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Second chapter of "Devastation".



Reaction "There are no hopeless situations, only people who think hopelessly." ~Windred N ewman Disclaimer: Still don't own "Danny Phantom" Sam's mother will seem OOC in this c hapter. I do not own Uncle John's Bathroom Reader (If I get just one person to s tart reading those books, I'll be happy.) I do not own Ziploc® Danny flew to Sam's house and phased into her room. There, Sam was sitting on he r bed, rocking Sarah back and forth while she cried. "And what if Danny decides he has to hate me because I'm related to Vlad? What a re we going to tell Jazz? What if he tries to train me to fight Danny? What if he trie s to turn me against my Dad? Jack Fenton will always be my Dad, because he's always been ther e for me." "I'm sure Danny won't decide to hate you just because Vlad got your mother pregn ant with you." Sam whispered. "Of course I won't hate you, Sarah. I've considered you fully Fenton since the d ay you came home, and this won't change a thing. As for what we'll tell Jazz, we'll let Mom and Dad worry about that. He can't train you to fight me if you don't want to be tra ined to fight me. He also can't turn you against Dad if you just keep thinking of all the good times we've had. He can't brainwash you against your will." "You can't be hypnotized against your will, either." Sam said. "I know how strong my little sister's will is. She inherited that from Mom. And nothing from Vlad." "Thank God." Sarah said. Danny had transformed back into Danny Fenton, and Sarah back into Sarah Fenton. Sam's mom popped her head in. "Are you worshiping God?" She noticed Danny and Sarah. "Why, what ever is going on here? How did those two get in here?"

"They're very sneaky." Sam said. "Sarah just found out some very devastating news about her creation, Mrs. Manson ." "The birds and the bees? What's so devastating about that? It's a beautiful proc ess." "It's not that, Mrs. Manson. She's known about that for years, now." "Her dad isn't her father. He had nothing to do with it, and she's taking it ver y hard." Sam said, looking up at her mother. "Oh, the poor dear. I'll call your parents and tell them where you are, so that they won't worry about you two." "Thank you, ma'am." Danny said. Mrs. Manson went back downstairs to make the cal l. Danny sat down next to Sarah on Sam's bed and wrapped his arms around Sarah and Sam. "It'll be okay, you'll see. I'll visit every day I can. You can tell me all abou t it. I'll handle any problems you might have." Danny said. Mrs. Manson came back up and stuck her hea d though the door. "Your mother said Sarah has to come home now and start packing to go to Wisconsi n." "They're sending me away so soon. I just have found out about it." Sarah whisper ed. "Come on, Princess, you have to get packed." Danny said, pulling Sarah out of Sa m's arms. "Maybe I could come and help?" Sam asked. "Yeah, sure. I'm sure Sarah could use some help. I don't think she wants Mom hel ping her. She'll have to face her soon, though." Danny led Sarah down the stairs. "Be back in time for dinner, Sammy-kins." Mr. Manson called. "Yes, sir." Sam, Sarah, and Danny went to Fenton Works. They went up to Sarah's room, only to find Vlad and Maddie there already. Sarah shot them a dirty look, but th en lowered

her head. "Sarah, we did what we thought was best. You may not understand it right now, my girl, but when you're older..." Vlad started. "I will NEVER do to my OWN CHILD what you've done to me. I will NEVER understand why you did this. I will NEVER call you 'Dad'. You've never been there for me li ke Dad." Jack chose right then to come in and wrap his arms around Sarah. Danny and Sam m oved aside and started to get things together for Sarah. "See?" Sarah asked. "How long will she be there?" Danny asked, getting Sarah's bags out of the close t. "Two weeks, unless I decide otherwise. I will be driving." Vlad said. I'm surprised he can drive. Sarah told Danny, who quickly smothered his laughter . Sam got fourteen shirts out of Sarah's closet. "Nothing sleeveless, Samantha. Darlene is the heiress of a billionaire, and must dress the part." "She'll just cut the sleeves off, Vlad. Then you'll have to buy her some more cl othes." Maddie said. "Yes, she is very hard- headed." Vlad agreed. "I'll see if I can't change that." "You can't. I was very happy thinking that you were just a friend of Mom and Dad 's, but you ruined that. You all ruined that." "You had a right to know who your father was. You'll learn to be happy living wi th me." Vlad said. "I'm coming back to Iowa, whether you want me to or not." Sarah whispered. "What was that, dear Princess?" Vlad asked. "I said you can't keep me from coming back to Iowa if Mom and Dad want me to com e

