. Balance equipments are in process of order that should be confirm urgently because as per my schedule, mill of 2” will be started upto August 1st week. 12. For this running target all materials should be ordered urgently, some machinery & equipments are ordered but should be followed smoothly like cranes, compressor, end facing & hydro testing machine, cooling tower. 13. Manpower regarding labour is very slow as discussed with Honorable Sanjay Babu & Honarable D K Tiwariji they are doing the needful action. 14. Foundation of 3” mill is expected to ready by this week and foundation of 2 “ mill is expected to start from 17.05.2011 because of excavating soil are to be disturbed big hip of soils to be cleared from the site. 15. Balance all plants & lay out are as per drawing, always I am in touch of M/s – S K Engineers, HiTech, Induction welder Party. Note :- All visual and respective process and flow chart regarding strip and pipe mill will be send within three day.

Required Strip Width for Processing of Pipe
½”(L) ½ “(M) ½” (H) ¾”(L) ¾”(M) ¾”(H) 1”(L) 1”(M) 1”(H) 1 ¼”(L) 1 ¼”(M) 1 ¼”(H) 1 ½”(L) 1 ½”(M) 1 ½”(H) 2”(L) 2”(M) 2”(H) 2 ½”(L) 2 ½”(M) 2 ½”(H) 3”(L) 3”(M) x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Specified Thickness
2.0 mm 2.6 mm 3.2 mm 2.3 mm 2.6 mm 3.2 mm 2.6 mm 3.2 mm 4.0 mm 2.6 mm 3.2 mm 4.0mm 2.9 mm 3.2 mm 4.0 mm 3.2 mm 3.6 mm 4.5 mm 3.6 mm 4.0 mm 4.5 mm 3.6 mm 4.0 mm = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Required Width
64 mm 63 mm 61 mm 84 mm 83 mm 80 mm 101 mm 100 mm 99 mm 130 mm 128 mm 126 mm 149 mm 147 mm 145 mm 184 mm 182 mm 180 mm 234 mm 232 mm 230 mm 276 mm 274 mm

3”(H) 4”(L) 4”(M) 4”(H)

x x x x

4.8 mm 3.6 mm 4.5 mm 5.4 mm

= = = =

270 mm 354 mm 352 mm 350 mm

All dimension are calculated but subject to profile of welding roll 1 mm or 2 mm can be tolerated. Tolerance on thickness in light gauge pipe = -8% of specified thickness. Tolerance on thickness in medium & heavy gauge pipe = -10% of specified thickness. This is for your information please.

With regards B K Sinha (Pipe mill division)

Required Manpower Chart for Pipe Mill
Slitting Line :Welder-1 Operator - 1 Skilled Helper - 2 Unskilled Helper - 2 Q/C for Inspection & reporting - 1 Operator-1 Strip Levelling, Square End Cutting, Butt Welding-(Welder 1, Helper 2) Loop Pit :Forming 1 HF Induction welding-1(Electrical) Cooling by Water/Air Length Control-1 Flying Saw (COC)-1 End Facing :Operator-1 Helper-2 Hydro Testing :Operator-1 Helper-2 Q/C Testing :Mechanical, Chemical & Inspection-1 Painting/Oiling-1+2 Internal Report as per BIS/Documentation-1 Crane :Operator – 2 Work Shop :Lathe Man-1 Helper-2

Pipe Mill :-

Note :- One Strip Mill experience and one Pipe Mill experience Supervisor required urgently for monitoring of Strip & Pipe Mill rest of staff and worker will be required within two months because 2” Mill is expected to start in first week of August. Today morning on 17.05.11 Mr. Goutam Basu visited our site and had a positive discussion about Strip & Pipe Mill he assured to heartly co-operation for development of office, crane, Earth filling, Foundation & Electricals. After complete survey of Strip Mill it will be designated next week.

This information and requirement is applicable for one mill per shift. This is for your information please. With regards B K Sinha (Strip & Pipe Mill Division)

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