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Reaction: For me it’s kind of unusual for me to think a patient undergoing craniotomy was wide awake during the procedure because you are aware of what the doctors been doing to your skull and the sensation was kind of jittery for me to think about it. But I think It’s great because the amount of anesthesia is just enough and it will prevent the patient from further complications and you can also communicate with the surgeon while doing the procedure. It is also easy to monitor because you can gather subjective data from your patient which is a good thing so that interventions would be done immediately.

PROGRESS NOTES: I felt nervous in our first orientation in Northern Mindanao Medical Center, I know that the OR nurses here are well-trained and knowledgeable. At first I thought that they were strict, but as we go along they were really approachable and very welcoming to us students. I felt happy because we are exposed in a hospital where we are really sure that our cases will be accomplished in no time because NMMC is one of the hospital where people mostly seek for operative interventions. But, I am not after for the case I am after also for the experience and learnings. I am happy that I am still with my groupmates and there are new ones added and we also know each other so there is no hard time for me to adjust to their personalities. Our C.I’s are also brilliant it was my first time to be assigned to Mr. Galang and I found out that he’s cool and intelligent I don’t have a hard time adjusting to him because he’s also young just like us.

PROGRESS NOTES: Last week I felt happy because I assisted craniotomy it was my first time to encounter a procedure like that and I didn’t let that opportunity pass. The patient had a knife stuck on his head and it was so amazing that it stayed there for a long time for about 4 days luckily he seems to look normal but I was shocked because I was thinking about the patients feeling while he had a knife stuck on his head it was weird for me. We assisted the procedure for 4 hours and we went home about 3 o’ clock in the morning It was a very tiring yet a fulfilling experience for us. I was nervous at first because I don’t what to do but our CI assisted us and the nurses also.

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