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Douglas (Doug) W. La Vere 702 West Mountain St. "Kings Mountain, N.C. 28086" Home: (704) 739-9469 Cell: (704) 300-2406 [email protected] Objective: Challenging Leadership/Responsibilities in an Operations Management role. Professional History August 2006 - November 2010 (4.25yrs) "

"Ultra Machine & Fabrication, Shelby NC

Position - Plant Manager "Employed by this very dynamic upstart company, of fabricated (machined,cut, for med & welded)" ferros and non-ferros armored products for the Department of Defense (DoD). "As Plant Manager, I was responsible for bringing World Class Manufacturing, pri nciples," "disiplins, procedures, and personnel to the manufacturing operational foundatio n and " structure. Core Competencies include: "DFT disiplins, ISO elements and standards, Lean Theory, SCM, Program/Project Ma nagement," "MRP, MRP II, TQM, SPC, HR disiplins and regulations, strong safety applications and training," "Team development (training and disciplines), Rapid Response Manufacturing, Root Cause Analysis," Key Accomplishments: "As a member of the executive management team, I have successfully managed sever al special " projects: 1 Directed successful first time registration to ISO 9001/2000 (re-registration to 9001/2008). 2 "Developed, Delivered executive team building seminar series (6 month program) ." 3 "Develop, and implement corporate safety program (including position of Safety Director)." 4 Direct occupancy readiness project for newly purchased 100K sqft facility. 5 Re-Engineer/Reorganize manufacturing layout (50K sqft facility). 6 "Direct plans and installation of 17 units of capital manufacturing equipment (2 lasers," "5 plasma cutters, 4 press brakes, 6 robotic welders) (50K sqft facility)." 7 "Purchase 20K sqft facility, gut, engineer floor layout, and install equipment and fixtures" for manual welding operations. 8 Program manager for major (high visibility DOD) project to develop processes a nd "manufacture 80K major armor truck components, with a result of on-time complet ion," and a .006% defect rate. "Practicing ""Lean Theory"" disciplines, I realized the result of reducing histo rical labor content" "reductions of 20 to 40 percent, and throughput improvements by 10 to 20 percent .."

Project manager for successful implementation of new MRP/MRP II software system s (including production staff training and implementation of real-time process data collectio n). Recruited and developed successful manufacturing management team. Professional History continued: June 1997 - July 2006 (9yrs)

"Purolator E.F.P., Shelby NC (ISO 9001/2000)"

Position - Manufacturing Supervisor Was employed by this leading manufacture of wire cloth filtering products. My ch arge was to implement "their first preventative maintenance program, help with effecting Safety and Ri sk program improvements" and develop/implement reorganization of manufacturing processes. "Process operations included- slitting operations, punch press forming and punch ing (2 ton to 100 ton), " "punch and die design and fabrication, machining (manual and CNC), resistance sp ot welding (manual and " "automated), annealing of metals, automated washing (ultrasonic), manual packagi ng and shipping." Key Accomplishments: "As top manufacturing supervisor, I was able to successfully institute a compreh ensive maintenance program," and a comprehensive safety/risk program. I quickly evolved to strictly focusing on manufacturing processes. "In my tenure, I re-engineered/re-organized each work center in the manufacturin g and shipping operations" "(from raw material warehouse functions, to shipping products out the door), inc luding the following projects:" 1 "Systematically re-organized 10 manufacturing work centers, incorporating Lean Theory, method " "changes, process flow layout, staff - fit and function. Through the result of these efforts, we " "realized an increase in manufacturing by 500% (across a 7 year period), and in the same period" we reduced staff/labor content by 40 to 60%. 2 "Instrumental in the design/development of a one of a kind automated, ultrason ic wash system" (99% of product processed through). Reduced required wash staff from 6 to 1. 3 Successful introduction of a new CNC lathe operation (to introduce a new produ ct line to our "existing clients, and potential to draw new clients). Project responsibilities included, purchase 2" "lathes, operation layout design, recruite operators, operation startup." 4 "Successfully developed and implemented 6's/Lean Thinking processes, procedure s, and" "disiplins, into the manufacturing processes." 5 "With the abcense of a MRP system, I developed a access based tool for product ion product" scheduling and tracking to enhance control of manufacturing operations.

6 "Managed 50 million dollar warehouse inventory (6 month turnover) of raw and f inished goods, with" a f 5 year fiscal average of .5% fiscal inventory descrepancies.

