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Prime Times - Fall 2013



October 25 - 31, 2013

prime times
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Webster-Kirkwood Times


Making Exercise Fun At Any Age
Water Volleyball Team at Aberdeen Heights in Kirkwood has grown from 8 to 22 members since it began in 2012
by Jaime Mowers
Senior citizens on the water volleyball team at Aberdeen Heights are proof that exercising while aging can be fun. That’s why the team members keep showing up for practice twice a week at the pool in their Kirkwood senior living community. “We have a lot of fun,” team leader Jerry Alpert, 78, said during a recent practice. Making exercise fun is key in getting people to do it, said Alpert, who was a psychotherapist who studied how to motivate senior citizens to exercise before he retired. “It’s really important to remain active at our age, but how do we make exercise enjoyable?” he said. Alpert found a way to mix fun and exercise when he began Aberdeen’s water volleyball team in March 2012. The team started with eight people and grew to 22 members by the time Aberdeen Heights took two water volleyball teams to the Senior Olympics in the spring of 2013. The youngest team member is 68 years old and the oldest is 92 – and she’s the feistiest, according to Zoe Taylor, the lifestyles coordinator at Aberdeen Heights. “Maryann (Hamlin) gets very competitive,” Taylor said. Even though group members like to keep score and win competitions against teams from other senior living communities, they still keep it fun. The members have a great time without even realizing they’re getting a great workout, said Alpert, who also walks a mile in the pool and five miles on the treadmill every day to stay fit. Water volleyball helps seniors work on skills such as balance, hand-eyecoordination, strength, cardiovascular fitness and more without subjecting their bodies to a grueling workout, Taylor said. “Water exercise is one of the best ways for senior citizens to stay active because they can do things in the pool – like run and jump – that they can’t do on land,” she said. “It’s so good for them and the camaraderie is also great. They’re always laughing and

cont. p. 20A

From front to back: Allan Davis, Gerald Smith and Jerry Alpert are among members of the water team at Aberdeen Heights in Kirkwood. photo by Diana Linsley

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Webster-Kirkwood Times

October 25 - 31, 2013

The 93-year-old performer will hold a one-woman show at Manor Grove on Oct. 29, 2 p.m.
by Linda Jarrett

Bea Bumbicka: Always A Singer

Sitting in a colorful gown complete with yellow tulle shawl and jeweled cap, baubles dangling, 93-year-old Bea Bumbicka looks every inch the entertainer. And entertain is what she plans to do when she puts on a one-woman musical review on Oct. 29 at Manor Grove, 711 S. Kirkwood Road, where she lives. The show begins at 2 p.m. and is open to the public. Born in London, England, Bumbicka has been singing all her life. “My family are hams, all of them, and we all sang,” she said. “My two sisters, Anne and Anita, were in show business, and I wanted to be an opera singer, but then World War II happened and shortened my career.” Before the war, she had sung at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, which is the equivalent of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. After the war began, she worked in “patrol” where she sent out fire crews during bombing raids. “It was quite fun,” she said. “Back then when you’re young, it didn’t matter.” During that time she met and married Lt. Col. Joseph Trottman of the Army Air Corps, and a bombardier on

Bea Bumbicka, a resident of Manor Grove in Kirkwood, has an array of costumes from previous performance which she designed herself. photo by Ursula Ruhl B-24s. The couple moved to the United States in 1946 to Carlsbad, N.M., where Joseph, after being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, went to work with a coaxial cable company. But that did not stop her singing. “My sisters lived in Toronto, Canada, and I would go there where we would do our act,” she said. “We would also go to Florida and perform.” When she moved to St. Louis, she participated in a talent show at the Windsor Grade School where she performed in a program called “Show Me,” in which she played Margaret Truman. Some of the members of the group who took part in the show had such a good time that they formed a musical group called The Footliters. It consisting of Bumbicka, Henry Laslo, Betty Stichling, Jan Laslo, Jackie Sears and cont. p. 18A

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October 25 - 31, 2013

Webster-Kirkwood Times


“Light & Bright”

One look, and you’ll see retirement the way we do at Aberdeen Heights: easier, more convenient, and beautifully designed to fit your way of life with a plan through our Unique Health Care Benefit. For more views on life at our community, call to schedule an appointment or go to and visit our Video Gallery. You’ll learn why people like you love living like this.

