Problem With Erection Test Your Erection

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Problem with erection? Test your Erection. Stable erection at any time.
That's what men are really concerned about, and there really should be treated. I often think that if men had a choice: to have a full range of emotions, excitement and desire, or have an "iron" stable erection at any time, but without any feelings, most would choose to get an erection. This is a depressing fact, one consequence of which is that perfectly normal men seek to implant prosthesis. It also encourages men to put pressure on themselves and their partners, instead of making love. Of course, the woman would be concerned if the joint action will not be on equal footing. But most women want to have sex with a partner, not with a penis. Erection reflects the state of your physical health and mental health. Lack of an erection occurs for various reasons, including illness, stress and relationship problems. Although the majority of men belong to the erection of the principle of "all or nothing" (either have an erection or it is not), actually it is not. You can make love and with a partial erection. A man may have quite a soft penis and, nevertheless, to make love. Regardless of the hardness of the penis, a man can experience all stages of excitation and complete their orgasm. Unfortunately, the medical community contributes to the maintenance of this unhealthy relationship. The greatest achievements in the treatment of sexual disorders in the recent past were considered prostheses, vacuum pumps to create an erection and injections into the penis. I believe that the medical community is doing a disservice to men, convincing them that the causes of erectile problems purely physical. The tendency to consider our bodies as machines that need repair, eventually becoming the way of sexual healing and lovemaking, because apart from the body, we have more and consciousness. Based on this scale, think carefully: do you have problems with erection? If you regularly reach levels of 7 or 8, are able to make love and not worry about his erection, then no problem exists. If from time to time you can not have an erection, for example, in a state of intoxication, but in most cases everything goes well then everything is normal. Normally also the fact that during sex erection level fluctuates. However, if you are not able to have an erection at all or lose it regularly before entering the penis, read on.

In order to understand the phenomenon’s of erection think about her degree as a mark on a scale from one to ten. Here we are interested in the degree of hardness of the penis. On a scale of erection first level means a complete lack thereof - very soft penis. Levels 2-4 means filling: blood starts rushing to the penis, why is it getting warmer and thicker. Any level above 5 means hard penis ("stand"). Level 10 - extreme, almost painful hardness in erection. Physical causes If you know that you have a problem with erection, and you want to solve them, the first thing you need to know - this is not the reason for the physical? Before you consult a doctor and undergo costly medical examination, ask yourself the following questions: Arises whether erections at night or morning when I wake up? Are there any erections at night or morning, but with a partner as we are not succeeding? Are there any erections during masturbation, but not with the partner? If you have never had a night or morning erections or not it was a few years, you too should try these exercises. It is likely that you have a problem of physical nature, but somehow or other exercise will not hurt you. I saw what they are doing wonders in cases of organic impotence, because of the way consciousness acts on the body. If you do the exercises of this program and feel better, I recommend to visit the urologist, a specialist on erection. If you do not often have erections during masturbation (when the psychological pressure is absent), it almost certainly is a medical case, and the visit to the doctor will not be superfluous. A healthy man has several erections at night and during masturbation. If you answered 'yes' to all questions, your problem may have psychological roots, and then you will exercise outlined in this chapter. How to achieve a good erection There are some moments in the relationship of mind and body, which can be employed to achieve a satisfactory erection.

