Presentation On Biometric Authentication

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LETS DEFINE !   “ A biometric is a physiological or behavioral characteristic of a human being that can distinguish one person from another and that that can be used for  purposes.” 



verication   verication


BIOMETRICS AS AUTHENTICATION Authentication depends on •

hat ou ha"e

• •

hat ou #no$ hat ou ARE !


H% BIOMETRICS& Identit the'ts  So(ethin) ou #no$ can *e sto+en  ,-edicted o- hac#ed  Re+ia*i+it on (anua+ "e-i.cation 


A,,LICATION CATE/ORIES Bio(et-ic app+ications a"ai+a*+e toda a-e cate)o-i0ed into 1 secto-s ,scho+o)ica+2 I-is3 Fin)e-p-ints3 Hand3 Retina+ and Face Face -eco)nition -eco)niti on • Beha"io-a Beha"io-a+2 +2 4oice3 Tpin) pin) patte-n3 Si)natu-e 4oice3 T •




C-eation o' cha-acte-istics C-eation Sto-a)e o' cha-acte-istics  Co(pa-ison  Decision 


FIN/ER,RINT RECO/NITION Di"ides p-int into +oops3 $ho-+s and a-ch  Ca+cu+ates (inute points 6-id)e endin)s7  Co(pa-isons  Authentication 


DISAD4ANTA/ES Di-t 3 )-i(e and $ounds  ,+ace(ent o' .n)e T  Too oo *i) a data*ase to p-ocess p-ocess  Can *e spoo'ed8dup+icated9 spoo'ed8dup+icated9 


HAND /EOMETR /EOMETR% % /eo(et- o' use-s hands  Mo-e -e+ia*+e than .n)e-p-intin)  Ba+ance in pe-'o-(ance pe-'o-(ance and usa*i+it 


RETINAL SCANNIN/ Scans -etina into data*ase  Use- +oo#s st-ai)ht into -etina+ -eade Scan usin) +o$ ene-) in'-a-ed +i)ht  4e- e:cient ; cannot *e spoo'ed! 


DISAD4ANTA/ES Use- has to +oo# <di-ect+= into the scanne-9  Accepta*i+it conce-ns 

Li)ht e>posu-e




Us e rf a c e sc a m me e r a

Ne ut r ale x pr e s s i o nr e qui r e d

  A pr o pr i at el i ght i ngandpo s i t i o n   A l go r i t hmsf o rpr o c e s s i ng 

De c i s i o n


ISSUES ITH FACE RECO/NITION& Identi.cation ac-oss e>p-ession  Easi+ spoo'ed 

 Tou)he- usa*i+it  Tou)heusa*i+it  Hi)h En"i-on(enta+ i(pact 


BEHA4IORAL 4oice  Si)natu-e  T  Tpin) pin) patte-n patte-n 



Speech input F-e5uenc  Du-ation 

Neut-a+ tone  Use- '-iend+


DISAD4ANTA/ES Bac#)-ound noise  De"ice 5ua+it  I++ness 3 e(otiona+ *eha"io T  Ti(e i(e consu(in) enen-o++(ent o++(ent  La-)e p-ocessin) te(p+ate 



Si gnat ur eme meas ur es( dynami mi c ) Speed   Ve l o c i t y

P r e s s ur e •

Capt ur e si mag e s( s t at i c ) • Hi g hus e ra c c e p t a nc e


,ATTERNS   T%,IN/ ,A 

Us e rt y pi ngpat t e r n 


Pr e s sa ndRe l e a s eRa t e •

Uni q uepa t t e r nsa r eg e ne r a t e d

c o mp mpa r i s o ns



No tv e r ys c al abl e

Canbes po o f e d–b ys i mpl et e c hno l o gy( r e c o r de r s )


USABILIT% ISSUES IN BIOMETRICS Use- accepta*i+it  ?no$+ed)e o' techno+o)  Fa(i+ia-it $ith *io(et-ic cha-acte-istic  E>pe-ience $ith de"ice  En"i-on(ent o' use  T  T-ansaction -ansaction c-itica+it c-itica+it 

 Ti(e  T i(e consu(in) tas#s


BIOMETRIC SOLUTIONS Educate  T  T-ain -ain  E>p+ain Inte-'aces  Use T-aine-s  Supe-"ised ,+ati(e 


CURRENT A,,LICATIONS Ban#s  I((i)-ation 'aci+ities  Resea-ch cen cente-s te-s  La*o-ato-ies  Hi)h secu-it a-eas  Mi+ita- pu-poses 

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