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Webster-Kirkwood Times

October 25 - 31, 2013

Guided Autography Captures Life’s Stories
Gerontologist Lori Jurgiel teaches how to write a narrative of one’s life
by David Baugher
For those who didn’t live through them, the old days are easily forgotten, especially when a life well-lived isn’t shared with loved ones. “It’s all about capturing the stories,” said Lori Jurgiel, a local gerontologist. “People usually know the facts, like mom and dad and grandma lived over here. Then they moved in this year. But they may not know why the family moved. That’s the story we’re trying to capture. It’s the stuff that would be lost if grandma were no longer here.” Jurgiel captures those stories through a process called “guided autobiography” which she learned in Southern California after meeting the technique’s creator, Dr. James Birren, and became certified to give classes on the topic. Now her two-hour sessions are offered at Shepherd’s Center at Lockwood Avenue and Berry Road in Glendale. The present eight-week term will end next month and Jurgiel plans to eventually offer new signups for the spring. “It’s kind of a new trend here,” she said. “It’s been on the West Coast, the Pacific Rim and on the East Coast for 20 or 30 years. It’s basically a format to help one document his or her life story a few pages at a time painlessly and easily.” Jurgiel notes that people often feel overwhelmed when trying to construct a narrative of their life, but the techniques she assists with can make the process of preserving one’s legacy much easier. Participants are guided through various topics including their life’s work, family, money and spirituality. Helped by pre-prepared questions, they are finally able to organize their personal history and preserve it for others. Sometimes, others aren’t the only ones who

“People usually know the facts, like mom and dad and grandma lived over here. Then they moved in this year. But they may not know why the family moved. That’s the story we’re trying to capture.”
– Lori Jurgiel Gerontologist
photo by Ursula Ruhl benefit. Participants also learn about themselves. “They discover a lot about things they’ve accomplished, things they’ve lived through,” she said. “They share their stories. We write one week on a theme and they share the following week what they wrote on the prior week.” Jurgiel herself is impressed by the tales her pupils tell. “I learned about someone last week where I had no idea some of the volunteer stuff she’d done,” she said. “It was amazing.” Some of the work focuses on defining so-called “branching points” in the lives of the students. “Some branching points are obvious and some are not,” she said. “A lot of special prompting questions go into helping to stimulate people remembering things they might have forgotten.” The first half of each class is usually focused on activities to promote a student’s creativity and memory. “Everyone who takes the class usually tells me they love the exercises,” she said. “The second half of the class is where they share what they’ve written from the prior week. We have them break out into groups and they have an hour to share what they’ve written on.” At the end of the process, students can take home a collection of pages that will convey their timeline to future generations. Jurgiel began organizing the unique sessions in 2011. Her thesis work had focused on the positive benefits of building a life review. “I thought, ‘No one in Missouri is doing this and I’m one of the few gerontologists here who is even aware of this great opportunity so that’s what

cont. p. 18A Wine Tasting September 15, Wine 3-5 p.m. Tasting

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October 25 - 31, 2013

Webster-Kirkwood Times


Don Vaisvil, director of the senior community service employee program administered by MERSGoodwill, left, presents Harold Salmon with the 2013 Missouri Outstanding Older Worker Award.