Professional History continued: 1992 - 1997 (5yrs) "The Cookson Company, Gastonia NC" Position - Maintenance Supervisor / Plant Engineer "Employed by this leading manufacturer of overhead rolling doors, to radically r eorganize the maintenance " "effort, focusing on Preventive Maintenance and a systematic effort towards upgr ading fabrication equipment/" "machinery. In addition, was charged with the development of an effective Safety and Risk management" program in a high risk production environment. Key Accomplishments: "Highly successful preventative/predictive maintenance program developed and imp lemented, with " ultimately experiencing a manufacturing equipment uptime of 98%. "Through predictive maintenance data, was able to reduce replacement parts inven tory by 60%, and " "importantly identified critical components (predictive) to keep in stock, or in queue to be expedited." "Implemented equipment operator training program and analysis, and through this effort reduced consumable" usage by 32% (3yr span). "Developed and implemented Kan Ban process procedures incorporate into manufactu ring processes, which " "resulted in near elimination of over production, kept focus on the right job at the right time, and increased" process efficiencies by 20%. "Developed and implemented a comprehensive safety and risk program with over whe lming results, " "experiencing the lowest injury experience in company history, a compensation pr emium rebate, and " reduction of compensation annual premium rate @ $170K. "Comprehensive ergonomic risk evaluation, resulting in re-engineering work stati on to reduce risk of " "ergonomic injuries. This program reduce injury risk, and through re-engineering improved work station" efficiencies (improving throughput by 10 to 30 %).

Professional History continued: 1982 - 1992 (10yrs) The Owen Steel Company of NC Gastonia NC and subsidiary Fredericksburg VA Position - Maintenance Supervisor / Plant Engineer Employed by this leading fabricator of structural and reinforcing steel products (3rd highest tonnage "producing rate in world). Managed effective Preventative Maintenance program, i nvolving high impact / " high volume fabrication equipment. Managed maintenance and upgrading of grounds and facilities. Managed effective Preventative maintenance program of an 86 unit road equipment fleet. Co-Managed with facilities Risk Manager the compliance of government safety and environmental regulations "(O.S.H.A., S.A.R.A.H., A.D.A. , E.P.A., etc.)." Performed duties of fabrication foreman (25 employee fabrication shop) for 3 yea rs. Key Accomplishments: "Highly successful preventative/predictive maintenance program developed and imp lemented, with " ultimately experiencing a manufacturing equipment uptime of 95-98%. "Through predictive maintenance data, was able to reduce replacement parts inven tory by 60%, and " "importantly identified critical components (predictive) to keep in stock, or in queue to be expedited." Reduced maintenance department expenditures by 50% (6yr period). "Project Management- upgrade all manufacturing fabrication equipment, 1- replace principal fabrication" "equipment with new state of art CNC control fabrication equipment, 2- Adapt sta te of art solid state controls " " to balance of remaining fabrication equipment, 3- Developed and installed ""LA N PC NETWORK"" ," interfaced with fabrication equipment controls from manufacturing operations man agement.

"Project Management- 1- directed installation of all fabrication and computer ne twork equipment, at newly " "constructed fabrication facility of Fredericksburg, VA. 2- directed very succes sful facility start up. 3- " Implemented and managed equipment maintenance program of the Fredericksburg faci lity (with same results outcome of NC program). "Evolved to manage reinforcing steel operation in the NC facility, with result o f experiencing throughput " levels of Man hour per ton to a 10 year low (this while maintaining other respon sibilities).

Education High School "Graduate: Newark Sr. High School, Newark, Delaware" College "NC State University - SPC,TQM, Design of Experiment " Cleveland Community College - BUS 253: Leadership and Management Skills Gaston Community College - Project Management Fundamentals (PMI) Gaston Community College - Project Management Applications (PMI) Gaston Community College - Project Management PMP Prep 1 (PMI) Gaston Community College - Project Management PMP Prep 2 (PMI) Industrial Development Agencies Western Carolina Industries - Supervisor / Management Development training. Safety and Health Council of North Carolina - Hazard Communication Site Coordina tor Liberty Mutual Insurance Company - Blood Borne Pathogen Training Instructor Independent educational entities Holiday Management Services - Management Skills Development "APT Leadership, LLC - Systems Thinking and Leadership (based on Edward Deming t heory)" "Corporate Consulting, RSTMM Series - Staff Analysis, Building and Recruiting" Equipment Manufacturer Digital Equipment Corporation - Diagnosis and repair of solid state controllers

References Activity Vector Analysis Behavioral Assessment (availible upon request) Tommy Queen (704) 734-4808 owner/operator - The Barber Shop "Kings Mountain, NC" Gary Farmer (704) 482-1399 COO - Ultra Machine & Fabrication "Shelby, NC" Frank Stewart (704) 482-1399 President/Owner - Ultra Machine & Fabrication "Shelby, NC" Derrick Johnson (704) 730-0403 "Captain/Detective, Kings Mountain Police Dept." "Kings Mountain, NC" Martha Yarbro (704) 739-5262 Home Maker / Retired School teacher "Kings Mountain, NC" Douglas Satterfield (704) 739-0997 Owner - Doug Satterfield: Edward Jones Investments "Kings Mountain, NC" Susan Barnett (704) 482-1399 Corporate Safety Director: Ultra Machine & Fabrication "Shelby, NC" Kenneth Queen

(704) 739-1262 Personal Friend "Kings Mountain, NC"

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