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Reaction Paper
Wesley Ayers EE 5-1

An Inconvenient Truth, the documentary by the former USA vice president Al Gore, was a real wake up call for me. Well, the documentary gave me deeper understanding on what global warming is all about and it describes what our planet Earth, right now, looks like. For me, it‟s a reality that will only partially happen. We now feel the effect of that greenhouse effect, and frequently changes of climate which now today is like a normal thing, and what presidential-aspirant Albert Arnold "Al" Gore, Jr. said will „likely‟ happen but will not surely happen. Why? Because of the rainbow, God‟s covenant and promise that He will not destroy the world with flood, even it is not like 40 days and 40 nights of rain the result of what Al Gore said of melting of ice in Greenland or in West Antarctica will result to a „Global Flood‟ which God‟s promise that will never ever happen. This partial reality will result casualty to many lives and destroy home, lives, but not the whole earth, as God will not let it happen. That‟s a positive thing but that will not assure as that the effects of climate change or Global warming will not happen as a matter of fact it is happening right now. It‟s a wake up call to all of us, yes, technology made our lives easier but excessive use of technology makes our lives harder. Scientists make researches of another planet to live on, like Mars and three “Super-Earths,” is an insult to God that created the Earth as the habitat and HOME. So let‟s protect our home, protect our people, protect our children, and protect our lives. We can prevent Global Warming if we can control ourselves from doing cruel things to our planet Earth. Proper wasting can help us. Planting more trees can prevent floods. And by cleaning our surroundings, we can make a better environment. Let‟s try to save (from destruction of people) the place once we called HOME.

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