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Press Release Washington Post Article
by Cheryl Welsh Director, Mind [email protected]

The Washington Post Magazine's January 14, 2007 controversial cover story on mind control victims alleging government targeting with electromagnetic (EMF) weapons was an introduction to the issue of brain weapons and national security and alleged illegal experiments. Please consider investigating and more indepth reporting of this issue as others are beginning to do. A thorough, impartial investigation of their claims is long overdue, experts say. 1. Posted at Microwave News, January 12... Are they victims of mind-control dirty tricks or are they simply nuts? Sharon Weinberger presents the stories of a number of TIs -targeted individuals who believe they are being assaulted byelectromagnetic weapons- in Sunday's (January 14) Washington Post magazine. Her cover story, "Mind Games", centers on Harlan Girard, who for many years has run the International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons out of his home in Philadelphia. Weinberger lets you decide whether Girard and the others are schizophrenic or the involuntary subjects of government experiments. It's a well-written piece and well worth the read.


2. The history of EMR bioeffects (so called 'nonthermal effects') research is intertwined with military research and is very classified. Citations, etc. and a brief summary are posted here. Please consider how effective governments can be at suppressing science. Here is one example. Washington Post Jan. 14th 2007, W22. By Sharon Weinberger. Weinberger wrote: ". . .The official U.S. Air Force position is that there are no non-thermal effects of microwaves. Yet Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at NASA'sLangley Research Center, tagged microwave attacks against the human brain as part of future warfare in a 2001 presentation to the National Defense Industrial Association about "Future Strategic Issues." "That work is exceedingly sensitive" and unlikely to be reported in any unclassified documents, he says." 3. Recently Jonathan D. Moreno wrote Mind Wars: Brain Research and National Defense, a 2006 book reviewed by Nature magazine. Experts like Moreno say brain weapons and human experiments are inevitable. Moreno described the thousands of alleged mind control victims that contacted him as a result of his 1999 book on secret state experiments. Also mind control weapons are known to be, and would be one of the deepest secrets of the nation. Past secret experiments were conducted illegally and there are still numerous serious loopholes in current experimentation law for classified human experiments. The atomic bomb led to allegations of illegal government experiments by radiation victims who were called the 'crazies' but their claims were later found to be true. 4. My work and human rights group, Mind has been cited by Scientific American, the UNIDIR, Moreno and more. I have recently posted new information from Russia and also a Mind Justice sponsored project conducted by Project Censored at Sonoma State University on EMF weapons, posted at


5. Experts like Moreno say that brain research and national security is a serious issue of concern to the public, if not now, in the near future. Pulitzer prize winning reporter Eileen Welsome stated that atomic bomb scientists controlled the flow of information on health effects research and only in the 1990s were illegal radiation experiments reported in front page news. This same pattern is now documented with alleged mind control victims and EMR weapons scientists. The hard to find cold war/post cold war history of very classified EMR weapons reveals a mosaic in spite of government secrecy: there is circumstantial evidence that EMR weapons, the heart of mind control weapons, are being developed by major countries and are advanced. See for citations, documentation. Please inform the public of this suppressed information. The public has the right to know about weapons such as the atomic bomb and now mind control. 6. Would the government tell you about working mind control weapons? How advanced are the very classified EMF and mind control weapons? The public needs reliable documented information on brain research and national security. Please cover under reported topics such as; 1. Classified neuroscience research, the history, regulation, government oversight mechanisms and future implications. 2. Nonlethal, information and EMR weapons, the history, regulation, government oversight mechanisms and future implications. 3. Remote human surveillance, the history, regulation and government oversight mechanisms and future implications.


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