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"I wish I could get the time back.". Regret. The number one enemy of all.
Everyone comes to a point in life like this. Looking back and saying "I should've done
this and that....". oing so! make them stuck in the past with "what ifs" in mind. I admit!
I'm not e"cused on being a victim of this high profile criminal named Regret . #aying
things I should've said and doing things I should've done$$ that's what I regret about.
%lthough I have these regrets and I wanna change something in the past I don't want the
idea of waking up in e"actly the same day I've lived yesterday. I can't imagine how am I
gonna live with that. &or e"ample! I was stuck on the day of the departmental e"am.
'ee(. Real disaster. I'm gonna take my e"am over and over and over and over again) I'll
die due to severe mental trauma! I guess. *idding aside! I really don't know what am I
gonna do. +aking up. ,eeting same people. oing same things. #igh. "-akauumay.". I
stopped and deeply pondered. Then! suddenly! I thought of the .uotation! "/ractice makes
perfect.". %las0 If I'm gonna live this very same day I'm in the last time I remembered I
was like practicing everything 'til I perfectly made it. I believe that we can do better than
that of what we call our best we 1ust settle and made ourselves believe that It's all we can
do that's why regret is trending. 2hances are! if I e"perience this kind of scenario I'm
gonna live this day as if I haven't been through it. I'll make each day better than the one
before until I can finally say to myself that I won't regret anything if this day finally end.
2ooking the very same dish you cook yesterday! yes it looks like e"actly the same but the
taste would not be e"actly the same as the other. %n identical twin might have same
physical features but not same attitudes. There's always gonna be a distinction. #o! as for
me I'm gonna keep on reviewing for the e"am I was repeatedly taking on. I won't get
tired but I will en1oy every moment I have. I will reduce the risk of regret by doing the
best of my bests. I will live in it again and again until it finally ends and when it finally
ends I'm sure I can hug the new day with a big smile of contentment.
3onali(a &errer 4#% 5$6

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