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(Psychological, negative, Nassim) The medical impact of having the word failure as an important tool in education: - Some students see end results to avoid academic failure - Leads to two types of people: fearful and extreme perfectionist - Fearful: choose to do simpler task or getting borderline pass, leads to limiting capabilities - Extreme perfectionist: places unrealistic goals to avoid even minor overlooks and constantly pushes overboard - Either way, both starts to grow a fear of failing and cannot stand mistakes - Affecting their future lives and whatever things they do. - The medical (psychology) impact: If it allows growing, this can lead to a group of future generations that may completely crumble if faced with failure, dilemma and can hinders the country growth in areas such as business, science¶s R&D etc, degrading the country in turn. - Importance of the word failure: raise awareness of such effect and to see the severity of the situation e.g. the number of students with the two different negative effects, the trend of such students etc - Word failure indirectly helps the education system to identify the hidden problem within education itself such that it can present solutions that will help students see the importance of learning through process, creating a lineage of passionate learners. Psychological (positive, Sheila) 1) The word failure has its positive impact on the psychological aspect and thus is an important tool in education. 2) The word failure gives people the strength and the will to work harder. 3) For instance, Thomas Edison had persevered on even though he had failed lot of times in inventing the light bulb. 4) These failures had motivated him to continue to work harder as he learnt his lessons from his previous failures. 5) These failures had in turn gave him the strength to believe in himself which caused him to release the potential in him, leading him to success. 6) Thus, the word failure shows people that they are not putting in the right amount of effort and have to put in more effort than usual in order to succeed like Thomas Edison. 7) They will be more motivated to work even harder as they know that their hard work will be paid off one day. 8) The word failure serves an essential lesson for people to learn from and thus is a vital tool in education. Failures will form study groups. (social, positive, Jason) ‡ In schools, everyone is hoping to excel in their studies.

‡Failures usually have a weaker grasp of the subject. ‡They would form study groups to exchange information ‡More effective as they are able to help each other understand better ‡Study group means a few students ‡These people interact with more people for each other subject. ‡Socialize more = more friends Failures would mix with people that are stronger in the faculty. ‡Failures previously mix with people of the same standard. (A trend) ‡After failure, they want to improve. ‡They mix with people of a higher standard. ‡That would help them improve. ‡Different faculties there would be a different group of people. ‡Generally questions would be asked. E.g.: A, B and C. A would ask B. B would think of the question and maybe, says he does not know how to answer the question. B asks C. However, A and C has no connection. After C teaches A teaches A how to answer the question, A and C would be acquaintances. (Social, negative, Nassim) ‡ Discrimination, smarter people won¶t want to mix around with people who keep failing their tests and exams ‡ Have this fear of being looked down by other, thus making them hard to be able to bond with people. ‡ Only hangs around with people like them, slowly becoming outcasts of society. ‡ Will either form their own gang or join gang as all of them are of same educational level and intellectual ability. ‡ (Help to elaborate more on this part and if u think some of this points are not good enough, can change them, but send me an email of this part after u¶re done, thks nassim) (Moral, positive, Li Ting) Failure is an important tool in education as it allows one to truly understand the meaning of success. As the proverb stated that " failure is the mother of success", before you learn how to walk, you must learn how to fall. Through failure, it allows people to achieve success. For example, Thomas Edison found 9,999 ways that a light bulb would not

work before finding out 1 way that the light bulb will work. As a result, failing inspires one to achieve greater heights. (Moral, negative, Glen) Why is Failure not an important tool in education? There are people that could not face failure and as a result, it demoralizes the student and allowing them to think that facing suicide is better than facing failure. FAILURE HAS THE POWER TO MAKE ONE SUCCEED AND THE POWER TO KILL. Failure may lead to low self-esteem, unconfident, discouraged and less motivated to do things. Educational(Positive, Sheila) 1) The word failure has its positive impact on the educational aspect and thus is an important tool in education. 2) There is a Chinese proverb saying that µFailure is the mother of success.¶ 3) The word failure educates people that success is not easy to achieve. 4) In addition, people appreciate success better when we have known failure before as success will taste so much sweeter when we know what failure tasted like. 5) It educates people not to take success for granted and to stay humble after success. 6) Hence, it is a crucial tool in education as it instils moral values in the educational aspect. (Educational, Negative, Glen) ‡ They will think that education is not important ‡ They will give up on themselves, thus not wanting to push themselves to do better. ‡ Some people will stay down when they are taken down, thus will never taste success in their education life. ‡ Hence it is not a crucial tool in education as it pulls people down rather than educating them the importance of doing well and being successful in their education and future endeavors.

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