Polish Lunch

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Poland is not only about pierogies, vodka, and sausage. I wanted to share some modern, polished, and interesting things about contemporary Poland, its culture, fashion, design, food, and heritage. Polish pronunciation is also interesting, but I will try to spare your tongues.



Let's talk about contemporary Polish culture, Polish food, Polish fashion, modern Polish brands, as well as Polish heritage, and travels in Poland. Poland is a country that has changed tremendously in the last two decades. As economists point out, it is one of the largest economies in the European Union, and the only one which hasn't suffered from the last recession. Economic development is accompanied by changes in many other fields, including Polish culture, Polish fashion, lifestyle of contemporary Poles, and even food, and restaurant scene in Poland. As a country with long and interesting history, Poland has a very diverse and fascinating tradition, habits, and heritage. From Polish folk art, such as paper cutouts (wycinanki), to Polish traditional food, such as world famous pierogies (Polish dumplings), kielbasa (Polish sausage), and vodka. However, there are also many other things that are typically Polish, and equally, or even more, interesting. While they are less famous internationally, all those Polish definitely worth learning about. Take Polish food and restaurant scene. Polish traditional dishes bring to mind a hearty peasant meals – pork shnitzel (kotlet schabowy), pickles (ogorki koszone) and sausages. However traditional Polish cooking as practiced in the houses of the Polish aristocracy and bourgeoisie has much more to offer. Just think of tenderloin steak tartare, Polish cheese (twarog or tvarog), Polish cheesecake, Polish applepies, smoked eels, roast venison, roast duck with apples, as well as the many forest mushrooms. All these tastes are totally delicious and worth a bit of mess while cooking from scratch. Plus, their revival can be observed in any Polish restaurant, bar, cafeteria, coffee-shops, even cubs etc. from Warsaw, to Gdansk, to Poznan, to Wroclaw, and Krakow. What is more, it is totally worth checking out the contemporary Polish art, culture, and fashion. Starting form the more intellectual side, Poland has been long a country of talented filmmakers (such as Roman Polanski), and there are many interesting contemporary movies made in Poland. The same can be said about Polish literature, theater, and Polish design and architecture, which often makes news in professional media. Fashion-wise, Poland is not only a birth-place of many famous top-models, but also it is a good place for fashionistas. There are plenty of Polish designers and Polish brands worth window shopping or even shopping. Polish street-fashion with a touch of hipster and vintage look is also amazing. All these Polish elements make this country worth visiting, and traveling around, during Euro 2012 or any other occasion. Just be sure to sightsee Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Gdansk, and Sopot, as well as a national parks and nature spots, such as Mazury (Mazuria), Bialowieza, Zakopane, Tatry, and others.

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