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Name : Jade Duhaylungsod Subject : Professional Practice REACTION PAPER

Date : Nov. 7, 2012 Instructor: Architect. Chris Pineda

What are the effects of 2020 in local industry? Are you in Favor? Why? Local Industry or a collaboration of all crafts here in Philippine Setting covers almost 90 % of Progression Demands. This issue or must say a genre about industrialization in 2020 imports the idea of how things can possibly done in such a manner that all concerns is incorporated with the innovation of local industry. However, the possibilities with this perspective are effectively in digest with all the efficient end users. Some effects are as follows: Positive effects:         Win –win solution to countries tribulations regarding to economy Compact partnership with Foreigners Company Boost impact on an imaginary proposal Penetration of Global design approach A come up of progressive investors Highlights of Philippine setting status More employment will produced Contemporary living

Negative Effects:     Large scale competition on Local industry Traded services will be patronized not on thy country Conflict on Laws depending on how other approach the local industry Short term business I am halfway favorable with 2020 initiative in local industry because somehow, this idea would be the possible solution on the awaiting progression of the country. Brought by the variety of services that will hit the economy and industry, Philippines will gradually bend the solutions to a much even more acceptable to all possible users. Henceforth, it could possibly a conflict with those major companies heading the central area, because a large scale of competition is indeed expected. Too much tension between correspondents is implied. Balance of services is intended to import but still ranking of approach will be headed. As an Architect, I must say that 2020 perspective is a big impact to our country, in such a way that the thinking will be practical as it is. Though, too many consideration is needed, this will break through the usual things, we Filipino do in everyday living. A more enhance and efficient way of adapting the local industry is possibly headed over the status of a broader sense of mainstream.

How will you prepare for this? As a thinking “Architect”, I should prepare my parallel way of thinking in a manner that everybody will be beneficial. A more of adaptation with the services, designs, business, economics, and almost all aspects of living are listed. It’s not easy to be invaded with some American Architects, as what 2020 issue presented. But still, it’s not a practical way anymore to stand alone here and just serve Filipino people without thinking the globalization. More comprehensive, more detailed, more competitive. This imports ideally the technical way on how we adjust on some advances of local industry. It is therefore a main reason why some people demands to take off other countries, but still it is more manageable if there will be concrete proposal on how it would be settled. How do you face the globalization? A competitive thinking on a mainstream of tomorrows advances, one of the most critical way on how to adjust with this globalization. It is therefore a positive side where people intend to count in the status of our own setting. I must be adapting the new way of living, and settling down. Its globalization that exist, its innovation and competition that prevails, but still, I am who adapt with it and jiving with the flow of trends and partnership. This could be a big help not only to you but also to a whole sense of environment.

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