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IEEE Based Live Projects with Certification By

i SKY Technologies
Where Technology is a Pleasure

IEEE Based Live

( ECE / EEE / EIE )

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Wireless Communication (GSM / GPS / Bluetooth / RF / IR)
 Security Integrated system based on wireless access protocol for industrial applications with SMS alert system using GSM modem.  Electrical appliances control using Mobile Phone.  Speed and Direction control of DC motor using GSM Modem.  Speed control of thread roller’s AC motor in spinnin g mills using GSM modem.  Supervisory control and data acquisition system using GSM modem.  Power Distribution monitoring system using GSM modem.
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Vehicle Tracking System using GPS Modem. Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection and Messaging System using GSM and GPS Modem. GSM based Car Engine control implementation to stop car Theft. Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using RF Communication (PWM). Wireless PC to Communication. Wireless Stepper Communication. PC Communication Control using RF RF

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Wireless Stepper Motor Control using IR Communication. Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using IR (PWM).
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 GPS based location finder.  GPS-GSM based remote location finder.  GSM based security lock.  SMS based home appliances control.  GPS clock.  GSM based Remote data acquisition system.  Two SIM based missed-call voting machine.

RFID / Smart Card Projects
 RFID based banking system.
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RFID Security Access Control System RFID based Employee Id and Attendance Register System. RFID based Library Automation System.

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Microcontroller Based Projects
 Industrial Security System with Auto dialer.

Coin operated fortune telling system with dancing LED effect. Programmable temperature monitor and controller.

 LDR based power saver for street light control system.
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Password based Access Control System. Temperature based Fan Speed Controller. Automatic Car Parking System. Unmanned Railway Gate Control. Automatic Room Light control with Visitor Counting. Two gate interlock for toll tax. DC Motor speed control using PWM Technique. Real Time Clock RTC and I2C protocol. Electronic Notice Board with LED Dot Matrix Display. Automatic School Bell with user defined time schedule. Intelligent Line following robot.

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EEPROM Based Prepaid energy meter. Digital Code converters BCD to Grey / Excess-3 / 7segment. DTMF based Industrial automation and appliances control system. Auto turn off for water pump with four different time slots. Stepper motor control. Priority based Bank Token Counter Display System. RTC based Digital Clock with Seven-segment Display with 12 / 24 hours mode. Solar Panel Direction Control system according to the Sun Direction. Data Transmission and Reception from MCU to PC’s HyperTerminal using RS-232 Communication using Microcontroller. Speed and Direction Control of DC Motor. Temperature Monitoring on Seven-segment Display.

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 Water Level Indicator.  Light Controlled Fan Regulator.  Message Moving Display. Page 5

 Motor speed Control using PWM.  Automatic Fish Food Feeding Machine.  Interfacing graphical display (64X128).  NOKIA-3310 display interface.  Touch screen based calculator.  Touch screen based password lock.  Touch screen and GLCD based paint.  Event Counter.  Frequency Counter.  RPM Counter.  3G-video call / DTMF based spy robot.  Temperature controlled fan.  DTMF controlled robot with on board battery.  RTC clock using 7-segment display .  RTC clock using 7-segment display and shift register.  Bi-directional Visitor counter. Page 6

 Simple event counter with data on EEPROM.  Password lock.  Prepaid energy meter.  Electronic voting machine with data on EEPROM.  TIMER for Rubik cube solver.  Ping-pong game.  IR-remote controlled home appliances.

PC Based projects
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PC based Appliances control in a plant (C-Language). Communicating to MCU through windows hyper terminal using RS232 communication. PC Based stepper motor control for robotic applications. PC Based DC Motor speed control. PC Controlled Robot. PC Controlled Robotics Hand.
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 Intelligent Line Following Robot.  Solar based robot.  Obstacle Avoider Robot.  Multitasking Autonomous Robot (LFR+ Anti Falling+ Obstacle Avoider).  PWM based Line Following Robot.  Anti falling robot.

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