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Project, Operations Manager with 30 years experience looking for a Middle Management position.



Richard E. Greene (Rich Greene) 4224 Spruce Street, Whitehall, PA 18052 (610) 262-7051 [email protected] Project / Operations Manager Successful, Proficient, Computer Literate Summary: 1. Profitably managed multi-million dollar, complex, on schedule, Mechanical Con struction projects 2. Completed winning high dollar HVAC and Plumbing Project Estimates 3. Successfully prepared and pursued Change Order Requests and Claims 4. Developed Project Manager Process and Procedure that allowed for a more effic ient (Profit) operations 5. Authored the "Project Managers Guide" for a major, money making, Mechanical C onstruction Company 6. Devised a Cost Event Tracking System to control all Project Costs; with great results 7. Devised a computerized Preventive Maintenance Management System that improved Revenue 8. Created Sales and Marketing tools that increased customer relations and profi t 9. Supervised and continuously enhanced a staff of 80 tradesmen and 15 office as sociates. Computer Skills: 1. Heavy user and instructor/trainer for: Excel, Word, Power Point, MS Project, Visio, Outlook, SAP, Primavera, Expedition, QuickBooks and others. Other Talent: 1. Excellent verbal and written communications skills. 2. Successful problem solver and team player with proven leadership qualities 3. Accomplished proficient trainer Work Experience: 1. Project Manager, James J Gory Mechanical Contracting - Buckingham, PA May 2006 to June 2009 a. Managed profitable Multi-Million Dollar Plumbing Construction Projects b. Researched, Organized, Prepared and Implemented; Estimates for new work, Chan ge Order Requests for existing work, AIA Billing for work in progress, Invoices for work completed, Submittal Data for approval by the Architect / Owner, Shop D rawings for approval and field use, Purchase Orders and Contracts 2. Marketing and Sales Manager, Educational Systems/Service - Allentown, PA January 2004 to May 2006 a. Created a realistic Marketing Plan and Sales/Business Plan that was utilized for future growth b. Revitalized their Data-Base to improve follow-up and eventual sales c. Designed, built and maintained their first Website that increased their visib ility in the marketplace d. Introduced process and procedure to allow the business to run more efficientl y e. Prepared and demonstrated product specific Power Point sales presentations to Educators. 3. Operations Manager, PSEGET Central Plumbing and Heating - Allentown, PA March 2002 to January 2004 a. Identified issues and opportunities and documented new process and procedure to improve efficiency b. Reengineered the entire Marketing and Sales plan to increase revenue c. Motivated Project Managers to improve process and procedure to increase profi ts d. Utilized SAP to monitor P & L, for all aspects of the business, with improved stats every month. e. Conceived a Preventive Maintenance estimating program to improve sales f. Improved the Project Managers' understanding of the business solution softwar

e - SAP 4. Manager of Project Controls, PSEGET - Hamilton, NJ March 2001 to March 2002 a. Responsible for Project Controls for nine PSEGET Service/Construction compani es b. Coordinated implementation of the business solution software - SAP c. Trained associates on the use of various business software solutions with gre at results d. Analyzed Project Manager Cost Control Systems and documented new process and procedure 5. Operations Manager, PSEGET Fluidics - Philadelphia, PA June 1998 to March 2001 a. Trained and Coached all Project Managers and Tradesmen to improve productivit y and safety b. Reorganized the Service Projects Division to enable increased sales c. Analyzed and improved all Project Managers' processes to improve revenue and profit d. Instructed Project Managers in proper Cost Control methods using a program th at I developed e. Supervised 60 tradesmen in the field and 12 associates in the office f. Implementation Leader for SAP Business Solutions Software and Y2K Richard E. Greene (Rich Greene) 4224 Spruce Street, Whitehall, PA 18052 (610) 262-7051 [email protected] Project / Operations Manager Successful, Proficient, Computer Literate Other Work Experience: 1. Fluidics - Philadelphia, PA June 1991 to Jume 1998 Senior Project Manager, Project Executive, Operations Manager 2. James J Gory Mechanical Contracting - Buckingham, PA July 1987 to June 1991 Vice President 3. Precision Piping - Langhorne, PA May 1985 to June 1987 Senior Project Manager 4. Daniel J Keating Company - Philadelphia, PA June 1968 to May 1985 Draftsman, Steamfitter, Steamfitter Foreman, Project Manager and MEP Constructio n Manager Management Philosophies: Over the years I have established several Management philosophies. 1. A company is a group of people working together for a common goal. This commo n goal is always to be as profitable as possible so that the Owner and the Emplo yees benefit. 2. Teamwork is only beneficial when there is One Team within a company and every one is a part of that One Team. When more than one team gets together they natur ally compete. 3. Everyone is someone's customer. There are customers that are traditionally "E xternal Customers" but in my management style you have "Internal Customers" that need service and information just like the External Customers. Each department within a company has someone that is their Internal Customer. 4. You can complete any task that you set out to do as long as you utilize the T hree I's a. Information - Gather data to prove the task b. Information - Organize the data so that you understand the task c. Information - Disseminate the data in a manner that is usable to all associat

es 5. Company Risks need to be: a. Managed b. Transferred c. Insured 6. Cost Control is what determines a company's fate. I believe that without a go od Cost Event Tracking System (Cost Control) your Company will fail. Education: 1. Community College of Philadelphia 2. LU 420 Steamfitter Training 3. Penn State University, Abington Salary Requirements 1. Negotiable Personal: 1. Community: a. Coaching - Baseball, Softball, & Soccer for eighteen years b. President of the Roslyn Boys & Girls Club for four years c. Building Committee Chairman for the construction of a new Clubhouse d. Organized and produced an annual Car Show in Roslyn Valley, PA 2. Interests outside of Work: a. I am Vice President and Newsletter Editor for the Philadelphia Corvair Associ ation b. I have rebuilt two Corvair convertibles, a Corvair Pick-up Truck and a 1966 B ig Block Chevelle c. I regularly show my classic vehicles at local Car Shows d. I also enjoy Muscle Cars and Drag Racing Note: PSEGET is Public Service Enterprise Group Energy Technologies - NJ

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