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Project Manager,Program Manager,Program Analyst,Project Analyst,Project Specialist,Program Specialist with 20 years experience looking for a Middle Management position.



Marsha L. Tim 14339 Windchime Lane Orlando, Florida 32837 HM: (407) 852-7158 WK: (407) 701-9631 E-mail: [email protected] Security Clearance: Inactive EDUCATION Certification Program Management University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 2005 Master of Arts Legal Studies Webster University, 1996 Bachelor of Arts Applied Science Troy State University, 1994 Associate in Applied Science, Air Traffic Control Community College of the Air Force, 1985 WORK HISTORY Adacel Systems Inc 2002-Current United States Air Force 1982-2002 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Project Manager/Manager, Domain Experts (Adacel Systems, Inc., Apr 2010-Current) * Manager, Domain Experts. Directly supervises six (6) ATC Subject Matter Expe rts (SME) and twenty-three (23) Field Service Representatives (FSRs). Developed and authored a SME Policy document; developed a monthly document, reporting SME activities and manpower; Identified challenges and risks with airport Playing A rea delivery deadlines. Employed other resources and developed a schedule that eliminated slippage and helped other improved productivity. FSRs are now capabl e of conducting site surveys, which reduced the program travel budget. Manage bo th FAA Site Survey and Visual Database documents for the Program Manager. Provided key support to the Director of Program Management Organization. Involv ed in more than $20 million in US Government and Industry contracts, spanning ov er two business areas (Advanced Programs/US Simulation and Training) and include d system installation, engineering management, and support and new product devel opment. a. Federal Aviation Administration - $10.294M (Performed as the Deputy Program Manager) b. United States Army - $2.114M c. United States Navy - $.214M d. United States Air Force - $4.136M (Performed as program Manager) e. Other Contracts - $1.056M (Performed as Project Manager for University Tower Simulator Programs) Project Manager (Adacel Systems, Inc., Jan 2007-Apr 2010) * Project Manager. Performed as Project Manager for University TS S Programs. Executed each of the 5 stages of project management (Initiation, Pla nning, Execution, Control & Reporting and Closeout often under accelerated condi tions. Kept Program/Project Management Team informed of schedule, budget and is sues. Planned, organized, directed, and controlled resources for several compan

y projects: Project lead for the installation of 4 Tower Simulator Systems and 1 2 visual databases for Federal Aviation Administration; USAF Tower simulator Sys tem (over 94 systems); Nine (9) USMC tower simulator Systems; Partnered with Sys tems Atlanta to show feasibility of concept of operation on integrating IDS5 wea ther data and operations display into Adacels MaxSim Tower Simulator. * Program Manager. Able to multi-task and prioritize. Assigned as Program Man ager for several Projects, to include US Air Force; the US Marine Corp; NASA Aim s equipment/software Upgrade; FAA Visual Database contract; and Phoenix Airport Installation and various System moves. Giving additional responsibilities as the US Army Program Manager and acting FAA Program Manager, overseeing all logistics, budget, and manpower resources. Per formed as the Deputy Program Manager for the FAA Program and often represented t he PM during his absences. Took on role of QA representative for inspections f or FAA TSS equipment acceptance milestone. Oversaw progress of SMEs with respec t to Site Surveys and associated reports. Coordinated on-site contractor suppor t for TSS installations. Deputy, Program Manager (Adacel Systems, Inc., Jun 2004-Dec 2006) * Deputy to Director of U.S. Programs. Responsible for coordin ating and integration all program activities across multiple, functional lines. Responsible for providing sufficient resources to accomplish company objectives within project constraints. Chair go/no go meetings, coordinate Program Manage ment Review conferences, manage Contract Data Requirements, Manage scheduling, c ontrol and reporting, and assist with cost budgeting. Manage ATC Subject Matter Experts and Project Technical Lead (PTL) personnel. Lead Program Manager on sev eral projects, to include, relocating Ten (10) Tower Training Simulators at USAF Air Traffic Control Training school; Installing the first stand-alone Precision Approach Radar simulator at Midwest ATC Services Inc.; Retrofitting 94 tower si mulators with Precision Approach Radar capability under the USAF contract. Air Traffic Control Subject Matter Expert (Adacel Systems, Inc., Nov 2002-Jun 20 04) * Tower Simulation System team lead. Site survey and installa tion team lead for several continental United States and overseas locations. Re sponsible for collecting airfield data, airfield photography, on-site training, building training scenarios, testing, assisting visual engineers and writing tri p reports for the largest air traffic control simulation company with a contract , worth $72.5 million for 94 systems. Chief, Control Tower Operations * Ranked #1 of 19 senior air traffic administrators. Leads team of 30 highly s killed air traffic controllers; directs and supervises operations of $3,100,000 control tower facility with 75,000 flight operations annually. Section resource manager; regulate/manage work hours, supplies, and equipment. Developed trackin g database for Air Force mobility training requirements--assets 100% deployable worldwide. Facilitated site survey for FAA Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch Syste m (ETVS); system enhances inter-facility communication and coordination. Chief, Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems Management * Conceptualized and built innovative data base for tracking, reporting, and cl osing command air traffic delays: reduced air traffic control delays by 25% in one (1) year. Led development, acquisition, and support of over 150M in fixed a nd deployable radar and navigational aids supporting 2,000,000 airlift and air r efueling operations annually. Provided functional support for over 300 personne l. Worked with communications community to remove 11 redundant, non-frangible e

quipment items from command airfields; saved Air Force $270,000 and over 250 man -hours. Filled over 90% of Air Force-level taskings despite 35% command-wide ma npower reduction: 0 decrement in services and operations. Superintendent, Air traffic Control Management * Ranked #1 of 94 senior air management administrators. Provided senior direct or-level support for air traffic control procedural and manpower issues. Direct ed over 300 personnel at 12 regional locations controlling more than 1,000,000 g lobal reach flying missions. Selected and approved personnel assignments, manag ed personnel database, and approved unit manpower requirements. Achieved 20% re duction in worldwide departure delays measurably improving airlift mission relia bility. Created standardized deployment database alerting subordinate organizat ions of manpower shortages. Chief, Air Traffic Control Training * Command approval authority for air traffic control training techniques, metho ds, and guidance at eight (8) mission-critical locations. Allocated entry-level air traffic controllers to strategic and tactical airfield operations sites. E valuated controller certification and rating processes for 100% accuracy and ade quacy. Reduced airfield operations departure delay rate (per 100) from 2.77 in Oct 94 to 1.39 in Oct 95. Implemented "Year of Training" guidance for air traff ic control career field; selected as subject matter expert for extensive re-writ e of two Air Force-level, job qualification standardization publications. Chief, Standardization and Evaluation * Hand-picked to lead 72 person air traffic control section. Administered/mana ged Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Control Tower Operator (CTO) Certific ation Program; served as FAA CTO Examiner. Coordinated all training requirement s for radar approach control and tower controllers. Created 270 question comput er database; measurably reduced controller testing. PRECIS OF QUALIFICATIONS AND RECOGNITION * Certified, Military/Civilian Airspace Management Operations * Certified, Air Traffic Control Operations * Certified, Air Traffic Control Workcenter Operations * Certified, Microsoft Window Operating Systems * Skilled, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Instructional System Development

* Trained, Operational Risk Management, Total Quality Management, * Two CEO-level Commendations, "Outstanding" Air Traffic Control and Landing S ystems Management * Two COO-level Commendations, "Outstanding" Air Traffic Control and Resource Management

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