Purchase Order Procedures

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Purchasing Procedur Procedures es

By Susan Guastella March 18, 2008



How to submit a purchase request (PR)  Non-encumbered Blanket Orders (NBPO) 

and Encumbered Blanket Orders (BPO) PaymentNet procedures (redit card)  Return !aterials "uthori#ation (R!") 

 

Petty ash heck Requests



Submitting a Purchase Request  "ll orders must must be submitted by by completely $illin% out out the web $orm  Purchase Requisition &orm ($or NE' sta$$) 

Orders in ecess o$ *+,,,, require . /endors or a ole ource   "ttach quote quote i$ a/ail a/ailable able 



Web Form



'he web $orm is emailed to pr0ucar1edu1 (marlasusan%/andykeabauerhmail0netser/er cmcdill)

'he purchase request $orm is assi%ned a number by usan and $orwarded to the r equester requester and pr0ucar1edu $or appro/al !arla and 2im will email their appro/al and3or any comments or questions Orders CANNOT be placed without appro/al1 'his includes petty cash check request and credit card Once appro/ed usan enters the PR into &ile!aker 



Purchase Request Entered into FileMaker



Once the PR is entered into $ilemaker the PR number is emailed to pr0ucar1edu pr0ucar1edu $or "my to re/iew   "my checks to make sure account keys and ob4ect 

codes are correct and emails her appro/al and3or corrections !arla or actin% $or !arla si%ns as well as usan1 5$ the order is o/er *+,,,, "l 6ellie si%ns up to *78,,,,1 5$ o/er *78,,,, 6aty chmoll appro/es and3or si%ns dependin% on dollar amount1 5$ the PR is a lar%e sum o/er *8,,,,, Rick "nthes will need to si%n Equipment is appro/ed by 9an :ilson  


Once si%natures are obtained a copy o$ the PR and any other important documentation ie quotes dele%ation dele%atio n o$ authority etc1 are made

Ori%inals are sent to contracts  ontracts places the order    " requisitio requisitioners ners copy is is routed to u usan san which details details items order cost and epected deli/ery date  usan will noti$y end user o$ the epected deli/ery date



Purpose of NBPO and BPO 

 " Non-encumbered Blanket Purchase Purchase Order (NB (NBPO) PO) and an Encumbered Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) ( BPO) are methods o$ $illin% anticipated repetiti/e requirements $or supplies or ser/ices by establishin% ;char%e accounts< with quali$ied sources o$ supply Encumbrances means settin% aside actual obli%ation o$ $unds 'his process eliminates the need $or issuin% Purchase Orders each time an order is placed1 Orders can be placed a%ainst these awards without any additional paperwork1 paperwork 1 Each indi/idual release a%ainst the NBPO or BPO must be under *8,,,  


Nonencumbered Blanket Purchase Orders !NBPO" 

Non-encumbered Blanket Blanket Purchase Order (NBPO)  "n award where no $unds are en encumbered cumbered until payment is made a%ainst the NBPO

 "ll blanket awards blanket will will be written as NBPOs unless unless an encumbered award is speci$ically requested by the Requisitioner   'his type o$ award will be%in with a letter desi%nation o$ N $ollowed by the last two di%its o$ the year o$ award plus the $i/e di%its o$ the Purchase Requisition ( e1%1 N,+-+7.=8)  &or eample> &aison olote



Blanket Purchase Orders !BPO" 

Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) - "n "n encumbered award where estimated $unds are committed at the time the award is made

Orders under this typewithout o$ award m ust not must eceed placed the $unds committed a written modi$ication modi$icatio n to increase $unds1 'his type o$ award will be%in with the letter desi%nation o$ B (e1%1 B,++7.=8)   "t this time we do do not ha/e ha/e any BPO?s BPO?s established established  @ist o$ NE' ontract3NBPO3PO ontract3NBPO3PO 5n/entory can be $ound on the NE' 5n/entory pa%e> 

https>33www1cisl1ucar https>33www 1cisl1ucar1edu3nets3intern 1edu3nets3internal3in/entory3 al3in/entory3  


Pa#mentNet Procedures !$redit $ard Purchases"  


Ased $or re%istration $ees or ur%ent orders Each month usan enters the orderin% in$ormation in PaymentNet online and in &ile!aker  !arla as the "ppro/in% O$$icial ("O) appro/es the monthly PaymentNet online purchases and si%ns and dates the hardcopy statement !arla also re/iews initials and dates all receipts packin% slips and other rele/ant documentation d ocumentation 'he hardcopy statement is sent to $inance by the 7, th o$ the month1 'his is a $irm date Periodically Periodical ly credit card purchases are audited



Return Material %uthori&ation %uthori&ation !RM%" Ased $or returnin% items to the /endor $or any reason  R!"?s are requested throu%h contracts by usan  Please Do Not contact the /endor directly  Once the R!" $orm is recei/ed $rom contracts the item and $orm are taken to shippin%   " copy o$ R! R!" " $orm is $iled 

Replacement items are ordered throu%h contracts



Return %uthori&ation %uthori&ation Form



Pett# $ash 

 

'he purpose o$ the petty cash $und is to meet the needs on a daily basis o$ A"R personnel encounterin% authori#ed business related epenses allowable $or reimbursement throu%h petty cash limited to the maimum amount per receipt /endor day1 Receipts can o$ be*+,, combined on oneper petty cash per /oucher1 Howe/er Howe/er the limit per person per day is *7,, !arla must pre-appro/e these purchases  Eceptions are parkin% toll $ees etc 'he receipt must be si%ned by !arla or actin%1 'he employee is reimbursed by the receptionist by submittin% the ori%inal paid receipts and a Petty ash Coucher Co ucher si%ned by the employee1 http>33www1$in1ucar1 http>33www1 $in1ucar1edu3%uide3pettycash1html edu3%uide3pettycash1html  


$heck Requests 

&or purchases less than *8,, employees may request reimbursement usin% the Request $or heck $orm

!ay not be used $or payroll or tra/el ad/ances !arla and 2im must appro/e prior to any request :e mainly use $or milea%e and home network access reimbursement

 



Check Request Form in FileMaker 



@ink to the A"R ontracts and ponsored  "%reements home home pa%e



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