Medical causes

Do you have a chronic disease that can affect erection? Diabetes, prostate disease and circulatory disorders - is the most common reasons for lack of ability to have erections. In addition, it can affect drug taken on doctor's orders, for example, against high blood pressure or ulcers. Habits After analyzing your relationship to take stock of your habits. You overeat? Do you smoke, drink, use drugs? All of these can cause serious difficulties with erection. For getting rid of bad habits will follow the long-awaited changes in erectile and sexual life in general, the ability to experience different sensations and, finally, in self-esteem. Attitude You should begin with your relationship and sexual awareness. Do not force yourself to an erection during an exercise. Working on the exercise, pay more attention to their level of excitement than an erection. You will find that the erection is not the center of sexual energy, it is only her expression. Emotions Finally, think about your feelings. Do you have depression, anxiety, stress? You are unhappy with their partner or feel a growing alienation? Your attitude - it is nothing but trouble? Well, no wonder that you do not have an erection. In addition to a set of physical and emotional problems that may affect the erection, it is likely that during sex you're doing something that prevents it. Unconscious or conscious reducing LC-muscle during arousal may prevent an erection. Exciting, you can reduce the reflex muscles of the legs, abdomen or buttocks. Some men do it because they think if it helps erection. However, the opposite is true, because the blood needed to achieve erection, rushing to contract muscles. This situation is called a syndrome of "pelvic theft": the long muscles of the body literally steals the blood, which could be used for erection. The program of restoring erectile If you have trouble with erectile dysfunction and would like to get rid of them using this program, there is one exercise that you want to do each day, is "a daily massage genitals.

Fulfilling all these exercises, do not force yourself to an erection. Do not pay attention to what is it or no. Let your partner tells you about it. If an erection appeared, then disappeared, do not worry. Slow down, relax and once again, focus. These exercises will help you in many ways, as can be but ones you do not need. Feeling erections Believe it or not, but some men are so far removed from his body, that did not even know, sometimes they have an erection or not. The main sensory exercises with focus sensations such as caresses faces, front and rear sides of the body and genitals taught you to feel my body. If you have no sense of erection, you can experience the fun, but do not know whether penis strength for intercourse. I worked with many patients with a similar problem. For them, it was customary that the session is 20 minutes, I fondled their genitals, and the patient had an erection almost every time, without knowing it. In the end, an erection would disappear, because a lot of time passed, and people did not guess that it has had. There is another reason for lack of feeling erections. Some men learn to ignore the special erection, thinking that this is the best way to have it. In general, this conjecture is partially correct. You need to stop worrying about their genitals and start to feel it. You want to focus on the sensations of their genitalia, and not ignore them. Daily massage genital Every day for 10 minutes, gently massaging the penis, especially at the base. Thus, it can cause blood flow to the genital area. Do not try to cause an erection with the help of massage. Massage in order to feel the penis and to know the accompanying sensations. This will give new strength of mind and body connection, which is very important for strong excitation. Gentle massage will help to develop the ability to focus the feeling like the first exercises in this book to touch you. Do this massage, regardless of whether you have an erection or not. I promise that you will feel the results when performing follow-up exercises. Before you start

To begin the exercise on children's sense of erection with a partner, think about the hardness of the penis in accordance with the ten-point scale. Remember that level 1 corresponds to the soft penis, level 5 - the beginning of curing and level 10 - the complete, almost painful hardening. If you are an erection in the morning or during masturbation, learn to determine their level on this scale. Exercise Lie on your back. The partner slowly begins to caress with a focus sensations front side of your body and genitals and makes it about 20 minutes. At some moments it will ask you what level you have achieved an erection. If your score is very different from her, she asks you to open your eyes and look at the penis. If you appreciate the level of its erection as a 2 (beginning of the blood supply to the penis), but in fact it rose to 5 (the beginning of curing), you have to believe it. Once you see his erection again, close your eyes and concentrate on the sensations of the penis, while the partner will caress you. This will teach you to recognize the force of erection is not looking. "Stakeout" And finally, you "watch"? That definition was introduced by Masters and Johnson, it is, then look at his penis, and worry about an erection. Pot, which looks, never boils ... and penis, which looked, never arises. "Pelvic theft" Remember: you need to LK-muscles were relaxed. Relax your legs, breathe deeply and concentrate. The partner several times asks you about the level of your erection. When you feel that an erection is coercive in nature, go back to the level of early blood filling the penis. For the first time to return to a level 2 or 3 already represents progress. Repeat as many times as you need to learn how to confidently detect a certain degree cure penis. Source: European Urology 2010, 34:18-22 2010

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