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The Project Manager is responsible for accomplishing the project objectives. This includes clear and attainable objectives, building of requirements, and managing time, cost, and quality [scope]. He is also responsiblefor specifying and addressing theneeds of those who will use the project s products during the time of the project begin and end date as a use liaison to the technical and sales teams. He will nominate technicians and contractors due to his control of key issues such as cost, time, quality and customer satisfaction. Best practice for a successful and well documented project rollout, the project manager should but is not required have seldom participation directly in the activities that produce the end result. Instead he should maintain the progress of all players and their tasks to minimize failure and maximize benefits. A strong continued education background in technical implementation is required and is expected to be familiar with the network layout and its interworking. Project management will mirror some responsibilities of a technical manager but is limited to the predetermined time frame of the project only and should not carry over beyond. Role Responsibilities In addition to the Project Board s collective responsibilities, the ProjectManager will: y y y y y y y y y y y Provide the customer s quality expectations and define acceptance criteria for the project Ensure that the desired outcome of the project is specified Ensure that the project produces products that will deliver the desired outcomes, and meet user requirements Develop the project plan Provide a SOW to all participants and if needed specific to each for their role Resolve user requirements, project budget, schedule and priority conflicts Manage project team Make decisions on escalated issues, with particular focus on safeguarding the expected benefits Brief and advise user management on all matters concerning the project Maintain business performance stability during transition from the project to business as usual Undertake Project Assurance from the user perspective (user assurance) and, where appropriate, delegate user Project Assurance activities

Below are duties of contention that often over-lap job titles and responsibilities which should be addressed as a team to delegate accordingly. y y Managing any issues with the practice after the installation is complete Limit role as technician during and after project

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