back. And DON'T call me Princess." "Of course I want my baby to come back." Maddie said. "Don't you know that on my side of your heritage, you're descended from royalty? " Vlad asked. "The Dairy King doesn't count as royalty, Vlad." "My family came from Scotland. As a matter of fact, one of my ancestors is King James." "The king that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth for?" "Yes, but how did you know that?" "She's a big reader, Vlad." Maddie said. "Well, given that her father is a big reader himself, it isn't surprising. What do you read, Darlene?" "Mostly Uncle John's Bathroom Readers and other trivia. It's incredibly addictiv e, and informative." "As long as you're only addicted to trivia." Sarah broke from her dad's arms. "I have to get packed." She went to her bookshe lves and got all of her Uncle John's Bathroom Readers off and several bookmarks. She put them in the bag Danny had. She opened the drawer and got out fourteen pairs of underwear and pajama shirts, then she got all of her pajama shorts and put them in the bag Sam had. Danny had put her disc man and several CD's in, as well as extra batteries. Please make sure that my Death to Fluffy album is in there, she told Danny. Vlad hates that band. "No Death to Fluffy, please, Daniel." Vlad said. Can one halfa read another halfa's mind? Sarah asked Danny. Yes, Darlene Elizabeth, I can read your mind, so I'll know if you're up to some mischief. Ah, crap. You and I won't be able to visit secretly. No, you two won't be able to sneak around.

Yes, we can. We just have to make sure it's somewhere he doesn't know about. You find a secret place and tell me about it. What makes you think I'll let her explore my castle? What makes you think we'll be able to contact each other so far apart? We can contact each other from the Ghost Zone, can't we? You're right. Sam knew that the half- siblings had set up a plan or something by their secreti ve smiles. I wonder what they're up to, she asked herself. Too bad I don't have a portable stereo or something like that so that I could pl ug it up and blast it in Vlad's castle. Sarah told Danny, who quickly smothered his laughter again. Darlene Elizabeth Masters, You will pay for that when we get home. Yes, sir. I'll change your name. I like Darlene Elizabeth Masters. My dear mother- althoug h she went and left the family when I was ten- had the name Elizabeth. She left you and you want to give me her name as a middle? Yes. I always thought something was wrong with that man. Sarah told Danny. Excuse me, Darlene Elizabeth? Sarah didn't respond. Darlene Elizabeth? Nothing again. "Darlene Elizabeth Masters." Vlad stood up from where he had been sitting on the bed, watching with the rest of the adults. "Her name is and shall forever remain Sarah Jessica Fenton." Danny told Vlad eve nly. "I'm her father and I shall call her what I wish." "You may be my biological father, but you will never be my Dad." Sarah said, bef ore going

downstairs to get some Ziploc® bags. She came back up with them and put her shampoo , face wash, and toothpaste in them. She brought those and some face cloths back a nd put them in the bag Sam had. She put her stuffed animals in the bag as well, but the n got one out to sleep with tonight. She got her medicine and put it in the smaller bag. "I advise that you take your face wash and shampoo back into the bathroom." Vlad said. "Who says I'm planning to use them tonight?" Sarah asked. "I do." Vlad said. "So do I." Maddie agreed. "I do, too." Jack said. Sarah did as she was told. "She wouldn't have done that if Mom and Dad hadn't agreed." Danny said. "You're right, Danny! I wouldn't have!" Sarah yelled from the bathroom. Danny and Sam laughed. Vlad, Jack, and Maddie, however, glared at them for laugh ing. "Don't encourage her." Maddie said. "Take your bath now, we'll have dinner, and you'll go to bed. We'll be getting a n early start tomorrow." Vlad said. Sarah came back in and got her pajamas and underwear. She hugged Sam and told her good bye. "Since I know that Vlad is a man of his word and we will be leaving early tomorr ow."

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