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Interpol.vlx and Volume.vlx are fully functional programme
for AutoCAD 2000 and higher.
1. Z-Interpolate between two points
(command: interpol)
Points (or other 3D elements) you had better draw before using this command.
When the command is executed, AutoCAD will prompt you to select 3D points
(points, end-points of line, vertex of 3D-polyline arc etc.) to interpolate
between them. New points with rounded Z-coordinate (meters, feet) will be
drawn between the original points.
(E.g. points with Z-coordinate 301, 302, 303 and 304 will be drawn between
points with Z1=300.1 and Z2=304.6).
The polyline through the points of the same height is a conture line
that you can edit to spline!
2. Volume calculation above/below 3D_Faces surface
(command: volume)
3D Faces must be drawn before using this command.
When the command is executed, AutoCAD will prompt you to open data file,
the results of the calculation will be written to.
The second step you'll be asked, select wheter you want to calculate
the volume in all locality or you'd like to select some Faces only.
Then you have to input the datum height (altitude).
All results (area, surface, volume) will be written to the text file.
Example of the file:
Volume calcul below / above 3D faces
(center coordinates YXZ - area - surface - prism volume)
Triangles : 3
Datum : 100.0
1 173.333 163.333 102 4800 4802.05 9600
2 246.667 129.667 103.333 11790 11796.69 39300
3 346.667 179.667 105 7860 7864.46 39300
Area of the locality [m2] : 24450
Surface of the locality [m2] : 24463.2
Volume above(+)/below(-) datum [m3] : 88200
You may use these files for a 30-day evaluation.
If you decide to continue using them, you must pay the author
a $10.00 registration fee, for each program.
Registered users will receive the source LISP code.
Register to
Ladislav Fofonka
Straznicka 6
181 00 Prague 8
Czech Republic
[email protected]

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