Purchase Requisitions

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Purchase Requisitions BACKGROUND The Purchase Requisition is used by a department to instruct the Purchasing Office to acquire needed goods and services. The requisition shall be used where the campus Purchasing Card cannot be used either due d ue to the vendor not accepting the card or when the dollar amount exceeds transaction limits. No purchase can be made until the requisition is completed and sent to Purchasing. Once On ce a Purchase Order P.O.! P.O.! number is assigned to the requisition" at that time can the order be actually placed. #isted below is a detailed explanation of the instructions required to complete the requisition. INSTRUCTIONS


#ist current date


#ist your department name


Confir Confirmat mation ion Order Order ' if you you or someon someonee in your your depar departme tment nt wis wishes hes to plac placee this this orde orderr rather rather than than have have Purchasing either call or mail the P.O. P.O. to the vendor" chec( this box. )ou )ou will receive the P.O. P.O. number from Purchasing and it will be your responsibility that the vendor vend or is given the order. *mportant ' Purchasing will not send a hard copy cop y of the P.O. P.O. to the vendor" unless requested.


Chec( Chec( with with Orde Orderr ' if if a vendor vendor requir requires es p paym ayment ent to to be incl included uded with with the the P. P.O." cchec( hec( thi thiss box. box. ,l ,lso so to to be used for partial payments but explanation of details must be included in the body of the requisition. Note ' as a rule" we do not no t li(e to send payment before we receive the goods or materials so please aavoid void this if  possible. -or conference registrations" subscriptions" subscriptions" and other similar purchases" it is not uncommon for those vendors to require payment when the order is placed.


Nam Name of pers person on good goodss wi will ll be deli delive verred to


0'ma 0'mail il of pers person on who who (ee (eeps ps trac trac( ( of -O,P -O,PO# O# or *nde *ndex x acc accou ount nt..


Capita Capitall or Curren Currentt ' indicat indicatee here here out out of of which which sub'co sub'code de you you desir desiree to have have this this purchas purchasee to be ta(en ta(en from. 2enerally" most purchases are to be ta(en from the current sub'code 1333! ,CCT except when an item4s individual cost exceeds the capital limit. Please contact any Purchasing employee for more information.

5. 6.

P.O. num number ber assi assign gned ed by the the Pur Purch chas asiing Of Offic icee *ndex7 *ndex7-und -und ' depar departm tmenta entall -O,PO -O,PO# # to to be used used for thi thiss purch purchase ase.. The The cu curre rrent nt fina financi ncial al syst system em allo allows ws for up to + accounts to be used for each requisition.

$3 $3..

#ist #ist qu quan anti tity ty for for ea each ch item item re requ ques este ted. d.

$$. $$.

8nit 8nit of 9easu 9easure re ' if (nown (nown"" indica indicate te box" box" or cart cartons ons"" or tons" tons" or or each" each" or howev however er the the item item is sold sold..


, deta detaile iled d descrip descriptio tion n of the items items reque requeste sted. d. This This must must inclu include de part part number numbers" s" colors colors"" models" models" manufacturer names" quote numbers" and any an y other information which allows the vendors to correctly supply your goods.


*f you you have have already already have a price price that that you you recei received ved from from eit either her a vendor vendor or through through the Purc Purchas hasing ing Office" list it here.


$+. $.

Pe Perr lin linee iite tem" m" the ex exte tende nded d tot total al amou amount ntss qt qty y. x u7p! u7p! Proposed Proposed :e :endor ' #ist #ist a possible possible source" source" if (nown" (nown" for this purchase. purchase. This again is a ;proposed; ;proposed; source source and the Purchasing Office may and will change chang e this vendor if they determine that a better source is available.


<ignature of of re requestor 


<ignat <ignature ures! s! of accoun accountt manager managerss ' *mporta *mportant" nt" with with their their sign signatu ature" re" these these manage managers rs are are verifyi verifying ng that that

sufficient funds arerequisitions available within the accounts referenced. Thisficient is thefunds singlewill greatest cause for to  be delayed. Those that reference accounts with insufficient insuf be returned to orders the department. $5 $5..

*f requ requir ired ed"" ad addi diti tion onal al si sign gnat atur ures es..


<ignat <ignature ure of pur purchas chasing ing employ employee ee who assign assigned ed the P.O. num number ber..

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