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a. What have I learned from the experience? I¶ve learned a lot of things from my OJT experience. First of all, they taught me how to use an AM-FM Genescope. It is an electronic test equipment which is quite similar to an Oscilloscope. It displays a visual representation of a radio signal just like a oscilloscope that displays waveforms. The said device enables me to see if the tracking alignment of the PCB is indeed correct. Aside from that, they taught me how to repair the radio PCBs. There are a lot of components on the board so trouble-shooting a specific problem was indeed quite a challenging task. Most of it requires fine tuning in order to function properly so I had to make sure that the variable components such as the Variable Capacitor ad IF Transformers are at the proper adjustment. Checking and noticing short and open circuit connections are also necessary. A VOM is a great tool to check those problems. I also have to check for cold solder points because it affects the signal of the radio and sometimes distorts the signal. I have to resolder some parts or even replace them in order for it to function well.

b. My experience with the people in the company The people in the company are great. I didn¶t experience any uncomfortable situation while working with them. They are willing to teach their knowledge to me. They gave me a lot of advices and rules of thumb with regards to my task. When I encounter a new problem in my task, they are all willing to help and teach me some techniques to effectively resolve it. Although they are critical to my work, I take it as a constructive criticism for me to be able to improve my job.

c. What are the important theories/concepts acquired in the university applied during the practicum. I applied my knowledge on basic electronics on my OJT. Most on the components that Iµve encountered on my training were familiar to me except for the IF Transformers which function as the oscillator for the radio¶s PCB. I also used my knowledge of electronic test equipments such as VOM, Power Supply, Function Generator and Oscilloscope. My familiarization with those equipment helped me to understand some complex test equipment like the Radio Genescope.


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