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Harold Salmon Named Outstanding Older Worker For St. Louis Region
A professor at Meramec, he is one of 10 workers over age 65 in state to receive award
St. Louis Community College counselor Harold Salmon is the St. Louis regional winner of the 2013 Missouri Outstanding Older Worker Award. Salmon, professor in counseling at the Meramec campus in Kirkwood, is one of only 10 workers over age 65 in Missouri to receive the award. Don Vaisvil, director of the senior community service employee program administered by MERS-Goodwill, surprised Salmon at a division meeting to present him with the award. “I felt extremely honored and exhilarated upon hearing that I won the regional award,” said Salmon, who has been with St. Louis Community College for 29 years. “MERS-Goodwill and other cosponsoring agencies throughout the state are to be commended for drawing attention to the not uncommon high value of the work of older persons.” Salmon’s colleague in the counseling department, Mysha Clincy, nominated him for the award. “The best part of the award is knowing a colleague valued my work enough to take the time and exert the effort to nominate me,” said Salmon. Counseling department chair Donna Zumwinkel has high praise for Salmon. “Harold exemplifies the finest traits that anyone could hope to have in a colleague or in a counselor,” she said. “He is caring, committed and compassionate, and works as hard as anyone I’ve ever known. St. Louis Community College and our students are very fortunate to benefit from his presence and his work on the Meramec campus.” Even with the strong endorsement from Zumwinkel, Salmon has a humble attitude. “I am absolutely certain that I am no more dedicated and no more competent than dozens (maybe hundreds) of my colleagues, many of whom will never be singled out for any special recognition,” Salmon said. “I am incredibly blessed to be a counselor at Meramec.”

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Webster-Kirkwood Times

October 25 - 31, 2013

Age Is Just A Number When Serving Others
At 80 Sister Mary Ann Eultgen is being honored as a “Remarkable St. Louisan”
by Jennifer Grotpeter
Octogenarian Sister Mary Ann Eultgen has had many jobs over the almost 65 years she’s been a Sister of Christian Charity. She’s served as an elementary school teacher, a principal, a charitable board member, and now a chaplain three days a week for St. Anthony’s Medical Center in South St. Louis County. For her many years of service to the community she is now being recognized by St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System as an Ageless-Remarkable St. Louisan. She is among 19 exceptional performers, athletes and community leaders over the age of 75 who have made outstanding contributions to the community. They will honored at the awards gala on Nov. 10 at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis. “I’ve had all kinds of jobs in my life; now I’m a chaplain. But I loved them all!” Sister Mary Ann said. “I work in the heart unit at St. Anthony’s. I visit people before they have surgery, stay with their relatives during the procedure, and meet with them all afterward. We visit in the hospital until they go to step-down. “I bond easily with the families and the patients, especially when they stay awhile,” said Sister Mary Ann. On Sundays, she is the only member of the Pastoral Care staff on-call in a substantially sized medical center. “One of the doctors was kind enough to buy me a scooter to get from one end of the hospital to the other; it’s very convenient,” she said. She may traverse the hospital halls in a scooter, but she is indefatigable in her efforts to help the poor and disadvantaged, as Ashley Turigliatto of St. der, Sisters of Christian Charity, has shrunk over the years, and their closest residence is in Wilmette, Ill. “My vocation started with my mother,” explained Sister Mary Ann. “She raised all five of us children, and she would pray, ‘Mary, help me get through this day!’ “She would talk to the Blessed Mother, and I think she wanted to be a nun, so two of her daughters did,” Sister Mary Ann said, noting her older sister, Carolyn, now lives at the Wilmette Province home. On Nov. 10, Sister Mary Ann will be honored for her volunteerism and dedication to service. “St. Anthony’s bought me a table of ten for my family and friends,” Sister Eultgen said. The public is welcome to attend the gala and enjoy videos, a gallery of photos, and a three-course dinner. Tickets are $175 each and available by calling St. Andrew’s at 726-0111 or This week, however, Sister Mary Ann plans to watch baseball. “I went to school at St. Augustine’s school in North St. Louis, close to Sportsman’s Park,” she said. “We would get free passes, the Knothole Gang passes, for all the weekday games. “That’s why I say, ‘Go Cards! Go all the way!’” Sister Mary Ann added, “We live here with a Sister from Boston. We are going to have fun!”

