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SAP Training – MM Training Requisitions


 Agenda • Entering • Supply a Requisition • Service

• Changing a Requisition • Displaying a Requisition • Requisition Reporting • Requisition Approval


What is a Purchase Requisition? •A instruction Purchasing Purchasing torequest procureor procure a quantity of to a material or service so that it is available at a certain point in time. • Requisitions may be created manually by the user community or they may be RP !hen inventory for created an item by falls belo! reorder point.


What Information is Included in a Purchase Requisition? • "hat is to be purchased# purchased# • $o! much is to be purchased# • $o! much does it cost# • "ho%s paying for it# • "hen is it needed# • "here does it go !hen it arrives# • "hat additional information is needed& relative to this purchase#


What is To Be Purchased? • Determine if it is a material or a service. • 'f it is a material& is there a material master for the item# • 'f it is a service& !hat activities are to be included in the service#


How Much is To Be Purchased? • (he user must !ith specify quantity to be purchased& thethe appropriate unit of measure. • 'f a material master is used for the item& the unit of measure defaults from fro m the material master) else& else& the user must de*ne. • +or Services& the unit of measure is al!ays A, -activity unit.


How Much oes it !ost? • "hat is the unit price of the item# • (his& together !ith the quantity quantity requested& !ill be e/tended to a total cost of the requisiti requisition on line item. • (he total cost of the line line item !ill be a factor in determining !ho needs to approve the purchase request.


Who"s Pa#ing for It? • "hat type of purchase is it# • "hat department is paying for it# • "hat fund is provi providing ding the money# • (his information information also becomes a factor in determining !ho needs to approve the purchase request.


When is it $eeded? • An e/pected delivery date must be entered. • (his may be the date agreed agreed to by the supplier at the time contact !as made by the requisitioner or a requested delivery date !ith no contact !ith the supplier.


Where oes it %o When it Arri&es? • 'f the material to beand received into inventory& !hatisplant storage location should it be received to# • 'f the material is non0inventory& to !hat building1room number should it be delivered and !ho should receive it# • 'f this is a service& only the plant need be entered. entered.


What Additional Information is $eeded? • Requisitioner 2 name of the person creating the requisition • Desired 3endor 2 vendor number for the supplier from !hom the material or service is to be provided • Pur Purchasing 4roup 2 responsible buyer for chasing the purchase • (  (rac5ing rac5ing number


How !an I Be Sure There"s 'nough Mone#? •R equisitioners should *r stAchec5 *rst transaction transa ction code 67,DS(A 67,DS( (8C+  


How !an I Tell There"s 'nough Mone#?  Select 9vervie! 0: Commitment 'tem




How !an I Tell There"s 'nough Mone#?  ;ou  ;ou ca can n only spend money !h !here ere money e/ists.


How o I !reate a Requisition?


• 'n SAP&transaction you can gett!o to the requisition requisition create !ays< • ,se the menu path< • =ogistics 0:aterials anagement 0: Purchasing 0: Purchase Requisition 0: Create


How o I !reate a Requisition? 09R0 • (  (ype ype E>?@ in the Dialog 7o/. 7o/.




M',)$ – !reate Requisition • $eader

• 'tem 9vervie!

• 'tem Detail


How is a Su--l# Requisition 'ntered? 1





• Since this requisition is for an item !ith a material master& the user can 5ey in less information. • Enter all numbered *elds - 2 optional



How Are Matchcodes .sed? • "hen this symbol appears in a *eld<

this is an indication that a possible0 entries list e/ists. • Clic5 on the icon and the list appears. • ,se the !ildcard B to facilitate searches in the list.


'/am-le of a Search • +or a purchase requisition& a vendor may be proposed. 'f one e/ists in SAP& it may be found& as belo!<


How o I 'nter Te/ts? Te/ts? And Where? Where? • Sometimes& additional information is needed on a requisitio requisition. n. • +ree te/t can be entered either at the header or line item level. • Depending on the type of information& inform ation& the user can enter te/ts or notes • (  (e/ts e/ts are are e/ternal) e/ternal) notes are internal internal


'/am-le of Header $ote • (his information information should not print on the purchase order document

• E/ample of ne! 3endor information


'/am-le of Item Te/t • Since only allo!s  placesthe for requisition item description& the item te/t can be used to supplement the information


o I Ha&e to T#-e '&er#thing In? • SAP provides a standard te/t option • Standard te/t allo!s for the de*nition of frequently used te/t& !hich can be used in multiple documents • (hese standard te/t te/t obects must be de*ned in advance • (hese obects can be included in header notes or item te/ts.


How o I .se Standard Te/t? • Double clic5 in the !hite te/t bo/. • 'n the te/t bo/& go to 'nsert 0: (e/t 0: Standard

• Enter 6B. Choose the possible entries button and press E/ecute.


How o I .se Standard Te/t? • (he list of possible entri entries es is displayed. $ighlight the one you !ant to use and press the green chec5 mar5 or Enter.


How o I .se Standard Te/t? • 'n the pop0up !indo!& clic5 on E/pand E/pa nd 'mme 'mmedia diately tely.. Press Ent Enter er..


How o I .se Standard Te/t? • (he te/t is displayed.

• Press the green arro! bac5


When the ocument is 0inished122 • (he document ,S( be saved.


How o I $ote iscounts or Surcharges? • Since the requisition is only a request for purchase& the document does not include pricing conditions. • (he requisition requisition entry should include a header note for the buyer to include the discount or surchar surcharge& ge& including the value or percentage.


But What Ha--ens If122 1






1 2 3 4

•  (her  (here e are are many items on the requisition& requisition& all going to informati the same s ameon### place !ith the same account information###



But What Ha--ens If122

• 7ut !hat happens if the information isn%t quite the sameF..#


Requisition – !o-ied Account Assignment


Requisition – Multi-le Account Assignment • ultiple account assignment can split the costs among multiple obects


When the ocument is 0inished122 • (he document ,S( be saved.


Purchases Referencing %rants • Purchases Pur for process grant0funded usechases the same as theactivities other !ill requisition entries performed today today.. • 'nstead of providing a cost center and general ledger reference& the user !ill provide a general ledger and "7S Element


!hanging Purchase Requisitions • Requisitions are changed using either =ogistics =ogistic s 0: aterials anagement 0: Pur Purchasing chasing 0: Purchase

Requisit equisitions ions 0: Chan Change ge

09R0  (ransaction  ( ransaction Code E>G@


!hanges to Requisitions • Prior to requisition approval or some conversion to purchase order& data on requisitions can be changed.

• Any entry that is not grayed out may still be changed.


What If Someone Wants to Re&iew? • (he user can either go to =ogistics 0: aterials anagement 0Purchasing 0: Purchase Requisition 0: Display

09R0 ,se transaction E>H@


What 3inds of Re-orts are A&aila4le?


!an I Print This Re-ort? • Reports can be printed !ith this menu path

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