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DEIRDRE M. LEWIS 601 East 88th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11236 917-572-5225 * [email protected] SENIOR RELATIONSHIP MANAGER MBA-Credentialed Relationship Manager. Effective communicator and liaison in th e financial services industry known for building strategic partnerships and alli ances with business executives, financial professionals, industry counsel and cl ients. A critical thinker and out-of-the-box problem solver. Comprehensive ba ckground in applying industry expertise and knowledge toward proactively identif ying issues and implementing targeted solutions while successfully servicing the overall client relationship. Progressive career path in securities processing and administration. Highly versatile; quickly masters new roles, responsibilit ies, technologies, and environments. Reputation for integrity, dedication, and work ethic.

CORE COMPETENCIES Account Management * Relationship Building * Client Support & Satisfaction * Pub lic Speaking & Presentations Project Management * Trend & Risk Analysis * Process Improvement * Negotiations Compliance * Networking * Sharp Business Acumen * Attention to Detail * Creative Problem Solving Professional Development * Team Player * Staff Management and Development ACHIEVEMENT HIGHLIGHTS * Secured and retained several multi-billion dollar accounts, including a billio n dollar stadium deal named "2006 Deal of the Year" for municipal bond securitie s. * Served as a key DTC Committee Member with industry participants including the NYSE, SEC, Broker Dealers, resolving securities industry processing with impleme ntation of policies and procedures. * Spokesperson appearing in DTC's corporate video, "A Walking Tour" distributed to hundreds of industry participants. * Earned several DTC Reward and Recognition Awards for innovative ideas and cost s saving solutions. * Published articles in DTC's Corporate Trust Services Newsletter publications. * Co-wrote Direct Registration System Procedures and Training Manual. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE BNY Mellon, New York, NY (2000-2010) Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager - Public Finance Division, Munici pal Bonds Maintained full accountability for overseeing a diverse range of trust portfolio s for several high-profile clients including New York Professional Football and Professional Baseball Stadiums, JFK Airport Financings, higher education, health care and assisted living financings, corporations and other non-profit instituti ons. Performed comprehensive research and analysis of various complex legal fin ance documents; including Trust Indenture, Preliminary Official Statement and I nvestment Agreements. Act as the main point of contact and escalation contact f or the client relationship. Applied strategic planning, prioritization, and man agement skills toward consistently achieving critical deadlines while maintainin g high quality standards.

Selected Highlights (as Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager at BNY Me llon): * Designed and implemented a comprehensive Tickler Check List System for new sta ff training. * Played a key role as the designated liaison to the New York City Industrial De velopment Agency / Economic Development Corp and Bank of New York's Global Corpo rate Trust Municipal Finance Division. -ContinuedDEIRDRE M. LEWIS * Page 2 * [email protected]

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE -Continued* Improved operational performance by successfully closing municipal bonds issue d and authorized by Agencies primarily in the Northeast Region of the US. * Prepared, assessed, and processed debt service interest and principal, sinkin g fund and reorganization payments for various bond types including fixed, varia ble rate, auction, index, and term rate bonds for weekly, monthly, quarterly, an d semi-annual payments to investors. * Performed a diverse range of sophisticated directed trades for investments inc luding SLGs, GICs, T-Bills, T-Notes, and money markets. * Assessed client's needs and implemented solutions with support from various i nternal divisions. * Demonstrated strong communication and leadership skills in effectively working with DTC, bond counsel, financial advisors, underwriters, auditors, rating agen cies, clients,investment bankers, issuers and other industry participants. * Monitored and enforced contractual obligations of client under trust and inves tment agreements and ensured critical compliance with bank and industry policies and regulations including Know Your Customer, USA Patriot Act, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR ). The Depository Trust Company, New York, NY (1988-2000) Senior Agent Liaison- Corporate Trust Services Department * Managed multi-million dollar accounts of corporate trust agencies throughout the United States acting as liaision between the depository operations divisions and the corporate trust agent community. * Marketed depository services and products and encouraged their efficient use. * Provided training and implemented cost savings solutions and streamlined insit utions' trust services in a depository environment. * Promoted processing efficiencies and resolved unusual and recurring securities processing matters EDUCATION Masters of Business Administration, Marketing St. John's University, Jamaica, NY Bachelor of Science, Finance Magna Cum Laude Honor Graduate North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC AFFILIATIONS

Financial Women's Association (FWA) Supporter National MBA Association Member 4th Wall Actors Workshop Member Parent Association Participant: Poly Prep Country Day School and Park Slope Ele mentary School Community Volunteer Supporter

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