Sister Mary Ann Eultgen traverses the halls of St. Anthony’s Medical Center in a scooter during her rounds as a chaplain.

Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System can attest. “I worked with her on the board for St. Vincent Home for Children; that’s how I got to know her,” Turigliatto said. “She’s a dynamo! She was on my gala committee and brought in a truckload of auction donations. “She would walk the streets of the Central West End and just go into places and ask them for donations,” she continued. “She went into a newly-opened tax service office and they told her they were so new, they had nothing to offer her. She spied a brand new vacuum cleaner, still in the box, and said, ‘What about that?’ They gave her the vacuum.” “Once,” added Turigliatto, “she ran into (former St. Louis Cardinal) Al Hrabosky at a private event, and she asked him if he would play in our charity golf tournament. He gave her his number, and she stalked him until he agreed to come and play. “He told me, ‘I can’t say no to a nun!’ Sister Mary Ann is really spiritual, and she’s a really hard worker,”

Turigliatto said. In addition to her work at St. Anthony’s and on the board of St. Vincent Home for Children, she’s also traveled to Costa Rica three times in recent years to help establish medical clinics in impoverished areas. When she is not working, Sister Mary Ann resides with the Sisters of Loretto on Lockwood Avenue in Webster Groves. Sister Mary Ann’s or-

Don Gerber:

“Remarkable St. Louisan”

mer Webster Citizen of the Don Gerber, 83, is also Year has been seen around among the 19 individuals town lighting the July 4th being recognized by St. Anfireworks, bell ringing for drew’s Resources for Seniors the Salvation Army, servSystems as an Ageless-Reing as a celebrity waiter for markable St. Louisan. St. Louis Crisis Nursery’s Gerber is the owner of GerCelebrity Waiter and Waitber Chapel funeral home in resses Night fundraiser and Webster Groves. Having purlending a hand to the local chased the business in 1961, Don Gerber Lions Club and Webster Gerber remains one of the Groves-Shrewbury-Rock community’s most beloved Hill Chamber of Commerce. leaders. Throughout the years, the for-

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October 25 - 31, 2013

Webster-Kirkwood Times


Golden Anniversaries
James and Muriel Benz celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Oct.19. Among their many blessings are their three children: Margot (John), Julianna, and Joseph, two grandchildren - Lucy and Peter, and a great grandchild - Caleb. They celebrated this occasion with family and loved ones.

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Donald Eugene and Mary Mae (Tullis) Morris celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their four children and spouses, and four grandchildren. The couple married in Bartlett Methodist Church in Chetopa, Kan., on Aug. 31, 1963. They raised their family in Kirkwood. They have made their home in Nixa for the last 12 years.

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Webster-Kirkwood Times

October 25 - 31, 2013

Singer Bumbicka from page 12A
to listen to him, pianist Esther Ferry, and started singwho played with the ing. Russ David OrchesBumbicka retra. They performed called as she all over town in nurslaughed: “He said, ing homes, banquets, ‘You can sing!’ and VFW halls, and MoolI said, ‘You can ah Shrine meetings play the piano!’ So for years. he said, ‘Let’s put Jackie Trottman, on a show.’” Bumbicka’s daughDuring next ter, said that Laslo week’s show, often said the group Bumbicka will be “started on Broadway, accompanied by South Broadway!” Hackbarth. She Bumbicka said she will sing about got her first laugh while singing for the “My family are hams, all seven songs, each one requiring a Shriners. of them, costume change “I was doing ‘I Love and we all sang.” complete with to Laugh.’ It’s hard to – Bea Bumbicka wigs. She has an sing because you have abundance of costo make people laugh,” tumes, which she has designed herself, she said. “All of a sudden, someone in from her past performances. the audience said, ‘You remind me of “When I see something I like,” she my mother,’ and I said, ‘You idiot, I am said, “I make it into a costume.” your mother,’ and I got a standing ovaBumbicka plans to keep performing, tion.” and has another performance planned When Bumbicka was 90, Trottman for Christmas at Manor Grove. asked her mother to do a show at First From London to St. Louis by way of Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood for New Mexico, Bumbicka has kept singfriends and relatives. It turned into a ing and entertaining. However, she fundraiser for the church choir. wishes she could have gone to Califor“Bill (Musical Director Bill Stein) nia and Paris. suggested she do a song, “To Keep My “I always wanted to see Paris,” she Love Alive” as the opening act and she said, her voice turning a bit wistful. brought the house down,” Trottman “But there was a war going on, you said. know.” Six months later, Bumbicka broke For now, Bumbicka will have to her leg, which brought a halt to her be content entertaining family and performing days. friends, which is a blessing for all conAfter moving into Manor Grove, she cerned. heard activity aide Joel Hackbarth playing the piano. Bumbicka sat down

