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PRESS RELEASE: Demo tomorrow morning in alWalaja
Recently dozens of trees have been uprooted in al-Walaja in SW Jerusalem as the IDF is resuming preparatory work for the Wall there. Only a 5,000 year old olive tree, known locally as “The Badawi” [see photo below] will remain. The case of the route of the wall in Walaja is scheduled for hearing in the Supreme Court on September 27, yet the IDF is creating facts on the ground that create a living ghetto (similar to Gaza, Qalqilya and neighbouring Bethlehem). A tunnel is even being built in the village to connect one family to the village, at an expense to Israeli/USA taxpayers of NIS 3 million. [Ch2TV News report: & ref. UNRWA’s 2010] mini-profile:

A dozen Palestinian, Israeli and international activists were arrested at two demos recently in Walaja trying to prevent the uprooting of the village’s trees, so the Popular Committee of the village is preparing for a LARGE demo tomorrow, Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. Palestinian time which is 9:00 a.m. Israeli time. Grassroots Jerusalem, Combatants for Peace and the Anarchists Against the Wall are supporting the villagers’ struggle for justice and a future. This non-violent demonstration is calling for respect for the law (the Supreme Court hearing) as well as calling for Israel to cease causing Palestinian homelessness and ongoing internal displacement as part of its settlement expansion programme. For further details (cars are needed; but Palestinian bus 21 goes near), please call Sheerin al-Araj, Walaja Village Council member: 0522 054595 Eran Efrati, Israeli activist: 0528 504193 Amany Khalefa, Grassroots Jerusalem co-ordinator: 0503 913694

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