Play Pickleball In Crestwood
Pickleball is the fastest growing sport around, especially in retirement communities. It is easy to learn, fun to play and a good way to make new friends. SAJE Senior Ministry will be offering drop-in play and a clinic to learn to play on Mondays in the St. Elizabeth of Hungary gym, at 1420 S. Sappington Road in Crestwood. Beginning Nov. 4, the clinic will run from 9 to 9:30 a.m. with drop-in play from 9 a.m. to noon. Two courts are available

for play. The cost is $3 per session. Pickleball is played on a small court, divided by a net. The paddles look like oversized ping-pong paddles and the ball is similar to a wiffle ball. A normal game lasts about 10 to 15 minutes, and is played as doubles. It is fairly low impact, so not so hard on one’s joints, which is why active seniors find it so appealing. For more information, call Beverly 487-5345.

started it,” she said. Jurgiel notes that often it is not participants themselves who are moved to take the class but rather loved ones who want to know more about a parent or grandparent. “They often come in and either someone else has signed them up or someone has pushed them and said, ‘I want you to do this,’” she said. “Sometimes it is a relative, even a distant relative, and sometimes they actually pay for the class.” In some instances, students, who have ranged as young as 45 and as old as 92, come with their own set of fascinating – and occasionally touching – surprises. One even brought a collection of items to class including a jar of colored marbles. “Apparently he’d been collecting them all his life and they were all meaningful to him,” recalled Jurgiel. Bringing objects may be unusual but bringing photos into class is not. “That’s one thing I always recommend, especially candid pictures,” she said. “Posed pictures are good but the candid pictures can

from page 14A

sometimes give you more visual clues about the time and how people felt.” She said response to the sessions is generally positive. “I’ve received many compliments from people who have already written something that they thought was their autobiography but they say this is so much more interesting,” she said. One part of the process that Jurgiel enjoys is watching the students come together to swap stories and even help each other, sometimes spending time to assist someone whose arthritis makes holding a pen or using a computer difficult. In the end, the class isn’t all about history either. It’s also about the future. “Current goals and aspirations is the final topic covered,” she said. The eight-week session of classes costs $48. For more information, log on to http://lifereviewgab.homestead. com/events.html or call 636-485-5174 for more information.

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For families, questions
about senior care and aging can be complicated and overwhelming. Now, Chandelle Martel & Terri Glaze, with over 43 years of combined experience in the field, can provide expert answers and solutions – at no cost to you! Having both a Certified Geriatric Care Manager (Chandelle) AND a Community Care Coordinator (Terri) on staff is not only rare, it’s twice as nice – and free! Call and let them show you how they can help. Seniors deserve the very best. Chandelle, Terri and Bethesda deliver! Chandelle Martel
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You can choose to live in our lovely 2 bedroom and 2 bath Cottage with a lake view or choose Independent Apartments with great services, dedicated staff and no entry fees. Need a little more care? Our Licensed Assisted Living is there when you need it in a private apartment. You have 24 hour personal care, expanded services on one level living and no entry fees. • Retirement Cottages & Apartments • Assisted Living Apartments • Respite Apartments

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October 25 - 31, 2013

Webster-Kirkwood Times


Actual Spectrum Residents

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CRV SV Times 10 25 13

Bring your hips, knees and all your achy joints to a free forum hosted by St. Anthony’s Medical Center. Join Brian A. Fissel, MD, one of the area’s leading orthopedic surgeons, who will discuss the causes of joint pain and treatment options, including a brief overview of the anterior hip replacement procedure. Dr. Fissel is one of only a few physicians in St. Louis who performs this procedure.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Brian Fissel, MD

Knee or The Doctor Is IN hip pain?
Monday, Oct. 28, 2013 6 - 7 p.m.
St. Anthony’s Medical Center Hyland Education and Training Center Great Room 10020 Kennerly Road St. Louis, MO 63128 Light refreshments will be served Free, but registration is required

Call 314-ANTHONY
(268-4669) or 800-554-9550 Seating is limited


Webster-Kirkwood Times

October 25 - 31, 2013

Staying Fit With Volleyball
from page 11A
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• ContaCt lens speCialists • sports & Fashion eyewear • sunglasses Oasis TEARS®, available only through doctors’ offices, are offered in 3 “take with you” • Dry eye Care treatment options. As trained Dry Eye specialists, Drs. Karen and Steven Rosen can • Day, evening & saturDay hours • Most insuranCe aCCepteD recommend the appropriate Oasis TEARS product for your condition.

Set Your

cheering each other on and helping each other. “Socializing like this is so important because it helps them make friends,” she continued. “It’s also really nice because if someone is missing from practice the other members will go check on them and make sure they’re OK.” Bill Hoskins, 84, said the camaraderie with others is what the team is all about. “It’s 100 percent friendship,” said Hoskins, who is a team leader with Alpert. “We don’t try to pretend we’re any good, but it’s good exercise.” Hoskins has played several sports throughout his life – football, basketball, baseball, track and field, and more. He’s left those sports behind, but has enjoyed taking up water volleyball. “I don’t care to walk or run any more, but this is fun and it keeps me going,” Hoskins said. The same goes for the team’s youngest member, 68-year-old Claire Anderson, who has always been active. “I used to do just about everything – running, hiking, basketball, racquetball,” said Anderson, who volunteers at Powder Valley Nature Center in Kirkwood. “I never learned to swim, which is ironic because now I’m playing water volleyball. This is the most fun of any game and so many people can play it regardless of the frailties they might have.

“It’s 100 percent friendship. We don’t try to pretend we’re any good, but it’s good exercise.”
- Bill Hoskins
“It’s so important to exercise as you age, but it has to be fun – and this is fun,” Anderson added.

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Welcome to Holiday...

Welcome Home
There’s a special feeling of kinship at Lakeview Park that seniors won’t experience anywhere else. It’s a combination of joyful neighbors embracing life, friendly staff who go out of their way to make each day special, and a comfortable environment that makes seniors know this is right where they belong.



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October 25 - 31, 2013

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Baseball’s Perfect Knight Never Stopped Hitting.

Staying active is the key to living a happy and healthy life. Find out why the leader in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care never stops moving. Call for information or to schedule a tour today!
* Stan’s Number Six is on permanent display at SSM Cardinal Glennon children’s Medical Center.

Chesterfield 636-537-3333 O’Fallon 636-240-2840 Dougherty Ferry 636-861-0500


Webster-Kirkwood Times

October 25 - 31, 2013

Remembering The Model A
Members of the Model A Club stop by Bethesda Gardens in Kirkwood on Oct. 8 as part of the senior living community’s Resident Appreciation Week.

Above: Mitchell Beuke, general manager at Bethesda Gardens, looks under the hood of a Model A. Right: Bethesda Gardens resident Bill Nelson, left, talks to Jim Van Rhein, owner of the Model A and member of the Model A Club, while resident Betty Shepherd strolls between two of the cars. Helen Hedderig, a resident of Bethesda Gardens, and her son, Charles Hedderig, check out a Model A delivery truck owned by Fred Burk.

photos by Diana Linsley

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